Monday, May 31, 2010

Holiday Guilt?

Oh my darling Yann got married which meant that he agreed to the proposal last week! YAY!!! They haven't put up the subtitles yet so I have no frakkin' idea what they were saying in this latest episode but Yann was smiling but not to his partner though...Ah well, Yann smiling is better than Yann being moody. I just wish he combs his hair a bit but maybe he's supposed to look that way, I dunno. Apparently, they were going to shelf this series coz the ratings were not that good. How can it be?!!! Don't tell me French people have such sophisticated taste. Try being in Singapore where everything is so controlled! But we shall see how. I read that there are a lot of people writing in to the channel so that they will continues the series. Let's hope so. I can't get enough of Yann!!

Put a ring on it!

Well, today is the start of work week and it was rather torturous with each passing minute and hour but gotta persevere. I like my job scope (except answering phone calls of irritating parents) and Im pleased that my boss is trying to expand my job scope bit by bit. But me being me, sometimes this lazy monster in me awakes and I just don't feel like doing anything and that is when doing my job is soooooo torturous. I just hope my boss don't catch me being lazy coz it will jeopardize my work performance AND my bonus. If you live in Singapore, we're very materialistic...haha. Even students are being dangled with monetary rewards if they do well in their studies. It's the wrong kind of motivation but if it keeps the grades up, I will work?

Sigh, currently I can't really type much coz every Monday I suffer from aching shoulders from carrying weight yesterday at the gym. Gotta suffer a bit just to shape up. Yesterday the gym was slightly more crowded than usual. It's one of those moments where a number of people, including new ones, suddenly have this revelation to start shaping up again after a long abandonment period of not exercising and then I can tell ya the next few weeks, the number of people will get lesser and it will be back to the usual crowd. It's always the same pattern.Then again, I suspect the revelation is more because they felt guilty after stuffing themselves over the holiday weekend..hrm. Anyway, I end up on the strider TWICE. My poor legs but luckily Im still in one piece :S

I have to go out....again...coz my menopausal mum has a craving for McDonald's apple pie. When will she stop having weird cravings. If she craves and she appreciates the food she eats, I don't mind. But after eating, she will complain especially if her stomach starts acting up. Sometimes, I really don't know what to do..haiz.

Weighty Issues

So happy, I have been losing weight consistently for the last few months though I must admit, you better not follow my footsteps because you most likely have to give up on a lot of good food...haha. No I mean, sometimes sacrifices are good if it's going to benefit you in the long run because I've said it before and I say it again, medical expenses are not cheap. Even though you may have medisave, it's not going to cover a lot of things.

To be honest, I don't like to preach to people what is good and what is not good except to my brother just to irritate him sometimes. It's not that I don't want to help,  if they ask me, I am more than willing to share some tips. But you will be surprised a lot of people may not want to hear it but I don't blame them actually. I used to be in huge denial about my weight and the thought of eating lesser and lesser of such good food is enough to put off dieting in a lot of people including myself. Basically, dieting to them is such a dirty word. Actually the correct usage of the word is that we should all have a proper healthy diet. Losing weight doesn't equal to starving ourselves.

While I don't like to announce to others if I have lost weight or is losing weight, I like to blog about it or leave notes in my handphone because it's just a way for me to keep track. Though currently I don't notice significant changes, I do notice that clothes fit better especially skirts and pants. No not the ones with the elastic type but the hook or button type. You know the ones that 'tell' you if you have gained or lost weight? Yah, that's the one.

You know how I have this 'off' day once in a week? Okay honestly, 'off' day also comes after the end of the month where I have successfully lost a bit of weight as targeted. There were times when I went below target and I have to work an extra bit more to make up the difference which will then take me slightly more than a month. I have never aimed high because I am not so committed to engaging in outdoor activities, do aerobics or working at the gym more than twice like how many people do it when they are trying to lose weight and have successfully done so in a relatively shorter period of time. It's just not so practical for me although I compensate by not eating more than I can burn off by walking for about twenty minutes on an almost daily basis.

So this coming Monday is my yet another unofficial 'off' day because yes, I lost slightly more than I should :) and I have a curry puff bought from Old Chang Kee on standby for lunch later. Actually it's a lot more though part of it goes into losing what I have gained a week after losing the weight last month..haha. Sometimes I carry my congratulatory period a bit far like for a few days or even up to a week. It's just the inner foodie in me lah.

 By the way, if you are keen in wanting to lose weight, you can refer to my previous post but I will be kind enough to drop a few pointers :D

  • Cut down on sugar. Many food has sugar including some types of fruits. Sugar converts to fats and therefore excessive sugar is definitely not good and can lead to future health problems like diabetes. Do you know you can strive to have a leaner body by going on a sugar free diet? But that is rather least for me..haha. Sugar Free Diet
  • Try your best to have only one main meal per day. It's either a heavy lunch or a heavy dinner. Many people think that we should eat lesser at night because we burn less energy. Actually, the true fact is that it doesn't matter whether you eat more in the day or in the night. Your body can't tell the difference whether you eat when the sun is out or down. 
  • Exercise. It's really no joke when it comes to exercise especially when many people have the concept that if you watch what you eat or if you eat lesser, you basically don't need to exercise which is NOT true. It's one way of assuring you that you are losing fats and not just water because if you are just losing water, you are likely to gain back the weight or even more as you think you have lost weight which gives you the so called privilege to eat even more. Exercising also ensures that you become leaner and toner while losing weight so you don't have saggy skin.
  • Do you know that by eating more fruits and veggies is not only good for your health but can even make you lose weight? No kidding! Even if you are just eating two apples a day, it can make a difference to your weight loss.

He's a Geek!!

Remember my French guy? Well, I stumbled upon something on youtube which I dunno what the freck it was except that it was about a minute long. It's something like celebrities giving a mini speech or interview at some film festival. I could be wrong though..coz I don't speak French *duh*
But oh-my-gawd, Mathieu a.k.a. Yann DOES NOT LOOK LIKE his character at all! In fact, I find him even MORE swoon worthy especially when he dons that speckies. Oh my gosh, I found my fellow geek! Okay I usually don't like to find out more about the guy if I like his character coz I will be disappointed especially when I found out he has a girlfriend, is married or have children..*pfft* I like to preserve them in their characters.

But this..this is different. He looks even more endearing but yet again I don't want to know about his personal life.

Check him out from this....

to this!!

Now I love you more Mathieu!!

Ole Ole France

As promised! My two lovely french guys who kept me company again and again during my holiday weekend. Let me introduce to you...

kevin. ok this isn't  good pic of him but he's my fav tough sweetie guy :)

They were practising free style fighting. Yann shirtless *swoons*

My handsome scruffy guy named Yann *swoons* again..
Infact, they are so handsome I have made up my mind about something. You know how World Cup is going to start in 2 weeks time. Guess which team I am supporting?

Why it's the French team of course!!
Ole..ole ole ole...
Ok more for the road. Yann again! This is how he  looks like most of the time..serious looking which I figured why he didnt quite capture my heart at first..hehe. The above one is when he smiles, which is quite rare lah actually.

Oh Yann...will you marry me if you promise to remove your excess emotional baggage?

What an A*s

I have been a very bad girl. I swear I really attempted to clean up my room but oh-my-god, the task is so formidable that I almost give up! Sigh, there are two things in life which I am focused on. Losing weight and saving money which I have done pretty much quite successfully. The rest sorta like uhm...not falling into places including my love life. Ok fine, I snubbed a guy but that doesn't count. I will probably be single for the rest of the year so don't bet on it again.

Anyway speaking of which, I have been crushing on someone but it's just a lame crush which will lead to nowhere and I am just wasting my time. I would say that because I've got no one in particular to crush on and he seems to be the next best thing to, well, crush on coz he's quite worth it. He is damn fit coz I think he is a fitness trainer (some fine ass there..hee), quite friendly and polite and plays great music unlike the other dude who isn't as friendly though he's more fit (damn, whassup with me with fit guys) and has music taste that is stuck in the past. I hate it when he's around because working out in the gym when Boy George is playing in the background is such a snoozer. I found out he's married from one of those times when an auntie was flirting with him. It was pretty obvious she was flirting with him (cougar?) and he didn't seem interested to talk further but I guess, customers are always right so he got no choice but to entertain her..haha. 

But it's kinda nice to imagine have that same guy Im crushing on to ask me out for dinner and movies, texting me later to ask how I am etc etc...and then he really  likes me even though I live in a mess called the bedroom. I don't get it. Why Singapore guys lack that initiative to just..well..ask a girl out if he is clearly interested. They beat around the bush waiting for something to happen like a unicorn flying over the rainbow or something.

He's not like this guy from a french cop drama which I have been watching on repeat mode (heh..) over the holiday weekend. At first, when he was interested in someone, he made the first move to ask her out for dinner though he started off on a lame pick up line like oh, we met before right? I used to watch this show like two years ago but stopped watching it coz I didn't like how it ended in the first season. I mean, come on, if someone cares for you when you were injured and almost died, you don't just snub the person like that because you want to find some alone time when you get out of the hospital and getting back into the groove again. It's just cruel on many levels to break up with someone who obviously wants more out of you in a relationship and had spent the time and effort on you than just some hot and cold moments like you go to her if you feel like it and then try to avoid her when you don't feel like it. And then as such, I didn't think he was likeable.

But by the time the show was in season 3 recently, I realized they got back together and so I was trying to retrace back the steps on how the heck they did that when he was being an ass. Well, they didn't have a proper reunion because in season 2, he was trying hard to win her back especially after the disappointment that she faced in him. He tried to act interested in her money and family problems though it was still met with resistance. Like come on, I would too. Anyone would too, for both guys and gals, but yah he was that desperate in wanting to get back into her life. 

Season 3, he was still a biiiit of an ass. Just a bit because he still pushed her away as he was having this problem with the use of his arm after an injury back when he was bashed. Well, the fact that they are living together, he should share his problems so he won't have to deal with it himself and with enough support, he can recovery quickly but he doesn't like to be mothered and it caused a rift in his relationship though later, I don't know how again :S they got it resolved rather quickly.

Anyway, they were pretty sketchy about the whole relationship thingey coz this is, after all, a cop show about a bunch of rookies trying to make an impression in the police department while dealing with problems in their personal lives. One thing for sure, it's not always a good thing to be dating another cop though. They introduced new characters and one of them is so cute in the sense that he is so nerdy, you wonder why he's a cop. Infact, they wondered too but he is definitely an asset coz of he somehow knows his facts and figures very well that it helped them to pinpoint the location of the kidnapping. I liked how he fainted when they stumbled upon an illegal fight club and then the owner picked him out to fight with this burly looking guy. So funny..

The more I watch the show, the more I realise that ass of a guy, he is pretty loving and concern, in his own ways though yah, he has his 'moments' where he wants to be left dealing with his problems alone which kinda sucks coz he is pushing his loved one away. But above all, hehe, I noticed that he is a very handsome man who is rather scruffy looking and very lean too especially when he is shirtless. I used to only notice the lead character throughout coz he's so toughie looking but such a big sweetie at heart. Oh no, don't tell me I'm changing shifts from hunky guys to leaner looking scruffy guys?!! Ah well, men are men.

Anyway, I got pictures in my next post :D

Friday, May 28, 2010

Great July News

This is so cool! After my much worried days that my savings is going to get depleted very soon which leads me to be so freakin' frugal, news just came in that as a civil servant, I am going to get a mid year bonus and an additional $300!! So now I can really look forward to July AND expecting something out of it unlike last year's no show where I was struggling through like a mad person. 

But, Im still living in fear which sucks coz no one should be living in fear. It takes away the beauty of life but without fear, you may plunge head long into something and then not being able to get up or you get up with much difficulty. I have pending bills to pay and I have to balance delicately on a line where I have to put my family first while being swamped with things to pay. 

Then next week, my brother is going for a day surgery and my mother is requesting to have my brother stay in the hospital for a day at least. It's just one day and she wants him to go into a private ward and never mind if we have to pay a deposit of at least $1k. Oh my precious savings! I told her that I don't have enough money and she balked at that fact considering how much money I had at first. Well, fyi, unless Im earning a lot or I have investments here and there, eventually the savings will slowly be depleted. But because I don't want to make the same mistakes in the past, I do attempt to save every day and even if it's less than 4 dollars per day, when you do it every day, it will amount to quite a nice amount few weeks later. To me, that is still an investment for a rainy day. And Im not about to blow it on a one day hospital stay. I have since avoided the topic again ever since I got an earful from my mother about having little to spend nowadays because I want to give her an impression that I don't have spare cash. I am willing to hear her awful naggings just so that she doesn't touch my savings.

Somehow, I think she complained to my aunt about this and then my aunt was like, well, you know she has things to pay too for the family like the utilities bills and etc. My aunt should know better coz she handles her family's bills and expenditures as well. My mum only knows how to boss around only like what to buy. Every time she has a craving for some food based on what she thinks or what she watches on tv, she expects me or my brother to buy and then later she complains the food didn't process well in her stomach blah blah blah so she shouldn't be eating much. And then the whole cycle repeats itself.

I, for one, do not like to eat outside food. They are very pricey even if the place doesn't have air conditioning and gawd knows what they put in there like extra artificial flavourings like MSG to make the food taste nicer. It's blatantly poison for your soul. Sigh, but I am probably the last person who should be saying that as I grew up eating mostly outside food and less of home cooked food because both my parents were working and they were too tired to cook like a whole table of delicious food. Even if they attempted to cook, it would usually be very simple dishes and I lapped up on them coz they were cooked with love. For those who enjoy home cooked food on a regular basis, you are lucky. You should go home early and just enjoy the company of a family and appreciate the efforts into cooking the food.

I read recently about this local celebrity who used to worry about putting food on the table and after achieving success in his career which of course boosted his income, there is never once he does not appreciate the fact he is earning enough to not just put food on the table. I loathe those celebrities who complain a lot about working in the entertainment industry but are lapping up on their well paid salaries which some people can only dream of. If you can't take it, then just leave and stop whining. 

So I've got more than a month to go before I can get my well deserved retail therapy even though I have to skip this great singapore sales in June. While my colleagues are going for their early retail therapy, I will just have to hold back first while I slowly pay off my outstanding bills with town council and SP. I know they too have their share of things to pay as well but I don't want to compare myself to them especially if Im the type who sometimes live in fear based on past experiences where the power supplies people will come uninvited and cut off my electricity bills and when I have to sell of my things just so that I have money to go to work the next day. Some things you just don't forget. There is a time and place for many things in life and if I have to postpone my retail therapy, so I will and then bear the fruits of my labour later when I accumulate enough savings to enjoy a guilt free shopping trip later, haha.

I think this yet another long weekend opportunity will allow me to get my act together and then hopefully by next week, I will put up some handmade accessories online to sell and make extra moolah. I know I keep talking about this but don't seem to do anything about it but I will. Like I said, there is a time and place for most things in life, haha. Excuses.

Can't wait for July :) Not only will there be a mid year bonus, in the beginning of July, the government will also give a pay out of $200 I think. Anyway, whatever the amount, it will go into my savings account. May not be all but something is better than nothing. I did my calculations on my July's salary and I am expected to add on at least $1k to my savings. WOot! But, I don't want to raise my hopes too high like how I did for my performance bonus. Expect the unexpected. I shall stick to my original plan of getting $300 only.

Now back to being a scrooge frugal.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Orchard Central Garden Roof Top

My brother insisted that we go on top of the newly opened garden rooftop of Orchard Central and I almost balked coz it was freakin' sunny in the late afternoon. But after having seen the place at night and he could not see very well, he wanted to go in the day. So there we were, taking the super fast lift all the way to the 11th storey to have a peek at the garden roof top. It was breath taking and my eyes were almost blinded by the glaring sunlight :S but I guess, it was for a good cause? I dunno..but it wasn't like every day I get to go all the way to the top and see the city skyline of the shopping centers and beyond, eh?

By the way, do you like the 'feel' of my photos like as in the photo effects? You can actually do all this without the pain of photoshop ! *squeals* but of coz, in order to beautify myself, photoshop cannot be given up,  haha.

I discovered some more photo effects through this website without being a paid member. Some of the cool effects are free and I can't actually think at the top of my head what are my favs though I can say one of them is definitely the polaroid photo frame and the 60's effect which in photospeaks, it is actually vintage. Luv it!

It's all entirely done online so you don't have to worry about installing into your hard drive if it's already crammed with so many unnecessary softwares. *guilty*

Try it! And if you need more convincing, it's really a no brainer esp for idiots like me AND!! It has been recently bought by google. You know it works. If the thing is so freakin' popular, google sure wanna have a stake.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Ideal Guy

Aha! I knew it! I knew I would be a WAG of a soccer guy girlfriend of a hunk!! I just did a quiz in a Seventeen magazine (though based on my age, I really shouldn't even be buying such mags..hee) about what is my ideal guy and the result is.........

Mr Energetic & Confident


It read as...

What he's like: He's always up for fun and loves working up a sweat. He's probably got a hot bod from all that running around.
Where to find him: On the field
Your relationship will be: Exciting and fast-paced

Ooo la la!! O' acronym W.A.G. u are so going to be mine!

Kidding aside, okay actually Im not kidding when I said I have always admired hunky guys. Ask my friends! Coz Im that shallow..haha. One of my dreams is to score one of those guys at the gym but I dunno why, I always look like a dork in the gym. Serious! I would be busy working out, breaking out a sweat and then when I walk near a mirror on the way to the water cooler, Im like, 'oh my gawd! Im such a dork!!' I don't look like one of those hot ones who obviously dressed to impress and seriously work their heart out (not that I don't too, mind you). And then at times, these cute guys will bring cute girlfriends as well and their cuteness together is sometimes beyond tolerable especially if I happen to work out beside them and looking like a drab : /

Yes I know, I sound very the jealous because hunky guys are just be admired. End of my love story. The fact that I know NUTS about soccer is nothing impressive as well. I don't even know who was the last world cup winner and when is the current world cup is starting.

So is this quiz to be trusted? I have no frakkin' idea. But going through the other types of ideal guys, I realise something. It's not about my kind of ideal guy. It's about how I get to be more out there so that I can get to know more guys and then finally meet my match. Im currently at a crossroad where I don't know my bearings. So I suppose if I can make some firm decisions, don't get too hung up with my current problems and instead, find the solutions to them and also to be more appealing as a person, who knows if the table is turned around and I get to be the ideal girl of a certain someone, eh? :) That will be more cool than taking this quiz. Hunky I come!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Energy Zapped

Sigh, ignore the previous post. I have been spammed. To those who received the email from me via hotmail, no I did not get a motorbike from some cutesy sounding website address. Anyway, I have not been posting coz I tell ya, the minute I reach home, within half an hour or so I would be such a mess! Mess as in..uhm...lindsay lohan type of spewing nonsense mess. I wanted to start on my accessories line asap to get some moolah but I was not able to do so. Yesterday I found myself sprawled on the cold hard floor of my bedroom coz I was too tired to even lift myself up on the bedroom sofa at least. My energy was totally drained out of me. Ever had that feeling? No? Liar.
I hope today I would be better. Seems like my energy is slowly coming back. We shall see.


Thursday, May 20, 2010


   Hey,good news!
I ordered one  Kawasaki 1400 GTR 2009    from this website  { }  one weeks ago, today I've got it . Amazing,beyond my imagination, it's genuine and as good as expected,but much cheaper. I'm pleased to share this good news with you! May all goes well for you.

Best regards.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pay up People!

One of the things I hate is when someone promises to give you money and then they don't. And then the other thing that I hate is when I don't have the guts to ask the person for money. I was telling about that time when my ops manager asked me to help me type some documents, which are not that easy to type because of all the numberings which like to screw up at times, and he PROMISED to give me money for helping him out. It is his way of helping me out also since he thinks I need the money as well. But guess what, I typed them out and ta-dah, STILL no sign of money. Now I don't want to ask for the money because he was the one who wanted to give money out of his sincerity for helping him out and so I don't think it's really nice to actually ask him when the payment is due since I have completed the work. Anyway, I shall give him the benefit of the doubt because he said he has some more documents for me to type. I don't quite have any expectations out of this so we shall wait and see if he really pays me or is just using my service for nothing. wouldn't hurt if he can pay me at least $20 because I used that amount from my other savings account which I have painstakingly saved up for the last few months.

And then my mum also made me buy so many things and she also promised to return me back the money and she said that a few times while I was buying them. In the end, nothing too! But then, I don't want to 'go after her money' because she keeps complaining that I don't give her enough. Chet. As if I am earning much in the first place. $400 every month, to me, is not a bad deal you know.

On the bright side, last Saturday, I actually went out to Spotlight and Arab Street with my ever complaining brother on tow to get some stuffs so I can make some accessories namely earrings and necklace. I did toy with this idea at the start of the year and actually did also tried my hands in making them but it was so hard! It should be easy peasy to make a simple frakkin' pair of earrings but I don't know if I wasn't inspired enough or what so ever I just could NOT even make it.

Then my friend, over on facebook, said that hey why not you try selling at ebay international and there may be a demand for it since, well, it's international. She can help me sell also since she had experience selling things on ebay and it has been successful until her sister screwed up her ebay account. So there I was inspired all over again to try my hands at making accessories to make some extra moolah. I spent like almost $20 on buying the things. It could have been lesser but let's just say, I bought something which I thought was just $1 after discount but didn't realise it was not discounted so I paid the full $3.95 price tag. Darn it.

Unfortunately again, my inspiration is cut short coz now Im down with flu. Yesterday I was blabbering non stop coz I was running a fever while nursing my flu and sore throat. I said to my brother, in my blabber nonsense, that if I die, he can have access to my money and also shared the atm pin number of my other savings account. He was like, 'you don't be like this can, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DIE!' Chet, try having a fever while sniffling.

So anyway, despite some people not paying me back when it's due, I did manage to save up some money no thanks to these people. As of today, I don't know for how long already, like maybe for two weeks or so, I have saved up $40. By the end of this week, it will be $50. I know for those filthy rich people, that don't mean much like they can spend $50 in a blink of an eye but after scrimping and saving, these people will also think twice about spending their hard earned savings. Now we know why some rich people still thrive on $2 chicken rice meal even though they have built a business empire like having popular food establishments because they know every Singaporean loves to eat. 

But I've learnt something new recently. It's not how you make the money, but how you maintain it. You can earn a small income but how you maintain it will determine whether you have enough savings to last you at least 6 months during an emergency, for example. Life does deal with us some unexpected blows but it's better if we can learn to lessen the blows so we can go one with life. Food for thought! Speaking of food, Im kinda hungry now. Better go bathe before the whole of Singapore complains that I stink.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Could Really Use a Wish

How problem after another. I know my mum is going to make A LOT OF NOISE about the money that I am holding because I told her I am left with only a few hundred bucks from a few thousands. Ok, honestly speaking, it's not in the 'few hundred bucks' range but I have no choice but to lie. People say it's not good to lie but based on circumstances, sometimes you need to lie in order to survive. Sure now I am getting hell from my mum now because she thought I have very little money left but I can't just let her squander my savings away which part of it I have painstakingly save up because I was desperately trying to make up for the money that I have no choice but to spend on my family's needs. Please lah, if she knows how much I have, I am going to be in an even BIGGER problem because she has no thought about the future as her mindset is usually now now now. 

She thinks that she's going to die one day anyway  because of her stupid gastric pains which wouldn't go away because she refuse to go to the doctor. Look, I have explained to her numerous times that she is not going to end up in the hospital just like that. But suits herself lah. Even if she want to 'die faster', let her lah. More peaceful anyway. Gawd I am so horrible but if you have to listen to her ramble non stop about how pissed off she is about life in general and how she is better off dead, then you just become so used to it like do whatever you want ah. I DONT CARE.

Currently, Im really loving the song Airplanes by B.O.B feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore. Somehow, I could relate to it like how I wish in life, there are fewer problems esp if is related to $$$. *sigh*

Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky

Are like shooting stars

I could really use a wish right now (wish right now, wish right now)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Overwhelming Setback

I knew this was coming..they were not able to endorse the letter because I had not fully paid the conservancy fees. Sucks. And the appointment with hdb is next week. The next 'best' option is to reschedule the date because I don't think I can pay up 600 over dollars in a matter of one week. Okay fine. I got savings that can pay it off and have balance but I don't see this as urgent. My family's need come first. What if I need the money for emergency and then, oh, I don't have it because.........I paid town council ALL of the outstanding amount. 

This is just one of the setbacks in life and I have been in worse situations than this before. When I think back, I shudder at such thoughts and as much as I don't want to go back to the past, if Im not careful, I can just pay a visit back and there is no turning back. Tell me, in this world, people only know how to complain or make noise and refuse to listen to the actual story while waving their accusing finger around. And the best thing is that even educated people do this. Our children are so spoilt because parents nowadays think that they can buy their way into their child's heart. There is a simply glaring lack of kindness in this world no matter how many times the beauty contestants wish for world peace every freaking day. While yes I do experience kindness from people who are willing to help out during other people's difficult times, I would want to learn to find out other means of helping myself out. Plus, it's not easy paying other people back the money because in future, I still have to juggle with paying bills and etc ON TOP OF paying these people off. 

Sigh, at least in another area, I think Im showing signs of 'Rahayu can work'. You know how I always lament that Im not being appreciated at work. But nowadays, I find that my boss is really trying to make me think on my own two feet like she will give clues as to how I can get my answers or at least part of my answers and then she will do the rest. It brought me back to schooling days with one particular teacher whom I asked how to get the answer to a particular question. She asked me to think first on how to work out the initial answers and then she would help me out when I get stuck. And it really helped me to think. Sometimes we think that we can simply run to the teacher hoping for a quick solution but then we end up not learning anything because we are being spoon fed. In life, things may seem difficult at first but if we bother enough to find the solutions for it, you will never know if they are just around the corner hoping for you to find them.

How I wish my hard work will translate to a bigger bonus next year..ha!

Whenever you are in difficulty, look up to God and pray to him before you go to sleep. Miracles don't come in all the time but you will be surprised that they do happen and that's all that matters. Basically miracles come about because we trust that things will get better and they will. 

So yah, basically Im still frustrated with this issue that I am having with town council. If only HDB can give me a leeway on these charges because I am still living under this rooftop what. I am still going to pay them whether or not they transfer the ownership to me. I just want to get the housing payments settled asap.  I don't want to end up paying them cash money because I am earning peanuts and don't expect me to eat peanuts too right?

Sigh..Anyway, on the bright side even if it's just a glimmer, today I am anticipating staying up rather late because I can't wait to get started typing out my ops manager's documents. He has promised to give me this sideline job as he thinks I do need the money and he is willing to pay for it though the people in my office don't know. I hope he can keep his promise in paying me. I am not going to put a price on them and just let him decide. I don't think I want to delay it because well..he trusts me to have them typed out though he did give me a pretty long deadline of two weeks but I doubt he will wait for it. Plus, I can't wait to see if he really will pay me..haha. Nolah, I think he will. Just a matter of how much *smirks*

Type away! Oh btw, if he does pay me, I am SO going to spend the money. Okay just a weeee bit. It's not easy to type you know, judging from the docs that he gave me :S

Monday, May 10, 2010

May Blues

Im so happy I paid my library fines because it allowed me to start borrowing books again and now that they have increased the borrowing limit to 6 for non premium borrowers, I can now lug more books beauty magazines. Okay fine. I do read. Don't believe me? 

Plus, it was a bloody thick book hokay and so it's a mean feat considering I have not read for the longest time. This month however, I settle for a slightly smaller book...hehe. But anyway, this month I even borrowed several Seventeen magazines though it was yonks ago that I was..well..seventeen. First, it is quite an easy read and its vibrant and useful tips on health and beauty are a major attraction to me. I learnt quite a lot of things and one of them is their shopping locations for cheap beauty finds. For example, a pink blusher that costs only $5! And it's one of those shops in the heartland. I actually scoured the area for the shop because I thought I would get one but imagine my surprise when I found the shop, which was actually a small part of a bigger shop and it was surrounded by quite a number of sales girl who were out to entice potential customers to buy even more things for them. I didn't manage to even step into the place because I would confirm be suffocated.

But on the plus side, I did discover another shop which sells the current brand of shampoo that I was using for much less than the price I normally price. It's a big savings of more than $1! Wow. For people who are cash strapped or on a tight budget like myself, I need to find shops that allow me to shop while saving. In the end, I settled for an oil free pressed powder from the brand Silky Girl because I was using baby powder all this time when I go to work as I need something that won't clog my skin as it is prone to blemishes. Plus, it is dirt cheap at a price of only $8.90. If Im going out over the weekend or on weekday after work, then it's the Za foundation. Actually, it's not a bad thing to use baby powder. What makes it 'bad' is that it's so powdery (yes I know, duh) that the dust will settle everywhere on the floor and on the dressing table. I will be careful most times to not make it land everywhere but in the morning, I am usually rushing so it's kinda difficult. The pressed powder also matches my skin colour so I look less ghostly compared to wearing white baby powder..hehe.

Still, I don't want to take risk. During the hot weather, the blemishes come out more fierce which give me ugly dark spots especially round my chin area. I don't feel pretty anymore :( like I am one in the first place already. As 'oil-free' as it sounds, I think it's better to alternate the two products.

Talking about savings, I learnt another philosophy regarding money from a Sunday column. Just as you think you are saving money when you buy one product after another just because they offer great cheap deals, it doesn't mean you are saving especially when you start to add up the number. You can indulge yourself but do bear in mind, sometimes you don't actually need them. Worse, if you go to a facial treatment that has been heavily discounted, for example, they can also start to promote other things to you and you may end up spending more money than you should.

I can't stress this enough but do think about the future so save as and when you can even it's a small amount every month. If you can afford to save more, then by all means go ahead. Oh yah, the philosophy is that when you are spending, you are not saving. So be careful about what you spend on and sometimes it pays to actually think first before you plonk your money on the product. If you already have a hand cream at home, do you actually need another one when you are struggling to actually use the existing one? Unless you give away to someone who will use it, then at least you are not wasting your money and you feel less guilty buying a newer better one..hehe. It's like how my friend does. She loves buying beauty products and occasionally, she will give me her existing one because she got another similar product and she thought I needed it more. 

Then one time, she recommended me this facial moisturizer that doesn't cost much but is just as effective because I was looking out for one as I didn't have it. Well, I managed to get it and it was selling it at a discounted price. Then about two weeks later, she gave me the same one which she didn't use anymore and there was plenty of it left so I got two jars now :S

Oh well, you wont see me buying another facial moisturizer that's for sure. This week I will get my pay but I need to pay HDB for their admin fees in the transfer of ownership of this flat *sigh* but first I have to make my way to the town council to get them to sign a letter to say that I have paid the conservancy fees which I have not managed to pay all coz there's so much. I don't know how it is going to turn out actually. I really don't want to delay this thing any longer nor do I want to come out with a hefty amount to get the fees settled BEFORE they sign the letter. So this is going to be sucky if they don't want to sign...another big *sigh*

Im starting to hate this month already.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

An Empty Void

One of my colleagues who sit in the office until about late afternoon had passed away few days ago. It was so sudden that my initial thought was that he had been hospitalised because I didn't see him since the start of the week. But when I asked my other colleague what happened to him, my heart just dropped when I heard that he had passed away in the morning. The mood in the office was so quiet and then seeing where he used to sit two tables away wrecked our heart too as we reminisced the times when he was there. I might have been there shorter than them but I felt the emptiness like them and because his death was unexpected too because he had always been very strong and sprightly despite being in old age. 

I know that his health wasn't so good either but he had been faithfully going for his dialysis treatment and eating his medicine. Though he didn't suffer when he passed away, I can imagine the pain of losing a loved one having gone through the episode too. I would miss calling out to him which he would take some time to respond because he was hard of hearing. He didn't complain much and he was so helpful in the office towards all of us. I would also miss his 'hallo?' or 'good morning' when he answered calls which we transferred to him. I won't be able to hear him call me 'Miss' because he could not pronounce my name well.

The empty void in the office will be there for some time because his things are still there and the somber mood still hangs over the office.

Goodbye Mr Yeo. You will always be missed by all of us. Rest in peace.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Name Appreciation

My colleague got for me some personalised proud of it! "D Why I like them is because's my name you're talking about. Did you know I use to hate my name? Seriously hate it because it is so boring to pronounce while others have much fancier and longer names.

But over time, i learnt to appreciate my name because after awhile, fancier names are just not...fancy anymore. Infact, they may sound weird :S

And how else can I celebrate my name with lotsa stickers pasted on lotsa stuffs?! hehe..ok, for now..just my stationery items in office because I always LOSE them especially my pens.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Dressing Table Makeover

Yesterday night, I actually cleaned up my dressing table and I am so proud of it! :D Proud because it took me a LONG time to finally get my act together first and be all hardworking in clearing the mess. 

The one on the left is the 'before' picture but yah, I think you are thinking..chet, where got different. Actually, while photos can be so cruel on me because I just cannot be photogenic without the help of photoshop, my dressing table actually looked decent and that would be BEFORE I actually clean it up :S

I did a lot of reshuffling and organizing and chugged a lot of things out and I think Im still not done yet. Many of the things are given by others who, well, for the life of them can't figure out what I like so they usually stick to generic beauty products. I don't mind long as it's free and it's for me :D although the problem later lies on when the heck I will use them since they are really not the stuffs I use given my very simple beauty routine.

If you intend to give me fan gifts ( real), I don't mind....make up products though because my seriously ugly face can do with some serious make over. So not shy.

With this big accomplishment (no, really..), I wonder if it is motivation enough to finally clean my drawer with all the previous bills. Sigh, seeing those bills with the nasty figures always make me put off cleaning..haha.

Singapore Idiots

Currently, there is a broadway  play in America called American Idiots which have rave reviews about suburban kids out there finding the meaning to their existence much like how the band Green Day displays in the lyrics of their songs. But Im here not to do a review on the show but to talk about....Singapore Idiots. No not the Singapore Idol but Singapore Idiots.

I know people who work in the customer service line sometimes takes crap from other people who are just out to create trouble for you because they think you are not worth their time talking nicely to and would rather be rude and obnoxious like you are some speck of dust instead of a human being. Unfortunately, I am also in this line but not to an extent I deal with the public members almost every day of my work life. Infact, despite having about 2000 kids in the school, I still think that they are quite a minority group of people to deal with compared to other people working in the government specifically in the customer service area. 

Well before you throw stones at me by thinking that I thought we have it easier, as a matter of fact, I don't think we don't. I still deal with sh*tty people and there are a few kinds and one of them I just encountered just now who just CANNOT understand that we do not know everything there is to know in terms of school administration. There are some things that are new to us because it's not our own school admin procedures but this parent kept on insisting up to a point he wanted to argue and be all nasty that we all should know. What bloody hell. So rude.

Anyway, I told  myself not to get worked up over this minute of a human 'imbecile' being and just not to shoot back angrily because I can blog about it and scold vulgarities later. Okay maybe not. We shouldn't spend too much time on such people who obviously WON'T listen to you no matter how justified you think your reasons are because to them, it doesn't matter. So why waste your time and breath, eh? I talked about that stupid idiot who was so sarcastic the last time and I really applaud my colleague's cool way of handling by ignoring her dumb ass comments and just be all professional by doing the necessary admin procedures. Then my other male colleague, who has a really short temper, also dealt with a nasty parent, after I refused to entertain his call after his rude ordering manner over the phone. He said nicely to him that the teacher was not contactable and when I think the parent was very insistent, he just put down the phone like 'oh, that's it' and just smile.

My boss also dealt with nasty people before and even though in the office, she would just out of nowhere blurt out instructions or just scream out of frustration. But when comes to nasty parents, she is rather calm and collected so as not to make matters worse. Still, she can be firm especially to one parent who is majorly demanding and treat the school like some kind of charity when he himself obviously has lack of respect towards us office people because we don't teach his sons. It's utter bullshit lah so one fine day, she gave the parent a piece of her mind by saying that the mother shouldn't go around disturbing the principal, vice principals, teachers and office staff just for the reimbursement of the spectacles that the school has kindly agreed to reimburse. Because payment processes take awhile, the parent's impatience were uncalled for despite our financial assistance even though they clearly don't need it and I think that was when she lost her cool a bit. She didn't raise her voice but she gave a lengthy 'talk' to the parent.

So I realize recently that despite knowing myself as an easily patient person, I find that I can lose my temper quite easily if I let emotions overcome me. It's a very surprising revelation at least for me and even for other people around me who will usually see me as this all round nice girl. Im sure you have encountered times when you are so angry inside of you, it makes you quiver so badly like you want to find the nearest chair and bash it against the person's head.

It's all in a day's work. There are nasty people and there are those who are polite and are thankful that you are helping them. Fortunately, the nasty ones are just a minority. So the best way to deal with them is to handle it in a calm and collected manner and not to lose the temper. And if I can't take the situation because it's too much for me, I let my more experienced colleagues handle or even my own boss and usually, they will assist me so no problem there.

So to all those Singapore idiots, karma will come back and bite you. People can't be so 'nice' to you for long by putting up with your nonsense. You will then realize that you don't have to be nasty to get what you want. A little respect goes a long way.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Dr Hawt

I love watching soap dramas and I like how some characters pop out but alas, that is not always. But then, some of them are just so hot, I think sometime I feel like Im watching soap dramas for the wrong reason. Of course, the main draw is the interesting plots though unfortunately, it's not that frequent :S

And let me introduce to you Dr Reid Oliver from As the World Turns. His character is so well liked because his often snarky remarks sexy..haha. I dunno, you gotta watch it to believe it. He is played by a wonderful actor named Eric Sheffer Stevens and he is SOOOO TALENTED and SOOOO HANDSOME. I will use him as a template for my future boyfriend. He sure knows how to draw the audience in with his intriguing character and I love watching every minute of him and Im not alone.

He is one of the best thing on soap drama. You go Doctor! I'll be your nurse anytime. And I think I shall end here before my obsession gets out of hand.

Gym Workout for Beginners

Okay Im not converting this into a fitness blog but I do want to try to motivate someone, especially young women, to keep track of their weight management for a healthier lifestyle.

I mentioned earlier that you gotta get physically active and I actually feel happy if I see someone who is clearly in the gym to shed some weight judging from their physical size because they are at least starting somewhere and making the efforts to do so. But I do hope they are not disheartened because I know how it's like to be all shy when we all first started especially if the gym is filled up good looking guys working out their muscles while you are here looking like a slob..sigh...temptation temptation. And then there is the after effects of working out where your muscles are crying out and you feel all aching that the next gym session will most likely be scrapped.

Now now peeps. Don't be that way. I started off like that and it was such a torture being in a gym where everyone was so fit and it made me a miserable loser. But it's all in the mind only. You will see the results and soon, compliments would start pouring in. I got my skeptics also and in the end, seeing my sheer determination to lose weight by going to the workplace gym regularly and seeing the results, I ended up motivating them as well. See, it's nothing to be shy off.

So let me give a handy guide if you are a beginner like what kind of machines you should try. But Im still learning and also still in the process of losing weight so we should learn together, k?

  • Always do a warm up of at least 5 min. Don't just jump onto the machine and start running on the treadmill vigorously. You are only going to injure yourself. Do some quick stretches and then start slow on the machine.
  • Aim to do at least two cardio machines. For example, the cross trainer and the treadmill.

Now the cross trainer may take some time getting used to it because they require good hand and leg co-ordination. Some cross trainers only concentrate on the striding machine of your legs. But either way, you can tire yourself out easily so do it at a considerable pace. Over time, increase your time on it to an eventual 30 minutes. Don't be a warrior because really, it can look like a piece of cake when you see someone who does it but when you are new and you just step on it, 5 minutes can be a torture.

I DO NOT suggest you skip this machine because it gives you a good total body workout. If there is one in the gym, use it.

The treadmill is a no brainer. You either walk very fast on it, jog or run on it but DO NOT stroll. It's not a walk in the park. Make sure you quicken your pace by increasing the speed and it's okay if you are not able to run like the wind. It's more important to be consistent for at least 20 minutes at more or less the same speed. If you are running or jogging, pace yourself too. For a beginner, I suggest walking quickly or jogging slowly. It can give you a feeling of inertia at first when you get off the machine but you will get over it with subsequent uses.

Tip: Do increase the elevation of the treadmill and if possible, do not hold on to the safety handle bars infront of you. When you try to walk quickly without the handle bars, it helps to build your core muscles and strengthen your back.

  • Don't forget to use the weight machines or dumb bells. When you use them as part of your gym exercise routine, it helps to build muscles and giving you a more leaner look so that you don't end up flabby looking with loose skin. It makes you more toned up. I used to have bulky shoulders and they were really uncomfortable and they made me more hunch back looking so I use the machines to lessen the bulk and look more lean. It helped.

 Im not going to lie but they are going to give you really bad muscle aches for at least two days if you just start using it. But over time, you will get used to it and the aches will get lesser. I still get aches though but the recovery period is shorter.

  • This is one of my favourite machines which to me is simple to use and great for beginners as well. The rowing machine.

The push and pull action give your arms a longer and leaner look and build your chest and back muscle as well though it looks relatively easy to use. Once you get the hang of it, increase the tightness of the rubber band like for myself I use the maximum tightness and keep rowing for at least 20 minutes.

  • Do not go hungry before you use any of the machines. You need to eat at least a piece of bread to give you the starter energy and in between changing of machines, take sips of water to give your body a slight time to recuperate. 
  • I cannot emphasize this enough but.......don't be a warrior. So what if the girl next to you runs like crazy beside you on the treadmill while you are struggling to keep your balance. Key word is: consistency. I don't  mean consistent as in stick to the same slow speed but gradually build your speed until your body is comfortable with it. 
  • After the gym workout, it's also normal to be extra hungry since your energy has been zapped. You can replenish your lost body fluid through your sweat by drinking low sugar isotonic drinks or eat something light. DO NOT drink from a cold can of coke though yes, it's very tempting but are you sure you want to ruin your efforts?
  • Read more on health and fitness so you can include varieties to your workout and the routine won't be so boring. 
  • Oh, and get a gym buddy! 
Okay okay, for the fun of it, I shall post an old photo of me and my friend taken in 2004 and then last mth in 2010.

My favourite body part of mine has always been my shoulders and chest. Although I gained so much weight after I left my last school coz I was so happy I didn't have P.E. lessons anymore, it made me miserable as clothes were so hard to find. I could not even find my waistline..haha. Then I got determined to lose weight and get nicer looking shoulders and chest which I did through the weight machines. I used to be active back then like doing it for three times a week at a work gym and doing that for more than two years got me the results. Since then I maintain it for at least once a week at a public gym.

So if I can do it, so can you. Isn't that motivation enough? :D

Monday, May 03, 2010

Polaroid Effect

Nice! But dunno why I hunched in this. Trying out this polaroid effect from w/o resorting to excruciating steps in photoshop.

Saving up for a HP Mini

Hrm, I actually liked writing about health because if possible, I want to motivate others, especially girls or young women of my age group, to start taking good care of themselves. To me, it's more than just a vanity issue because it's more about the health benefits of eating right and being more physically active. Fad diets are quick weight loss are quite the norm nowadays but ultimately, if you want to maintain your weight loss without burning holes in your pocket since these quickies don't come cheap, it's easier to take care of your diet and start exercising. Trust me, I hate exercise and if I have the option not to exercise, I would but that's life. Sometimes, you have no choice so I feel you but do it with friends or at least one buddy who share the same motivation as you so that it won't be so boring.
 I used to have exercise buddies but they kinda slacked already because they are happily partnered to someone who don't give a damn about how they look physically. To me that's sweet but really, do it for the family because medical expenses don't come in cheap and you would rather spend the money on other things for your family rather than on medicine or visits to doctors, right? So Im on my own. What to do, you just gotta keep on moving because ultimately, it's all about yourself.
Anyway, enough about that. I hope I have somehow motivated you..haha.
Now my other motivation is saving for a...netbook. Yay! I want a hp mini notebook and that will set me back for at least $600. I wil try to save at least half of it and the other half I will use my year end bonus. I will have to be very disciplined but I need to. Even if God forbids, I don't end up buying one, at least I manage to save some money. I feel like I need some kind of motivation to save coz it keeps me more focused rather than a generic 'saving up for emergency' plan. The thing is, for something that expensive (yes, even if's cheaper than a laptop..pfft), I would rather use the money for a longer period of time on other things. I know I have talked about wanting to get a digital camera but I think I need that mini notebook more because just in case my laptop goes wonky, I have a back up plan. A digital camera can't do that.
Unfortunately, I lost track of my own financial management in the last couple of months because I saved some money. But then, recently I realised that with my meagre salary, I cannot afford to 'repay' myself back all that I spent but only a fraction of it so that means I have to start slowing down my spending which sucks la but gotta start sacrificing somewhere, right? While I cannot afford NOT to spend on my family especially giving in to my mum's cravings whenever she saw something she likes on tv (shouldn't have subscribed to the food channel), I suppose it helps to cut down on other things.
Oh by the way, I got a new proposal. Uhm no, not of the marriage kind *rolls eyes* but my ops manager called me one fine Saturday afternoon telling me a rather long story about his time in SAF and then while I was scratching my head as to what the heck this old man was rambling about, he then told me the story. He said that he proposed to me an idea which he had in which he would help me  make some pocket money knowing my situation by paying me 30-40 dollars whenever he asks me to type documents. Of course it was rather awkward at first hearing that but I could not say anything but to agree and he said that this was the practice back then when he had a secretary in the army. Wah, imagine that. The secretary already got a fixed pay and then on top of that, charged him for typing documents. What the heck.
Wow, extra moolah. Only problem is, it's just between me and him and he specifically said the office people cannot know of this. I feel like Im doing some illegal hawking of my service..haha....but I understand. Who doesn't want that since my own plan to sell my stuffs haven't kicked into gear yet, heh. I didn't think he would be serious but we shall see. IF I GET, it will go into my LV savings pouch. Fake one lah but it's big enough to keep my current and future savings in cash if I don't intend to keep into my other savings account. Problem is, I don't know if I can bear to part with this cash once I save up a considerable amount knowing myself although this is for pure emergency.
Actually, I have some things in mind that I want to get though it's mostly beauty yet useless stuffs like liquid eyeliner and pretty  eyeshadow. I need to save up at least 20 for that but looks like I have to scrap the plan and focus on my dear brother instead. We haven't really had a good birthday celebration for him last couple of years including buying a cake and he still cannot forgive me for buying doughnuts instead of a birthday cake coz it was cheaper..haha. I don't believe in spoiling him rotten although he has become quite a saver himself and will spend on stuffs like cds or tech magazines once he saves up a considerable amount. Then the rest, he puts into savings.
Okay, I know I said that I would rather get a netbook than a camera so that means I have to skip on a holiday trip because I do want to go either langkawi or Penang in Malaysia. But I am still hoping that I get a digital camera and recently, I took part in this lucky draw held by digital life and uhm, they do received a LOT of entries so please let me be lucky coz I really want a digital camera...without paying for it as it's one of those things that I don't think I want to pay an exorbitant price just so that I can take clear pics. Yes, Im useless.

More Weight Loss Tips

Now I can be very hao lian (show-off) by showing you my before and after pics but narh...I don't want to commercialize myself since Im still far off from my ideal weight. Anyway, some more health tips in regards to weight loss if  you are planning to do that or need further tips if you have already started your plan. This is taken from the HPB website.

Basic Weight Loss Tips

Basically, what I had mentioned earlier on is also mentioned here but of course, written by more professional people.

And this website will tell you why you should avoid or cut down coconut milk or cream. That thing is pure saturated fats! If you can't afford to exercise, then you should avoid dishes cooked with coconut milk or cream. Like they say, if you can't do the time, don't do the crime.

Coconut Milk

Know your fats! No, I don't mean your body fat though we should all aim for a lower body fat content as too much of it will lead to lifestyle diseases that are fatal such as heart disease and diabetes. Basically, there are good fats and there are bad fats. No prizes on which we should battle against.

 Different Types of Fats

Enjoy reading and learning! Oh, and keeeeep.....healthy!

Challenge to lose now go!

You know, we all have resolutions from the start of the year. Okay, at one point of time, I did not because I just want to 'go with the flow' and then things started to go down the hill later. If you want to make a joke out of it, that will be..'go down with the flow'. Whatever. So we all should have goals in life whether it is for short term or long term. Whichever way you see, it's best to make plans to work toward something so that you don't waste your time and life will be a bit more meaningful.

By the way, this year I decided to 'up' my game a bit because I've mentioned before that I had totally slacked in my bid to lose weight to a more ideal one. Now, weight is just a number and what is more important is that you should focus more on eating right and getting physical like do some exercises even if it means taking daily walks or deciding to walk a bit rather than taking a bus to your destination which is like two or three bus stops away only. Don't see exercise as a chore (unless you are like me, after ten minutes on the treadmill, I just want to slink away..) but something that you have to do just like brushing your teeth. Basically, it's all about inculcating in yourself good health habits and weight management is one of it.

If you have been following my blog over the years, I cannot emphasize enough how my struggles with my weight have been a big downer for me. It used to be a lot worse because being surrounded by friends or acquaintances who are of average size and weight while seeing myself as hippo compared to them though on repeated accounts, they emphasized that Im more than just that and they didn't mean that as physically. They said that Im generally a nice and lovable girl and that's more important.

Okay I don't want to bore you with my life story. My point is, Im happy to say that I have been consistent in my weight loss this year though uhm, what I had been trying to do was reducing the weight that I had gained over the years when I lost focus after losing like almost 20kg..hee. Well what to do, I have been well fed by the people at my workplace. In fact, very well fed that I had to work harder to lose that weight gain :S

If you are a lazy bugger like me who can't afford to be so hard core about exercise like three to four times a week though it's highly recommended, I've got some tips on how to lose at least 0.5 kg in a week :D See, Im very the generous to tell you my trade secrets.

  • Have a good brekkie consisting of at least two slices of wholemeal bread. Don't skip breakfast because it will make you go hungrier and you will tend to eat more during lunch. If you can't sit down and eat breakfast, have it as brekkie on the go like on the way to work and while waiting for the bus, just eat the bread.
  •  If you are like me, who gets hungry DESPITE eating wholemeal bread, and lunch time is like an hour away, you can munch on healthy biscuits like digestives or ginger snaps but make sure it's healthy ones not the type stuffed with jam or worse, chocolate chip cookies.
  •  Keep lunch simple on certain days. Lunch is the best time of the day because it's the time to take your eyes off your work and skive without feeling guilty. My simple lunch is only wholemeal bread and low fat digestives with hot milo. Other days, you can have heavier lunch. Let's say, Monday you eat chicken rice and the next two days, have a  lighter lunch  like a soupy bee hoon noodles or yong tau hoo. But for the sake of losing weight, chicken rice is not a good option. Maybe buy plain rice with vegetable dishes and one meat dish like chicken. Without coconut rich gravy, please.
  • If you need to have a mid day snack, keep it healthy or be very limiting. I have a sweet tooth and although Im no fan of sweets or candies, I like chocolates. You can have your chocolates but do get dark chocolate with at least a 65% content of cocoa. You can have also have a fruit or wheat biscuits to munch. If you must snack unhealthily, you can eat a piece of a bite sized chocolate chip. It's smaller than a regular sized one so less calories. 
  • When you get off school or work, squeeze in some physical exercise like walking or taking the stairs instead of the escalators or lift. If you spend time sitting a lot at work or in school, this is a good time to get exercise and also it's a good way to destress if you walk instead of talking a bus or mrt to a nearby destination.
  • Very important, do eat only one main meal a day instead of the usual three square meals a day. It really helps to cut down on your calorie intake so that you do not go overboard with your daily limit of at least 2000 calories. For example, if you had a heavy lunch, keep dinner very simple. I will eat a plain waffle, sushi, a bun or cut fruits instead of a rice dish.
  • Limit your serving size. If you have a big serving, do share out the serving. Sometimes, my mother makes my brother buy take away food and the serving can be quite a lot. So instead of scoffing down the whole darn thing, I share it with my mum though she always complain I often make it disproportionate like i eat just a bit while she has to eat more. But anyway, she is thrifty in the sense that if we can't finish it, she will store it away for next day's lunch or dinner.
  • On weekends, introduce physical exercise like longer walks, slow jogs or make a trip down to the local gym.  If you live in Singapore, find out where is the nearest public gym. If you can't afford expensive gym memberships, go for such public gyms which are mostly located near the stadium at a fee of a mere $2.50. Don't be shy and just concentrate on burning off those calories and dreaming of a more sculpted body like Beyonce. Go for those stationery  bikes, treadmills, weights and elliptical machines if you plan to lose weight. However, do not be all gung-ho. Concentrate on being consistent and push yourself but not too hard until you over exhaust yourself and you swear off gym.
  •  Do treat yourself at least once a week. I mean it. You can have an ice cream, eat deep fried food..whatever..but know your limit or you will be wasting your efforts. For me, sometimes that will mean eating fast food.
 Basically, it's all about knowing your portions, what goes into your body and being more physically active. But please, don't starve yourself so that you will lose your weight faster. You will only lose water and not fats and that is worse because you can potentially increase your weight to even more than what you have just started.

Another tip is....don't work yourself too hard and be realistic. Importantly, be consistent and don't give up because there are times, you don't lose weight as easily or you lose track a bit like I do sometimes. But shift your focus on back again and work a bit more. It really pays off even if you start off losing weight quite slowly at first. That's normal because your body is slowly adjusting.

Plus, if you want to be healthier, you need to make some sacrifice. You may have to give up eating rich and sinful breakfast like nasi lemak or lontong. If you must eat them, stick to just once a week.

So are you ready to take on the challenge to lose at least 0.5 kg or more in a week? :)))

Helix May Day Ventures..Not!

The Helix Bridge was opened late this week and me and my 'I must go!' brother actually went to the bridge leading to the newly opened marina bay sands. It was fun at first, though so freakin' crowded, which later went downhill coz the bloody bridge was only half completed and the rest of our 'journey' there consisted of walking on incomplete walkway and wooden planks. Yes, it's that uncompleted! I was fuming all the way and didn't see the necessity of going to the marina bay sands coz I would probably guess it would be half completed as well!!

That's the thing about Singapore's new attractions. The media hype made it all so interesting that everyone just had to go, and furthermore it was a public holiday on a Saturday. My feet were hurting so badly because those heels were not meant for walking so much and worse, even after we visited the half occupied shopping centre, we still had to walk such a long way to the mrt to take the train in rather lonely alleys because my brother refused to board the crowded bus to the nearby esplanade which was like two bus stops away. This was despite me telling him that we just gotta board the bus even if it was crowded. But being a stubborn typical teenager, he just refused to board it once it arrived. i have this plaster across my feet because it was just the wrong day and time to 'break in' my new pair of heels. Remind me to wear my comfy sandals next time.

Oh well, the collage you see below was before I got cranky. You don't want to see me cranky. Or even hear me being cranky coz I just whine and whine.

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