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hari raya open houses

So I had the pleasure of being invited to some open houses and it's great...I thank the hostesses for cooking scrumptious food..or ahem..taking credit for her MUM's cookings..but hey, what's a hari raya if you dont celebrate it with good friends. it's also time to catch up, get caught or get, being in a baju kurung or the malay traditional attire can be rather bothersome but then again, it is hari raya. If you're feeling sticky...u'd better find the fan fast..hehe.

But people, just dont get carried away yah with the food, cookies and sweet drinks? don't wanna work out harder after that..and yup, im talking about myself here, if you guys going house visiting, in moderation! (this health tip has been brought to you by rahayupopz...)

bad position to be at. Im practically hidden behind!

aah..the pleasure of being in the centre. See, I helped to break the monotony of the blacks v/s the browns..

me and the sister of one of th…

So pooped Out

Im pooped..totally pooped. I thought that right after hari raya Im going to come back to the route of health..I even went to the extent of going to the gym twice because that is what I normally do. But I still ended up eating more than my previous daily intake due to the festive season...haha..can't escape. Even my mum cooks but luckily it's only one dish. And yup, she had to give it to me after 12 midnight and according to a magazine, you can gain weight faster when you eat past 8 even if you do not exceed your daily calorie intake. I can't be saying no to my mum...she gets annoyed if people dont taste her cooking or waste, comment too much or never say that her food is very nicef and she will do this 'i refuse to cook for anyone' protest. She will also be all sarcastic by telling us to go eat outside because they are much tastier than her cooking but we all don't know that they put a lot of monosodium glutamate but what do we know, we only go for the taste. W…

Post Raya

This year's hari raya celebration is rather hard for me because my dad isnt exactly in his best of health. Even though he doesnt seem overly weak compared to earlier this year, the fact remains that he is no longer stronger this time round. He has to rely on medicine to keep him going but if you ask me, with the state of his kidneys, he isn't too worse off. I can only thank God for keeping me grounded and being the daughter that I am instead of being a wild child or one who only thinks of herself. My dad never asked me to take work leaves for him but i jz felt that it is only my duty. If my dad can survive bringing me up on a small salary, why cant i be a survivor like him? At times when im feeling a tad bit low on how am i gonna get thru w life, I tell myself in e morning, that im a survivor. I can do this.

Anyway, enough abt being sorrowful on this occasion. On a positive note, I am able to assume my gym workouts again! Im starting from a different gym but neverthel…

Selamat Hari Raya!

Im thinking..that there are millions of others writing about the same darn thing which is Hari Raya. If you must know but I don't insist, the meaning of Hari Raya is Celebration Day or Festive Day...depending on which one you think may sound nicer or which one you understand. Festive or not, I am not really keen on such days but if I have to look at it in a microscopic point of view, if there is one consolation to keep me on my toes for such a day is my mum's chocolate chip cookies.

I think right, that Hari Raya isn't such a bad thing. Alright, so it isnt a bad thing in the first place either but you see, the only problem with Hari Raya in our modern times, like Christmas, it has been over-rated. Of course, usually the children will be the one who will feel the most joyous while we adults have to fork out money for the expenditures to keep the house in order, to feed the family with festive treats or oil rich..i mean..delicious traditional dishes that will only make its app…

Free Magx


My magazines supply has the doorstep of the common rubbish chute outside my corridors. I thought that when the neighbours living nearer to the chute moved away, I wouldn't be able to get my magazines when they moved house. Okay, so what am I yakking about? Usually, once in awhile like in a course of 6 months or so, I didnt know which neighbours would actually throw out their magazines supply, mostly female magazines looking almost brand new, and then I couldn't resist but pick them up. Today, I took a record of 8 magazines! woo hoo! They are all this year's magazines including one mag that I was contemplating to buy but since I already bought another magazine and that I had to budget, it had to go. But I wanted to get it so much coz it had a special feature about how to dress our body better according to our body shape. I consoled myself by telling that hey, I can check out the internet if I wanted to find out more about what kind of clothes better suit …

HealthBlog Online!

Hey! I got the new blog on health online already! I know it's one pathetic article but im working on it! Infact I got a few short snippets on health all lined up already and in the works, is also an online magazine. Goal setting makes my life a bit more objective especially when I have written down little plans on how I am gonna achieve them.

this is the link

feel free to contribute! or at least drop comments first..hehe

Goal Setting

Okay, so I didn't manage to blog over the weekend like I often do coz I was busy doing something else which is also related to blogging. Anyway, here's the deal. I finally did some goal setting..wahey! I figured out..and some millions of other successful people...that in order to achieve what you want to get, you gotta sit down, think hard and write down the things that have been clouding your head. For me, I wanted to make myself a life makeover. It would be one of those moments where yours truly would do something that is out of the extraodinairy..well, yank herself out of the blues and finally get down to doing something that will change her life. Even if it means cutting my hair and fyi, I am not contemplating on doing that now. I figured out that hey, my hair has outgrown itself a bit and at times, it looks pretty cool with the wispy effects but other times, I wish my hair was short. That's life I suppose. You're never satisfied.

Anyway, back to goal s…

Health Logo

Okay, so in my previous blog I was saying how lousy I am in keeping up with the most basic of a beauty regime. There is only one thing I need to say about that. I ran out of the products from the brand I have been using for years! Clinically proven...on my face...that it works wonders and when the products ran out (apparently always few months BEFORE bonus) so technically, I am am err..useless without them. The only thing in my possession which I use daily is their liquid facial soap and other than that, Im stuck with the 'freebies' I received for buying a certain amount of their products. Trust me darlz, if you're going to just buy say...twice a year, better do some investment to get their trial size products coz they work wonders...and they don't cost a thing. But anyway, the only good thing which is coming out of it is that I am slowly making up for my lost 'youth' ever since I ran out of my beloved SPF protection sunscreen from this cosmetic line. How I mak…

Beauty Regime

In my recent entry, I actually talked about how it can be fun being a young woman and Im not just talking about the shoes, the bags, the clothes...of which form the basis 'must-have' items on my womanly woman's list. But if there is one thing that I am not that proud of myself and even though time and time again, I remind myself that I ought to take good care of my skin, my hair and my body as it is all part of 'love me' checklist, I always fail to even perform the basic necessities. I mean, once upon a period of time, I actually indulged myself in the practise of religiously moisturising my skin in the day and especially at night and then scrubbing them with an extra moisturing liquid soap. I didn't know what stirred me into getting into such practice coz I actually gave up hope of regaining back a good skin especially the areas around my shin, my ankles and my feet. They have been savagely destroyed by rashes which left them heavily scarred (looked like they …



so while I am kinda am P.O. (pissed off..not post office) that sometimes Digital Life has too much emphasis on online gaming instead of real content, I have to remember that it is a free inset accompanying Straits Time. Hey, it IS digital information at a mere cost of $0.80!! True, that amount can't get around with much information but I have to let you remember, Im still not done archiving relevant articles in my big file!! That's how much of knowledge waiting to be placed in neat layouts and in a proper filing system. Then, I have to remember I myself am a gamer but not one on a big scale. a big fan of the Sims ever since the predecessors showed me the ropes of making babies..haha. Narh, they just had to go to bed and then do the woohoo and if you're lucky, voila!...A baby! But the Sims1 was rather two dimensional and before I got around playing Sims2, I actually collated a massive collection starting from the Original and the expansion packs right down to the…

What Guidelines?

Treasure our life. There is definitely no second chance at it. I know..I watched Ghost Whisperer. Live it strong! heck, if HPB chose me to figure out a suitable slogan behind the words Life and Live..I was think...'Life. You want to live or not?' But if there are weak points in our lives, either we get out alive or get eaten up by our own self. The other thing I am planning to say is that, if let's say there are things that get us down big time, is there such a guideline telling us that we are far from being successful? No!

Do you find yourself going out of control and then you are trying to figure out what went wrong when all the while, you thought you have it going on pretty well. I find myself in loopholes constantly because of my overbearing ability to want to keep things perfect but just as I had planned things to be done at a specific time for a specific duration, I could only stop at planning. Nobody tells me to plan things and nobody handed me a set of guidelines to…

Bdae Photos w Colleagues

This is a post celebration held at Breeks in Marina Square but nevertheless, it is still a celebration but this time, with my two other colleagues whose birthdays incidentally fell just days apart from another! Ain't that cool? We're like the september babies united! Haha..and I can't thank my other colleagues enough for the lovely surprise in the form of a delicious cake..and the pressies! Oh my gawd..I love the pressies! The bag..the blouse..they're so cool..I love you all!

Bdae Photos

Oh, my birthday photos..hehe..the delays of it. This was taken at Seoul Garden. On my birthday which was on the 18th September! I waited for four freakin' years for my dream to come true..and that is, to have it celebrated at Seoul Garden! woohoo!....

This is just a bit of the whole series of the photos. We were so self absorbed with ourselves especially my friend who just couldn't get enough of her new blouse..haha. Anyway, you look great in that lah..dont have to waste my digicam battery power..haha! For me, my hair was as stringy as a bad maggi noodles. Dunno why...bad hair day but argh..what the heck. Enjoy the photos!!