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Lose to Win

I dont know what goes into food nowadays that even if I dont find myself gorging on food, and prefer having simple meals like wholemeal bread, wholemeal biscuits and cereal drinks for lunch, I still gain weight. Naturally, after fasting for almost a month in August and September, there will be a slight weight gain as the body starts to consume food on a regular basis rather than only in the late evening. What annoys me is that, it sorta takes away my effort to try to at least losea kilo or two. Now Im stuck with the 2kgs of weight gain which seem to creep its way on my tummy and slightly round the waistline especially when my job requires me to sit down most of the time.Aah point being upset about it. It's never too late to start doing something about it and sticking with it. It doesn't matter if I have to suffer a bit of pain for it since Im pretty much used to trying not to eat a lot of bad things because it only means I have to work even harder..haha. The only exer…

Frugality the Way to Go

I've always called myself wait, make that my mum and brother..but if you follow my entries, it's just out of habit that I dont have desire to spend unnecessarily because of my financial circumstances. But I like to see the other side of the coin that being 'stingy', is not as bad as it sounds. In fact the correct term for me, instead of 'stingy', is 'frugal'. First it sounds nicer and second, cutting down on costly habits give meaning to life as you start to reap the benefits which do not necessarily translate to material gains. I treasure the clothing pieces that I have currently and being creative in how to mix and match instead of becoming slaves to fashion trends. Of course, my mum is making noise at me to buy new pieces because most of my clothes are losing colour and getting worn out.
It's not that I dont want to but the nice ones are too expensive while the more affordable ones look like they just hire some random person on the str…

Monsters Among Us

Unbelievable how some people are just monsters..I cant call them animals because even the animals know how to take care of their young. These monsters have no conscience and treated the poor young children like they are some ragged lifeless dolls by ill treating them until they died in their hands. What kind of human beings u call this? They were just tots and these monsters let anger take over them and vent it on these children. It's so sick. Like what others comment, many people struggle to have their own children or they have died due to illness or accident and then these monsters who are young fellas with poor anger management rub salt to an open wound by treating the poor tots as their punching bag. It's really appalling you these tots have to die unnecessarily because of these monsters.I really dont know what goes through their mind when they did the inexplicable. Totally outraged by these monsters' behaviour. They deserve to die because no point living f…

My Brother the Financial Planner

My brother's exams are finally over so now I can blog in peace..meaning that I dont get somebody behind me screaming in frustration at the amount of work he had to revise. How he did? Well...I've always thought this boy could have done better but he always seem to average out to be good enough to stay in his current express stream and that's it. I dont want him to fall into the trap of just aiming to pass because in this society, everyone is competing with each other and I want him to get a job where it provides him with a comfortable living. But that could prove difficult because there will always be someone better than him and the employers wont want to hire people who can only give them minimal results. Im not trying to pressure him but this is reality. He may not be able to see it right now, but years down the road later, I just want him to make good of his life.Seriously, I dont like to be a nag but my nagging at him to study study study...and do his homework even to …

Busy Yet Lovely Weekend

I had a busy weekend but it is all in the name of good fun as I met my ex colleague who is like a dear friend to me as well as attend to another friend of mine's wedding. So in other words, did a lot of catching up with my ex schoolmates as well and see how far we all have changed or progress in our lives. But then again, some things never change.Anyway, what a binge fest too! And Rahayu likes! Hey, if you know wat kind of miserable food I eat on a daily basis all in the bid to stay healthy (and to maybe burn the fats along the way too..heh..), such food is like blessings from heaven. Bonding over good food with friends is pure happiness.So my friend Sherry got married and we are all happy for her. They have been in a relationship for years because it seemed like they were dating forever and like most love stories, theirs are not in any way different from others which is full of ups and downs but eventually, I believe true love will somehow find their way.
Speaking of which, though…

Lagging Internet Again!

I am having the most fantastic time of my life for a few hours..grappling with a failing internet which I jz could not pinpoint the problem except to maybe blame on the tremors from overseas that were also felt in Singapore which might have 'shook' up the cable lines. I dunno..or it's just my cable modem acting up and screaming..'it's about time I get changed!' I really really dunno..and jz yesterday afternoon, the internet was down for a while coz I owed them 30 dollars as of last month. Yup, they're very desperate nowadays that within mere days of sending you the latest bill, they want their money asap. So I had to pay them earlier than I would usually do which is around the 12th when my pay will come in. And what do I get in return for paying the bills? A sub par bandwidth connection which is just begging for me to change to a better but more expensive plan even though Im already struggling with the current plan. Oh why oh why..does living in Singapore h…