Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ups & Downs of My Online Business Venture

Yes, I've been pretty busy last week and also this week, making handcrafted goods for my lovely orders. So blessed with every order but of course, what's an online retail venture without its ups and downs. Supposed to get $24.00 and $10.00 respectively but it's so hard. I should have been a bit firm with the girl who want to send me cash using snail mail and now you see, I have a feeling it's lost. Can't be she posted out on Sunday and then had me checking the mail box every single day, which honestly, isn't my favourite thing in the world. I should be firm in a sense that I should have just said that I don't accept concealed cash. My thought is that the girl does not know how to do bank transfer because initially, I did give my banking details but she asked for my mailing address instead.

Then now you see, who is biting her nails, for not getting the munneh? She was kind enough to offer to mail me money again yesterday, probably on her side, she didn't receive her order yet. But I didn't want her to and she suggested bank transfer. I'm like, eurgh, if she has done that and if I had strictly said NO to concealed cash in mail, I wouldn't be in such dilemma. You know, being in this small business where to be honest, I am not doing so good at, but still continuing to enjoy doing it, every single cent count, such as money going in and money going out.

For the other girl, argh, couldn't be too bothered with her already. I am doing extra work just to get $10 out of her, which honestly, isn't that much for the work I put in her notebooks and how she stood me up last Sunday because she forgot. All the way in Tiong Bahru MRT station. Then now I have to make a second trip to Redhill which is roughly the same distance.

For $10.

She has been delaying meet up since March and just as I thought, after her fussiness, including meet up points and timing, she didn't contact me anymore, I'm like 'whatever' already. But then now, out of the blue, she messaged me and I have to deal with her crap again.

So for now, I want to be friendly yet be firm on my terms and conditions. Just yesterday, I got an order for a notebook for $5.00 and while I want to make first and then she will pay later, I decided to stick to my guns and then *gulp* ask for money first before I can proceed. Luckily she said okay, and not go, you do the work first and I will pay you later. I charge lesser than what I spend on although I do try to stick to the budget and maximize the things I have so that the money is well spent and there is little or no wastage. Unless you have 'lobangs' or good deals, scrapbooking, which encompasses many craft related projects, can be an expensive affair.

Oh well. That's how having a business is like. Not every customer is going to be nice to you. Some are nice, like the one guy who is a bit demanding as in he does not want my card link to be on the cards, do not want pictures of the cards to be posted..but he comes back as a repeat customer..TWICE. Then, he had also asked me to do some Mothers' Day card for a fund raising event and he promises to give my facebook link to people who are interested.

So touched *sniff*

While customers can be demanding like the $10 customer, to me it's always important be a nice business owner, whether it is a big or small business. It pays to be nice, though not too nice until you decide to go against your own terms and conditions, because  you'll never know they will come back for more or ask other people to come and visit my humble online shop.

Here's what I've been busy with..some notebook orders =)

Later on, I will be working on some beautiful birthday cards (gosh, I've been saying that but I'm still here blogging *LOL*) and I will be posting them on my facebook page.

While it isn't easy running this online shop while having a full time job, it does bring about its pleasures making them. Business has been slow but took up some pace last week so I'm really proud of it. I hope to get more orders soon, not to say that I want to make more money, but I really enjoy making them though at times, I am so tired I don't feel like it. However, once I get into the game, it's really full on concentration.


Please do visit my facebook page and give me your support =)

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The World will be a Kinder Place..if Only

Sometimes I read heartwarming stories on the internet, on kind Singaporeans, and yes I do feel rather skeptical like these couldn't be real. Got such kind people in Singapore, meh? In a country of people who love to complain in the guise of feedback, being ungrateful, selfish, and self-centred. I don't even know how I can put up with their nonsense..haha. But that's life here. It's a clean country, with rules in  place, efficient transport system (well..except the recent frequent MRT train breakdown) and a multi-racial society that get aong well, most of the time.

But every country has its quirks. Uhm, not many of us are kind hearted. So when I read about such stories, I have reasons to be skeptical but I believe, such kind people do exist who extend their help towards people who are in desperate need of such help but they are often overlooked, or rather we purposely look the other way.

But they're such a rare breed.

Let me re-post this story from the chope food for the needy facebook page, which is a movement dedicated to paying free meals for other needy people.

On Sat evening, I was at the coffee joint in the atrium of Bugis Plus (ex-Iluma). I saw a very old, very stooped & bent-over little old lady shuffle in a hurried manner into their back-kitchen, (housed in a kind of wooden 'shed' structure).

The young woman manager soon hustled her out saying in a bemused manner, 'No, no, this is not a toilet! We don't have any toilet here!'

The old lady looked visibly distressed. As the lady manager was not offering any directions or help, I said 'I will take her. Where's the nearest toilet?'

She pointed upstairs. 'No toilet nearby??' She shook her head.

I proceeded to direct the little old lady to the nearby escalator, but she was too nervous to use it, so we headed to the lift-lobby.

The whole time, she was mumbling in really distressed tones while gesturing towards herself, and I knew it was 'urgent'. That 2-minute shuffle to the rest-room, located at the opposite end of the building from the 2nd floor lobby, was one of the longest in my life. She shuffled along as quickly as her bent body could take her (which was really painfully slowly), making distressed little noises the whole time, with me trying to reassure her that we were reaching, we were almost there, it's just down this (very looong) walkway.....

While she was in the restroom, I waited for her, because I knew she could not easily navigate her way out of the intimidating new-fangled mall.

When she came out, I noticed her feet. Very worn and gnarled with several toes overlapping, sure signs of a hard life of toil. What worried me most were her heels -- the blackened pools gathered in the base of her heels.

I tried to make myself understood, 'Ah ma, your feet are not good. You must go and see a doctor. Diabetes. You must go and see a doctor.' My long-unused Hokkien was unearthed from some corner of my memory -- 'Diabetes' translates into 'sweet urine'.

She nodded, mumbling something. I passed her some cash telling her 'This is for seeing the doctor. You MUST go to the doctor. Your feet are not good.'

A sweet young lady overheard our exchange and pressed some money into her hand, too.

I accompanied her to the ground floor, and we parted ways, me still nagging her about the doctor.

As I took a wrong turn, THERE, just round the corner from the coffee joint was a toilet!! I went back & asked the young manager 'Do you know there is a toilet just behind here?'

She shrugged and offhandedly said 'We prefer the one upstairs.'


People need to open their eyes & be more considerate towards the needs of the elderly & the physically-challenged.

The designers of mall-signage and lift-buttons nowadays often forget that there are also old people who use the mall. Many who cannot see the pinprick of light used to indicate which floor is pressed in the lift, or understand the funky symbols for 'male' or 'female' used in the toilets.

And retail & service staff MUST go above and beyond their contract-designated roles, and understand that some people just need a little consideration and human kindness, even if they are not actually your shop's customers.

Honestly, I am not surprised at the young manager's attitude because her attitude is the attitude of many Singaporeans here. I am not dissing Singaporeans because I believe not all of them are like that but we sometimes like to wait for others to do the deed like waiting for other people to give up the seat instead of them. But some things, they would rather be first like queuing in the wee hours for the latest i Pad or the latest Samsung mobile phone. 

I love my country so hearing such heartwarming real life stories make me believe that my love is not uncalled for. These people are true gems, the guy who told the story and helped the old lady and another lady who also gave some money to help pay for her medical fees.

Way to go, Singaporeans. Let's hope we hear more of such stories or even be inspired by them  =)

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When The World Stands Still

A quarter of the year has passed and April is going to end soon and already, we have few major events that happened around the world such as the the bird flu in China and Boston bombings. While the world isn't always perfect and unfortunate things happen, it is of course sad when lives were lost in a matter of seconds.

But we tend to take things for granted that at any moment, life can just pull the mat from under our feet. One moment, we are talking to the person or saying goodbye to our loved one, and then the next moment he is lying dead on the pavement or we receive bad news that our loved one is gone. So how do we deal with such life altering intense moments?

The pill is always harder to swallow at first but eventually time heals everything. There is of course the element of not knowing what is going to happen next. I believe no one predicted that there would be a Boston bombing in which everybody does their thing just like every other day...until that faithful moment. It's not something we should have beaten ourselves over but something for us to learn and take quick actions and place tighter enforcements. It may not always work but at least we are taking more vigilant actions that will save lives in the future.

I am glad that they managed to capture the fugitive before he does even more damage. I don't know what goes through the minds of these people who are fighting for the cause they believe in but do not know the damage they will cause or probably don't even care, lest it happen to their own family members. The lives lost, due to their belief in their 'cause', make a mum lose their child, a child who lose their pillar of support and a wife who loses her husband.

On our part, we will never know when is our last day here. We always seem to go through life in a breeze like there are endless tomorrows and I know I am guilty of that too. We also seem to tell ourselves, when major events such as this happen, it will never happen to us. The fact is, anything can happen and worse, happen in a blink of an eye. It really pays to stop and be more aware of what is going on in our lives including being more involved with our family matters and also with our friends and colleagues.

People always say that we should love our family members but yeah, there are some moments where you're arguing with them, you're totally irritated with them or you just think they will disappear someday. Harsh but sometimes because we're so used to them, we don't think compared to when we present ourselves to others. I admit this is a nasty habit and we have the power to control our feelings, not just because life can deal a harsh blow to us some day, but simply because we need to treasure our family members who have gone through ups and downs with  us. Learn to forgive and forget. Of course it is easier said than done and there are times, we just don't want to forgive a person but what's the point. How long are you going to carry the anger over someone because it will just damage you emotionally.

People make mistakes and some of the mistakes are clearly honest mistakes that they sincerely regret. Do we have to continually make them bear the guilt? It's already so difficult to be happy in a rapidly changing world where most people are getting more selfish, couldn't care less about your opinions and needs, put pressure on you to get what they want, why add on to misery.

While some things can't be controlled, while we still can, we just continue being the lovable person that we are, appreciating every precious moment with our loved ones, being kind to others because nothing lasts forever. Hold that thought when your anger rears its ugly head, tame it down, breathe to calm yourself down and concentrate on establishing good relations with everybody. You'll never know someone whom you call a stranger one day, may become an important person in your life or when you lose your loved one forever.

Make this positive change now before it's too late.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Blast from the Music Past

I love love LOVE you know, those kind of music, where you get to jam, sing along, and the best thing is that...ten years down the road, I somehow still know the words to these song. Hence, why yearly karaoke sessions are held in my life...haha. I love all kinds of music but while it's hard to sing along to rock music, except those with killer lines, the songs from boy bands were of course easier to sing to..and yes, get all emotional over it because teenage hormones were all the rage back then.

While I personally don't have a love life (I still don't..*LOL*), I have numerous crushes and listening plus singing along to these songs make me feel so mushy inside.Of course, while my love life was and is non existent, I experience disappointment, anger, resentment and so on dealing with family and friendship woes..and also, school woes. Oh woe me. Music somehow speak volumes of my emotions which words can't comprehend. 

Other than that, some boyband members are so good looking they make us female fans gush over them over and over again. Of course, some girls like those edgy bad boy type of looks or those clean cut looks and the girls who choose sides are basically friendly rivals..not.

So am I a sentimental fool? 

Actually, I am not but I love singing along to the words which I will look up from the internet. Back then, there was no you tube, but there were illegal downloading sites like Napster and some people back then even charge those without internet access (home internet wasn't so popular back it's dial up...super sloooOOoow) for these downloaded songs which they would then 'burn' into a CD. I never get to pay them but I did get a few CDs thanks to kind friends. It pays to be nice.

So yah, I listened to this local radio station Kiss 92fm and wow, when I heard song after song of nostalgic sounds  (Gosh I sound so ancient now), I'm like argh..I love this song! Yes, back then I listened to a lot of songs despite having a full day of school but it was around that time, they started playing music for 24 hours and then it was almost every night I would wake up to study and then having music to accompany through the night. Studying and of course..erm...doing homework at the last minute and chatting..heh.

I guess now I understand why people would say that music nowadays isn't like music back then because it's so true! Like, honestly I don't understand what Nikki Minaj sings half the time. Sure there are quality music coming from young artists like Adele & Joe Brooks and who doesn't know Taylor Swift. Boyband craze still rages on like One Direction who even *gasp* have their own wax figurines in the famed Madame Tussauds wax museum. Scary but true. But nowadays, they don't call these kind of bands, comprising of young and good looking guys, boybands anymore. The fans have their own fan names like how my brother says I'm a Belieber and I call him a Directioner..heh..Back then, we call ourselves Mrs something like Mrs Chasez like how many millions of wives can one boyband member have? So competitive.

Wanna reminiscensce the past with me?


Nowadays, I don't have a particular genre or a particular singer or band though the members of Lawson are like so good looking...and I just like music in general though sheepishly, I wasn't like back then when I do listen to indie music. I used to also baulk when these indie music got into mainstream radio like no fair..they are so commercialized now. 

But music is's meant to be enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

So what do you listen to back then compared to now? =)

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mum's the Word

I know it's too early for a Mothers' Day post despite doing sketches for 4 designs of Mothers' Day cards when I woke up this morning. But I've always wanted to write a post on my mother. In the past, I remember I used to write a lot about her in a negative light but as I grew older, I realize that everyone has their quirks and my mum is one of them because she is still a human being prone to make mistakes and has certain behaviour that are uniquely hers. 

Some of her habits do annoy me, I admit, and as much as I try to speak nicely to her, sometimes I unconsciously raise my voice out of annoyance because she can be too hyper emotional and keeps wanting assurance and whatever I said, she doesn't seem to listen if it's not what she wants to hear. I mean to me, it's a normal reaction if someone is annoying to that extreme but the thing is, she's my mum. I've got no right to raise my voice.

But let's not dwell on it. She obviously loves us even though she's not as affectionate as other parents...infact, both my parents are not affectionate. They don't kiss or hug or say I LOVE YOU but they show that they love and care through their own ways like preparing lunch for me when I go to school the last time and even now when I go to work because my mum knows I hate going to the canteen to buy food..heh. Plus, I'm a scrooge when it comes to buying food for myself. But still, I have to eat and basically I can survive on just eating bread for lunch and that's what she has been packing for me. Oh, including a piping hot bottle of tea and milo on Fridays.

See, aren't I pampered despite her many er..annoying quirks?

Still, if I think she's annoying when she tries her best to get my assurance, repeatedly, she must be more annoyed with me because I have my own quirks picking up dirty clothes and letting it gather before  I bring the whole lot to the back for washing. Oh, but it's not annoying as me  being calculative over buying of groceries and take away food and ESPECIALLY takeaway food because they're so expensive and a waste of money compared to home cooked food. Look, I would rather buy groceries than takeaway food. Please read my disclaimer on me being a scrooge when it comes to buying food in the above paragraph...haha.

So, do I have the right to be angry and annoyed at her? Perhaps I don't have the right but it's just a normal reaction. But it does cross the line if I let this behaviour continue or I don't stop myself right there and continue to raise my voice. Most of the time, I simmer down and just let her rant and seriously, you don't want to hear her rant. It's SUPER annoying because she will go on a repeat mode for like 10 to 15 min. If you're lucky.

Do other people's mums behave like this too? I know I should count myself lucky because she is trying her best to provide for us, not financially, but in giving us the necessary love and care just like any other loving mum. I am blessed :) (yeah..except her emotional mood swings and rants).

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Family Love & The Start of Schooling Year

Every family is unique and my family is pretty much like every else. We don't have much to live on as in I don't have a high paying job but we can survive. I do get additional income such as the quarterly payouts we get from the maintenance allowance and also from the work bonus that I get thrice a year. Of course, in this job I don't have the 6 or 10 month bonus kind but oh well, whatever amount I get, I am happy because it will also go towards spending on my family's. Not the big ticket stuffs but mostly the basic necessary stuffs to keep us going.

Once in awhile...or like what my mum says, once a year..heh, we will go out for dinner at restaurant and can easily accumulate 70 plus to 80 plus. Of course, I'm always shocked that the food we eat cost that much even though we try to not order the expensive dishes but still, can't run away from the GST and service charge. But yah, like what she said, once a year treat. I don't mind spending that amount but only if I have extra moolah like the said bonus.

The most recent bonus I got was in March and also, we received the quarterly maintenance allowance. We used some of the money to buy new clothes for my brother when he starts school on April 15th in his new school. He doesn't have to wear school uniform anymore which is a headache for my mum but she'll get by. Most of his clothes aren't brand new and has been well worn including some tears because he's that sentimental and does not want to let go of them. Of course my mum has differing opinions and she said that he just started school and he wants to wear the old clothes. She's all about making good first impressions. I'm like my brother too and while I don't quite like it when she takes precedent on what I should wear when I go out with my friends, I sometimes just give in. 

I can't believe we spend almost in total of $200 on his clothes but some of the clothes that we got for him comes with special price which means if we buy more than 1, we get further discount. Plus we don't always spend money on clothes for him. It's like a one time payment for his clothes for the rest of the year. He's quite sick of polo t shirts but my mum still secretly asked me to buy for him another pair and after he found out, he was like why still buy that shirt for me. The previous polo shirt we got for him cost only $10.00 and I think it was tagged wrongly in the system but she still went ahead processing the payment but hey, as long as I pay lesser, I wouldn't mind..haha. I didn't want to tell my mum because she will surely find another excuse to buy and true enough she did. She found out from the receipt..sigh. So hence, this morning she asked me to get another two more. That set me back to $38.00 *yikes*

She wanted to pay me back because she felt bad as she thought it will still be $10.00. Uhm, you can't get that price for a quality polo shirt in Singapore...unless it's tagged wrongly LOL. Then, I felt bad if I take her money again because yesterday, she spent $50.00 on food for us as we couldn't be bothered to go to the Tampines Mall because it was so freaking crowded and it was raining heavily. So we ended up at Tampines One and the only available Halal restaurant was the Korean BBQ Chicken. She knows I most likely won't spend money on restaurant food like this again after our last Swenson's meal so she insisted we used her money.

I believe money can still be earned and I will do my best to work hard for my online shop to carry on with my passion with handmade cards and stuffs which will hopefully bring in the extra dough. Anyway, while he doesn't need to buy a list of textbooks, he may have to buy course notes and he has to pay $25.00 for his course notes for C Maths so yah, hence from now onwards, I have to be extra careful with how I spend my money because I need to keep spare cash for his studies as well as my upcoming studies in October.

The next pay out will be end of June which also includes the government money in the form of GST credits and I found out we will be receiving $500.00 each for my mum and me due to a one time additional top up and that is like wow. So from now until then, I don't have any other additional moolah except for of course, whatever I earn from my online shop.

So here are some pics which we took from Swensons in Parkway Parade before we started shopping for his clothes followed by a meal at the Korean BBQ Chicken at Tampines One.

Mum and her adoring son..

Fun with Ice Cream!

Hearty meal at Korean BBQ Chicken

My brother, after his 2 Day Orientation, in Nanyang Polytechnic which my mum and I went for the Parent's Seminar on the second day. Proud of you. The prayers and your hard work has paid off and you did not give up even after your failed attempt and my inability in giving you tuition to help you prep for the O level. 

All the best for your studies!


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Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Scrapbooking & Card Making Hobby

Financially, I loved the month of March and uhm...not so much for April and May because there are no benefits, apart from no holidays too..haha. But it's alright. I am quite happy with the money that I have right now, which I'm keeping fingers crossed I'm not touching because it's mostly to fund my studies and also for emergency use. I know I will be saying this and then later, I will somehow use the money because I have 'no choice'. 

I have been guilty however, that I spent slightly more than $100 in March and then close to $100 in April buying the materials for my hobby. I tried not to spend anymore on it when pay comes in last Friday but I can't stop thinking about popping by Papermarket to buy the materials for my scrapbooking and cardmaking until my brain hurts. My colleague is right. Once you get on the bandwagon of this hobby, it will turn into an obsession. Thankfully, I am pretty conscious of what I am buying and try to only buy things that I will defo use and not accumulate into this huge monster pile. Somehow, still manage to squeeze into that small corner of my table so okaylah. But of course, I have to also make a conscious effort to use them more. No more excuses.

Just look at my latest loot *sigh*

From this month onwards, I will only buy when payday comes around just like how I used to do. It will alternate between buying online and buying from a physical store. Occasionally, I will buy from the facebook group provided they are very very cheap and I can't buy them from other places because I couldn't be bothered to buy them in bulk like string pearls. Then, I will make use of the whole month crafting almost daily to use up at least 70% of  them.

Honestly, it's really amazing how more aware you become on how much you spend on when you write. That's how I discover which leads to me making the effort to start using (I've been scrapping almost daily when I get back home from work) and not hoarding. 

I wanna ensure I get a profit when I make the cards to fund back my hobby just like how some make up artists buy make up stuffs but they make use of them because it's part of their job. I wanna be like that too. 

Oh, speaking of which...let me share with you some of the layouts I have done (click for a larger view).

 My layouts, are pretty simple and basic, though I did pick up some useful tips from watching youtube videos. I used to do such things way way before scrapbooking takes a life on its own in Singapore. I called it collage, which of course, can also be done online via picassa. 

I still believe everyone is entitled to spend some money on their hobbies because all work and no play makes one dull. But we have to ensure that it doesn't take up most of the money we earn because there are other more important things to spend on such as our family or to pay off any loans or outstanding bills and also we have to ensure we have money stashed away for the future. It's just like some women who count shopping as a hobby. Yes, it is therapeutic but not when you spend most of your pay on shopping because you are driven by your emotions. 

I will be more determined to be a successful online entrepreneur selling personalized handmade cards, notebooks and now extending to making a small batch of handmade invites. Hence, let me direct you to my online facebook shop *lol*

My Little Card Shop

Even if you're not buying, I appreciate any shares or 'likes' as a way of spreading through virtual word-of-mouth. I mostly post on weekends, like now, because that's when I have more time to really edit photos, post online and update the blog.

I extend my thanks in advance to you :)

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Friday, April 05, 2013

Life is Hard But It's Not The End

Here in Singapore, people are always complaining so much so we have been labelled as one of the unhappiest countries in the world. But beneath this group of frequent complainers, there is still a niche group with a heart of gold. 

People say that we need a lot of  money to survive in Singapore because the cost of living here is so high. I used to agree fully judging from  my situation but now, from the couple of videos I have seen recently, I realize that while having substantial money is good to have to survive the high costs here, it doesn't mean that we have to live in misery and be unhappy.

I watched these two videos about how they are pretty much worse off than me with one Malay man having only a take home pay of $700+ doing ad hoc work to feed 6 children and his wife. The other one is actual this pair of siblings who started their own blog shops and sell 'anything cute' to make some money and help their mum who is currently unemployed. 

Here I am feeling guilty at times because I have a stable job sitting in the air conditioned room and getting a regular pay which has increased to almost $400 since middle of last year. This was a far cry from my previous pay.  While most of the time I enjoy my work, there are of course times I feel rather overwhelmed by the amount of work I have to do. I try not to be taken in by the feeling and just plan and follow my to do tasks and try to follow them as much as I can. I mean seriously all work can't finish in one day and my boss has been rather helpful in a sense that she is giving us fair advantage by letting us focus on certain main job areas.

So honestly, I should be more grateful. These people have stable jobs and have a family with young children to take care of. I am glad that they are not too proud to ask for financial assistance for the children's school needs pretty much like my situation concerning my brother's studies because it does help to lessen the financial burden. If I have not written in to the school to take my brother to repeat his O level to take advantage of the enhanced financial schemes, he would have to take it in a private school which I most definitely can't afford. I don't think I would even let him repeat if I have to pay so much and he wouldn't get a second chance to do better and get a place in polytechnic.

I admire this single mother's courage in taking up ad hoc work to make ends meet and while she is not employed, she is taking courses to improve her chances of getting a better job. For the other parent, while he is facing financial burden, he still find the time to improve the social situation around his estates which is one of the poorer estates in Singapore by forming a self help group to inculcate the kampung spirit or get together spirit. It provides free tuition for the kids, religious classes and his main concern is the children living in the rental estates who often go unsupervised because their parents are out working and they can play in the areas until late at night. He wants them to be disciplined, concentrate on their education and be good moral citizens.

His vision includes setting a social enterprise to help some of the poor families in his estates where half of the population there are unemployed. 

While many Singaporeans are becoming far too materialistic and being consumed by the popular tech gadgets out there, there are still those who look out for others despite their own struggles. They live within their means, doing financial planning for the families and do not give up hope for a better future not just for their family but for other people as well. 

Very inspiring indeed. 

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Monday, April 01, 2013

Celebrating Natasha's Birthday in 2013

My friends are mostly in the thirties. No wait. All of them are in their early thirties already. But all of them, at least I think so, are happy at this stage of their life. There are a lot of changes, definitely, with families or children, and some swinging single people like me..haha. Well, I'd like to think that it is because God wants me to do some soul searching before granting someone to search for me. Trust me, I have a lot of soul searching to do.

Anyway, enough about me. Here are some of the pictures taken after our yearly karaoke session..woo! Love karaoke by the way.

Oh yes, I also like to throw in some 'extra's and this time, I gave her a handmade frame. Actually, this corkboard mount frame was given to me some time back and she wanted me to finish decorating it. Hrm, instead of throwing it away, why not make something out of it yah?

I didn't plan out anything when I made this collage but I guess I watched enough videos and seen enough pictures to have some ideas in my head. Happy she likes it :)

Spending my money on them and with them is worth it. We get to bond and strengthen our friendship despite our busy schedules with work, studies, family and other friends. This is one priceless friendship where the value is simply priceless.

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So Fast..Quarter of the Year Has Gone

Wow...just like that, 1st quarter of the year has already gone. But it's okay. I did want March to come fast though because of all the extra moolah we will get. So now I am entering April with some stashed away..hopefully. 

I tried not to be calculative but sometimes I can't help it. I guess it's part of my natural self because I am a sole breadwinner who does not earn much and I have three mouths, including myself to feed. So I have to be on track with how much money I have left. However, this can be a bad habit. Knowing how much is left is one thing. Being obssessive over it is another thing and today onwards, I will not be in such state of mind anymore.

At least I hope so.

 Anyhoo, I don't think I have spent the money carelessly. Of course, the maintenance allowance is used on the family first meaning, buy food for them, groceries for my mum's cooking for the next 1 week, and not forgetting myself too, part of my performance bonus was spent on entertainment such as our yearly karaoke session :) and makan session at Breeks. Oh, we also celebrated one of my friend's birthday too and we bought her a gift so the money was also used for the gift.

Overall, while at one point when I woke up in the middle of the night, freaking out how much has been spent, come to think of it, I didn't feel like I 'gamble' the money away. They were put to good use. Plus, I managed to stash some of it away for my studies and for savings.

So there isn't a need to panic I guess. I didn't spend on clothes as I still have many clothing pieces which I bought quite a lot last December. I did spend on make up buying a lipstick and an eyeshadow cream and make up tools like the Real techniques brushes which I used my salary for that.

Ha..enough justification. In other words, I shouldn't be so obssessed because there are still other things that I have yet to pay. I believe money will come in and I hope to leverage on my online shop because so far there isn't much success yet. However, I did post up an ad in facebook which got some attention and I also hope that it will translate to more business. I don't want to do it for the sake of money but to just share with others my love of making handmade stuffs especially cards. If continuing this love of mine will give me a big break soon, then I am happy but for now, I keep doing what I love :)

I believe I should focus my life on things that do not make me worry and deplete my brain cells for nothing. I should focus on achieving much success in life which does not necessarily translate into money. Success in taking care of my health, wealth, family, work and friends. I shouldn't be too harsh on myself. I should practise being more kind to myself because I already know that I am trying my best.

So here's some food for thought to begin April with.

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