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Learning to be Humble

One of the things that I always remind myself is to learn to be humble. Seriously, it's easy to forget about how lucky we are compared to many others like at times, many of the things that we crave for or we buy have no significant value in our life but we just go ahead and buy and add it to our growing collections where all we need are just a few basic ones. While it's nice to be a girl and own as many shoes and bags as we possibly have, many of them merely take up space especially if we don't some of them regularly. What we do though, is that we just keep buying more of them as they either look super nice, are selling cheap or it's one of those 'we just gotta have it!' moment.

I used to be guilty of this even though my family situation do not allow me to just anyhow splurge but you know, sometimes I forget. It's only after I have bought them that I will feel the guilt. As I don't like feeling guilty over such things coz it's a waste of time and bra…

Life 101: Accomplish More in Less Time

I admire those people that have many things in their hand and yet they just have the time and energy to accomplish them. While many of us complain that they simply don't have time, everyone is entitled to the same 24 hours. It's just a matter of how you prioritize and make the best use of time.

So in this Life 101, I shall present to you some basic time saving skills that will help you cut some corners with time :)

Learn to prioritizeBasically, you have to know what are the more critical things that you need to accomplish. It may seem that you have many on your plate but it doesn't mean you have to finish accomplishing all in one go. By prioritizing, you will also learn to do better in the tasks that you have set yourself to do. And don't beat yourself up if you can't finish it. There is always the next day. If it is more urgent, perhaps you can spend more time on it than the rest, especially if there is a tight deadline to it.

Spend a few minutes before you sleep or…

Not Screwing Up Again

I want to put the title as 'Still Recovering from Flu' as in the follow up to my previous blogpost title but narh. But it's the truth when I said that sadly, I have not fully recovered yet. The minute I stopped wearing a cardigan to work and just wore a short sleeves top, that's it. I came back home shivering and with a flu that got me so physically worn out.

And I'm actually contemplating on going to a second visit to the doctor to get better medicine, nevermind if I have to pay a bit more because I just want to recover from it. This week, I actually had planned to start working on my online business of making and selling accessories but my body is feeling weak when I reach home, though my brother just summed it as being plain lazy, heh. But really, my colleague went on leave and only came back today and then even though she was not in office, she liaised with me via email and messaging to get some things done for her and at the last minute -_-

So rush I did and eve…

Silver Lining For a Tumultous Period

Received the best piece of news eva for this year!! After reeling in the unfortunate personal financial crisis of mine, dealing with price hike, outstanding bills and new found love with make up, it's taking quite a toll on me. But things are about to change in the next few days.

I did mention about the performance bonus previously and just mere days ago, I found out from my colleague that we will be getting additional bonus which used to be called growth bonus although I don't know how much of it is true. I expect just $200, after CPF cut, because after last year's disappointment, I didn't want to give myself false hopes.

Then this afternoon, my colleague told me that the payslip is out and to my surprise, I got more than I expected! Infact much more! Whee!!! It is so much more than I expected, and when I think about it, there's so many things that I can get. I can even get a new macbook and still have leftover! I could buy a new printer! I could get a brand…

Recovering from Flu


I'm almost back from the dead. Okay, I was suffering from a bad flu and cough since last weekend and finally got defeated by the flu bug when I had to make the trip to the doc. A day before, I spent my whole sniffy day at the Changi Village Hotel, not for some relaxation though, but to learn how to do the logistics. Mostly I was there to eat, haha, since my colleague who was more experienced handled mostly everything. But the scariest thing was giving out the key card access to the hotel rooms. They were simply barbaric!! Just want to grab and go like there was no proper queue system. Kinda ashamed coz they were educators.

Anyhoo, just as I felt bad that I had not gone to the gym last Sunday coz I was in a bad shape health wise, I still had to go to a wedding. It's always good to meet up with ma two lovely ladies who were my ex colleagues and you can have them anywhere and they bring such a bright spark to the occasion. Though I was unwell, I had to trudge through life an…

Things Can Only Get Better

I hope my luck didn't turn out for the worse...again...coz I just bought a quad eyeshadow online from Stila. I wanted it so badly for quite a long time and told myself when I get my pay, I'm gonna get it and even though I am on the way to financial recovery, I guess one little item won't hurt :S 

Sigh. It will be my last make up purchase, I promise! Damn those youtube videos!

Hey, speaking of luck, how many of you actually believe in things like astrology, palm reading and what not? While I think all of them are interesting as they somehow give a sneak peek of your fate and your personality, I don't believe in them totally. It's not that I don't, I just can't. Like now, under the Chinese astrology, people born in the year of the rooster, will face some sort of financial crisis and I just cannot start believing that what they say is true. Things happen for a reason in life and at times, it's an after effect of how you have been leading your life. 

But of co…


I haven't been blogging...such a dreary time. And on top of that, I'm not feeling too good. Still, I feel blessed at times because I'm always touched by the kindheartedness of people especially towards me knowing my position. So I've said about how I'm pretty much down in the dumps coz I'm financially constrained, it's okay, I take heart that things will get better. So I've been contemplating on buying this and that when I get my pay, which thankfully is today so wait no more, I thought that I'll just work on improving my financial state. Don't want to feel in the dumps again. I guess I will recover soon and if I want to start spending money on myself again, I shall only do it in May.

I shall continue to blog in awhile and let's hope for a speedy recovery for my finances.


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Life 101: Happiness Costs Nothing

I used to think that by having a lot of money,  life will be so much easier and I will be much happier as well. Given my current financial situation, which is not good by the way, it's easy to fall back on that thought. But after reading an article about how some of our female counterparts struggled through life when growing up, they're pretty unfazed by it if they don't get something that everybody wants and seems to be into. Designer bags? Pfft..whatever. They know that money isn't easy to get and when they do get it, they don't want to carelessly spend it. 

Many of us may not come from a privileged background and those hardworking ones make sure they get out of their state of poverty so that they will not suffer again. They embark on a quest to change their life for the better and most of the time, it does get better. 

They don't forget where they come from. Even those wealthy ones who come from a poor family background, they make sure they don't just forg…

A Perfect Body

If you know me well enough, one thing you may  learn about me is that I don't judge people easily and that given time, I can actually get along well with people. Sure I may have the most aloof face on earth which may sometimes be off putting to other people that they don't really bother to get to know me better coz well, you know how people judge others based on first impression. I've learnt to live with that actually. Sometimes too many friends also can give us headache, haha. What you need are just a few gems of friends to keep for life :)

Currently one of the make up artists that I look up to, when I go to you tube or her website, is recovering from a tummy tuck and breast lift operation. While it's easy to say that she obviously is a very vain person, if you can understand from her background story, I believe it's her own right do what she wants to her body. I'm not one to condone plastic surgery and that given a chance to go through plastic surgery, I would…

Sponging Off On Other People

After all the talk of the importance of having an emergency fund, I am actually currently in a very undesirable financial situation. It has got to be pretty bad after a good few solid months. Sometimes things just happen and I felt that I had to use my emergency fund though, just like the Singapore reserves, I will put them back. Come pay day, I will be able to stash away $300, based on my calculations. However, just like in life, you can actually plan for something but sometimes, it may just not go according to plan.

Honestly speaking, am not too sure where have I gone wrong but I just hope it's just a minor spell before I recover from my personal financial turmoil. Meanwhile, I will also set things right by paying my bills on time and as much as I can, to pay off the outstanding bills and my personal loan. I believe my current financial state happened because of this very situation that suddenly I'm being hounded to pay for the outstanding bills or face termination and that …