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"Hello? Have some Respect for others can?"

Haiz what's up with these people...why are we always the brunt of racist remarks....such as the infamous we are onlie satisfied at anything thrown at us...and being comfortable in our own shell of a single race. Just coz we happen to be the race with the most number of drug addicts..the most number of prisoners....and for having a slow rate of success in education....etc doesn't make everyone of us in the same position. Worst of all we are also being associated with the religion that is responsible for all the bombings..the arabic nations and western nations...haiz it's like other people's doings but we are dragged into it. We're just humans too...clawing our ways out to survive in the world....we have feelings......we have our ups and downs. So if snide remarks are thrown at's totally unfair because out of the huge islamic population....most of us view such tragedies as a shame....all these mindless killings...u think we like it? …

Things you should know about me!

Inspired! Yes..this is so totally get rid of the 'bored' stigma associated with my blog for writing really really really long entries. what am i supposed to do about that...? my brain works well sometimes...and other times it just shut itself off...which is often i tell ya.

K! here goes nothing!

7 things that scare me:

1. definitely 'cicaks' or lizards or tree lizards or anything to do with the lizard family! no offence to the yuckiest living breathing thing that just scurry off with me scurrying off as well in the opposite direction whenever there is even the slightest contact.

And's not just that so-called definitely smaller than my palm lizards (which is still heart attack inducing!) but those big ones too like the monitor lizards or chameleons. Once, there was this trip to the Jurong Reptile Park a few years ago with a bunch of kids that we gathered during the Children's Society event. I was following from behind the line with the kids and some other stu…

"Yay! Got a New Opportunity!"

I am absolutely ecstatic. I have received a piece of good news through the mail..surprisingly on a Sunday..but then again, it's not everyday that my father opens the mailbox. My brother who had this habit of opening my letters..somehow missed out this letter and I was pretty thankful actually coz when I looked at the letter after telling him off for opening the letter...that somehow he didn't open this one. I had actually applied again for the teaching position at NIE even though I had been rejected before. And damn was it such a huge disappointment coz I thought I wasn't good enough for it. I felt that I didn't study enough to even get the chance to be interviewed. Yupz..that was how lowly I felt but of course..I couldn't give up. It took me months before something spurred me on again..though at least give this thing another chance. And I did without much of a hope..but I'd really wanted a change. Something that I have an interest in and not som…

"Me and My Sims"

Dats it...I am going to be cured of this addiction! I can do it! I can banish this problem forever! If others can do it..and survive from can i! I am going to get my life back into the groove..doing things that I used to do...or supposed to be doing...and not making people wait and wait....for nothing. I am gonna get a griphold on my life..especially after turning a year old just after a week...yes...i..CAN!

Yeah if...the reason why I am not playing the Sims 2 as of because my brother is playing..BAH!!...and even as I am typing this..I am feeling the chill. The chill of wanting to play the Sims I got this tot...'hey! I am not supposed to be typing this! I am supposed to play the SIMS!!!' Then my heart beats are audible because I am 'forcing' myself to get out of that addiction by turning to my blog. Writing so far..two a challenge in itself.

So er...I am supposed to post this blog entry regarding the birthday threat..that …

"Stupid Retrofitting of Windows..."

yah..i know i haven't been posting to my blog. I guess i wanted to take a back seat not just from writing but also from surfing net and checking my email..though I did check like twice onlie i guess last week. for almost a week..I had this headache from problems at home and at work. It's like my mum never made so much noise about me not taking on leave and not being on mc for so long to at least help her around at home. She was very worried about the contractor coming next week to check e screws at our windows because of some stupid govt law legislation that all rusty rivets have to be changed. I know it's ultimately about safety but the fact that we are at risk of being cheated of contractors taking advantage of us and the hefty fine that we have to pay if we did not a bit too much. It's like on one hand u should change because the govt told u so but on the other hand, who cares if you have to fork out a few hundreds which will be at our expense and none …


*singing to the tune of 'It's a Small World'*

There is just one girl
and her name is popz.
Cos she's so damn popular
u'd love to gawk...

There's so much I can say
'bout this gal I have laid...
she's my bdae gal after all!


It's.... her bdae after all!
It's her.......... bdae after all!!!!
It's......... her bdae after all!!!
It's her!!!


Now my name is Caruso
and I love her so..
but she's angrie with me
for dating a chinese girl in Miami.

Well she threatened that gal
and choked her with a pearl
she's my bdae gal after ALL!!!!!!!!



It's........ her bdae after all!
It's....... her bdae after all!!!!
It's........... her bdae after all!!!
And she can do.... what.... she WANTS!!

lyrics by David Caruso of CSI:Miami and lover of Rahayupopz

"National Healthy LifeStyle Walk/Run Event"

Image company recently took part in this National Healthy Lifestyle Walk where we had to either take part in the 5km run or 2.5km walk. Yes..logically speaking...for me of course i'll take e walk lah. At was rather daunting having to go to the Walk as on that day, we were scheduled to do health screening in two different schools. Like the heck were we gonna make it on time at 5pm when we barely just left the school like around 4.30pm no thanks to the new driver who was late..and also due to a misunderstanding on the second school's part who thought we would do the eye check at 6.30pm onlie. What the heck?! I am not gonna wait that long! Nor am I gonna work at that hour! Na-uh!!!

We came slightly more than half an hour earlier to the school coz we're pretty bored walking around aimlessly at White Sands. But when we were struggling to open the gate...we didn't see or hear anyone or any children. Then we didn't suspect anything amiss coz though…

"Nerve Wrecking Trip to Doctore"

I have no idea why I have not been writing..hell, that's so unlike me! there's just like so many things happening within this week..I just dont know where to start..argh! and i'm not even done with uploading the pics from the last two events happening in the same week! double argh! yeah yeah....thanks for the 'gentle' reminder..heh.

Okay...I've worked my ass off trying to lose a teeny bit of weight so I'd looked a bit good when I went out with my friends on my bdae. But...I failed the battle half way and by the time I finally met up with them with the advanced bdae celebration...I onlie looked a bit better. Hell....

Whateva...the important thing is that...I took initiative. I took the initiative to embark on a journey which I had long forgotten ever since leaving for O.I. It was like a great big..supposedly..never ending party as I didn't have to bring myself to torturous P.E. lessons anymore. When I say is by no means putting myself throug…

"Sherry's Brother's Wedding Day!"

Image good friend's brother just recently had his wedding and though I have not spoken to him in my life..but hey..he IS after all the brother of my friend. ANyway, was honoured to be invited to his wedding..which is quite a 'feast' considering there are a few 'pretty' arab boys...though too young to considered as my future potential husband that will eventually 'tie' me up to my friend's clan.

anyway, it was quite an affair as there was a lot of food and other small tidbits that were constantly replaced with new ones..loved it! but the waiters and waitresses jz zoomed in to quickly to the guests' empty plates jz as they finished up their last bite and was wiping their mouth. Like hello? Heard of second helpings in a buffet styled wedding?! I know they were rushing as the places were quite limited and they jz wanted to clear for the next guests but still, though they did ask if we were done....but like i said, It WAS a buffet.

so much f…

"Why some People are so Sucky..?"

hello there!

well..yesterday got a shitty feedback from the school I worked at yesterday....and this is the thanks we got from doing our job on time and then completing the schedule way way way ahead of fact it wasnt even afternoon and we didn't oblige when they wanted to bring in the second class which was supposed to be screened in the afternoon. And all the thanks we got was the mark of 'satisfactory' all the way down..even up to the point over health education, where I painstakingly explained to the children on the good habits of taking care of their eyes..and what did i get? Satisfactory! I tell ya..she didn't even think when she was ticking the boxes..and it was like tick...tick..tick....all the way. Not one sec of consideration! TALK ABOUT bloody gawd damn poor attitude of a stuck up principal who thinks she is the principal of a top notch school..puh lease! but then..typical of some singaporeans...who complain over every single thing.....and when we …

"Wah..wat a week! And I am not even done yet!"


First of all..i wanna wish all teachers happy teachers' day! i wish i am a teacher..haha....i've always wanted to be one and though i have been rejected before..and believe me..the feeling was NOT good...i really want to try again. Maybe it's my true calling? But of course others...they can't imagine ME being a teacher as i'm so 'soft' and can be so easily bullied by others..coz i dare not say against about being a role model to the poor students. Well...what motivates me is that...I have never been seen as someone 'important' enough.....I have onlie been seen as someone u can easily step on or someone with no self motivation or no self defence of one's rights. I want to be treated as me.....I want people to..for once...look up at me....and see me as someone they can rely on as a form of good influence on their lives. As for me..I want to be seen as the main motivator for my students to do something about …