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Our Second Shopping Trip to Johor Bahru! Plus Some Long Queueing

My friend decided on a whim, I suppose, that we both would make a one day trip to Johor Bahru which is across the causeway from Singapore on a Saturday. And this mind you, was just after her almost one month trip in US. Where she gets the energy from? lol..but she has a travel bug in her so can't blame her.

Anyway, it was quite an oversight on our part because when we were at the causeway, there was such a huge crowd!!!! OMG. Never seen like this before. I mean I've been in lines before but this was way way WAY too long and so much so, there isn't quite a line. It was like a mass of people congregating for a concert except that these people weren't as excited but bored and disgruntled.

Oh friend came to the conclusion that it was the school holidays and duh, I worked in a school and how can I overlooked this?! Haiz, so there we were stuck in the queue and the queue cutters were getting on my nerves. But what can I do coz I was tired and famish and I was leaning o…

Graduation Looming Ahead..Coz I Passed My Last Module!!

Last Tuesday, I got my results, albeit a bit later than the rest of my classmates because I was in the shower and when I checked my phone half an hour after the release of the results, I had over 76 messages!! I was confident that I would at least pass but it's a matter of what grades I was going to get only. I had some technical problems initially accessing the website and then had trouble viewing the results until I clicked on the academic transcript and had to scroll to the bottom as it was the last module.

Well, I was happy no C again, yay!! I actually didn't do so well for one of the tests that I got a C grade. And I didn't want to get a C as a final grade and knowing that somehow, I would manage to pull up my grades as I always do, I did what I can to ensure I am not disappointed with the final outcome. Even if it meant isolating myself, studying long hours in the library and absorbing as much as much as I can. But come to think of it, even if I got a C, albeit some d…

Young Lives Gone....Safety Measures to be in Place

It shouldn't have happened. Two young lives lost because a safety protocol wasn't in place to ensure there was no oncoming train while they were doing their maintenance work on the rails. It's the saddest thing to know and even though we don't know them personally, we grieved alongside their families and friends because this shouldn't have happened at all for two people who just joined the service recently and were going on the job training. 

But like what had been said by Mr Lee Hsien Loong, we should keep our speculations to a minimum as investigations are on-going although I didn't like what I'm reading such as knowing no measures were done to warn the oncoming train. In the line of duty, we may sometimes disregard safety as we might think that nothing could happen or that it can be quite a hassle putting safety in place but in any circumstances, just a small or simple action on ensuring safety can help in leaps and bounds to ensure nothing bad happens. 


Tougher Financial Times Ahead..But I'll Manage it

I've been writing in my hardcover notebook which I didn't intend to buy, coz like I need another notebook, but I wanted the paper bag to put in a box card. I didn't write on it every day but I find it better than having to start the laptop, log on to blogger and type away as compared to opening a page and start writing pronto.

So yesterday, I wrote about how nervous I was about whether I would be getting the performance bonus. Then an hour into writing, I finally go the email and I thought for a moment, I was even lucky to get the email and then when I looked at the amount I received, I was so disappointed. I knew that it wouldn't be as grand as last year knowing that my boss wasn't very good to me. Also because I accidentally read a report and it wasn't a glowing review about my performance. So I was somewhat mentally prepared but nevertheless, still disappointed. It was the lowest percentage one could get as compared to not getting any. 

But whatever it is, she…

Our Bus Journey - From Past, to the Present & Future Bus Transportation

A week ago, my brother and I went to an indoor bus exhibition that chronicles how buses evolved from the 60's up to the present time and also how future buses may look like and we even got to board on past, present and future buses and man, the difference between each one was so different. I remembered back in the 80s I hated taking the bus because the journeys back then were so much longer, there was no aircon and the infamous windows that could not close properly. The seats were also uncomfortable making the whole bus journey so freaking uncomfortable. Then in the early 90s, they introduced aircon in some bus services and the improvements just got better and better up to the present times that even the older folks and the wheelchair bound passengers could board safely. 

Now who cares about taxi rides, lol..which I so depended on back then in those early days. But as I read through this history of bus services, I realized the older generation had it tougher than us. Scrambling for…

When Achieving Body Confidence is Hard

This isn't the first time I'm addressing this issue but I thought it's worth revisiting as it will also help me clear some thoughts on it. I've been battling weight issues for the longest time ever and though at one point, I thought I had it under control, but after I stopped the medication, it's been nothing but a struggle although I kept the habits such as going to the gym, walking as a form of exercise and avoiding sinful (but oh so yummeh) food at bay like you'll never see me eating a coconut milk rich food again. 

Still, it's been a struggle. I've  had a love hate relationship with food although I do enjoy my food especially food that I don't often eat and it's a welcome change from oatmeal which honestly, is a nasty tasting food, lol.  I try to be committed to eating at least 3 weekdays but I kept going at just 2 although if you asked me, that's a huge improvement already since there was one period last year where I stopped eating compl…

i Light Festival Marina Bay 2016

Last Monday, my brother and I went on our 4th i Light Festival which started at 7.30pm and end at 11pm. It's a very interesting concept that is not only free but intriguing as well for the visitors as the art installations educate the visitors on the different perspectives on light and shadows through their installations. Some of them are also interactive as the visitors get to be part of the exhibit, for instance, the angel wings with interchanging neon lights, where they get to take instagram worthy pics. There was one where a visitor can have a karaoke session and another which played music based on movement as they walk underneath a row of lamps hung above them. Other installations also made use of movement, vibration and even the atmosphere for them to come alive.  It's seriously fun and you can enjoy the more than 20 exhibits under the cool night breeze. 

Another interesting factor for this year is that more than 50% are from Singaporeans while the rest are international.…

Missing School Life but Planning Ahead in Education

So today will officially be two weeks since I last took the papers and to be honest, I'm missing school. It had always been a rush for me to leave work and then waiting for the train during the peak hours, squeezing in for both lines and then having to do some balancing act as I hardly have poles to hold on to and risking falling over.

Okay, perhaps I don't miss the train rides, lol..

But school wise, I do miss it. Fine, I actually miss the lessons more than the test, projects and exams because they are stressful to the max. Like in every story, there is a beginning and an ending. I hope to re-open this chapter again in another institution which is much further from where I last studied but with better future prospects. I am giving  myself 3 years to accumulate some funds without resorting to borrowing and I thought that if I could somehow come up with the money to pay for this education, I believe I can do this too.

I want to take up a degree in business from UniSim and since it…