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Desperate for a Digicam

I want a new camera. A digital camera. The one that I used to have up to 3 but had either been given away or sold for a measly 10 bucks. Well, I need to put food on my table babes. I also sold my 200 over dollars film camera for...get this...5 bucks...just so that I could travel to work the next morning. By the way, I didn't put a price tag on them but the people at the counter which I wouldn't name what place is that *cough* Cash Converter *cough*....quote the price and they wouldn't budge from that measly amount.

But whatever it is, that is my life story and though Im not that much better from this dark period of my life, I will never forget it.

Picking Up the Broken Pieces

I know yesterday I was ranting quite badly coz I was damn upset over how pathetic my performance bonus amount is. Though it's constantly in my mind over how my world has crashed and also how heartbreaking it was for me, Im moving on and picking up the broken pieces. it's a direct hit over how my mistakes that I've made last year coz of new job responsibilities have taken a toll on my performance. I don't know how to face my colleagues tomorrow who are probably brimming with joy and happiness after complaining for months on how overworked they are.

Anyway, I've got to face up to reality. At the very least, it's not as if I got zilch which I think I might be closely getting if somehow they didn't pull up my grades. Whatever amount I receive will go straight into my savings purse though it's a far cry from the amount which I had anticipated for.

There's room for improvement I guess. Now that I know what are my mistakes based on last year's blunders, …

What Rotten Luck

Sigh, my worst nightmare has come true in regards to the long anticipated performance bonus. I didn't get what I expected. Infact, what I got was not even enough to cover my ass like telling me that they're giving me a puny 2 dollars just to run off far far away. This is so sick. Already I complain here many times how I've not been given a meatier role to play in this workplace and seeing the puny amount, Im better off not being given any form of consolation money at all and just get the frak out of the stupid workplace currently being dominated by paranoid people who can't cut me some slack in terms of my job performance. I have never been given this pathetic amount my whole working life even when back then, I started off with a very small salary.

This is an absolute outrage. My other colleague was raving about how much she gets though she didn't disclose it when she was previously constantly rattling off how my boss was ill treating her by giving her so much work …

Am I too Kind?

Sorry I haven't been writing. Well, I think the last thing you want to do is read another depressing blog post abt me constantly whining about how life can be so unfair sometimes. Anyway, I promise to write frequently and not let twitter take over my social media..haha. Oh btw, if you want to check out what I have been up to, follow me on twitter. It's a much quicker update on my life if I seem to be absent from the blogosphere.