Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Health Talk That Changed My Life

I haven't been writing in awhile coz I haven't been in the best of health. Like even up to now, I'm still having sporadic flu like when it comes, it comes. And sometimes I'm just lazy to dig my bag for the tissue and I'll just walk..with a wet nose, ha. Hoping nobody would notice but of course, if I'm in the crowd, eventually I will wipe it.

Only thing is that I am grateful that I do not have fever coz that will be the bane of my life. I remembered getting it in the middle of last year and then two weeks later, it came again. Actually, I did have a slight fever and I was aching a bit in the legs especially, but just not as much as last year. That was beyond control. If I could cry in public, I would coz it was that painful. But I was definitely feeling like I was being tortured on the inside.

Moving on, I just came back from the Johor trip. Pictures up soon but basically it was just us, lol. This was an annual thing for us and we almost didn't get to go today because my friend had a crisis but she managed to overcome it by taking a trip down to her office to get her keys which would be able to unlock the drawer. This drawer contained her valuables including her passport and her foreign currencies. Very the important, haha.

So we managed to get there by 2.40pm and while we still had to queue to get our passports stamped, the wait was still long but not as long as last year. 2 freaking hours. Anyway, more on that later.

Now I've been wanting to talk about this but kinda got sidetracked by my sickness. I attended this health talk two weeks ago and it sent me on a guilt trip because just the day before, I had KFC followed by McDonald's within a span of an hour or less. At first I didn't think much of it because the KFC meal was disappointing (don't waste your money on the KFC's famous bowl). 

The next day it struck me hard like after the talk, it struck me that I thought I had been neglecting my health. Yes I go to gym every Sunday until it becomes like a routine and yes I still avoid food that I shouldn't be eating. But after the talk, I felt that I truly took my health for granted. From then on, I avoided chocolates, chips and drank less sweet drink. 

I stopped eating nutella hazelnut spread for my bread to eat during lunch and switched to my regular fruit jam with natural sugars and I also started climbing stairs. It is tough love alright, especially when the there are 6 freaking sets of staircases from the Buona Vista MRT station to climb up. I'm still huffing and puffing when I reached the top and I'm always paranoid if people can hear my hard but controlled breathing. 

It's no mean feat climbing those stairs, by the way.

I also didn't snack on those cream biscuits unless I forgot my wholemeal biscuits and if I didn't eat something, my stomach will play music aka growl like crazy. Even if after eating the biscuits, usually in the mid morning, it will still growl -_- so I will therefore eat those biscuits to sustain the growl but just limit to one piece and drink water instead.

I don't eat chips anymore when I get home even though it's always very little like at most 4 pieces. I still eat fast food because I can't totally avoid it as my mum would ask me to buy at least once a week to feed my brother who will come back from camp. But I don't overeat like that day. We normally share or at least get one usual and one healthier choice meal like the grilled chicken wrap and corn cup instead of two packs of fries.

It may seem like a tough life to go through but believe me, if you set your eyes on something like losing a bit of weight not so much for vanity but for a healthier lifestyle, you don't see those sacrifices as fruitless. It will bring results, slowly but surely. And you will thank yourself for it once you see the results.

Within 2 weeks of course I can't see quick results but if there's any consolation, I do feel the difference. I know that it will be a matter of time only that I will also see the results. I know my body well enough that naturally I will know if I've gained a bit of weight or lost a bit of weight. I would like to think that it's the latter. Not much but I definitely can feel the difference. I can still see bumps in my tummy but it's not very obvious like you know, somehow it feels flatter a bit. But then again, it can be psychological, lol. Eh, who knows right.

I also learnt to do planking. Funny thing was that last time, I thought that this will be an impossible feat because I could hardly lift my butt. But now I can. Just that now I need to last until at least 30 seconds. Now probably 15 seconds, hehe. Small steps, remember. 

I actually got two free resistant bands that I can use for morning exercise. I was good for the first two days when I got the earlier band after the health talk and exercise demo until of course, I got sick. I would rather sleep longer coz I feel physically weak. Still, I have to find that bit of time even for just 15 minutes daily to do some exercise, including planking.

Again, if you set your mind to it, you will work your routine around exercise rather than the other way round. Don't get easily sidetracked like oh, you have to do this or that so you can't exercise. No. Just stop that. Instead, do it consistently and don't entertain those distracting thoughts too much. Set your mind for success and put in the extra effort. 

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to take pointers from others and telling yourself, if he or she can do it, so can you. Especially those who struggle even more than you but they don't give up so easily and instead just charge on and do their best to get from point A to point B.

Another thing is also to know why you're doing this. If you don't know why, you can easily fall back and stop doing it altogether. I've seen people bigger than me and who look so determined and work so hard at exercise in the gym and by the second week, I don't see them anymore. Don't overexert yourself. If you're going to do this for the long term, know why and also do it at a comfortable pace. Then slowly build up that pace and at times for a change, do something different so you don't get bored and you will get results faster too.

I'm taking this health thing seriously especially when I'm at an age where let't say, youth isn't going to cut it for me already. I have to work harder to maintain it or risk losing it all. Just ask J Lo. She's 40 plus but no, she has not slowed down and she looked way hotter than an average 20 plus, lol. 

Ok I shall end my health inspirational talk here, haha. All the best to you too if you want to have a healthier lifestyle too.

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Thursday, March 09, 2017

No Matter How Different We Are, I am Terrified to Lose You

Please forgive the emo title. Yesterday, the Malec fans from the Shadowhunters, went through an emotional ride when our two favourite characters declared their love for each other. Alec who had mixed emotions about his relationship with Magnus earlier in the series, went through strong emotions when he didn't know whether Magnus was alive or dead because many of the Downworlders died when the antagonist in the show was determined to rid of them using the mortal sword. Well Magnus is a downworlder as he's a warlock and if he had not gotten out of the Institute to save the little warlock who was being used for her abilities, he would be a gone case too. 

But coming back to earth (well technically, I'm still floating), I actually predicted from the promo video that Alec would say I love you. Why? Ok, coz from the last episode, he knew of the impending war against the Downworlders and I guessed he declared his love before going on this mission. However, it happened after the mission when he thought Magnus had perished with the rest of the fallen downworlders. Close enough.

Again, the writers did not seek to follow the books to a T and added their own spin, and er..relationships, but the main gist of it is there. I think that it's fine..I mean it would be boring if they had followed so closely (as long as the Malec part is in there..*cough*) and while I think this season finale is a bit of a bore, like I know Valentine is evil and all but he was so easily defeated by Jace. Then again, he's not going to be the real villain for the next season. His son will be. He is the unidentified man in hood who stole the mortal sword in the closing scene. 

This is not a spoiler because the book fans already knew about his arrival. He would be more evil than Valentine because he is the result of being injected with demon blood even though he is trained as a shadow hunter.

While I think the writers are milking us Malec fans, for rating boost I think (?) I still like the book Malec and the TV Malec. 

But here I want to talk about the close hug that they shared, especially in the eyes of Alec, who never felt this assured before of the love between them. The hug which almost made me teared like the assurance that this....this is the one you truly loved..the one for you...and the one that you are terrified to lose.

That all the mixed emotions you went through and the questioning part where you don't know if he or she is truly the one for you, especially when both of you are totally different and there are those who frown upon your relationship like there's no way the two of you can make it through.

But in the end, you choose who your heart wants to love and who you want to be with. It's those deep feelings you share with each other that other people may not quite understand. To know they have no right to impose on you, who you should love and should not love.

I know I'm reading too much into this. In the end, it' just a fantasy The books gives a more in-depth look into their relationship, their ups and downs, but they are now in a fully committed relationship, with two adopted kids. 

Can I also have an Alec in my life? I am not a fan of hugging but after seeing that scene and replaying it like crazy, I also want to hug like that..haha.

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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Our Hopes & Dreams...and Our Future

When we were in our twenties, we were stumbling around learning and getting used to working life. At the same time too, we also enjoyed life in our youth discovering new things, love and friendship. We also see the uglier side of people and that the world isn't as rosy as we think it is. 

These things make us think and make us grow up, being in situations that are both desirable and undesirable, and making adult decisions that well, not all we fancy. Many of us care less about the future, just want to enjoy the moment while we still can. Then as we get older, bear more responsibilities towards other people and not just towards ourselves, we become stronger. Yes we are still human and we still make mistakes but we are ever more cautious now as we start to think ahead about our future and what we can do now to ensure we have a better future. 

I mean if we have grown up leading a life that isn't all that easy, what we want is just to be able to have it easier and not having to go through hell again. We want to have a more comfortable life and we now know even more what sacrifices mean and what working hard mean too. They say that life begins when we are out of our comfort zone. Look, I went out of my comfort zone when I decided to further my studies and followed by changing a job which I don't find fault with. It's just that I want to see what else that I can do. 

Everyone of us has a different opinion on how we want our future to be like. Some just want to have a nice home to live in, have a family, migrate overseas and so on. For me, I don't ask for much. I just want to have a comfortable life and not having to worry about money all the time because I have enough savings to back up. I want to resume my studies again and I know how much 'suffering' it brings having gone through the process for like 2 and a half years. But it's not all done in vain you see.

If I don't venture out and learn new things, I would probably not have a window seat like below, lol.

Why this sudden write up is because of the things we talked about when I met my friends. We've all come a long way, going through the ups and downs life, staying strong for the sake of the family and finding our own happiness in the midst of chaos. Yet we remain supportive of one another and at the same time, worried as well over whether the other person is making the right decision after all. But in anything else, we are all adults. Nobody can predict the future but nobody should stay idle too, you know.

So we organised a small gathering for a friend's son, that in a blink of an eye, is turning 3. This was a far cry from when we found out about her pregnancy which completely shocked us but we had come to accept and give our support because it's not all bed of roses.

Here I am sharing some of our pictures and I loved hanging out with my friend coz she's such a goofball and a sweetie all rolled into one, haha. We also loved how happy the little boy was too with the water play, cakes and food that was cooked with love.

So how do you plan for your future?

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