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Nats Bdae!


Childhood Memories

i took a trip down memory lane recently. The place where I grew up. I used to visit my grandmother a lot until she got ill in 1989 and even though we did visit my grandmother's house often, it was seriously cut down after she passed away. Practically most of my times in the 80's was spent at my grandmother's vicinity. We didnt have a place to sleep like a room for us. We would bunk in the living room and when I was a baby till a toddler, my family used to have a room there. It was after we got a home and my uncle got married that the room was used for them instead. I didn't know it was like then but apparently, my uncle couldn't get along well with my family. I was sickly as a child and often cried which he didn't like. BOth my uncle and my aunt hated it. So in way, maybe it wasnt a good idea to stay there and once my father worked hard enough to get ourselves a house, we moved out. Pronto. That's what my mum told me.

Anyhow, it carried lots of childhood mem…

Things In my Bag

You know it's really interesting to know what a person carries inside the bag..uhm..especially for the ladies. They always seem to have a whole load of stuffs considered..'die die must bring' category. I often scoff at those who bring a huge bag of makeup and recently i read a female magazine and she carries 19 shades of lipsticks! CrAzy woman..It's like she applies a different lip colour every few hours. Some were rather interesting also...and those who carries a big bag, have mercy. You can stuff a dog inside and walk un-noticed even. FOr me, I carry a medium sized bag since I travel out for work. But I try to bring only the essentials so it would be nice and compact and I still look 'chic' without the bulkiness..hehe..

OH! U wanna know what I carry mostly in my bag? I took a snapshot of the things I usually carry. CHeck these out!

Going from bottom L-R:

Umbrella - I must carry an umbrella coz my work requires me to travel out of office. This umbrella, despite i…


One of my fav websites had just upgraded and I don't believe i can upload a whopping 10k of photos for free! BUt i have yet to really use that whole of 10k. COuld be just a gimmick. But now it has also become the ULTIMATe website to place the videos which I had painstakingly taken.'s not easy to keep my arms bent at the elbow for 30 seconds straight, you know. It's all in the focus..and what i ate prior to the shooting.

Anyway..this is so neat! check out this video!! oh a bit of background on the video. It is of course..starring my boyfriend. It's silent..coz im the ultimate amateur video camerawoman. But pictures..or in this case, video..speak a thousand words. Like how magic can woe people and throw the sceptic out of 'em, although sheepishly I am more into his biceps than any of his magic tricks added up altogether. Even if they can move the mountain. But man! Those biceps and body..and his appropriate height for my liking...can God ever be fair to me...h…


I am reallie trying my best to live each day to the fullest. Okay, I am not saying I go off bungee jumping or go sky diving...coz they're just the things to do for someone who wants to really live their life to the fullest. Actuallie, not necessarily. I would rather die early than to engage in those...although bungee jumping doesn't sound so bad. who am I kidding.

But i just wanna be able to tell someone what I did during the day or night..(I mean, prior to sleeping) and I wanna be able to stir some interest. I am not gonna define my life doing something like watching tv..programme after matter how thought provoking they are. Right now, I do have a few things in my mind which I try my best to get as much involvement as I can. Sorta make them a thing of reality..not some things which I wished I had done..or simply an more than that.

Okay, it was a good three days of rest...although I would say that my flu and clogged up mouth didn't really impr…

Self Pics

Since Im still being savaged by the flu bug with both my nose and throat all clogged up, i'm quite weak to think and write a lengthy blog. I have some things to write about but sighz..i guess that will have to wait even when I write for my own pleasure and no one reads my blog. Still, Im weak..not denying that. So therefore i can only engage you in pictures of myself and it's up to you to think up of stories relating to the different anatomies of my face. Hey, ask you something? Do i look that attractive to actually garner the attention of public? Narh..maybe it's just me or they tot i looked like some familiar celebrity face a.k.a. paris hilton or something. WhateveR. Oh, and my apologies to chinese guys who are on the lookout for a chinese girlfriend, sorrie to disappoint you that Im simply not chinese if you happened to look my way. And for each of the malay guy whose eyes seem to wander on me but has a girlfriend attached to his poor arm, Im not fo…



something new! I just created this personal profile biodata thing using an entirely blog and it would be a permanent link on the sidebar very soon! people who come across this blog will somehow know that I am dead boring in real life actuallie! haha..enjoy!

Popz Biodata



guess what? I am SO officially sick. Now ain't this fun. I have been maintaining a clean health bill for at least the first three months and I tot that it was pretty ironic that april would be a common month for me to get sick. Actually, it is a miracle that I would be sitting down here and typing this out coz only today did I manage to actually not confine myself to bed. It was that bad...I never felt so 'sick'. I mean frankly speaking, sick of everything else..but not actuallie sick that I felt like dying as I was starting to develop fever.

and guess what..i was determined not to pay the doctor a visit coz I refused to take mc. Even though it was sucky that I actually had to work with someone who kinda did minimal admin work compared to me. Oh and also over the fact that she was on mc and urgent leave which left me with even bigger share of work. Even on the day when she was at work, she felt she was too sick to do admin stuffs like the mundane keying in of data. S…

Such is Life this website is where you can make friends if you're desperate for friends or otherwise and just wanna chill out and let the creepheads..i mean..potential get to know a little bit more about you. I was onlie inspired by jason mraz to go there and sign up for the account even though i fully know that I can be an internet whore sometimes..sign up..then leave the first minute I see that it's damn boring. I mean...some websites out there won't let you view what they have to offer unless you sign up. So sign up I did..but they didn't say anything about staying..haha. However, I mz admit that it is a good place for aspiring musicians and amateur directors or film makers (of movies done in good taste...not..well..otherwise) coz it allows the uploading the videos and self produced music. Good for those who are not quite into 'mainstream'. Being a fan of underground music as well..this is definitely a good headstart. But for …


People born in the month of September...these are the qualities. K..i wonder why they didnt say that one of the qualities is how much i HATE to translate this.

* Sangat bersopan santun & bertolak ansur.
* Sangat cermat, teliti & teratur.
*Suka menegur kesilapan orang lain & mengkritik.
* Pendiam tapi pandai bercakap.
* Sikap sangat cool, sangat baik & mudah simpati.
* Sangat perihatin & terperinci, amanah, setia & jujur.
* Kerja yang dilakukan sangat sempurna.
* Sangat sensitif yang tidak diketahui.
* orang yang banyak berfikir.
* Daya pentaakulan yang baik.
* Otak bijak & mudah belajar.
* Suka mencari maklumat.
* Kawal diri dari terlalu mengkritik.
* Pandai mendorong diri sendiri.* Mudah memahami orang lain kerana banyak menyimpan rahsia.
* Suka sukan, hiburan & melancong.
* Kurang menunjukkan perasaannya.
* Terluka hatinya sangat lama disimpan.
* Terlalu memilih pasangan.
* Sukakan benda yang luas.
* Bersistematik