Sunday, December 23, 2012

Beauty Loot

I've been buying quite a lot of make up recently and believe me, yes I felt the guilt. And it's like no no no..should NOT buy..then end up buying. While you don't see me donning eye shadows on regular days and besides the usual bb cream, and at times blusher, I honestly only wear eye shadows when I'm out with friends which isn't always by the way. Plus I have yet to score a date so yes, I'm only limited to wearing them when with friends...haha. Even though, it's not ALL the outings. 

Oh well, I just love how the right application of make up can transform you into someone who is more beautiful and I've also mentioned before that make up does have that ability to give you that boost of confidence.  Plus how can you not lurve the array of colours, gloss, matt etc etc...

But my budget honestly isn't big when it comes to make up so I just have to be smarter when it comes to buying make up to cut corners here and there. At the same time, I am also trying to buy lesser from the local drugstores because honestly, their prices can be craaazy sometimes.

So enough talk, show you my loot from the last couple of months...

llamasqua liquid metal eye shadow cream bought from a blogsale for $10

Nice metallic cream

The body shop was a gift. The Maybelline mystery pouch which I seriously groped a few of them.

I got all these for just $19.90! Plus the groping paid off! I got the Jelly Glow!

The Jelly Glow...*love* I love blushes..this one felt like er..jelly

Jelly Glow up close

$8.00 from the Loreal Sales at Expo. Buy 2 for $15.00! But I bought one only.

Permanent Kaki. Er, forgive the blur quality.

I love this range of Loreal infallible eyeshadows

I got this Loreal voluminous mascara from a blog shop for only $13.00!

See what I meant when I said I tried to cut costs when buying make up? :) But of course, this doesn't give you the right to keep buying..LOL. Just basically buy what you will defo wear and not because the colours are so pretty or everyone else is getting it and do keep a cap or limit on the number of items. 

I make support me!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Clothing Haul from Bonus Payout

If you have followed my entries before, if there's one thing I admit I am not good at is fashion. There is not a single bone of fashionista in me..haha. But yah, at least one of the things I try my best at is that I try to look at least co-ordinated or well put together instead of being sloppy and mismatched.

And another thing is that I hardly buy clothes, honestly. So there will be the occasional buys usually around pay day but seriously hardly but the time when I get to buy new clothes with more than 1 piece is when I get my bonus payout which is 3 times in a year, well 3 if I get a good significant amount of performance bonus. Another time will be when we get our maintenance allowance for every quarter but usually, it's just one or two pieces at most usually, hardly.

So cut to the chase, within the last two days plus last Friday when I went to Malaysia with my colleagues, I bought many many clothes! Again, my emphasis is that I'm not a fashionista so what I basically got are the basics plus a couple of cardigans and a dress or long t shirt, depending on what you call it. But yah, they are still somewhat...decent enough.

Okay! So here's my haul..

Cotton On Haul

H & M Haul

Not pictured: a baggy shirt with a sheer and polka dotted back

Even though I usually buy clothes when I have slightly more munneh, I will still try to shamelessly buy during sales or when the prices have been slashed further. Normally I will get clothes in L size or XL if the L is seriously fit for M but some L clothes tend to look like XL and I have to get an M size instead as the L is a little bit big for me. Or maybe coz I'm smaller now..heh...gym sessions and cutting down on food intake helps I guess? Hehe. Don't mind the delusional me. Still a long long way to go before I reach my target weight.

Speaking of which, I've wrote a blog post before regarding the Jeans diet and yah, I've worn that same pair of jeans that I complained before that I wore it somewhere towards end of last  year and my goodness, my bottom half and especially my waistline was screaming in pain. Now I can actually wear it and went out with it. Plus I sat down without any difficulty and felt no pain around the waistline. Now I guess I could fit into it slightly better because ever since that time I wore it, I've been carefully watching what I eat by not snacking necessarily and stop eating after lunch until it's dinner. But if I'm too hungry, I will either drink water or eat a very small piece of snack that is hardly filling. I felt that if I can do this for the next 6 months, can imagine that I don't only reach my next target weight. This can only mean I can fit better into clothes! Not so much because I want to be skinny or be more attractive because I believe you can be attractive at any age. It's a matter of how you project yourself and how others perceive you as. 

So now being able to wear jeans again, I can add a bit more variety to my clothing style because I can pair tops with jeans too.

Oh, one last thing, how can I not buy my craft related materials for my sideline business.

Goodies from Paper Market

I chickened out from buying their punches because I still think they're expensive and I don't mind getting the second hand ones but they always sell out so fast! It's like people are on the stock market to look out for these discounted punches..hrmph.

I get to use the Capitaland voucher which I received last month for the Car Rally event which me and my office colleagues took part in. So again, another round of discount.

And another 'must buy' is of course make up, which I can't show you now here because I will only get them next week. I bought them online through a local online shop and these items are not sold here, well at least one of them as for the other product, Maybelline will be launching the line officially tomorrow (ooh....I just remembered this one) together with a flea market.

I don't know how much they will sell it for but I still believe it will be more ex than what the price I get online. In short, I got the Revlon Voluminous Mascara which is highly raved and like I needed another mascara. But well, it's $13.00 only compared to the usual price tags in the local market here and I've always been trying to get my hands on it because it will really give you this really black and voluminous looking eyelashes. Such a hot item that just now, when I went to the website, it has been sold out already even though it was just launched the day before.

I got to know the product through Make Up Geek and do watch the video on Top 10 Make Up buys for under USD$10.00 and pray hard, some local online shop will pick up the signals and sell them here..haha..

Top 10 Buys

Alright, I'm on the second stretch of the course so really gotta go sleep. I will follow up with a post on my recent make up purchases. Unbelievable but of course, at good prices..hee.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Bonus & Study Plans

Hi Hi,

Yes, the case of abandonment of blog. So much work to be done as we're rushing to meet the deadline before they cut off the usage of the system. Every day, a pile of work is waiting for me. I wanna be more carefree at work even though it kinda defeat the purpose of being at work..hehe.

Anyway, it also has to do with how I organize my life which in this case is very disorganized. I think I seriously need to reflect back on my life and see which areas I need to improve to make my life more productive. I have the resources but I don't have the energy to do them. I even sorta abandon my current love of crafting new cards and notebooks simply because I am not motivated at all but I find that I am slowly regaining back that motivation in me.

There are so many things that I want to say but I'll make it into several posts instead. But the first most important thing that I want to mention about is...this Wednesday is Bonus Day! Yes it's not a regular pay day but rather, Bonus Day or Extra Munneh Day..haha.

The best thing about is that this Bonus will be the most amount I have ever received throughout my working life. It's a completely new first digit which I humbly say that I'm proud of because I worked hard for it and managed to get an increment on top of changing my scheme which promises better pay..but uh, it also means that I need to put in more effort in order to sustain my performance grade.

So it's very exciting but the most non exciting part is planning my budget for it because yes, there are bills to pay and loans to return. Sigh. The perils of an adult life. But I learn that it's better to pay off slowly but surely if it's gonna ensure a freedom from debt in the long run. So true but so hard to do.

I guess I shouldn't procrastinate on this but I believe after deducting whatever I need to deduct including allowance to be given to my family which means my mum and my brother, I should still have a healthy balance. So healthy, it hurts!

Sorry, me being corny there.

Oh yes, the thing about this balance is that, I may need to use it to spend on something else and surprise, I actually sent in my application for a part time studies in a diploma offered by several polytechnics which is a form of higher learning institute recognized by the ministries and of which is a popular choice for students here who wish to continue their post secondary institution. This time round, under the collaboration with the Ministry of Education, they are offering several key courses that are work related for professional development with heavily subsidized fees at 70% off.

Of course with me being a single income earner for my family with my mum not working and my brother still pursuing his studies, I need to be careful with my spending and education is not cheap. However, I believe this is the most affordable for me even though with my current qualifications, I can actually go for an even better course than this. But spending on my education is still a big ticket expense for me. The problem is, I can't remain at what I am currently earning and I must somehow move on and earn more so I have to think long term. Nevermind the pinch now, when it's gonna reap more rewards and benefits in the future.

But on top of this, the best thing about pursuing these such courses, I actually will get the reimbursement from the Ministry I am working with which is good because at the end of it, I will end up not paying much in overall. The reimbursement is capped at $4500 I think but every end of the module, I can get a reimbursement of 60% which is really not a bad thing at all. Oh oh, if I successfully complete all 5 modules, I will get a cash award of $1000 which is a sweet SWEET deal. Imagine getting rewarded for your studies..ha!

So yah, I try to think of the benefits more than the money I have to fork out now from my bonus which mean less spending with my bonus. Then again I don't really spend much except maybe getting the usual such as clothes, shoes and bags...typical 'girl' stuffs and oh, some craft related stuffs. There's also dinner with friends, in this case, twice in the same month. While I have to be extra careful with my spending, it's ok because I guess the sacrifice will be worth it at the end of it all.

Okay, more updates later including a make up haul. It is indeed a haul coming from someone who is trying her best to cut down on make up expenses.

I make support me!

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