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Beauty Loot

I've been buying quite a lot of make up recently and believe me, yes I felt the guilt. And it's like no no no..should NOT buy..then end up buying. While you don't see me donning eye shadows on regular days and besides the usual bb cream, and at times blusher, I honestly only wear eye shadows when I'm out with friends which isn't always by the way. Plus I have yet to score a date so yes, I'm only limited to wearing them when with friends...haha. Even though, it's not ALL the outings. 

Oh well, I just love how the right application of make up can transform you into someone who is more beautiful and I've also mentioned before that make up does have that ability to give you that boost of confidence.  Plus how can you not lurve the array of colours, gloss, matt etc etc...

But my budget honestly isn't big when it comes to make up so I just have to be smarter when it comes to buying make up to cut corners here and there. At the same time, I am also trying to…

Clothing Haul from Bonus Payout

If you have followed my entries before, if there's one thing I admit I am not good at is fashion. There is not a single bone of fashionista in me..haha. But yah, at least one of the things I try my best at is that I try to look at least co-ordinated or well put together instead of being sloppy and mismatched.

And another thing is that I hardly buy clothes, honestly. So there will be the occasional buys usually around pay day but seriously hardly but the time when I get to buy new clothes with more than 1 piece is when I get my bonus payout which is 3 times in a year, well 3 if I get a good significant amount of performance bonus. Another time will be when we get our maintenance allowance for every quarter but usually, it's just one or two pieces at most usually, hardly.

So cut to the chase, within the last two days plus last Friday when I went to Malaysia with my colleagues, I bought many many clothes! Again, my emphasis is that I'm not a fashionista so what I basically got …

Bonus & Study Plans

Hi Hi,

Yes, the case of abandonment of blog. So much work to be done as we're rushing to meet the deadline before they cut off the usage of the system. Every day, a pile of work is waiting for me. I wanna be more carefree at work even though it kinda defeat the purpose of being at work..hehe.

Anyway, it also has to do with how I organize my life which in this case is very disorganized. I think I seriously need to reflect back on my life and see which areas I need to improve to make my life more productive. I have the resources but I don't have the energy to do them. I even sorta abandon my current love of crafting new cards and notebooks simply because I am not motivated at all but I find that I am slowly regaining back that motivation in me.

There are so many things that I want to say but I'll make it into several posts instead. But the first most important thing that I want to mention about is...this Wednesday is Bonus Day! Yes it's not a regular pay day but rather, Bon…