Sunday, December 23, 2012

Beauty Loot

I've been buying quite a lot of make up recently and believe me, yes I felt the guilt. And it's like no no no..should NOT buy..then end up buying. While you don't see me donning eye shadows on regular days and besides the usual bb cream, and at times blusher, I honestly only wear eye shadows when I'm out with friends which isn't always by the way. Plus I have yet to score a date so yes, I'm only limited to wearing them when with friends...haha. Even though, it's not ALL the outings. 

Oh well, I just love how the right application of make up can transform you into someone who is more beautiful and I've also mentioned before that make up does have that ability to give you that boost of confidence.  Plus how can you not lurve the array of colours, gloss, matt etc etc...

But my budget honestly isn't big when it comes to make up so I just have to be smarter when it comes to buying make up to cut corners here and there. At the same time, I am also trying to buy lesser from the local drugstores because honestly, their prices can be craaazy sometimes.

So enough talk, show you my loot from the last couple of months...

llamasqua liquid metal eye shadow cream bought from a blogsale for $10

Nice metallic cream

The body shop was a gift. The Maybelline mystery pouch which I seriously groped a few of them.

I got all these for just $19.90! Plus the groping paid off! I got the Jelly Glow!

The Jelly Glow...*love* I love blushes..this one felt like er..jelly

Jelly Glow up close

$8.00 from the Loreal Sales at Expo. Buy 2 for $15.00! But I bought one only.

Permanent Kaki. Er, forgive the blur quality.

I love this range of Loreal infallible eyeshadows

I got this Loreal voluminous mascara from a blog shop for only $13.00!

See what I meant when I said I tried to cut costs when buying make up? :) But of course, this doesn't give you the right to keep buying..LOL. Just basically buy what you will defo wear and not because the colours are so pretty or everyone else is getting it and do keep a cap or limit on the number of items. 

I make support me!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Clothing Haul from Bonus Payout

If you have followed my entries before, if there's one thing I admit I am not good at is fashion. There is not a single bone of fashionista in me..haha. But yah, at least one of the things I try my best at is that I try to look at least co-ordinated or well put together instead of being sloppy and mismatched.

And another thing is that I hardly buy clothes, honestly. So there will be the occasional buys usually around pay day but seriously hardly but the time when I get to buy new clothes with more than 1 piece is when I get my bonus payout which is 3 times in a year, well 3 if I get a good significant amount of performance bonus. Another time will be when we get our maintenance allowance for every quarter but usually, it's just one or two pieces at most usually, hardly.

So cut to the chase, within the last two days plus last Friday when I went to Malaysia with my colleagues, I bought many many clothes! Again, my emphasis is that I'm not a fashionista so what I basically got are the basics plus a couple of cardigans and a dress or long t shirt, depending on what you call it. But yah, they are still somewhat...decent enough.

Okay! So here's my haul..

Cotton On Haul

H & M Haul

Not pictured: a baggy shirt with a sheer and polka dotted back

Even though I usually buy clothes when I have slightly more munneh, I will still try to shamelessly buy during sales or when the prices have been slashed further. Normally I will get clothes in L size or XL if the L is seriously fit for M but some L clothes tend to look like XL and I have to get an M size instead as the L is a little bit big for me. Or maybe coz I'm smaller now..heh...gym sessions and cutting down on food intake helps I guess? Hehe. Don't mind the delusional me. Still a long long way to go before I reach my target weight.

Speaking of which, I've wrote a blog post before regarding the Jeans diet and yah, I've worn that same pair of jeans that I complained before that I wore it somewhere towards end of last  year and my goodness, my bottom half and especially my waistline was screaming in pain. Now I can actually wear it and went out with it. Plus I sat down without any difficulty and felt no pain around the waistline. Now I guess I could fit into it slightly better because ever since that time I wore it, I've been carefully watching what I eat by not snacking necessarily and stop eating after lunch until it's dinner. But if I'm too hungry, I will either drink water or eat a very small piece of snack that is hardly filling. I felt that if I can do this for the next 6 months, can imagine that I don't only reach my next target weight. This can only mean I can fit better into clothes! Not so much because I want to be skinny or be more attractive because I believe you can be attractive at any age. It's a matter of how you project yourself and how others perceive you as. 

So now being able to wear jeans again, I can add a bit more variety to my clothing style because I can pair tops with jeans too.

Oh, one last thing, how can I not buy my craft related materials for my sideline business.

Goodies from Paper Market

I chickened out from buying their punches because I still think they're expensive and I don't mind getting the second hand ones but they always sell out so fast! It's like people are on the stock market to look out for these discounted punches..hrmph.

I get to use the Capitaland voucher which I received last month for the Car Rally event which me and my office colleagues took part in. So again, another round of discount.

And another 'must buy' is of course make up, which I can't show you now here because I will only get them next week. I bought them online through a local online shop and these items are not sold here, well at least one of them as for the other product, Maybelline will be launching the line officially tomorrow (ooh....I just remembered this one) together with a flea market.

I don't know how much they will sell it for but I still believe it will be more ex than what the price I get online. In short, I got the Revlon Voluminous Mascara which is highly raved and like I needed another mascara. But well, it's $13.00 only compared to the usual price tags in the local market here and I've always been trying to get my hands on it because it will really give you this really black and voluminous looking eyelashes. Such a hot item that just now, when I went to the website, it has been sold out already even though it was just launched the day before.

I got to know the product through Make Up Geek and do watch the video on Top 10 Make Up buys for under USD$10.00 and pray hard, some local online shop will pick up the signals and sell them here..haha..

Top 10 Buys

Alright, I'm on the second stretch of the course so really gotta go sleep. I will follow up with a post on my recent make up purchases. Unbelievable but of course, at good prices..hee.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Bonus & Study Plans

Hi Hi,

Yes, the case of abandonment of blog. So much work to be done as we're rushing to meet the deadline before they cut off the usage of the system. Every day, a pile of work is waiting for me. I wanna be more carefree at work even though it kinda defeat the purpose of being at work..hehe.

Anyway, it also has to do with how I organize my life which in this case is very disorganized. I think I seriously need to reflect back on my life and see which areas I need to improve to make my life more productive. I have the resources but I don't have the energy to do them. I even sorta abandon my current love of crafting new cards and notebooks simply because I am not motivated at all but I find that I am slowly regaining back that motivation in me.

There are so many things that I want to say but I'll make it into several posts instead. But the first most important thing that I want to mention about is...this Wednesday is Bonus Day! Yes it's not a regular pay day but rather, Bonus Day or Extra Munneh Day..haha.

The best thing about is that this Bonus will be the most amount I have ever received throughout my working life. It's a completely new first digit which I humbly say that I'm proud of because I worked hard for it and managed to get an increment on top of changing my scheme which promises better pay..but uh, it also means that I need to put in more effort in order to sustain my performance grade.

So it's very exciting but the most non exciting part is planning my budget for it because yes, there are bills to pay and loans to return. Sigh. The perils of an adult life. But I learn that it's better to pay off slowly but surely if it's gonna ensure a freedom from debt in the long run. So true but so hard to do.

I guess I shouldn't procrastinate on this but I believe after deducting whatever I need to deduct including allowance to be given to my family which means my mum and my brother, I should still have a healthy balance. So healthy, it hurts!

Sorry, me being corny there.

Oh yes, the thing about this balance is that, I may need to use it to spend on something else and surprise, I actually sent in my application for a part time studies in a diploma offered by several polytechnics which is a form of higher learning institute recognized by the ministries and of which is a popular choice for students here who wish to continue their post secondary institution. This time round, under the collaboration with the Ministry of Education, they are offering several key courses that are work related for professional development with heavily subsidized fees at 70% off.

Of course with me being a single income earner for my family with my mum not working and my brother still pursuing his studies, I need to be careful with my spending and education is not cheap. However, I believe this is the most affordable for me even though with my current qualifications, I can actually go for an even better course than this. But spending on my education is still a big ticket expense for me. The problem is, I can't remain at what I am currently earning and I must somehow move on and earn more so I have to think long term. Nevermind the pinch now, when it's gonna reap more rewards and benefits in the future.

But on top of this, the best thing about pursuing these such courses, I actually will get the reimbursement from the Ministry I am working with which is good because at the end of it, I will end up not paying much in overall. The reimbursement is capped at $4500 I think but every end of the module, I can get a reimbursement of 60% which is really not a bad thing at all. Oh oh, if I successfully complete all 5 modules, I will get a cash award of $1000 which is a sweet SWEET deal. Imagine getting rewarded for your studies..ha!

So yah, I try to think of the benefits more than the money I have to fork out now from my bonus which mean less spending with my bonus. Then again I don't really spend much except maybe getting the usual such as clothes, shoes and bags...typical 'girl' stuffs and oh, some craft related stuffs. There's also dinner with friends, in this case, twice in the same month. While I have to be extra careful with my spending, it's ok because I guess the sacrifice will be worth it at the end of it all.

Okay, more updates later including a make up haul. It is indeed a haul coming from someone who is trying her best to cut down on make up expenses.

I make support me!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Get Movin'! Motivation to Exercise

So the second part of the weight loss help tips! I would say that the first time you tell yourself that you are going to lose the extra weight and have a healthy lifestyle, you are half way there already! NO KIDDING!

You must believe that you have the right to have the body that you want and the health that you want. By believing in your right, you will be more motivated to work towards the right to have the body and health that you want!

I guess everyone who is motivated to lose weight has this light bulb moment where they want to make this change. Every time you feel demotivated, you must stay focused by knowing WHY you are doing this in the first place. Is it because you want to be have energy because you are tired of feeling lethargic or you want to fit nicer looking clothes because you are tired of wearing frumpy clothing and people telling in your face 'no size! no size!' It hurts terribly for me when I see other friends having the freedom to choose the clothes while I'm stuck with nothing!

After you establish WHY you are doing this, the next step is to be focused on what you SHOULD do to go to there. Many of us hate exercise (I still do..heh..) but every time I walk into the gym, I feel re-energized after I see other people who don't look like they need to lose weight...doing it! Then while I'm on the treadmill or on the stepper, I tell myself that I am doing this because I want to look good and feel good about myself and yes sometimes I envision myself as being Beyonce..heh..or Kim Kardashian..because they're curvy and fit looking. I want to look more attractive and I want to look good as I get older and not even frumpier looking.

So it's all about keeping up with your motivation and doing it for the long term...yes, long term..which means that you have to do it as part of your lifestyle. The thing about exercising is that you have to find yourself a suitable exercise routine that incorporates cardiovascular exercise for weight loss and strength training through the use of weights and dumb bells to tone and develop muscles which in turn will help you to burn more fats. Don't get too worried about gaining muscle mass for a woman. Another problem with not using free weights in your exercise is that you will develop sagging skin as you lose the weight and you don't want to be slimmer yet have flabby looking skin right?

When I say suitable, I mean that it should cater to what helps you and motivates you to do the routine the next round and the next and so on. Of course initially it will be hard especially if you don't have this 'yay I LOOOOVE exercising' mentality but you just have to do it and keep at it by telling yourself why you are doing in the first place to keep the motivation going strong. 

Then of course some people prefer to run outdoor while some people prefer going to the gym. There are also other people who prefer exercising in the comfort of their own home or their own room. It's just a matter of finding a suitable exercise routine that will keep you motivated instead of slacking. Besides finding a suitable routine, find a suitable time to exercise and keep at it. There is no such thing as not being able to exercise because you simply have NO TIME. Hunny, you do have just have to make time for it. Take a look at your daily schedule and then plan which pocket of time you are willing to spend on exercising. Believe me, you will find that pocket of time. Even sparing 30 to 45 minute 3 to 4 times a week is suffice. 

To get you even more motivated to have a healthier lifestyle especially if you're Asian, do take some time to watch this recent video from one of the local beauty bloggers who offer very useful tips regarding making wise food choices from her experience. As Asians, our food choices mainly consists of starchy carbohydrates like white rice. Then as Malays, we do have food choices like Mee Rebus, Lontong which are actually staples Malay food that can be found in many stalls. Learn how she tackles her lunch, 4 o'clock craving and dinner.

Normally I take one step further by not eating anymore after lunch which is basically a simple sandwich with plain water and whatever available snacks I have received at work or half a serving of rice with two veggies and eggs if I have to stay up late for work. Then I take note of what time I stop eating and then I will not consume anything else until dinner time.  If I get hungry, I will drink cold water and normally I stop being hungry for like half an hour and then drink more water if I get hungry again. It's a bit drastic but to be honest, it doesn't always work for me this way but I have to make it into a habit of not snacking because I have such a sweet tooth which means chocolate coated biscuits or snacks..fooh! Luv them! However I realized that it is my downfall in making me put on weight the whole of last year and I don't want to make the same mistakes again so this year, I'm putting in extra efforts to not only burn the fats I have over the years but which I have put on as recently as last year.

Okay I should stop blabbering and let you watch the video in peace..haha.

Good luck!

I make support me!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Portion Control & Healthy Snacking

I haven't been writing about this for a long while regarding weight loss but yah, if you are like me who are still in the process of losing weight or at least want to try to lose weight but do not  know where to start, I can share some tips here. I started to slowly gain back the weight that I lost two years ago and even though it's not that significant, it bugs me because it made me go back to a past weight range after working so hard the last few years since the end of 2005.

I guess it is because of the stress I was in that eating was such comfort. The 'best' part is (being sarcastic here), after the weight gain, even since then it has been a roller coaster ride. There will be a short victory and then somehow I would be back to the previous weight and what's worse, it will be slightly more. It is so frustrating.

But finally, after tweaking a lot in my diet by carefully analyzing what has gone wrong and what could be done, I am finally (yet again) back on track and I foresee myself going back to the previous weight range..yay!

First thing first, what went wrong. I would say unhealthy snacking throughout the day takes the cake. Pun intended. At times at my workplace, I will be offered food and it's difficult to turn them down. I will also buy unhealthy snacks like chocolate biscuits from the supermarket and snack on them.

So, definitely tweaking will have to be done.

Well, the easiest is to just turn away the cupcake, for instance. But now what I do is that I still eat it for lunch for example but then I will NOT eat for the rest of the day until dinner time which is after 8 usually. To be honest, firstly that cupcake is free and secondly, I will get hungry especially like around 4 plus or even earlier at 3 plus and that is when, I have to distract myself with work and I will either take sips of leftover home made tea or plain old cold water from the pantry.

At first it was very hard and now it's slightly harder only, got diff'', but it somehow lets my brain gets the message that my hunger is only temporary and now I can go up to even 7 hours without actual solid food after I tell myself okay officially now, I will stop eating food after lunch right until dinner. But if you think this is such a long painful task to do, going without food, you don't have to completely deprive yourself.

You can get hold of healthier snacks such as stocking up on fruits or wholemeal biscuits so you can snack on them. If you can't help but reach unhealthy snacks like chips, chocolates or sugary biscuits, my suggestion is simple: just DON'T buy them from the supermarket if you are out shopping. If you have no such food at near distance, you won't be tempted to eat them because in the first place, they are not even there!

So now, when I walk past the aisles, I can only touch the packaging of such sugary biscuits or snack treats and not buy them..haha. Freaking all the time. I tell myself this weight loss thing is NOT going to happen if I give in to temptation.

Now the thing is, you don't have to completely deprive yourself. Like see, I can still have the cupcake or maybe for you, you can still have lunch like rice with dishes but it's a matter of careful choices. If I ever buy rice with dishes on my own, what I do is that I have two veggies or at least one veggie. I won't buy dishes with gravy that contains coconut milk but that's my personal choice. You can buy food with gravy but perhaps, don't ask for the gravy as explained why later.

However, if I am at a buffet and somehow, they serve such dishes, I will just eat the meat and toss the meat first to get rid of as much gravy as I can. Yes, crazy but usually the calories come mostly from the gravy. Me thinks you can still have just one fried item, preferably a small piece and not one big chicken piece and two veggies instead of two meat and one veggie.

But let's say you have a heavy lunch, then it is not the end of the world..or your weight loss routine. You can substitute it with a light dinner. If you're Asian and there's no way you can skip rice, even though it's mostly complex carbs which isn't good for your body, you can limit your rice intake. For me, I will eat rice on alternate days and if I have eaten rice yesterday and today, my mum still prepare rice even though I said earlier I'm not eating rice (mums..they always feel like they're not feeding us enough..haha) she will prepare one plate only and I will share that plate with my brother.

Speaking of which, for years since I started my weight loss regime, I practice portion control. It's easy to pile on food at buffet and it's easy to eat the whole plate to yourself but when I am eating takeaway food with my family, I will only eat at most 1/3 of the package since technically, there are 3 of us. If it's food that I avoid like the yellow hokkien mee or chicken rice, I will only eat very few spoonfuls to get the craving away and that's about it. For buffet, I take very small portion of rice or noodles and pile on more veggies and little meat without the gravy.

When I am with my friends, which is usually on Saturdays, I do eat and finish the whole plate of lunch or dinner but actually it's alright for me, because the next day on Sunday, I will work out at the gym. It's a weekly routine for me irregardless of whether I eat a lot on Saturday. We shall explore more on exercising in the next post.

So in conclusion, you should take note of your calorie intake by making a mental note of what you have eaten so that you are aware and do not just eat blindly because it's easy to pile on the calories like that. For you to have weight loss, you must cut down your calorie intake daily such as sticking to a limit of say, 1000 calories a day or below 1500 calories. Ideally, you should consume up to 1800 calories but if you want some weight loss, the lower the better but just don't deprive yourself too much.

Practise portion control such as asking for less rice, be conscious of what you have eaten throughout the day because some food simply have hidden calories and some food can easily have 400-500 calories in just one serving. Cut down on unhealthy snacks that only provide you with empty calories and instead, eat more healthier snacks such as fruits and wholemeal biscuits. 

If you have a heavy lunch, have a light dinner or if you know your dinner tonight will be heavy, have a lighter lunch. My lunch is usually light because my mum will prepare sandwich for me such as avocado, tuna or low fat cheese sandwich and then I can afford to have heavier dinner but not so much as having more rice but still controlled portion of rice intake.

On my side, it is easier to get hungry because my lunch is like what..sandwich only, so my stomach will be growling by 4 plus so now I just drink water and keep drinking water to curb the hunger. I will tell myself I will be able to eat later so just 'tahan' or bear with the hunger which will usually go away and I will distract myself with work instead.

So okay, hopefully that will help you in small ways or another. Take it as a positive lifestyle change and don't pressurize yourself too much into losing weight quickly or otherwise it will be such a chore and you will give up easily. If you are disciplined and determined, just like in other aspects of your life, you will see positive results so don't give up :)

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Gratitude & Starting the Day Right

The auditors are finally gone and we're back to regular programming with mounts of paperwork...well, almost. It was so frustrating because we're so behind in terms of the past paperwork because there were many things that we were supposed to do and we didn't so we end up..or rather I, end up doing them for others as well. And then my manager tends to put the payment vouchers at her desk because the paperwork don't seem to end and more gets piled up and the previous paperwork gets buried underneath.

However, I do not want to judge her organizational skills because I would say that she is a very effective leader. She has an eye for details and she's not afraid to voice out her opinions and displeasure only for the sake of making us improve ourselves and learn our mistakes. While other leaders may not care for staff welfare and is only concerned on getting promoted instead of helping us to progress and improve.

So basically I went home so tired after being 'lost' in paperwork back in office because most of the time, I did not know what I was doing and just do as instructed. But I am not taking it at face value like that. I learn how to do some things that we ignored in the past and use it as a learning process and who knows, a promotion for me in future.

I would say it has been a roller coaster ride.

However, at the same time, when I reach home, I have also been doing some things for my online business which of course, is still stagnant but I just want to imagine orders coming in and I become busy preparing the orders, receiving payment and sending them out to customers. That day will come, I promise myself :) I hope to leverage on the gift giving season which is Christmas and perhaps, I will try to heavily publicize it or something.

I've also been watching self help videos because I want good things to happen in my life and I don't wish to attract negativity. I don't know if 'The Secret' or the 'Law of Attraction' actually have some bearing to it and the best part is, they said there is no such thing as coincidence. So people becoming richer and the poor getting poorer is no coincidence. It's because of how you channel your thoughts and naturally, the universe acts upon it. 

Oh well, some things you take them with a pinch of salt. But they do make sense in certain things like gratitude and being thankful for what you already have instead what you don't have. Loving yourself and knowing that you are worth it especially if you have weight problems that erode your self esteem and make you super self conscious like yours truly. When you love yourself including your body, you will do things to nourish it well, make yourself beautiful, wear the nicest clothes and it will just naturally show up on the outside and people will love you more than every pound in your body.

Let us all make today a good day. It's important how you start the day right. Don't let distractions get in the way and appreciate that you have made it to another day and plan to live it right from the start.

So what are your wants that you want the universe to act upon? For me, I want to earn $300 from my online shop within the next few weeks and I want to get to know a sincere guy friend even it we start off as strangers because I need more guy friends :S and right know, that I.T. guy at work doesn't really count as we're just good colleagues..haha.

Plus positive thinking will only attract good things from the universe, according to the secret. To simplify it, I don't want to dwell on the negative things and instead, I want to channel my thoughts by imagining a better life for me and my family and not having to worry about money problems, debt and so on :)
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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Back from Hiatus

 Hi Hi,

I'm back from quite a long hiatus! Yah I've been sick in the middle of the month and got super busy at work ever since we got the news that the auditors were coming so we have to clear a lot of back end work! I can't do much of any other things except clearing these back end work. So when I got back, I'm too tired to even open up blogger and type away so I chose to spend my time watching clips of Days of Our Lives, playing the Sims Social and also taking long naps.

Oh, besides watching the popular soap drama DOOL, I've always been watching motivational videos and reading articles on them because I want to improve my life. I'm sick of being in debt due to my bad financial decisions and also how I have been spending my life. I don't want to merely exist but I want to live.

I believe that if you put your mind to it, not give up and stay focus, you can make your dreams come true. Plus have you heard of the saying

“Always aim for the Moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.”

W. Clement Stone

It's not always about being the first or the wealthiest, it's about adding value to your life which is not always in monetary value. We shouldn't be jealous if one drives a ferrari while we drive a small car. If in God's grace that he gets to enjoy the financial benefits of his hard work, then it is his right to enjoy. God is fair. He may not bless everyone with that kind of wealth but he may bless us with things with far more value than the value of the ferrari such as experiencing the kindness of people, the joy of giving back to someone else who needs it more than us and the company of good friends and family.

At the end of the day, the value of the car is nothing if our life feels empty and non fulfilling.
I believe we should learn to fill the gaps in our lives with knowledge, love, kindness, contentment and spirituality. 

So yah, been doing a lot of thinking and also watching some dramas (apart from DOOL of course) that teach us that we shouldn't be too greedy in life and too calculative with money especially if it is going to benefit someone else who need it more than us. 

Speaking of dreams, I've always been trying to promote and think of new business ideas for my online shop. I'm still am trying my best to make some income from it apart from my monthly card sales although this month, I did make other sales such as the sales of personalijed notebooks.

Do drop by my facebook page and support me at mylittlecardshop

I went to a recent warehouse sales and honestly I don't think I would go another round because I don't want to be too greedy. I've already spent around $27 the last round and I want to fully make use of the stuffs that I spent my money on (which to me is a lot...after 60% to 70% off..imagine that) even though yeah just now I made one bad decision to buy yet two stacks of patterned papers in $10 total despite me telling myself that I shouldn't be spending on it anymore.

Talk about being greedy. All just because I was slightly disappointed I didn't get the set earlier on which contains stickers and I got excited too fast when she posted another set which isn't so fantastic but selling for half the price of the earlier set. That's all good....until, she asked if I wanted another set so I can get at a discounted price. So now, it's $10 in total :S from the original $3. Haiyah...I'm already counting every cent that I have, well..most of it...and now I have to put myself in a fix with this if you're thinking why do I get so uptight over a $10 worth of something.

Well that something apparently happens to be something I don't need as of now because I've already bought 30 patterned papers just about 2-3 weeks ago. I don't want to be as greedy as the people on this facebook group that I'm on who lavishes over almost every collection that comes out and you know how expensive this scrapbooking hobby is. Okay greedy seems like an extreme word describing them but it's like I see they keep buying stuffs and even spending in hundreds even. My take is that you can spend on your hobby but it's better to also spend time on your crafts rather than always hoarding the materials just because they're nice, pretty and on discount. Yes I speak for myself too..hrmph.

Lesson learnt.

Okay I will slowly be posting more stuffs soon and be back with regular programming :)

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Monday, October 08, 2012

Shopping Warzone & Other Shopping Goodies

I entered  a war zone when I went to a Charles & Keith warehouse sales last Friday evening and while the crowd wasn't so bad initially but the longer I was there, the worse the crowd was becoming to a point of being jostled around and having little standing and walking space. To think that I wasn't even feeling very well and yet somehow, I made it there. Go figure.

I mean, come on, it's a sales that I've been waiting for and the last time I was there, I didn't get any bags so I hope to get one as the current bag I have from them have started to peel though I really do like the bag. Sad but true story..haha.

Anyway, the most amusing part was when the new trolleys of new unopened bags came in and the crowd went wild. Everyone started to gather around the bags area and the sales assistants were flinging bags and the crowd were stretching out their arms hoping to 'bag' the deal..get it? Heh. I didn't get any coz I didn't really stretch out my arms in sheer determination. Plus the bags were all wrapped up and I can't really see and I believe they all did that hoping they would grab a nice looking bag.

For me, the most bummer and most annoying moments were not that actually. I found the most annoying was, whenever I spotted a good bag placed by the sales assistants or by other shoppers who decided they didn't want them, somebody else spotted them, asked the price and immediately grabbed them. And at times, I saw it first but my hand didn't grab fast enough. So sad.

Oh well. In the first place, I'm not a seasoned shopper but at the end of my ordeal..heh, I did manage to get a bag. Remember when I mentioning about the bags being thrown into the frenzy crowd, one of them made its way to the long table which I spotted and believed that they didn't want it. I thought it looked good, doesn't have gawdy details and roomy enough to put my stuffs and I dunno, to me it's still quite pricey but I don't know the original price. Knowing their curent prices, this could be 50 plus?

It costs me $39.90 and I'm like..yikes...because I hate spending that amount on a bag if it's not during any bonus period. But oklah, think of it as an investment, like as if I need another bag, and also it's from a warehouse sales. Plus I guess the cheaper ones like those $36.90 and below have been snapped up earlier so can't complain much. At least I didn't get the $43.90 range.

Oh, that aside, there was other sales going on in the mall and somehow I go to this mall almost every day and never really care about things on sales but my other friend does. She's quite a shopaholic but she's also one to spot nice buys and good deals..well, most of the time, nice buys.

I wouldn't even think of stepping into the clothing store even though I saw the sales sign many times and eventually, we shared an item each from a buy 2 for $10.

The orange top is from Cotton On and bummer it's in medium size but oh well, it still fits though a wee bit snuggly. However I think the L will be slightly loose like a similar one I have in blue. I really like the pink top with a sash to be tied as a ribbon behind. I got it for $5 while my friend got another top in orange which is nice as well. We share the price because we're financially tight.

Anyway, in terms of make up, I came across this blog and she writes professionally for beauty products and she had a blog sales. I thought that I'm so not gonna miss this blog sales like I did the other time and some of them items have the prices slashed so low even for items that are brand new. Mine wasn't but ok I guess as long as I don't break out from it.

I got myself a Sleek pomegranate blush..yay finally! At half the price, no less!


You can see the review here and after reading this review, I'm like so wow'ed by the lip colours. Maybe I can try to buy them through a spree.

I also got other beauty stuffs...

I finally got the falsies mascara from Maybelline!!!! I was trying to get it below the price of $20.90 coz I thought I'm not going to pay that kinda price for a drugstore mascara. But eventually I went to the NTUC hypermarket and there was a deal for it for $18.80. Wow. Almost $2 off! My mascaras have all dried up and I'm left with one workable one so I'm like alright, justified to get one. The other stuffs is a cheap face powder and the middle face product is actually the Himalaya facial scrub which I use about 4 times in a week.

This is a closer look of the facial scrub. I got it at a discounted price of er...$6 plus I guess. Oh btw if you wanna try this out, there is a smaller tube but not so small it's pathetic, selling at $2 at Guardian Pharmacy. Perhaps you want to try it out and see the difference :)

I find that it is essential to have a good facial scrub and if you have sensitive skin, can get one with a gentle scrub. So far, this is good for me and I have sensitive skin. At any age, it's good to take care of your skin and in particular, your face because normally people will look at you straight and judge your age from your face.

I probably won't be doing another so called haul post like this one because I won't be shopping for awhile. This is one of those rare moments where I buy several things within a short period of time and that is only when I have the extra moolah. Other times, it will be just enough for survival and to sustain the family unless of course it's some one off cheap or discounted buys which is often the case.

To me, no matter how tight up you are, you should be able to still make yourself happy with small little purchases provided you have enough money for other more important stuffs. Or you can do it like me, buy only when there's sales but even then, make sure that you don't buy too many or it will defeat the purpose. Happy shopping!

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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Awakened Shopping Spirit and a...Certain Website

After a long period of dry spell, the shopping spirit in me wakes up and I've been buying quite a number of things lately namely makeup, clothes, shoes and bags. Shoes, I've bought from a previous Johor trip and so far, I've worn one pair. Knowing me, I aimed for the sandals first because my current one is beyond recognition.

As much as I thought that I've bought quite a number, let's say they don't add up to be that much. Later I will be doing a pictorial blog post on the things I've bought and also the crazy experience I went through with the much anticipated Charles and Keith warehouse sales.

Anyway, I'm officially done with shopping until December because that is when the bonus crunch will come in and so within these next two months, I will concentrate on saving, paying off my bills and debts and also trying to earn money by concentrating on my online shop. But I won't say it is an end all shopping pursuit because sometimes when there is a good bargain, I can't simply give it up, right? Let's just say it is a case by case basis.

By the way, I did something not in character of me because I feel that well, I need to make new guy friends. But I've been slightly influenced by this article I've read about online dating and while I cringe at the term 'online dating', I want to see it at from another point of view which is to make at least one or two guy friends but with no strings attached. No, I don't mean of course flirting and dating followed by dumping him later. I wanna say that I'm torn with that decision (the making friends part..not the dating part) because I don't want to lead on them thinking that I want to be more than friends because really, I just prefer making friendships that is all. Let's see...most likely I will have to....delete my profile :S because the government (yes, this dating website is from the gahmen) is encouraging single people like me to mingle with other single people so that we can pro create to increase the dwindling population so as to boost the economy. Phewh.

But on the other hand, I would say it is a win win situation because let's face it, some of us have no interest in pursuing a love life because things in Singapore are getting very expensive and to have a family, you really need to, not only be mentally prepared, but also financially prepared too. While 'love conquers it all', or as long as we love each other, I feel that it is not enough. If you love him or her, you should aim to be prepared for the future because honestly it really isn't easy to live in Singapore if you don't have either a successful business or a full time job that pays at least the minimum wage.

That is also the reason why the Muslim bodies in Singapore nowadays are encouraging Muslim housewives to take up a job that offer flexible working hours so that they can contribute to the family income. These housewives are mostly tied down with taking care of family needs and their children's needs but things are getting more expensive here so the best thing to do is to earn some more income to supplement the breadwinner's income which is mostly coming from the husband side.

I mean you don't have to aim to be rich so that you don't have to so called suffer but really, the point is to earn enough to support the family so there's a difference.

So who says love relationships are easy and hence why, single people like me don't mind our status but like any other girl, it will be nice if at least one guy, not asking for much, could shower us with undivided attention. But for me, it will be...'can't I have at least one nice guy friend to hang out with?' I'm seriously lacking in guy friends and I don't know if this is a curse or something..hrm.

But yah, this social website, knowing their main agenda, I dunno....probably I signed up the wrong website. While it's easier to say that well, I should go in with an open mentality because not all chatting buddies here will end up being part of my love life. Still on the fence with it...see how it goes.

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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Singlehood: Not Good Enough For You

At last, after more than one and a half year...they're finally together! But then, this being a soap drama, there will be MORE drama later..ha!

Anyway, you thought that this title refers to me eh? ha..not really.

I may be wrong but I guess no matter how much confidence someone may exude, there is always this glimmer of thought that hey, we're not good enough. It sorta impacts me at times because when I read stuffs about couples or get to know them through video posts or what and then I feel, well I'm not as good as her. She may not be the slimmest person around but she has such a great sense of humour and personality. There are so many qualities that are attractive about her and I'm just not as good as her. Hence, my often silly thoughts that I'm not good enough for anyone and the fact that I don't seem to attract any guys is a clear indication that I'm...just not good enough.

But then I thought again that some things take time to happen. Perhaps I'm like a diamond in the rough and the fact that I know I'm special and a unique individual just like you or anyone else makes me feel that well, I will clearly shine like a true diamond some day to someone out there.

So to me, it's best I absorb and see what I can learn from the good example of girls who are very self assured about themselves and the qualities that make them good enough for any guys. For me, I guess I have to learn to be more sociable and be more open to making friends.

I've got someone in mind as a very clear role model and while she's a swinging single like me, it's never because she's not good enough. She just doesn't care..haha. But I bet when she starts looking around, there will be a lot of interested parties. Her support towards her friends is very strong, she's so funny too (and lame..) and she doesn't judge you. While other people may be nice but behind someone's back, they can be pretty nasty, and yet she's just an all round good person.

I know I can never be as good as her but the very least I want to be, in my own ability, as best as I can be towards myself, friends, colleagues and family. I want to to be the someone who people like because of who I am and not be judged to be someone who is not good enough for them. I may not be everyone's dream girl or type and if people judge me from my face value or body type and they think that heck, I'm not good enough for them, that is their own opinion to keep. Infact, if that is solely how they judge people, then I feel sorry for them, not towards myself.

So I believe that there is the right time and place for everything and that some things just take awhile before any actions take place, also known as, my empty love life..haha. It doesn't really matter to me. I tend to see the bigger picture and I still have a long way to go in making myself a better person. It's a constant learning experience but I believe it is an enriching experience as well. While it's just human nature that I do have the tendencies to feel that I'm just simply not good enough, based on experience, with time and practice, things can get better and there is no way we can just tell ourselves that we're not good enough for this or that person. Learn to love ourselves, be proud of ourselves, be kind hearted, sincere, smart, humble and being an overall nice person. Who knows, other people or guys will think that hey, they're not good enough for us because we're the real deal :)

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Monday, October 01, 2012

The Jeans Diet

Brand new month and er..brand new diet plans! Haha..

I've got now exactly 3 months to reach my target weight and I believe that I can get there eventually...slowly but surely.

Why I titled this post as The Jeans Diet is basically because I've got this pair of jeans which I'm desperate to be able to fit in again as the last time I could wear it without suffocating myself in the bottom half was in 2010 and then in 2011, things started to get downhill for me. Everything doesn't seem right for me which is also a contribution to my weight gain as I start to lose focus. But I believe I can get it straighten out and I've been seeing some progress. A long way to go still but we're getting there. I'm getting there.

So this morning I tried to wear the pair of jeans and though I still struggle, I somehow managed to zip and button up. Just slightly more than a month ago, I couldn't even get the zip up. So I believe by the end of this month, not only do I get to accomplish those two things successfully with just a slight hitch, I will still be able to walk and breathe normally. My aim. Actually I have a lot of aim. I aim to have the body like J Lo, Kim Kardashian or Beyonce but well, I think I just wanna be a bit slender so that clothes will look better on me and I feel comfortable in them :) No need to have a va va voom body.

I went to the gym just now, which trust me, prior to that I was struggling a heck lot mentally because I didn't have the right shirt and I felt soooo fat in the current one. But I got that sorted out soon by wearing one of the shirts I bought yesterday and I felt comfy in it though at first yes, I still feel fat but whatever, the point is to go there and exercise and not to attract attention right?

While working out, I tried to stay focus and also think about how am I gonna aim to lose a certain amount of weight each month. I started strategising and I realize that while I guess I've been good so far last week, it could have been better. I also tried to focus on my exercise just now and though I've always been focusing especially on the treadmill because I often fear I would slide off, I believe that with grit and determination, plus constant efforts, I can see some results. I hope by October 31st.
Let's see how it goes and I will report base here.

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Quick Getaway to Johor Bahru

 I may have mentioned this a few times but..I suck at shopping..LOL. No seriously, I do. I just am not so updated about fashion (make up is a different story) so I don't really know how to dress myself up. People see clothes in store and they get inspired. I see clothes, I see them as dubious and then I see the price tag, I'm like okay.....what else is there. I guess I should change a bit. I do like though, simple cutting of blouses and basic shirts that are casual. Did I mention I suck at fashion?

Oh, these are some of the pics taken by my two friends when we did a quick getaway. I believe the highlight for me is of course the food (we ate at Nandos which is not halal here by the way) and F.O.S or factory outlet store. For someone who lives on basic shirts, it's good for me..ha! I would say Cotton On over there is overpriced though in comparison to Sing dollars. So I browsed through and I fancied some of them but their price tag set me back and I thought that it would be way cheaper for me to get them from Singapore and so I cheated and I really got them from here when I reached back.

You would probably cry afoul when you see how little I bought

My loot from the local Cotton On

I got these plus a pink polo shirt for my bro and some food for the fam..btw, check out the caption!

I didn't bring much MYR and what I've got is basically bought with the MYR I received as a birthday gift. I added some money for food though and my friend was also kind enough to loan me some of her MYR because I thought I may not have enough. Actually now that I know how to get there, I may go there on my own to the FOS. Still feeling a twinge of regret though for not getting the skirt..haha. Oh well, maybe after work later I may check out Marine Parade. Try my luck there. Maybe only because knowing me, I probably need the money to pay for stuffs and not to buy more clothes though.

Okay! So here's the pics of us ( I didn't have a camera plus my friends prefer me not taking pictures with my year, aim to change the model!)

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Love Ourselves & Live Simply

We can get inspirations everywhere and not just from the memes of quotes people paste on their facebook wall..which honestly can get a tad bit annoying sometimes..hehe. And you know where I can inspirations from right if you follow my blog. I get them from whatever I watch on youtube be it from movies or dramas. One of them I learn is that if we don't love ourselves, how can we expect other people to love us??

That's true in the way. You used to hear me moan and groan about me being well, on the heavier side, but the fact that I'm doing something to make it better helps in a way and also about me not being as pretty as other girls but now I have slowly learn to appreciate the fact that this is my looks. Like it or not, it's mine. If other girls choose to have botox, chin filler, plastic surgery's their looks and they can damn well do whatever they want with it. But I just cringe when they overdo it and they end up looking uglier than they already are. The best part? They don't even realize it!

But there are simple rules in life about self loving. Know that there is only one out of you in this world and make yourself as uniquely you as possible. So what if I don't look like a typical pretty Malay girl. I think I'm pretty in my own world but looks are just superficial and clearly I've emphasized before that what is more important is being beautiful inside.

I mean us girls always like to compare ourselves to other girls and then be all sad or even angry like why don't we remotely even look like that. I wish I've got a more slender body so that clothes look better than me but yah, even if I exercise 4 hours daily, I will probably never get that sort of body because I'm built this way. It's just like how if you're short, you can't like make yourself taller. I know there's room for improvement to make myself look slimmer but it I can't go as slim as them, so what right?

Also, how we like to compare ourselves to others in a sense that we will think that well, I want HER life I don't like mine because I don't have the goodies that she has. I'm stuck with this stupid phone and why can't I have a free reign in buying those high end products like mac and I'm always debating with myself over a drugstore product...on discount...because I want to make sure I don't make a careless purchase.

While we can lean to be careful with money but yah sometimes we need to enjoy life as well like try not to be too strict with ourselves. If it's a good buy and we will use them, why not right? But just be sure too that we don't forget about it after we buy. It doesn't really matter if it's a high end or a lower end product as long as we make it worth every single cent. Make up is meant to enhance our looks as part of our self loving because if we look good, we find our own self worth increase in value too when we gain self confidence. Yah, sometimes we need help but think of it as a good help.

Another rule I learn is to live simply. Easier said than done like when you think you have enough clothes, you go ahead and buy some more clothes..haha. Nothing wrong with that but you gotta start wearing what you have instead of just doing impulsive buying because it will eventually become a waste of money when you think you score with good buys. Some people strive to get better phones *cough* iPhone but their current phone is still working well but they change to keep up with the trends in the mobile tech world.

But living simply also means to concentrate on what matters to you most in life. Actually there are a lot of things that we can do without but we are so packed with impression that we have is not good enough. The irony is that living simply....doesn't necessarily mean it is an easy process. But if life isn't always good to us, it's best to reflect and see which areas of our life we need to declutter to remove the emotional baggage that we can carry in us unknowingly.

Okay I'm not the right person to talk about this but this article probably will help you.

72 Ideas to Simply Your Life

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Pursuit of Happiness & The Joys in Life

I haven't cleared the things from my haul from Johor Bahru yesterday. To be honest, I didn't buy much but I guess it's in my nature to just not buy a lot in one single shopping spree but you know, I didn't want to make it a wasted trip. More on that in a separate post once I got the photos up.

For once, I thought well it was good I lost a bit of weight so the clothes didn't look too awful on me when I tried them on. I guess the gym sessions and diet conscious me in the weeks prior to the trip helped in a bit? Hee..

My only one single regret is not getting one of the skirts from Factory Outlet Store and I'm deprived of skirts! I think the closest I could find a shop like FOS here in Singapore will be the Song & Song? I believe I can find it in Marine Parade and they sell similar stuffs like basically factory rejects of popular top brands that cost more in the actual shops. I guess I will drop by later to see if I can get one, as long as I still have the moolah because we got our usual quarterly maintenance money. 

So anyway, this week and the middle of last week had been a fantastic ride in the soap world. I have been watching soap dramas for the last few years and I figured lately that well, why I'm sooooo into it is probably because I don't have a social life. But then, come to think of it, this is part of my life. It makes me who I am. While others like to get lost in the storylines of the books they read, I like to get lost in the world of soap dramas or indie movies...fantasy stuffs that make you forget for awhile the world of harsh reality.

Plus it makes me happy. Many people thrive to find happiness in their life. But I learn recently that when you try to find happiness, you will probably never get it. You should be finding simple joys in what you are currently loving and doing in life. Some girls find joy in shoe shopping, some find joy in a job they love, the friendship they treasure, the hobbies they enjoy, anything under the sun that makes them happy. I don't baulk at my friend who is a major shopaholic where else I struggle to find things that I like because I don't quite find the joy in shopping. But I find joy in simply hanging out with them, having lunch and tea break with them and the pure bliss of happiness of being in their company instead of just being surrounded by tonnes of paperwork. 

Life isn't always smooth sailing but it does bring about pleasant surprises and I feel that we should learn to enjoy what we already have instead of constantly trying to pursuit happiness. Just like what people say that sometimes it's just in front of you but you fail to see it right there and then. Of course it's not just enough being happy with what we have now and we must always strive to make things better for us. It's the process of learning which is part of life. But while we are it, what matters most is the journey that we take and not just the destination.

Hope that enlightens some of you who, like me, do struggle in life and at some point think that well, we're better off not be in this world because life isn't worth it. We can bring about the change in ourselves to make things better. The world doesn't owe you a living, right? Hope this inspires you to do something right in your life for once if you sorta messed it up in the first place just like me. We can get through this and learn to appreciate the joys in our lives. So yay, I can finally justify my love for soap dramas..haha!

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yet Another RAK!

I cannot believe my luck that I won yet another RAK (random act of kindness) on this closed facebook group with even more scrapbooking items! Jealous much?, can't believe my luck! While at that point of time for the first rak, I thought it came at such a good time because I was pretty upset I couldn't shop as much as these people do who seem to don't mind spending their moolah.

Even though now I'm not totally broke and I managed to buy some little stuffs from the group, winning this RAK is like an icing on the cake...again! 

This post was from an earlier RAK.

So I collected my loot last Monday..or is it Admiralty and I'm so happy!!! I finally got an owl stamp in a set and the Tim Holtz distress stamp pad which I tried to find but everything was snapped up at the madewithlove shop. Gosh, those people are really crazeh..they literally sweep everything off the racks the minute the shop opens ever since the news came out that they were closing down for good.

Okay I didn't manage to find a place for everything when I was trying to keep them away and here's a pic of them all (original picture from the generous person herself)


Out of these loot are some flowers and I've been meaning to find such flowers although they're not the brand I'm looking for. 

Speaking of buying, I've been making mini purchases from the facebook group plus some other sellers not just from that group and honestly I'm a tad bit disappointed that they don't make effort to post quite immediately. I paid almost immediately when they asked for payment. I mean they're polite enough to say they're too busy to post so fine but don't understand why they have to drag on and on. How far can the postal box be and on the way to somewhere amidst their busy schedule, can just drop it to some box what.

Oh well. Anyway it taught me a lesson to not be so greedy in buying. No doubt I don't buy like these ladies who observe sales items like stock market and going to that closing down sales multiple times. But now I just wait until I receive ALL my items before I consider buying from them again and using my current stash instead of just accumulating them.

So yah, just a word of advice. You can make purchases online but if it's not a certified seller do be very very careful.

Anyway back to the RAK, I've decorated a notebook cover with some of the items and I thought they're pretty nice. I will update a picture of it later :)


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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What's in the Bag

This is a pictorial version of what's in the bag..haha. I don't do videos which is probably more interesting but my things are not that interesting. At one point of time, it was a popular video in you tube where people show what are in their bags.

Well, this is my version and the things that I carry around in my bag and some are brand new. I usually change bag every 2 to 3 weeks. By right, 2 but sometimes I am lazy to stash them into another bag although the process is usually very fast because I don't really have many stuffs.

I'm not sure if you can see very well because I didn't take a good shot because it's past 4.30am in the morning and my eyes are blurry.

Anyway, let's go from left to right. 

There is this green umbrella which I've yet to use but the school attendant gave it to me because he found it. Yes, I'm surrounded by nice people.

The hello kitty pouch which contains my keys and my internet banking security code thing. It was given by my cousin.

A barely used notebook which was given to me by the school I work in for Teachers' Day. And no I'm not a teacher in case you're wondering why the English is atrocious and I'm a teacher. I think it's good to keep a notebook and note to self to start using it frequently. I used to carry a diary but it's too heavy and my shoulders are sensitive to heavy weight thanks to years of carrying a bag pack.

Biscuit which I just found in my room which is probably my brother's and he just bought it. Can use it as snacks..hee.

A black pouch given as a birthday I think 2 or 3 years ago and the zipper is gone case but I still keep it and I keep my spec's towel inside for wiping which I also found.

Behind it is a new silver pouch from Clinique which the same colleague gave to me on Monday which I have yet to use and is still in the bag. 

A guess wallet which I swear I will change this year. I have been using Guess wallets for years and I change every couple years. You must be thinking FINALLY something inside the bag that I bought. 

Oh, I also just bought this Maybelline baby lips balm because my lips are pretty dry and I heard this is good and cheap. I mean I used to carry a small sample lip balm but I dunno, I don't really like it. See how it goes for this. I get tired of lip balms easily.

Tissue pack and on top of the tissue pack is some free samples of Estee Lauder illuminator which I collected from the counter on Monday.

That envelope u see is a stash of $500 worth of NTUC vouchers which  I got recently when I asked for financial assistance. So far I used up $100. 

Beside it if you can see is an iPod nano which I found and have been using since. It's cracked though because careless me dropped it in the bus but it's still in working order.

On top of it is what I call a miracle cream. I have sensitive skin and I apply them mostly on my hands or my foot area where eczema tends to attack my skin. So far this cream works wonders plus it gives instant results (read: immediate itching and redness) and it was given to me by my aunt some years back.

Next to it is a free comb which  I will always get if I go for cheap hair trimmings at Qb10. I think that's the name of the place.

Of course how can we not forget my blackberry. I've been harping on wanting to get a bold but I dunno because I'm not the sort who will spend more than $200 on a phone..hee. I got this for $58 with contract. I'm not an 'apps' person or a games person but this phone still allows me to connect to the world of social media albeit not as good as a bold. See, I'm doing it again!

I didn't take a picture of the bag but later today, I will be carrying a bag from Mango which I got at a huge discount during one of their sales. I change from a Charles and Keith bag which looks quite horrible now because the skin is peeling and to think that I don't often use it. Hrmph.

So yah, those things are found in my bag including some new items and also justify how I'm such a freeloader too. Eh, not all the time because people give me stuffs.

You ladies probably carry much more than mine. Notice I don't even carry make up except when I go out with friends or go outside during weekends for touch ups. Usually stuffs like foundation. I used to carry mirror but they have a tendency to crack.

What's in your bag? :)




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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Closing Down of One of My Favourite Haunts

You know the shop that I often frequented and blogged about recently? Sadly, the shop is ceasing its operations in Singapore and will be concentrating on their stores in Indonesia. They could not find a favourable location in Singapore and then judging from the local scrapbooking market, they felt they were better off concentrating on their Indonesian market. That's sad. This is like the second scrapbooking supplies shop closing down this year. 

So we were all hyped about the moving on sales and then now it has sourly turned to a closing down sales instead. You have no idea the egg-citement of me thinking of going down to Plaza Sing to visit the shop every time pay day comes. And I went a little crazy every time they have sales but not so crazy I spend hundreds. I save a hundred plus yes because their sales prices can be very good like up to 50% discount even.

Ever since their announcement plus the recent one about them closing down, I had gone down four times. I most likely make one last trip the following week in the first week of October where they will be closing down for good on the 7th October just to have one last feel as well. What a very sad departure.

I'm not so crazy over many stuffs because I don't scrapbook and I tend to buy thing that I can maximize their usage and also their things are not very cheap and hence me trying to go down during the times I receive my pay or when they have huge discounted sales. It opened up the possibility of me opening up my online store on facebook and making cards for the teachers' birthdays which I am paid for giving me a bit of additional income every month.

Also, I have made some things and given them out to friends and colleagues all thanks to their supplies. Of course recently I have bought stuffs online as well and many of them in this group also share their love of buying things from this shop. 

So many memories. So far I have gone there alone. My brother tagged along before but only to the front of the shop coz the queue at that time during the sales scared him..haha.

Anyhoo, for their recent sales, I have spent a total of $60 from all the four visits. But originally it would have cost me more than $100. I didn't get a 50% discount for all because I can't really tell the diff between the older stock and the new arrivals especially if they don't clearly label them. I do watch videos on youtube but I'm not on the ball with the new collections and stuff from various makers. However at the very least I did receive some 30% discount on the new arrivals.

Here's my latest loot from Friday and Saturday. Yes I was crazy enough to go both days but I did a 'chop chop' or a quickie grab and go.

Yay, I got myself the versafine which was raved in the facebook group, patterned papers coz mine's running low, yet another 6X6 paper pad (I feel like I'm stocking up for winter) fav of all, a chandelier stamp!!!! I wanted this stamp so badly and this 3 stamps pack costs just $1.95..before the 30% discount! How can I not be happy. However, I went a little bit overbudget because I didn't know I grabbed the new arrivals patterned papers so I was only entitled to 30 and not 50% off per piece except one. HRmph. So I paid $19 plus instead of $10 plus. Oh well, at least I didn't get the Body Shop peach body mist that costs $5.00 at the Body Shop atrium sales coz of the long queue the day before. I didn't know it was an hourly special. So now it's back to $12.90 on Saturday. Oh well, lost opportunity.

Oh, by the way I believe these papers will be well used because a teacher proposed if  I could make for her 39 notebooks and bookmarks for her P6 boys. If she decides to go ahead with her proposal, I can make money! Sort of recuperate part of my loss..heh. Also, time to pay those nasty banks my outstanding credit card payments too. 

Yes, I will now try to concentrate on finding ideas to make money instead of always thinking money is not enough besides always trying to cut down on expenses because that can only be done so much. But of course money is not a good measurement of one's happiness because one can have so much money but if he's not in good health or does not have good relationships with friends and family, can't expect to be happy. Money will always come as long as we work hard and is sincere in our heart but it's up to us to truly enjoy life because we only have one chance to live.

C'est La Vie people! And also good luck with madewithlove in their future endeavours.

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Beauty Haul Plus Beauty Gifts in September 2012

Last week, I got myself a new eyeshadow. Silly me. Money no enough also can still buy make up. But don't worry babe, I got my finances under control. Yah right. But really, this month I've got $120 worth of free munneh this month courtesy of my kind vice principal..haha. Okay at first the $20 was a birthday gift and the other $100 which I got on Friday was for the cards I make every month for the teachers' birthdays. Supposed to be $50 and when she asked if it was enough, before I could answer she handed me another $50 giving a total of $100. Wow. Then again, since she wants to can I say no, right? I said that I will use it for the next month instead so I won't collect money next month. Even if I do, it will be for the following month to be fair.

So I think it's more than enough to make up spending on the...eyeshadow? haha. Anyway, the eyeshadow costs me $11.90 instead of the original price of $14.90. How can I NOT get it?! I mean, I got one of them in beige and I love it so much! So now I have a silver colour. I didn't take a picture of it but I will kindly link to someone else's blog which indirectly is promoting her blog too. It's okay for me since I haven't open mine yet.

This is the shade I got.

Flashback Silver
For the review from a fellow beauty blogger:

 Loreal Infallible Eyeshadow

Such a nice shade to have! Instead of the usual brown tones, you should add silver in your collection if you're not a collector.

I also got this with some vouchers

Maybelline hypergloss liner

Again, I haven't open it. My bad! Really, normally I will be SOOO enthusiastic in opening one but I haven't been feeling too well lately plus it's the time of the month so I'm feeling very lethargic and bloated.

I did buy an Elf cream eyeliner which I have yet to use out and I bought another liner. Go figure. I think they're both different but I guess this liner is probably easier to apply.

Oh! As though that is not enough. See what other goodies I got and mind you, I didn't spend money on them..heh heh.

Clinique moisturiser sample, lipstick and lipbalm samples

If you're wondering why the casing of the lipstick is funny, it's because it's a sample product and my colleague has a bunch of them in various shades. They're not used and her daughter works in Clinique so she has her hands on them. But they're full size with the exception of the moisture surge. Wow. I'm not a lippie person coz I don't see the point coz I hate reapplying when the colour is gone but hey, every girl SHOULD have at least one lippie in a colour most suitable and most versatile.

I don't buy high end make up so I don't know exactly how much are the prices by hard but I used to in the past because of my mum. However I did find out the cost of the lip colour balm is $28. I used it and it's pretty red. But yah it rubs off easily because it's a lip balm I think.

But freeloaders cannot complain much.

So that's my beauty loot :) I am happy because it did cross my mind that lately I haven't been buying new make up stuffs as I'm too busy trying to spend money wisely. But I guess call it the birthday luck because I managed to snag some. Now I need me a new blusher. Waiting for the next Sleek spree to get my hand on their blush. I simply LURVE their blushes. Should check their website out.

Sleek Blush 

I am looking out for a dark pink colour because I don't have that particular shade. 

So what are your new beauty buys.

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