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Celebrating A Friend's Birthday at TCC Ion Orchard

My friends and I held a small birthday celebration for one of our friend and though it was a simple affair with just dinner and cake, it is something we take pride of. It's not just a birthday celebratory but also to celebrate our friendship. Before that, we went to see her adorable baby niece who just loved trying to put her foot in her mouth. And also her blanket, haha. You're growing up in a house full of love little one. Your parents love you, your grandparents too and of course your auntie, who is going to just shower you with kisses and gifts.

It's sad that as we are getting more educated, more affluent..sadly, there are still others who think they are entitled to certain rights to a point they don't care if you're an elderly or for kids, that you're an adult. I shall leave it for another post. 

For now, let's just see what's going on in my life few days ago when we did a mini birthday celebration at TCC. I have to say this that I am such an indecis…

Feel Like Crap But Some Things Are Worth Learning

I feel like crap now, like I just want to cry coz I'm feeling so emo despite the zumba (yes, more on that in a later post) and maybe it's the TOTM so the tummy isn't feeling too good.

I lost a potential business of earning $90.00 because of proper time management and sheer laziness. I was this close to finishing the order of doing up 6 handmade books and I never received such big order for this particular item. I could have set aside enough time to do this but in the end, because I wasn't asked how far along I was, I didn't see the urgency. Other orders came up and I concentrated on them instead.

Not only did I lose potential money, I also started to lose hope that what I am doing now seem such futile efforts like is it even worth my time. So what keep me going instead, despite unpaid orders (more on that too in awhile), demands for a price that isn't quite worth their demands and customers who go MIA when contacted that I have completed their orders. I will stil…

My Experience with Lunch in the Dark..Scary AF but I Survived!

The Lunch in the Dark was totally not expected for and we were also not told of the programme except to just be there. It was organised by my work dept as part of our learning. Well, if you work for the government ministry in the HQ yo, you will never miss out on such 'opportunities'

Anyway, the first session was held at the Enabling Village near to the Redhill MRT. I had been there before but it wasn't called that at first. It was where I had to take several tests as part of work certification thingey so I was quite familiar on how to get there. It really is very enlightening to know that the government has stepped in with generous grants to help physically disabled people to be able to work and earn a living despite their shortcomings through the use of specially designed equipments made for them. Hence, the name enabling village where they will come here and learn new skills and with these skills, they can join the society and not feel left out due to their disabil…

Finding Love & Wedding Bells

Just last week, I went to two weddings on two separate weekends within the same week. This has never happened before, lol. I hardly go to weddings even though occasionally I get the invites. But being in one can be quite fun especially nowadays they cater a variety of food serving not just the usual wedding dishes, but they will hire vendors that will make traditional food on the spot or even creative food like fried banana fritters with cheese. Oh and for both of the weddings I attend, they served ice cream too....yum. 
Okay besides that, lol...the other thing I tend to notice is how the dais nowadays look so grand so big, enough to fit the whole extended family. They would be so creative with the set up compared to back in the days where most of the time, the dais would be pretty small and more traditional looking and basic colours. 
I must appreciate all these details like the colour scheme and the decorations and all because I know I will never experience any of these in my life, ha…

Our Johor Trip 2017

My friend and I had an annual shopping trip to Johor and it is always a joy hanging out with her, it's like we are never short of things to talk to each other. To top it up, I got a sweet performance bonus compared to the dismal one I got last year although the show still goes on despite that, haha.
While last year, we were bummed out by the LONG waiting time at the checking in where they stamp our passport before freedom we are able to enter to the other side, we learnt our lesson and went after the March school holidays. However while we managed to get on the bus without a hitch, when we saw the crowd and the snacking queues at the checkpoint, we were like here we go again.
But after our experience, this one seemed more bearable, though the wait was still over an hour long. 
However we met our first disappointment with our lunch at Kenny Rogers. We always go to the Nandos coz it's worth the money for the size of food we eat. But here, the food was tasteless, and the portion…