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Holiday Guilt?

Oh my darling Yann got married which meant that he agreed to the proposal last week! YAY!!! They haven't put up the subtitles yet so I have no frakkin' idea what they were saying in this latest episode but Yann was smiling but not to his partner though...Ah well, Yann smiling is better than Yann being moody. I just wish he combs his hair a bit but maybe he's supposed to look that way, I dunno. Apparently, they were going to shelf this series coz the ratings were not that good. How can it be?!!! Don't tell me French people have such sophisticated taste. Try being in Singapore where everything is so controlled! But we shall see how. I read that there are a lot of people writing in to the channel so that they will continues the series. Let's hope so. I can't get enough of Yann!!

Well, today is the start of work week and it was rather torturous with each passing minute and hour but gotta persevere. I like my job scope (except answering phone calls of irritating pare…

Weighty Issues

So happy, I have been losing weight consistently for the last few months though I must admit, you better not follow my footsteps because you most likely have to give up on a lot of good food...haha. No I mean, sometimes sacrifices are good if it's going to benefit you in the long run because I've said it before and I say it again, medical expenses are not cheap. Even though you may have medisave, it's not going to cover a lot of things.

To be honest, I don't like to preach to people what is good and what is not good except to my brother just to irritate him sometimes. It's not that I don't want to help,  if they ask me, I am more than willing to share some tips. But you will be surprised a lot of people may not want to hear it but I don't blame them actually. I used to be in huge denial about my weight and the thought of eating lesser and lesser of such good food is enough to put off dieting in a lot of people including myself. Basically, dieting to them is…

He's a Geek!!

Remember my French guy? Well, I stumbled upon something on youtube which I dunno what the freck it was except that it was about a minute long. It's something like celebrities giving a mini speech or interview at some film festival. I could be wrong though..coz I don't speak French *duh*
But oh-my-gawd, Mathieu a.k.a. Yann DOES NOT LOOK LIKE his character at all! In fact, I find him even MORE swoon worthy especially when he dons that speckies. Oh my gosh, I found my fellow geek! Okay I usually don't like to find out more about the guy if I like his character coz I will be disappointed especially when I found out he has a girlfriend, is married or have children..*pfft* I like to preserve them in their characters.

But this..this is different. He looks even more endearing but yet again I don't want to know about his personal life.

Check him out from this....

to this!!

Ole Ole France

As promised! My two lovely french guys who kept me company again and again during my holiday weekend. Let me introduce to you...

Infact, they are so handsome I have made up my mind about something. You know how World Cup is going to start in 2 weeks time. Guess which team I am supporting?

Why it's the French team of course!!
Ok more for the road. Yann again! This is how he  looks like most of the time..serious looking which I figured why he didnt quite capture my heart at first..hehe. The above one is when he smiles, which is quite rare lah actually.

What an A*s

I have been a very bad girl. I swear I really attempted to clean up my room but oh-my-god, the task is so formidable that I almost give up! Sigh, there are two things in life which I am focused on. Losing weight and saving money which I have done pretty much quite successfully. The rest sorta like uhm...not falling into places including my love life. Ok fine, I snubbed a guy but that doesn't count. I will probably be single for the rest of the year so don't bet on it again.

Anyway speaking of which, I have been crushing on someone but it's just a lame crush which will lead to nowhere and I am just wasting my time. I would say that because I've got no one in particular to crush on and he seems to be the next best thing to, well, crush on coz he's quite worth it. He is damn fit coz I think he is a fitness trainer (some fine ass there..hee), quite friendly and polite and plays great music unlike the other dude who isn't as friendly though he's more fit (damn, w…

Great July News

This is so cool! After my much worried days that my savings is going to get depleted very soon which leads me to be so freakin' frugal, news just came in that as a civil servant, I am going to get a mid year bonus and an additional $300!! So now I can really look forward to July AND expecting something out of it unlike last year's no show where I was struggling through like a mad person. 

But, Im still living in fear which sucks coz no one should be living in fear. It takes away the beauty of life but without fear, you may plunge head long into something and then not being able to get up or you get up with much difficulty. I have pending bills to pay and I have to balance delicately on a line where I have to put my family first while being swamped with things to pay. 

Then next week, my brother is going for a day surgery and my mother is requesting to have my brother stay in the hospital for a day at least. It's just one day and she wants him to go into a private ward and ne…

Orchard Central Garden Roof Top

My brother insisted that we go on top of the newly opened garden rooftop of Orchard Central and I almost balked coz it was freakin' sunny in the late afternoon. But after having seen the place at night and he could not see very well, he wanted to go in the day. So there we were, taking the super fast lift all the way to the 11th storey to have a peek at the garden roof top. It was breath taking and my eyes were almost blinded by the glaring sunlight :S but I guess, it was for a good cause? I dunno..but it wasn't like every day I get to go all the way to the top and see the city skyline of the shopping centers and beyond, eh?

By the way, do you like the 'feel' of my photos like as in the photo effects? You can actually do all this without the pain of photoshop ! *squeals* but of coz, in order to beautify myself, photoshop cannot be given up,  haha.

I discovered some more photo effects through this website without being a paid member. Some of the cool effects are free and …

My Ideal Guy

Aha! I knew it! I knew I would be a WAG of a soccer guy girlfriend of a hunk!! I just did a quiz in a Seventeen magazine (though based on my age, I really shouldn't even be buying such mags..hee) about what is my ideal guy and the result is.........

Mr Energetic & Confident


It read as...

What he's like: He's always up for fun and loves working up a sweat. He's probably got a hot bod from all that running around.
Where to find him: On the field
Your relationship will be: Exciting and fast-paced

Ooo la la!! O' acronym W.A.G. u are so going to be mine!

Kidding aside, okay actually Im not kidding when I said I have always admired hunky guys. Ask my friends! Coz Im that shallow..haha. One of my dreams is to score one of those guys at the gym but I dunno why, I always look like a dork in the gym. Serious! I would be busy working out, breaking out a sweat and then when I walk near a mirror on the way to the water cooler, Im like, 'oh my gawd! Im such a dork!!'…

Energy Zapped

Sigh, ignore the previous post. I have been spammed. To those who received the email from me via hotmail, no I did not get a motorbike from some cutesy sounding website address. Anyway, I have not been posting coz I tell ya, the minute I reach home, within half an hour or so I would be such a mess! Mess as in..uhm...lindsay lohan type of spewing nonsense mess. I wanted to start on my accessories line asap to get some moolah but I was not able to do so. Yesterday I found myself sprawled on the cold hard floor of my bedroom coz I was too tired to even lift myself up on the bedroom sofa at least. My energy was totally drained out of me. Ever had that feeling? No? Liar. I hope today I would be better. Seems like my energy is slowly coming back. We shall see.


Hey,good news!
I ordered one  Kawasaki 1400 GTR 2009    from this website  { }  one weeks ago, today I've got it . Amazing,beyond my imagination, it's genuine and as good as expected,but much cheaper. I'm pleased to share this good news with you! May all goes well for you.

Best regards.

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Pay up People!

One of the things I hate is when someone promises to give you money and then they don't. And then the other thing that I hate is when I don't have the guts to ask the person for money. I was telling about that time when my ops manager asked me to help me type some documents, which are not that easy to type because of all the numberings which like to screw up at times, and he PROMISED to give me money for helping him out. It is his way of helping me out also since he thinks I need the money as well. But guess what, I typed them out and ta-dah, STILL no sign of money. Now I don't want to ask for the money because he was the one who wanted to give money out of his sincerity for helping him out and so I don't think it's really nice to actually ask him when the payment is due since I have completed the work. Anyway, I shall give him the benefit of the doubt because he said he has some more documents for me to type. I don't quite have any expectations out of this so …

Could Really Use a Wish

How problem after another. I know my mum is going to make A LOT OF NOISE about the money that I am holding because I told her I am left with only a few hundred bucks from a few thousands. Ok, honestly speaking, it's not in the 'few hundred bucks' range but I have no choice but to lie. People say it's not good to lie but based on circumstances, sometimes you need to lie in order to survive. Sure now I am getting hell from my mum now because she thought I have very little money left but I can't just let her squander my savings away which part of it I have painstakingly save up because I was desperately trying to make up for the money that I have no choice but to spend on my family's needs. Please lah, if she knows how much I have, I am going to be in an even BIGGER problem because she has no thought about the future as her mindset is usually now now now. 

She thinks that she's going to die one day anyway  because of her stupid gastric pains whi…

Overwhelming Setback

I knew this was coming..they were not able to endorse the letter because I had not fully paid the conservancy fees. Sucks. And the appointment with hdb is next week. The next 'best' option is to reschedule the date because I don't think I can pay up 600 over dollars in a matter of one week. Okay fine. I got savings that can pay it off and have balance but I don't see this as urgent. My family's need come first. What if I need the money for emergency and then, oh, I don't have it because.........I paid town council ALL of the outstanding amount. 

This is just one of the setbacks in life and I have been in worse situations than this before. When I think back, I shudder at such thoughts and as much as I don't want to go back to the past, if Im not careful, I can just pay a visit back and there is no turning back. Tell me, in this world, people only know how to complain or make noise and refuse to listen to the actual story while waving their accusing finger aro…

May Blues

Im so happy I paid my library fines because it allowed me to start borrowing books again and now that they have increased the borrowing limit to 6 for non premium borrowers, I can now lug more books beauty magazines. Okay fine. I do read. Don't believe me? 

Plus, it was a bloody thick book hokay and so it's a mean feat considering I have not read for the longest time. This month however, I settle for a slightly smaller book...hehe. But anyway, this month I even borrowed several Seventeen magazines though it was yonks ago that I was..well..seventeen. First, it is quite an easy read and its vibrant and useful tips on health and beauty are a major attraction to me. I learnt quite a lot of things and one of them is their shopping locations for cheap beauty finds. For example, a pink blusher that costs only $5! And it's one of those shops in the heartland. I actually scoured the area for the shop because I thought I would get one but imagine my surprise when I found the shop, w…

An Empty Void

One of my colleagues who sit in the office until about late afternoon had passed away few days ago. It was so sudden that my initial thought was that he had been hospitalised because I didn't see him since the start of the week. But when I asked my other colleague what happened to him, my heart just dropped when I heard that he had passed away in the morning. The mood in the office was so quiet and then seeing where he used to sit two tables away wrecked our heart too as we reminisced the times when he was there. I might have been there shorter than them but I felt the emptiness like them and because his death was unexpected too because he had always been very strong and sprightly despite being in old age. 

I know that his health wasn't so good either but he had been faithfully going for his dialysis treatment and eating his medicine. Though he didn't suffer when he passed away, I can imagine the pain of losing a loved one having gone through the episode too. I would miss c…

Name Appreciation

My colleague got for me some personalised proud of it! "D Why I like them is because's my name you're talking about. Did you know I use to hate my name? Seriously hate it because it is so boring to pronounce while others have much fancier and longer names.

But over time, i learnt to appreciate my name because after awhile, fancier names are just not...fancy anymore. Infact, they may sound weird :S

And how else can I celebrate my name with lotsa stickers pasted on lotsa stuffs?! hehe..ok, for now..just my stationery items in office because I always LOSE them especially my pens.

Dressing Table Makeover

Yesterday night, I actually cleaned up my dressing table and I am so proud of it! :D Proud because it took me a LONG time to finally get my act together first and be all hardworking in clearing the mess. 

The one on the left is the 'before' picture but yah, I think you are thinking..chet, where got different. Actually, while photos can be so cruel on me because I just cannot be photogenic without the help of photoshop, my dressing table actually looked decent and that would be BEFORE I actually clean it up :S

I did a lot of reshuffling and organizing and chugged a lot of things out and I think Im still not done yet. Many of the things are given by others who, well, for the life of them can't figure out what I like so they usually stick to generic beauty products. I don't mind long as it's free and it's for me :D although the problem later lies on when the heck I will use them since they are really not the stuffs I use given my very simple beauty routine.


Singapore Idiots

Currently, there is a broadway  play in America called American Idiots which have rave reviews about suburban kids out there finding the meaning to their existence much like how the band Green Day displays in the lyrics of their songs. But Im here not to do a review on the show but to talk about....Singapore Idiots. No not the Singapore Idol but Singapore Idiots.

I know people who work in the customer service line sometimes takes crap from other people who are just out to create trouble for you because they think you are not worth their time talking nicely to and would rather be rude and obnoxious like you are some speck of dust instead of a human being. Unfortunately, I am also in this line but not to an extent I deal with the public members almost every day of my work life. Infact, despite having about 2000 kids in the school, I still think that they are quite a minority group of people to deal with compared to other people working in the government specifically in the customer servi…

Dr Hawt

I love watching soap dramas and I like how some characters pop out but alas, that is not always. But then, some of them are just so hot, I think sometime I feel like Im watching soap dramas for the wrong reason. Of course, the main draw is the interesting plots though unfortunately, it's not that frequent :S

And let me introduce to you Dr Reid Oliver from As the World Turns. His character is so well liked because his often snarky remarks sexy..haha. I dunno, you gotta watch it to believe it. He is played by a wonderful actor named Eric Sheffer Stevens and he is SOOOO TALENTED and SOOOO HANDSOME. I will use him as a template for my future boyfriend. He sure knows how to draw the audience in with his intriguing character and I love watching every minute of him and Im not alone.

He is one of the best thing on soap drama. You go Doctor! I'll be your nurse anytime. And I think I shall end here before my obsession gets out of hand.

Gym Workout for Beginners

Okay Im not converting this into a fitness blog but I do want to try to motivate someone, especially young women, to keep track of their weight management for a healthier lifestyle.

I mentioned earlier that you gotta get physically active and I actually feel happy if I see someone who is clearly in the gym to shed some weight judging from their physical size because they are at least starting somewhere and making the efforts to do so. But I do hope they are not disheartened because I know how it's like to be all shy when we all first started especially if the gym is filled up good looking guys working out their muscles while you are here looking like a slob..sigh...temptation temptation. And then there is the after effects of working out where your muscles are crying out and you feel all aching that the next gym session will most likely be scrapped.

Now now peeps. Don't be that way. I started off like that and it was such a torture being in a gym where everyone was so fit and it…

Polaroid Effect

Nice! But dunno why I hunched in this. Trying out this polaroid effect from w/o resorting to excruciating steps in photoshop.

Saving up for a HP Mini

Hrm, I actually liked writing about health because if possible, I want to motivate others, especially girls or young women of my age group, to start taking good care of themselves. To me, it's more than just a vanity issue because it's more about the health benefits of eating right and being more physically active. Fad diets are quick weight loss are quite the norm nowadays but ultimately, if you want to maintain your weight loss without burning holes in your pocket since these quickies don't come cheap, it's easier to take care of your diet and start exercising. Trust me, I hate exercise and if I have the option not to exercise, I would but that's life. Sometimes, you have no choice so I feel you but do it with friends or at least one buddy who share the same motivation as you so that it won't be so boring.  I used to have exercise buddies but they kinda slacked already because they are happily partnered to someone who don't give a damn about how they look …

More Weight Loss Tips

Now I can be very hao lian (show-off) by showing you my before and after pics but narh...I don't want to commercialize myself since Im still far off from my ideal weight. Anyway, some more health tips in regards to weight loss if  you are planning to do that or need further tips if you have already started your plan. This is taken from the HPB website.

Basic Weight Loss Tips

Basically, what I had mentioned earlier on is also mentioned here but of course, written by more professional people.

And this website will tell you why you should avoid or cut down coconut milk or cream. That thing is pure saturated fats! If you can't afford to exercise, then you should avoid dishes cooked with coconut milk or cream. Like they say, if you can't do the time, don't do the crime.

Coconut Milk

Know your fats! No, I don't mean your body fat though we should all aim for a lower body fat content as too much of it will lead to lifestyle diseases that are fatal such as heart disease and di…

Challenge to lose now go!

You know, we all have resolutions from the start of the year. Okay, at one point of time, I did not because I just want to 'go with the flow' and then things started to go down the hill later. If you want to make a joke out of it, that will be..'go down with the flow'. Whatever. So we all should have goals in life whether it is for short term or long term. Whichever way you see, it's best to make plans to work toward something so that you don't waste your time and life will be a bit more meaningful.

By the way, this year I decided to 'up' my game a bit because I've mentioned before that I had totally slacked in my bid to lose weight to a more ideal one. Now, weight is just a number and what is more important is that you should focus more on eating right and getting physical like do some exercises even if it means taking daily walks or deciding to walk a bit rather than taking a bus to your destination which is like two or three bus stops away only. …

Helix May Day Ventures..Not!

The Helix Bridge was opened late this week and me and my 'I must go!' brother actually went to the bridge leading to the newly opened marina bay sands. It was fun at first, though so freakin' crowded, which later went downhill coz the bloody bridge was only half completed and the rest of our 'journey' there consisted of walking on incomplete walkway and wooden planks. Yes, it's that uncompleted! I was fuming all the way and didn't see the necessity of going to the marina bay sands coz I would probably guess it would be half completed as well!!

That's the thing about Singapore's new attractions. The media hype made it all so interesting that everyone just had to go, and furthermore it was a public holiday on a Saturday. My feet were hurting so badly because those heels were not meant for walking so much and worse, even after we visited the half occupied shopping centre, we still had to walk such a long way to the mrt to take the train in rather lonel…