Little Miracles

I appreciate every little miracle in life. I really do. Yes, sometimes I admit that I get too caught up with a lot of unnecessary things in life that I don't know where I am heading but then things may happen that will just help you along and make life better for you. I call them my little miracles.

The first miracle is seeing how Fluffy the cat is back in my neighbourhood. For a rather long time, I haven't seen this adorable friendly chubby cat that just loves to roll around on its back whenever it sees someone approaching it as though it's some kind of entertainment. We made so many conclusions as to its whereabouts and my brother made a not-so-nice remark that it could have been knocked down by a car as it lives at the multi storey carpark. 

But it returned! 

How can you not love this lovely cat?

My other miracle is that in times of need for money, where I am so so SO struggling and I don't know how am I going to basically go through another week, my claims for reimbursement came in earlier at only slightly more than a week! How efficient! Normally I had to wait for like more than two weeks like almost towards the end of the month so I  was so surprised that I got it early! I actually bothered to queue the very long queue at the atm machine just to see if the money has been reimbursed and I was actually thinking quite positively about it. It's seriously a miracle because I have very little money left and my mother isn't the sort who is understanding enough when I say I lack the financial means to get the things she want to eat or cook for us because she sees it as me being incapable of providing for her.

While it is still a long road for me, and I still have to be cautious of my spending until Friday when we will get our quarterly maintenance money, I am thankful that my life has turned around a bit. I really felt like giving up hope and I seriously didn't think that fluffy the cat would come back or that I would get my reimbursement this week instead of the week after.

I cannot reiterate enough that eventually at some point, life isn't so bad after all because life in general is a wonderful gift. Yes you may experience hardship sometimes but the difficulties in life is just to make you stronger and a better person. Remember that.

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