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Ups & Downs of My Online Business Venture

Yes, I've been pretty busy last week and also this week, making handcrafted goods for my lovely orders. So blessed with every order but of course, what's an online retail venture without its ups and downs. Supposed to get $24.00 and $10.00 respectively but it's so hard. I should have been a bit firm with the girl who want to send me cash using snail mail and now you see, I have a feeling it's lost. Can't be she posted out on Sunday and then had me checking the mail box every single day, which honestly, isn't my favourite thing in the world. I should be firm in a sense that I should have just said that I don't accept concealed cash. My thought is that the girl does not know how to do bank transfer because initially, I did give my banking details but she asked for my mailing address instead.

Then now you see, who is biting her nails, for not getting the munneh? She was kind enough to offer to mail me money again yesterday, probably on her side, she didn't…

The World will be a Kinder Place..if Only

Sometimes I read heartwarming stories on the internet, on kind Singaporeans, and yes I do feel rather skeptical like these couldn't be real. Got such kind people in Singapore, meh? In a country of people who love to complain in the guise of feedback, being ungrateful, selfish, and self-centred. I don't even know how I can put up with their nonsense..haha. But that's life here. It's a clean country, with rules in  place, efficient transport system (well..except the recent frequent MRT train breakdown) and a multi-racial society that get aong well, most of the time.

But every country has its quirks. Uhm, not many of us are kind hearted. So when I read about such stories, I have reasons to be skeptical but I believe, such kind people do exist who extend their help towards people who are in desperate need of such help but they are often overlooked, or rather we purposely look the other way.

But they're such a rare breed.

Let me re-post this story from the chope food f…

When The World Stands Still

A quarter of the year has passed and April is going to end soon and already, we have few major events that happened around the world such as the the bird flu in China and Boston bombings. While the world isn't always perfect and unfortunate things happen, it is of course sad when lives were lost in a matter of seconds.

But we tend to take things for granted that at any moment, life can just pull the mat from under our feet. One moment, we are talking to the person or saying goodbye to our loved one, and then the next moment he is lying dead on the pavement or we receive bad news that our loved one is gone. So how do we deal with such life altering intense moments?

The pill is always harder to swallow at first but eventually time heals everything. There is of course the element of not knowing what is going to happen next. I believe no one predicted that there would be a Boston bombing in which everybody does their thing just like every other day...until that faithful moment. It'…

Blast from the Music Past

I love love LOVE you know, those kind of music, where you get to jam, sing along, and the best thing is that...ten years down the road, I somehow still know the words to these song. Hence, why yearly karaoke sessions are held in my life...haha. I love all kinds of music but while it's hard to sing along to rock music, except those with killer lines, the songs from boy bands were of course easier to sing to..and yes, get all emotional over it because teenage hormones were all the rage back then.

While I personally don't have a love life (I still don't..*LOL*), I have numerous crushes and listening plus singing along to these songs make me feel so mushy inside.Of course, while my love life was and is non existent, I experience disappointment, anger, resentment and so on dealing with family and friendship woes..and also, school woes. Oh woe me. Music somehow speak volumes of my emotions which words can't comprehend. 

Other than that, some boyband members are so …

Mum's the Word

I know it's too early for a Mothers' Day post despite doing sketches for 4 designs of Mothers' Day cards when I woke up this morning. But I've always wanted to write a post on my mother. In the past, I remember I used to write a lot about her in a negative light but as I grew older, I realize that everyone has their quirks and my mum is one of them because she is still a human being prone to make mistakes and has certain behaviour that are uniquely hers. 

Some of her habits do annoy me, I admit, and as much as I try to speak nicely to her, sometimes I unconsciously raise my voice out of annoyance because she can be too hyper emotional and keeps wanting assurance and whatever I said, she doesn't seem to listen if it's not what she wants to hear. I mean to me, it's a normal reaction if someone is annoying to that extreme but the thing is, she's my mum. I've got no right to raise my voice.

But let's not dwell on it. She obviously loves us even thoug…

Family Love & The Start of Schooling Year

Every family is unique and my family is pretty much like every else. We don't have much to live on as in I don't have a high paying job but we can survive. I do get additional income such as the quarterly payouts we get from the maintenance allowance and also from the work bonus that I get thrice a year. Of course, in this job I don't have the 6 or 10 month bonus kind but oh well, whatever amount I get, I am happy because it will also go towards spending on my family's. Not the big ticket stuffs but mostly the basic necessary stuffs to keep us going.

Once in awhile...or like what my mum says, once a year..heh, we will go out for dinner at restaurant and can easily accumulate 70 plus to 80 plus. Of course, I'm always shocked that the food we eat cost that much even though we try to not order the expensive dishes but still, can't run away from the GST and service charge. But yah, like what she said, once a year treat. I don't mind spending that amount but only…

My Scrapbooking & Card Making Hobby

Financially, I loved the month of March and uhm...not so much for April and May because there are no benefits, apart from no holidays too..haha. But it's alright. I am quite happy with the money that I have right now, which I'm keeping fingers crossed I'm not touching because it's mostly to fund my studies and also for emergency use. I know I will be saying this and then later, I will somehow use the money because I have 'no choice'. 

I have been guilty however, that I spent slightly more than $100 in March and then close to $100 in April buying the materials for my hobby. I tried not to spend anymore on it when pay comes in last Friday but I can't stop thinking about popping by Papermarket to buy the materials for my scrapbooking and cardmaking until my brain hurts. My colleague is right. Once you get on the bandwagon of this hobby, it will turn into an obsession. Thankfully, I am pretty conscious of what I am buying and try to only buy things that I will d…

Life is Hard But It's Not The End

Here in Singapore, people are always complaining so much so we have been labelled as one of the unhappiest countries in the world. But beneath this group of frequent complainers, there is still a niche group with a heart of gold. 

People say that we need a lot of  money to survive in Singapore because the cost of living here is so high. I used to agree fully judging from  my situation but now, from the couple of videos I have seen recently, I realize that while having substantial money is good to have to survive the high costs here, it doesn't mean that we have to live in misery and be unhappy.

I watched these two videos about how they are pretty much worse off than me with one Malay man having only a take home pay of $700+ doing ad hoc work to feed 6 children and his wife. The other one is actual this pair of siblings who started their own blog shops and sell 'anything cute' to make some money and help their mum who is currently unemployed. 

Here I am feeling guilty at times…

Celebrating Natasha's Birthday in 2013

My friends are mostly in the thirties. No wait. All of them are in their early thirties already. But all of them, at least I think so, are happy at this stage of their life. There are a lot of changes, definitely, with families or children, and some swinging single people like me..haha. Well, I'd like to think that it is because God wants me to do some soul searching before granting someone to search for me. Trust me, I have a lot of soul searching to do.

Anyway, enough about me. Here are some of the pictures taken after our yearly karaoke session..woo! Love karaoke by the way.

Oh yes, I also like to throw in some 'extra's and this time, I gave her a handmade frame. Actually, this corkboard mount frame was given to me some time back and she wanted me to finish decorating it. Hrm, instead of throwing it away, why not make something out of it yah?

I didn't plan out anything when I made this collage but I guess I watched enough videos and seen enough pictures to have some id…

So Fast..Quarter of the Year Has Gone

Wow...just like that, 1st quarter of the year has already gone. But it's okay. I did want March to come fast though because of all the extra moolah we will get. So now I am entering April with some stashed away..hopefully. 

I tried not to be calculative but sometimes I can't help it. I guess it's part of my natural self because I am a sole breadwinner who does not earn much and I have three mouths, including myself to feed. So I have to be on track with how much money I have left. However, this can be a bad habit. Knowing how much is left is one thing. Being obssessive over it is another thing and today onwards, I will not be in such state of mind anymore.

At least I hope so.

 Anyhoo, I don't think I have spent the money carelessly. Of course, the maintenance allowance is used on the family first meaning, buy food for them, groceries for my mum's cooking for the next 1 week, and not forgetting myself too, part of my performance bonus was spent on entertainment such as…