Monday, September 05, 2016

A Reminder to the Living

Recently, we lost our former President when he passed away at the age of 92. He was known to have his heart for the people although those who worked closely with him couldn't actually picture him as that for he was a taskmaster when it came to work. He did his own narratives and do the best that he could as he knew where he came from and wanted to make good out of his life. 

He showed that the circumstances that we are in can't stop us from going far in life. We should continue to focus on our actions, has strong dedication and when things get difficult, look at the bigger picture and understand why we are here. Ultimately, we should all be working towards the purpose we have in mind which makes things easier to cope.

Thank you for helping the Singaporeans especially those who needed help most. You would always be the people's President.

On the other spectrum, a young child had also lost his life. A few of my colleagues witnessed the events which unfolded in front of their eyes. They did as much as they could to help the boy gain his consciousness. Unfortunately, his time had come and no amount of effort could bring him back to life. 

It was a very sad day and even sadder for the family who lost their one and only child who didn't have any medical history at all. 

Such is the unpredictability of life. A reminder to those living that anytime, we can face death. Until then, are we going to simply idle our life away doing mindless things. It's time for us to see the bigger picture in life and plan our way towards it. Along the way, we can meet obstacles, almost feel like giving up and even feel lost not knowing what step to take next. 

Currently, my life situation isn't that fantastic as I feel like I'm losing my grip over things that I thought I have control over. I do not know where I've gone wrong but I don't want to feel defeated. I want to be able to do things better. 

Meanwhile, let us just take one day at a time and promise ourselves on a daily basis that we are to going to make the best of each day. While we are at it, we must also practise gratitude and cherish our loved ones while we are still here and while they're still around.

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