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Greek Me

Sorrie..kinda put my blogging spirit on hold..was busy..well...doing some late night activity which is usually reserved for blogging. Well, ever since this one venture to finding an internet streaming (read: free movie) led to a whole array of US and UK tv shows that I have heard of but never got to watch it, except to read about it and occasionally, watch on youtubes or other video sharing websites or blogs, kinda got engrossed into it.

Right now, I am watching the first episode of GREEK, which is a US college drama about fraternities or Greek houses in an imaginery university. Last Sunday,was watching episode 10 and I understand why even grown men were watching the show and got hooked on it even though, like me, they thought that it was just some, well..teen drama. Okay it was but the scripting was so clever and funny and the actors and actresses looked so 'real' unlike the primp and proper characters on Gossip Girl which is way too much drama just like how teenagers often i…

Idol Broadway Style

Hrm, Mariah is such a meanie to David Archuletta. I wasnt mean to Jason though I do admit he did kill the song yesterday..heh..and yes, Im not a fan of his. Like come on! Im sure he can sing but he cant always be singing like so freaking laid back. He's in a competition, for gawd's sake! My favourites are the two Davids and David Arculetta is likeable (and not just the aunties, the gays..and paedophiles..) and he will go through the next round for sure coz it's a voting system and can tell his fan base is very large. Plus his version was pretty 'poppy' so the tweens would probably be so that. I mean look at that face! Haha...

David Cook was very impressive at first I thought that hey, dont tell me he will be the next one to kill a famous broadway song but apparently, he did not! I would say that he was brave enough to take on the challenge, not afraid to so called tarnish his 'rocker' style just so that he could give his best and get thro…

Gossip Me

The things people do to drive drones of viewership on an upcoming episode or latest season. and then with these 'teasers' of course people are definitely going to catch a hold what the bloody fuss is all about.

And unfortunately, leaving a minority of me.....have a sleepless night (okay..maybe like 2% of it) even though I never watched the damn show before! But I 'live' on the net. That means to say....Im aware of what is going on in the television world internationally though I dont even watch much tv except for a repeated season of CSI:Miami on Tuesday nights.

So right now, there have been a lot of teasers for the teen drama Gossip Girl..well, you know the type which has the winning formula of making girls swoon over the lead male characters or see which ones end up as couples and who have sex with who, nevermind their barely out of teens age? Yup, thats the one.

I think it's cheap tactics but hey, if it gets everyone talking, and losing sleep, it de…

Day's Work

Another boring day at work...

It's funny how some parents think that the general office knows everything and when we try to help..of which the best we can do is to leave the teacher in charge a message...and they're not happy. Sometimes, I just dont know what they want and it's their loss ah if people are sincerely trying to help them but they are not appreciative of it. I think it is also rude that they just hang up like that when, like I said, we have tried our best to help even if they think we're not doing enough. Seriously, if they just want to vent their anger, I dont want to be a willing party for that but unfortunately, I fell victim to it just coz the number they call is directly linked to the office..haiz.

Spoilt my already dull Monday morning but narh, I am okay with whatever, some people are just plain rude and it's all in a day's work.

Jake's Successor

Some of the things that baffle me...

how on earth this cutie

is acting in rahayupopz's wet dream some low grade and low budgeted indie movie and not some drama from La La Land or Hollywood movie? Look at that face! Are all the producers blind or what?!

Maybe he may try to brush up on his accent a bit coz his Southern drawl is a biittt...on the heavy side.

Meanwhile, I have moved on a bit to French!

Okay more precisely, a French cop drama..heh.

Actually, I watched the webisodes already last year, but strangely, it only caught on recently. HOWEVER, some kind soul (a French precisely) added some subtitles so now the show made a lot more sense like why the heck he handcuffed the girl to the bed, teased her a bit, and then did several push ups on the floor with the girl still handcuffed..hrm..Oh, and I also understand now that the woman who put up horrendous looking curtains in his new bachelor pad was actually his mum.

Oh, and I also symphatised with fans of Torchwood (a Science Fiction show…

Back to Work

Im back...*sniff*...working..

two days of fast.

oh yes, forgot to say, for the rarest time in my adulthood life, I...had a two days' mc!!!

The last time I had such 'priviledge' was when I was still sick after my 14 days of mc from chicken pox few years back.

Other than that, my colleagues (dunno whether true or not), have been nice in answering the calls and attending to parents.

So far, only one asked am I okay now but coming from her, im not surprised. She has this tough exterior but she's really nice AND she does not have to pretend to be nice or only nice to the male teachers.

Anyway, I thank them for their help..dunno for how long, but will do for now..

Luke Comes Out

Wow...I opened the internet, went to one of my fav blogs and I had to do double take on one of the headliners which said that the actor playing Scotty on Brothers and Sisters, has come out as gay. Yes, that hottie that I raved more than once on my gay.

Actually, I didnt want to believe that he was gay just because he played a gay character on Brothers and Sisters besides being quite a hoot. But there were huge gossips on the net proclaiming that he was the boyfriend of TR Knight who just came out at that time, who later became his ex and then there were other rumours that he was (or is?) with Wentworth Miller. Oh, and the pictures with the matching sandals and outfit did not help either, darlings. Sorta like an upgrade..heh. He didnt deny that he's gay nor did he proclaim he was not and I think at that time, he was just trying to protect his private life and didnt want to give in to notion that hey, playing gay doesnt mean he's gay in real life.

Also, if he came out …

Open Book

My life as an open book. that would be interesting. I was reading this blog one time and every week, they featured three avatars and last week was about the profiles behind the avatars where readers get a glimpse into their life..sorta like an open book through their 'about me' section.

So how would my life be if I were to write a profile about myself bearing in mind the theme of 'open book'? Maybe...just will go something like this?..

Now now..dont laugh..

'Hi my name is Rahayu and Im just your average girl in the mid twenties and I have a laid-back approach to life which may not be the kind of life that life coaches will promote. Every day I struggle to find meaning to my life and try to accept whatever is thrown my way though at times, it can be very unbearable. Yet, I always manage to pull through with the support of friends and family, even if the latter can be quite a handful for me being a single young woman with the burden of the family's respo…

The Antics of Children

I feel a little bit under the weather now because some smart aleck put a rather big standing fan at a corner of our office, with the air con on no less, and had it blowing at us for the whole day. I dont know what was the deal with putting a fan there but then again, knowing the antics of my colleague, it was not surprising. And being someone who is pretty sensitive to strong breeze, which makes me switch off the fan in the middle of the night for some peaceful sleep, I caught a bit of flu which is not a good thing because my throat is also affected which sucks. If this happens, normally I will feel rather terrible. I just hope it is just a passing phase and it will be better tomorrow and I'll just suck on one more lozenge before I sleep..haiz. Well, at least it's better than accusing Mariah of passing on the flu bug to me..heh..

Anyhoo, I was kept busy almost the whole day with labelling files as well as labelling names of non Chinese students and their name…

Just Gotta Do It

Im done with paying bills..without opening, er..some of them up because I dont want to give myself some unwanted heart attacks. Trust me, the chest pains I had two weeks ago was more than enough. Well, at the very least, throughout some difficult times, I expected my internet to get cut off, but it didnt actually until the day I got paid. And every midnight, I was like...'pls pls pls...let the internet work..' and miraculously it did.

Anyway, I can tell you one thing about money is that they sure run out pretty fast. I have actually set aside 100bucks for half of this week and I have about 30 bucks left and the week has not even started yet...which I half expected to have left since Sunday is part of the weekend and that I eventually had to buy that Clinique liquid facial soap. And oh, I finally got myself an umbrella that worked..heh. Okay, technically, I had not used it yet but I expected the umbrella to be in a better working condition that the previous $2.50 umbrella? Now n…

Zen Budget and Zen Food

I want to do a quick blog entry but every time I attempt to do one, it always end up as a long entry. This entry is what I call, 'before i bathe, i decided to waste my time' entry.

First of all, some serious stuff, I want to offer my condolences to a good friend of mine whose mother passed away few days ago after a long battle with cancer. She was a good mum, very patient with her children and her estranged husband and I will always remember her as a soft spoken woman whom I knew of for more than ten years and who had long fought a battle with illnesses and not just cancer ever since she was young. She had lived a good long life and had been loved unconditionally by all her children until the day she passed. My prayers go out to her. Amin.

And as stated in the comments box by MARIAH, it was quite a trip going to her hometown of Yishun..precisely, Chong Pang (which my ex colleagues praised of whenever they covered that area for field visits). We went to North Point and then proce…


Im in the midst of recovering from rather painful stomach cramps from my nervousness that I wont get my salary again. Why? Coz okay for obvious reasons I was not paid the last month because I just joined the organization. So for almost three weeks, I suffered a setback because of lost income and not only that, the power supplies people came down hard on us which took quite a hefty amount out of my savings leaving me quite little left to fend for the family. I was carrying on a high hope on my performance bonus which I eventually received and it was enough to carry forward to this very day, 12th of the month.

And then early this week, I finally got the password to log in to the system to view the payslip and my internet screwed up so I did not manage to change the password successfully and the system also locked me out. So I had to wait for another posting to my house which meant to say I would have no idea how much I will get and even better, no clue as to whether I would really really…

You Look Familiar

I was watching this Brit teen soap drama via youtube (where else...) and I was pretty smitten by this one guy who was a recurring character. I was like..'why didnt I meet such cute college guys before in O.I.?' Basically, O.I. was the abbreviated name of the pre-U I attended back then and which I was happy to get out of but without making some life long friends though.

Anyway, this guy was not a college guy but a police officer and a friend of one of the series regular. Okay, this picture might not be the most flattering one because he was shocked by a certain revelation...but nevertheless, still maintained the cuteness, although his accent was a bit weird which made him sound a weetle bit funny.

And then in school, like oh my gawd....I saw this parent who came into the office and he looked exactly like that! Im like..'......'..which was the same as being speechless. I was so awe struked by him that when I was at the counter later and he came to give the visitor's p…

Live to Learn

I am so inclined to talk about work but decided against it but just do a quick recap of what happened. I can only say I dont know what got into parents today...they're Making such big hoo-haas like the world revolves around their children only. I can only say that they should look at a bigger picture and school rules are there for a reason. The only thing I am quite upset about is how one parent was going to quote my name, despite me saying that it is best to talk to the teacher about this issue since we are merely following the school rules. But she was so adamant in trying to make me make an exception for her son whose hand was in a cast, which she therefore see no need for him to wear a nametag for his new shirt, that Im like in my heart..'whatever whatever you want.'

I was so frustrated about it that I didnt manage to take down her particulars because in my head, I was thinking it's not fair that here I am trying so hard to reason out t…

Something's Not Right

Today Tuesday is NOT my least in terms of work wise. Already earlier in the week, I had already established that Im not going to be so sour that I dont get along with my current colleagues as well as I did with my previous colleagues ( least some of them). I only plan to concentrate on work, make less mistakes (uhm, actually no mistakes..but that's near impossible). But alas, so not working!

I wasn't reprimanded by my supervisor and funny, I wasnt so upset. But of course, there was a tinge of 'eurgh..'...yes, that bit of awful feeling. I guess, like what I had said earlier to Mariah, I take it all in my stride because as a newbie, mistakes made are common though it does suck. Today's case was a case of, cut the long story short, what I was supposed to do, I didnt do and what I was NOT supposed to do, I did.

Im okay...coz I think that in all dull moments, there were some up moments. Like how I attended to this P1 kid, who took his time to te…

The Week Before Payday


weekend blogging! I actually like to blog on weekends..dunno why. Maybe, coz I get to recap the events for the last week. In terms of finance, there wasn't a major setback although I do worry that the internet is going to be cut off soon. Infact, Im not speaking about internet bills but my other bills as well which I have not been able to pay due to me not getting my pay yet. I only need to hold out for this next few days, more precisely..the weekdays, and finally! Finally, Rahayu's efforts for the last dunno how long ago (I know it's more than a month) in working her ass off her new job, will be appreciated, thank U very much.

But of course, it's not all 'yay! it's shopping time!' for me but my first priority is to pay the bills and after an estimation, it will be close to a 1k..*gulp*. Then again, after plus minus-ing the figure, it will probably be about $800. Ok I know this habit may somehow get me into trouble in the future (read: escalated unpai…

Six Feet Under - Finale (Sia - Breathe Me)

I posted this before...but I think it's worth posting again..hee. So you can see the song played in a very touching conclusion.

This song was also playing in a German soap drama and it was also a beautiful scene. So it was a bit of a backtracking.

Sia - Breathe Me

Beautiful song..which was also the song playing in the last six minutes of Six Feet Under which chronicled the happiest moments of the Fishers and close friends as well as their deaths.

Power Rangers Opening Theme

I was a HUUUUUUUUGE Power Rangers Season 1 fan back then in secondary school. It was like a ritual for me to watch every Gawd Damn Saturday. I even watched the movies.

After that, their reincarnations sucked.
Well, the original is always the best. And I had this thing for the Red Ranger..heh.Oh, and a bit of a trivia. I devised its signature sound when they received a beeper on their communicator (sorta like a watch)..which is the same as 'GO! GO! Power Rangers!' theme..using the telephone tones as you punch the number and the series of numbers (six of them) become part of my generic password. Which explains why my password is longer than usual and whenever they need a password of at least 8 characters..AND..also alphanumeric, no problemo.But the only two times i use the sequence in all its glory is for ATM pin online and offline. Friends from early days knew my password though I swore I never told them but somehow I think they managed to sneak a peek at the first two or what a…

New Crush?

I love me indie movies...which also includes those done by the amateurs..which spells out a lot of 'huh?!'...'what the?'...and the occasional...'WTF?!!' Sometimes, I know they're trying to drill something that is different which basically means stuffs that are meant to provoke our enclosed thoughts and make us see that the world is full of delusional people (so we're basically not alone). And the language profanities that are often used in such movies and a three parter or more tv dramas (basically those that are not mainstream) reflect the kind of real language people use. And yet I've got problem spewing vulgarities out of my own mouth. Blogs not included.

There are those rude shock moments like uhm...frontal nudity (ME EYES!!!..ooh..nice abs..but still, MY EYES!!!!) which caught me off guard and you can hear me ranting occasionally about that at times.

Speaking of which, I think Im one of those bloggers that are so freaking NOT interesting. Why I …

Shame on Me

I am in pain...and it's not the pain of having clogged up nose, or the pain of having a drill-like headache, or the pain of being single (okay, there is no pain in that actually..)..but Im having some annoying sharp like pain on my chest. And not to scare you that Im having a mild symptom of heart attack at such a young fragile age, I think it's just the bone on the left side of my chest. Yesterday night, it got so bad that I could hardly lift myself off the mattress after taking a quick nap about 9 something. I think the only way that I could get up is when someone rolls me over and carries me up. And that post is only to be filled up by a caucasian hunk.

Okay I know this is no laughing matter and my health is at stake here since..uhm...this isn't the first time. I got this long history of phobia with seeing the doctor like I have this big problem with them because a) their medicine tastes awful and b) I always have this nagging feeling that they're not convinced that …

April Fooled

Apparently, I had been fooled. I thought I escaped but nOOooo....

I had to be fooled by an article in one of my favourite must read blogs on certain Hollywood stars! Actually, I did think that hey, what if it was an April Fool's joke? Come to think of it, it sounded a bit bizarre. And I was also thinking that come on, surely there is something on this blog that spells April Fool knowing that they write hilarious episode recaps so they must have a sense of humour?

Infact, they did. I read the article again just now and realised that it was slightly longer than usual. And it had the April Fools thingey at the end.


Fooled again!

Oh, and if you're wondering what article it is about, well it was about TR Knight and his bff Katherine Heigl splitting up in the friendship department ever since he has a new boyfriend who is way younger than him. Uhm, this one is no joke. But then again, his boyfriend is I think he was like..'19? problem! As long as he's s…

No Miss Independent

Hrm...apparently Im not in my blogging mode right now but! Knowing me, I somehow can manage to gather a bunch of ramblings..haha..

Mariah got her internet fixed earlier in the night! woohoo! I welcome her to the world of internet! If you dont already know (sheesh...), the internet is my second home...although the toilet would be vying for a close call. I know her frustrations if the internet doesnt work and even though it doesnt often happen to me, if it happens, it feels like my world has just collapsed and Im forced to go through all the possible technicalities to get the damn thing running again. Even if it means tinkering with it in the dead of the night coz I often surf at night.

One of the worst ones I had was when I kinda screwed up something in order to speed up my internet (my bad..) and after a few hours of tinkering with it, I made up my own alternative where I had to think up of a unique IP address in order for the connection to pass through. So uhm, basically my IP address…

Bored Cat

Im bored at work and trying to google some gorgeous guy online....and cant find one....

But instead, I found a picture of this cat which is also the supposed look that Im having right now..


No I mean the cat is cute and not me. I just think he is bored looking like me.

Levi's Commercial

What do you do when you watch a commercial with two good looking guys in it?

You post it on Rahayu's blog..


Food Overkill

I think every day, I will try my best to not make anymore mistakes at work..heh. And please Rahayu...take note of important details like name, class and phone numbers! Anyway, talking about phone numbers, sometimes people can be so freaking rude! I got hung up...three bloody times! There was this one irritating caller dunno call from where....okay I actually I did ask..but what a strange sounding place, calling to ask for a particular teacher and then when I said she's not in the staff room currently, she slammed down the bloody phone! And then again, another person called and apparently from the same place, when I said the same thing again about the teacher, she just hung up like that also! The first one called again like half an hour later and this time I was like asking, does the teacher know her phone number and she said no and later she will give the handphone number and guess what? She bloody hung up on me again!

I told the teacher when I saw her later about the irritatin…