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Obsessed with Spartacus Vengence

I am obsessed with Vengeance! Yes I am! No more soap dramas like Neighbours...but Vengeance!

Okay before you tink I am craa-azy, I am actually referring to the starz drama Spartacus: Vengeance.

I actually followed through the storylines right from the first series which is Spartacus: Blood and Sand and was sad of the demise of the late actor Andy Whitfield who was in the titular role. I even knew they replaced with a new guy.

I tend to read the recaps so I somehow got the gist of what was going on and it was very intriguing which is of no surprise they have many fans.The only thing I can't get over with s the very very graphic stylized gore scenes..eurgh.

But they're former gladiators fighting against the Roman empire for freedom. If there is no bloodshed, it will be Neighbours.

If you can get over the gore and bloody scenes and the graphic simulated sex scenes, you will be glued from one episode to another. You just root for the former gladiators and Spartacus struggle to strength…

Back to the Books

I can't believe I haven't blogged about this despite my egg-citement last week! Maybe I did..but I can't seem to find since you know, I tend to ramble. If you have read it and somehow I missed it, just treat this as a repeat telecast, haha.

Anyway, I am happy to say that I can actually return to my studies! Of course everyone seems to be upgrading themselves, from taking a degree to a master's degree...but you just need to have the moolah, which obviously I don't.

Apparently from last year, I heard of this little known course in poly that offers part time diplomas to people from the same line as me who are in need of upgrading. Now, when I wish to be promoted any further in the future, I must have at least a polytechnic diploma or possess the some career readiness cert which is recognizable across ministries. These two take ages to complete and I'm not so keen with the poly diploma at first as I just couldn't afford the over 3K school fees. At least for the s…

Spotlight Haul and Other Cardmaking Stuffs

Spotlight was having sales for the last few days and I thought I could go down and check it out since they do sell stuffs for card making and the last time, I used to buy the parts to make accessories. Speaking of accessories, I need to revitalize this hobby. Kinda preoccupied with card making this whole week, save for yesterday.

I thought I could get some items but within very limited more than $10? Yes, I is that poor now, haha.

But when I got there, the things are like so pretty! And I was left in dilemma on which items I should get because I wanna catch them all. Then my dilemma quickly dissipated when I received an sms which I thought was from a friend because she was gonna meet up with me, but it was regarding my performance bonus. 

Yay, I'm going to get some moolah this Friday giving a whole new definition to the term..TGIF. After CPF deductions (but of course..), still have a substantial amount :P Honestly I was expecting slightly more but recalling my episo…

Beauty 101: Revlon Color Burst & Sleek New Blushes

Been awhile since I have done a blog post on beauty stuffs. Not that I have forsaken my love for beauty products..or at least, affordable beauty products because basically I can afford only them. 

I have watched many beauty bloggers' videos and they are just so in love with their lipsticks and how can they not, lipsticks come in a variety of shades. And then now even those budget beauty brands have invested into making lipsticks that are of good quality and come in many pretty shades.

 I would say if you want to invest in good affordable lipsticks, for under $18, you can get hold of the revlon's lip butters.

Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter

For a review, you can refer to the link below from Makeup Stash (Singapore).

Revlon Color Burst Review

While I love the different shades and colour of make up, especially eyeshadows and my fave blushers (yum..), I am not a fan of lipsticks because apparently they don't have a lasting power plus I always feel my lips look gawdy with colour..haha.

Receiving the Help I Need

Remembered in my previous post, I mentioned about my family getting food vouchers after my application through the CDC for financial assistance was successful? I had collected them :)

Just some background info, slightly a month ago, I had applied for some financial assistance to help me tide over my difficulties in coping with the rising household goods prices. I went into such difficulty last year and I found it so hard to cope and I also had more outstanding bills to pay. Such a depressing period. It hasn't ended yet so I'm left with no other choice but to try my luck in seeking help from CDC because I heard they give interim help and they had also helped some of my relatives who are actually pretty much worse off than me.

It was of course such a grilling period and the interrogation was ugh. But I just had to do my best answering the questions so that I could get what I wanted. So my efforts paid off and my family was given 3 months worth of food vouchers. I am so happy becau…

A Second Chance

I have been waiting...waiting for a good response from my brother's school that he will be accepted back in again to repeat his O level. You know what, I hate waiting. I really do. Okay actually I am fine with waiting but not when I am so nervous with anticipation so I can really imagine the trauma reality contestants go through every week.

This concerns my brother's future and also uhm, my pockets. Though there is always the option of letting him take the O level fees as a private candidate, I can't picture myself paying so much for it.


My brother's school has responded and I am happy that he is allowed to come back to school :)! All the praying has worked. My next step is to apply for financial assistance through the school and also to apply for tuition for him. 

Actually just now I looked at the website of the exam board and apparently the fees is well, just slightly higher. Woops. But it doesn't matter because there is no way I could afford to enrol him fo…

The School Of Life

How I wish I was back in the eighties where I spent my childhood times. The joys of innocence where you don't have to spend an ounce of worries about adult matters but just what to play and who to play with.

I never thought I could made it through adulthood because I just knew it will be full of challenging problems. And then I was right. Okay actually I was more concerned about outgrowing my teenage years because I couldn't stand it even though one can say that it is a period of emotional turmoil as you make friends, enemies even, discover love and a myriad of other unexplainable emotions. Then lo and behold, adulthood seemed far worse :S

Oh well, one has to go through it no matter what. Sometimes I feel that I am just not cut out on living my life like I just don't know how to handle it. If there is such a thing called a school of life, I would fail badly.

Don't you ever wonder what if your life has turned out differently...for example, for the better? I do too at times…

My Brother's Dilemma

After one problem, comes another and sometimes I absolutely hate my life for it even though I remind myself again and again that there are other people who of course worse off than me. Like I can't imagine being left at the side of the railway station or on the streets to fend for myself as I'm a piece of trash. By the way, this is real and happening in some countries.

My brother got his appeal results for polytechnic admission and unsurprisingly he got rejected. While at first I didn't think that his life was in limbo because his former school could take him in and let him repeat his O level, and now they're telling him a different story. Now they say they have to check with the ministry as to whether he can be admitted in again as the appeal results were released a few weeks ago.

A few weeks ago?!! We just got the letter this week!!

What is this, and already the bugger wants to wait for the appeal results first and we already told the teacher that the results would only…

One Big Bad World

Doesn't it suck that when you are in the same room for the many many years or even in the same small clustered office and you still can't find things when you need them?!

Anyway, I thought that I would do a quick post before I sleep again. Took a really long nap just now. 

Sometimes I feel a bit flustered at how some people treat others like do they even know what they're talking about. They become too selfish and self absorbed that they fail to understand that other people may get hurt in the process. Well of course there are those motor mouthed ones who just say out what they want to say and I don't really care if they're doing that because they just have no concerns about others or they're just too narrow minded to consider other people's needs and wants. But why not for once place themselves in the shoes of the party concerned so they can look at it in a different point of view. 

Well that's typically Singaporeans for you.

You know everyone's entitl…

A Girl Without Degree Must Get Married?

Whenever one of my friends talk about me whether I want to get married..I cringe. Why? I think she's pretty biased in her opinions. Well I am not that educated as in I don't have a degree and hence I am not capable of earning enough moolah so I need to get married and get a man basically to support me. For her, she is financially independent so it is 'okay' for her not to get married.

Honestly that is..what the British term it as...bullocks. Sometimes I think well educated people talk the most rubbish..haha..mostly because they're so studious and not pretty street smart. They go by the books and sometimes they don't see the big picture and may choose to believe in stereotypes.

Look, I don't like to judge people and I can be wrong but I think that is pretty biased, no? 

Every girl, whether they have a degree or not, is capable of falling in love. In fact, every girl, even if she is denial mode, wants to be loved and pampered despite many of us being capable of …

Star Struck

Yesterday I was so star struck because I was in such close proximity with a celebrity chef!! I watch his show occasionally and he's such a dream boat. I never thought I would meet a supermarket no less...but apparently he would have a cooking demo over there. And I felt so lucky because I heard the tickets for his official cooking demo hosted by AFC was sold out...I mean not that I wanted to go in the first place. I called my mum, who is a fan, that he was there and she actually came down later, haha.

OMG I was so over the moon! Okay too bad I don't have the personality of my other friend who I suppose would just go up to him and say HI!!!!! I'm too shy for that and I was already grinning like an idiot, what more talk to him? I would just DIE.

He is so tall and big as in not big like fat but like larger in life..u know, huggable sorta material, heh. I somehow knew it was him because of his tattoos but he was just standing there casually with no bodyguards around talk…

Working Out with New Cross Trainer

I am so happy this has made an appearance at the gym I frequent...presenting the


For the life of me, I can't remember what is the name but I've got a feeling it is the same brand as the pic above. So this cross trainer..ahem...can give you a total body workout as it can make use of both your upper body and lower body.

Why am I egg-cited about this? Well the ones that we used to have in the gym were mainly for the lower body because the arms were static and were mere handles for you to hold on to. And of course I would recall the times when I first started on my gym sessions at work and I went on this baby.

Honestly it was hard at first and I struggled big time. Then again, I struggled throughout gym time but I guess I found my silent determination and soon I was making waves on it and they make me burn fats faster and become leaner faster too. Soon I was shedding weight like nobody's business. However there was only one of these babies and then people, even the…

How Gorgeous & Fab You Are Depends On You

You know, I have never been confident in my looks. I think I'm plainer than your average Jane..haha...but I just take it with a pinch of salt. Like it or not, it is who I am. Of course I do wish I am slimmer so that clothes will fit me better and I'm werking on it though it has been hard. I must admit though that my recent diet change to include digestive biscuits instead of wholemeal bread with margarine or peanut butter is a good switch for lunch at work.

Okay anyway, I do think that to attract guys, you must have either brains and beauty, beauty and if you don't have that, you must have a great personality. Sadly I don't have that and no I'm not like thinking oh what the heck, this is so depressing. It's just me. I am still working on my personality like trying to make changes in my life so as to make a better me and I am taking one step at a time.

But for me to get some interest going with some guys, I think that will take a mega long time as I'm just not…

Fat Pay Cheque...May Come My Way?

I like March..well, one thing is that I don't think I would sorta suffer financially, probably initially after pay day but we will work things out as always. This month if my work performance was good this year, I would be getting a performance bonus. Then end of the month, we will get our usual quarterly maintenance allowance. But having gone through a bad patch in 2010 in regards to my performance bonus, I think that the best is that I don't hope for much. Last year was of course the best because I also received additional bonus from the government which added to the amount to quite a lot. 

However I realize that no matter how much money I hold, I just can't save that much. Point being, I am a single income earner and also a breadwinner. The additional money that I get will mostly go into household expenses although for last year's money, I managed to pay my brother's national exam fees. I don't earn much in the first place so naturally I will use this extra i…