Presidential Elections Duty

Singapore now has a new people elected President and I cannot be anymore pleased....that the elections is over. Why? Simply because I stayed up so late until 4 am for duty *yawn yawn* but the excitement was there because the fight was so close between two of the hopefuls. As we were doing the counting, we could actually tell who was in the lead and who was obviously losing but we had to wait for the rest of the counting centres in Singapore to tabulate the figures. And tabulate they did, so much so that at freaking 2 am in the morning, we had to do a recount!!

Overall, I wouldn't refuse such opportunity. Come on, this Presidential Elections don't come in every year. The last elections was in fact in 1993. Yonks ago, peeps!

Granted, this time we were provided food. More like a snack pack and I thought there was so much inside, it was meant to be shared but actually it wasn't. All for me!!

 I couldn't finish the pack unless they want me to get diabetes coz they were mostly sweet stuff. Oh, and it was also because one of them shared her pack with me because she couldn't eat all due to health reasons. Food wasn't a concern. It was more like I was so mega thirsty because of the whole day of fasting.

I was happy that I got to have the same SARO who is Mr Koh whom I talked about in the previous General Elections. Such a funny, happy and wise man. I am thinking the school that he is a principal at is so lucky. I am sure it is such a joy to have him as a leader and a role model to both teachers and students.

I am also thankful for this opportunity because it gives me another chance to make some moolah! I will be paid the basic pay of $90 plus the 4 hours of overtime (!!) and it will add up to a nice figure. Of course, since it is added to my salary in October, expect it to have some CPF cut?!

Oh well. With that extra money, in God's will, I hope to have another trip to KL, Malaysia for some shopping and bonding with my good friends. 

Either that or I get me some new stuffs like clothes, accessories and make up that I have been craving for but never got round to it coz of lack of funds.

You know, I actually don't think that the Presidential Elections is a necessity. Now everyone is like so divided regarding the President or the head of country. He should be a people's President just like Mr S R Nathan. Whatever the outcome, let's not bear this hatred. I am sure with his many years of experience in Politics, he will be useful in the government and work hand in hand with them. Not so much for one of the hopefuls because he seems to want to work against the government. If that happens, we are basically doomed. I'm still miffed Dr Tan Cheng Bock didn't win and only lost out by a small margin. I still can't believe he remembered the auntie whom he helped 30 years ago! With nowadays people often pretending they don't know the person on the streets even though we're clearly connected via facebook, that to me is such a great honour for someone to still remember you and best of all, remember how he had helped.

So nice of him but then, the results of the votes say otherwise.

Oh well, let us not be hateful people. Let us be more civil, gracious and respectful towards the new President Dr Tony Tan. In time to come, I am sure he will be a people's president as well.

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