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i Light Festival 2014.

The i Light Festival is a bi-annual event that takes place starting from the vicinity of Marina Bay and it's filled with installations with the Light theme. It's amazing how they are so creative in making these light installations which change your perception of a light bulb. Don't believe me? Just check out this installation, made up just light fluorescent bulbs.

Beautiful right? It's so fragile I'm too scared to pull the chains hanging to switch off the light bulbs but just merely tugging on them, haha.

The one above is also a light installation but the crowd can take turns to throw a light stick with a blue fabric trail up the 'tree'. I don't know why but the tree was surrounded by senior citizens, haha..probably they were on a tour or something. Some of them got to have their hands on the light stick and while many failed to throw up the stick to hang, there was this one determined senior citizen who kept spinning and spinning the fabric holding on to…

Being Your Own Boss & Believing in Yourself

 I was writing in my other blog stating how I actually admired this particular baker who have done proud for the Malay community and how her dose of creativity allowed her to have a fanatic following on instagram. Her cupcakes are always sold out within 2 hours upon opening at 12. Amazeballs.

I had a taste of her cupcake last Saturday and while I was a whee bit disappointed I came late and only left one particular favourite (which I can't remember but it was lemon-y). Oh well. It was flavourful with the taste of lemon bursting in your mouth although the cupcake base was rather too soft and crumbly. 

Will I go again? Yes because I wanted to try the nutella red velvet cupcake. I think chocolate and red velvet is like a deadly combo, haha.

I would say that she did a good job in staying fresh in her ideas and also, making them in limited quantities and available via the shop only. So people are so called 'forced' to come down, no sorry, rush down and have a taste of her cupcakes …

Two Financial Goals: Earn More & Save More

I have decided that my financial goals for this year should be to Earn More & Save More. While all these years what I have done instead is to try to spend lesser, I realize that this is just a futile effort. The prices here are on the rise and it looks like it's not going to come down anyway. My regular wholemeal bread costs me $2.50 every time I buy. While I don't mind buying house brand napkins, spoons or mineral water bottle, but I can't compromise on that bread. Okay I know you're thinking it's just bread. But I don't want to eat bread whose quality isn't as great where they will probably use low quality wholemeal grains to cut their costs just because I want to save money. 

I hope I don't put you off there, haha.

For years, I haven't been successful in trying to spend lesser because first thing first, it's difficult for my family and to have a mother who just can't compromise some things, pretty much like me too. Sure people may say …

Earning an Honest Living

There are many people who are proud of what they're doing, put in long hours without complaining and don't care and don't bother what people think of what they're wearing until some idiot have to put some unkind words and have it posted on the social media. But what comes out of it is that I am proud that he has brought up a daughter well who appreciates his hard work to put food on the table and treat the family well. She is not ashamed of how he looks and what he wears. To her, he is merely earning an honest living. A very wise teenager.

Meanwhile, there are other teenagers who have no qualms scolding their parents online with swear words for all to see and worse still, garner 'likes' from their uncalled for rant. It's not easy to bring up children and they have their demands and their tantrums. We have parents who believe in letting the children learn for themselves which is good rather than spoonfeeding them but no  matter which methods they choose to ed…

A Little Windfall & Indulgence

Actually, I was about to write this post when I saw a new email and I thought, why they give me the payslip so late. Then as I was reading it, I realized that oh, this is for the performance bonus for government peeps like me. Yayness. I was just scanning through, coz it's full of words..haha, and then I realized oh, I got a B grade and then down the line, it was a complete shocker. I never had that much before!!! OMG. In short, I got 1.5 months of bonus.

Alhamdullilah! That is a thankful prayer everytime something good happens to me. We must always say our thanks to God and even if you don't believe in God, I still believe you must be thankful for all the good things that happen in life because it's only going to get better from there.

I wanted to write about how this week, I've made quite a tidy sum of amount and I'm happy for the orders that also came through my website and how they appreciated my works that they have seen online.

I was saying about a customer who …

Leaving Your Baggage Behind

In life, we encounter people who aren't exactly nice like as though people owe then a living. We must do things or say things that please them. It's all about trying to make them happy and yet, in the end what we get is a sense of not being appreciated for all the things we have done for them because they make it seem like we're meant to do these things for them.

While I have long accepted the fact that I'm living among such people, it does affect me especially when I'm made to feel like I'm being taken for granted. But standing through my motto, life goes on. It doesn't stop because of one person and it doesn't stop because of the miserable situation that I am in. It goes on, no matter what. I know that I can't make everyone happy and I know too that in life, we face challenges but it will get better just as long as we have faith, work hard to make things better and continue to make self improvements while being grounded in life. 

Everyone is differe…

The Things People Say & Saying Our Prayers for Missing Plane

In the news everywhere right now, there is extensive coverage on the missing MAS plane and the longer I read about it still being missing up until this point,  I cannot imagine how the families and relatives are feeling right now. Not knowing if they are still alive and everyone seems to have 101 speculations but the truth is that the plane is still missing.

I really hope that they find the plane soon and I also really hope people will stop making idiotic comments in the social media. They do not feel the impact because their families are not on board but if they have any form of sympathy inside their cruel heart, we have lives out there in danger and many anxious family members who have zero news on their loved ones' whereabouts.

It's so sad what the world is becoming to and I don't know if we're becoming more jaded as though we don't care about what is going on around us. Have a heart, please. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. It's…

Chillin' Out at Changi Beach

I think many of us have recollections of going to the Changi Beach or park somewhere near the gates and watch the airplanes take off. It's such a nice 'whoa!' feeling seeing the planes on the runway but of course, it was illegal to park there so once the police come by, we also had to take off, LOL. Those were the days.

We decided to relive the memories by going to the Changi Beach and experience the feeling of seeing the plane fly by the beach to land on the runway at the Changi Airport. I remembered we went there when my brother was still very young and we had our small meal there as a family when my father drove there in a taxi.

It wasn't as packed as the East Coast Park beach and we had a nice time just sitting there, listening to music, waiting and eating our packed bread..and waiting some more...but only managed to see one plane only, haha. Oh well.  

But it's a nice setup away from our busy hectic life and take the time to just chill out.

Here's some picture…

Taking a Leap of Faith in Life

I'm happy for a friend of mine who has found her happiness and hopefully, this guy will give her undivided attention and shower her with as much love and appreciation because she truly deserves it. Another friend of mine just had her baby and while it is going to be a new journey for her, hopefully it will be for the better and last I heard, she is truly happy now.

Everyone is nervous and yet excited when they enter a new phase in life. Me too. I was nervous when I started my online shop and I was also nervous when I joined a new class when I started my part-time studies. I'm not the type who get along well with people very easily although they appreciate getting to know me later on which I, in turn, appreciate as well. 

But it's inevitable at times. Otherwise you will be stuck and not progressing along in life. Sometimes, you don't expect things to happen but they did and you've got no choice but to embrace them fully and to be more responsible. It is not ea…