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Mistake Unrectified

Some of my posts, if you read them, are full of grammatical mistakes or repetitive words or phrases, hehe. It's not that I don't bother to amend my mistakes but I type using my gmail account....using my mac at work. I often have to type quite fast because there will be busybodies around. So just to let you know that in case I drive you away coz I write in awful English..haha.

Debt Society

I just applied for a credit card called the POSB multitude card. Okay it's actually a debit and credit together which is like one of a kind, for now but with a very little credit limit. I didn't want to but besides the idea that it's just cool to own a credit card, heh, I didn't think I want to. I know I will never have one because of my pay which I doubt will ever increase that much in future anyway. And this is after I read a lengthy article about how my age group forms the highest number in credit debt owing. The concept of credit card is simple. Depending on the card, you can have credit limit up to 4X of your salary. It's cool to have one because others may see it as a reflection of roughly how much you are earning and it also increases your spending limit. Unfortunately, credit also means you owe the bank money after you which you will have to settle it, plus interest, when they send you your credit card bill. This is where people get into trouble as they thi…

Another Birthday Post

Above you can see me celebrating my birthday....with a cake! yay!! Don't mind me but I've always thought birthday cakes are a waste of money because it can be so freaking expensive nowadays. This cake, however, is fully sponsored by my aunt. Although sometimes I think she talks way too much and loses her temper easily, I still think she's at least nice to me and my family partly coz she pities us since my mum isn't in her best health and Im the sole breadwinner. But of course we play nice to her like when we have extra money such as me getting my bonus, my mum likes to treat her although I think it will be a long time for me to get acquainted with her daughter as she can be quite a handful sometimes.

Oh well, I guess generally not all children can be angels..haha..gosh Im so mean. Nevertheless, it's a nice mini celebration with the family :)

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Beating the Birthday Blues

Even though I have a blog, I feel rather embarrassed to let people know about its existence partly coz it's mostly about me whining about life...haha. It's nothing interesting like many others out there who write interesting stuffs or post nice pictures..or at least stuffs that stir controversy or bitching. It's an outlet for me at least about how I deal with life as it comes with one obstacle after another like some never ending story. 

So at the end of the day, it doesn't matter to me if my visitor count is not in the hundreds or the thousands. But of course, it is on the internet and once in awhile, I do write things that maybe interesting or useful to those who happened to drop by from the sky. It is also a welcome distraction from my whinings..haha.

Just yesterday, an ex colleague of mine had just given birth to a baby girl. I know she went through a lot of relationships and sometimes whine about how her friends are getting married one by one and having children whi…

Headache and Heartache

My so called birthday bag had already arrived in the mail. As much as I prefer to buy direct from the store instead, sometimes buying online is cheaper also..haha. But quality will have to be compromised a bit especially when it's super cheap. Anyway, I didn't really like the pink colour. It looks rather mouldish looking when I first saw it but the colour is slightly better now. Maybe because it was quite dusty after I took it out? I dunno.. Recently I have been experiencing chest pains and it's not something to be ignored because it's obviously health related. But what can I do. I worry about stuffs every day especially money matters. As I've said many many times, it's hard to manage on one single small income. But somehow, I know I will get by. My life line this month comes in the form of my brother's maintenance money of $1k end of this month. So at least there is a bit to survive until the next month. But I have to scrimp because I don't want to spen…

It's my birthday!!

I love birthday celebrations..especially if it's mine..all mine!! hahahahaha...

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Rub a Dub Dub

My mum was like scolding me few days ago saying why did you have to announce on facebook about seeing other people dressed up for hari raya as if you wanted to and then now you complain you don't want to go to your relative's houses? Heh..ok I said I was sorry like maybe I should have kept my mouth shut coz now my aunt knows and then she wants me to go over to her house over the weekend. Of course, as usual I complained. And then it's my birthday tomorrow!! I don't want to spend it at her house...tsk.  Anyway, my ex colleagues wanted to come over to my house if I allow them to and then at first my mum didn't want them to come coz the  house is messy blah blah blah...but then maybe she thought I was unhappy (actually, I am...) so she decided that they can come. PROVIDED! I clean the house first. Actually, there's not much to clean..hehe..ever since the kind cleaning lady did the initial cleaning up and we have been following it up since. Er..okay maybe not the mo…

Payments and More Payments

I think they have updated the status of my house ownership application to that of me and my mother and all the other government agencies have been updated including the much hated town council..heh. But it doesn't really make much of a difference to me since I have been paying the annual fees for the tv license and the property tax anyway for the last two years or so or even more ever since my father was not able to pay them. I don't want to land in any more hot soup after the last incident with the town council where they send us the court summons. While I have cleared the debt without going to court, I don't want to take any chances. Anyway, nowadays I don't feel so hung up over how much balance of money I have but just to make sure that I continue to save so there is enough money to go by with each passing day. I think I am much happier that way. We may be poor but we shouldn't struggle so much trying to put food on the table and keeping up with the utilities bi…

Make Up Geek

Well, with a little bit of money that came my way including a gift money and my savings, I actually had a bit of courage to buy some things for my own which also  includes the long overdue haircut and also a top. But lest you think that I am letting my guard down, it's not true although Im trying my best NOT to get that black patented shoulder bag..heh.  

Part of the beauty of being a young woman is the ability to dress up and I admit I am not very good in this area. But I believe a little enhancement to my looks will go quite a long way even if I think that I am just average looking compared to many of the young women around me. Since I don't have a natural flair for putting on make up and dressing up well, I just learn from other people, magazines and ah..also youtube..hehe. I guess slowly I will pick up. 

Oh, I bought a blusher and a eyeshadow and after contemplating for so long, I figured out what are the best shades that I want to get based on my research. Sometimes it'…

Back in the Game

The battle to lose weight has continued..yet again! After a month of fasting (well, almost) and hiatus from the gym, I decided to hit the gym and it felt goood.. :D I thought that since I didn't go gym for such a long time after being a regular since almost the end of last year, I would go slow. At first, I was on  the cross trainer and it was quite heavy on my knees ever since they tweaked that damn thing. But I persevered from my initial 'just ten minutes will do' to the usual twenty minutes. I didn't get down because I was flanked by two people on my left and right side and they were on the exercise machine before me yet they still persevered through so I didn't want to be a let down to myself by getting off the machine so fast before them. 

But I was almost dying when I got off the machine and thought I was going to collapse..haha..but luckily I managed to get to my 100 plus on time and got my energy back in a jiff. So I did the full exercise routine as per bef…

Thanks for the Kind Gestures

 Erm, I think I made it pretty obvious on facebook that I didn't go out for hari raya visiting and got a little bit emotional when i see others enjoying themselves during their gatherings. So strange. In the past, I used to cringe going out to pay visits to my relatives but now because I had been doing that for so long, it felt so strange and different to stay at home and not even wearing the baju kurung on the first day of raya. But it's okay. Im just being emotional. It's not as if when given the chance to visit, I will jump up and down with enthusiasm. I will probably still cringe..haha.

Yah I was saying it was so obvious that my friend commented on my facebook that I will get my chance to take hari raya pics if she is having her open house this year and I sorta begged to get an invitation..haha. Then my aunt later messaged me on the phone to come to her house for Hari Raya. I suppose she read the facebook messages as well. The only problem is that she doesn't have c…

The Long and Short of it.

Ah yes, I finally had a haircut after trying my best to grow my hair but it backfired because it becomes freaking ugly. I wanted to have a longer hairstyle because it just seem so nice on other people but unfortunately, not on me. Yes I did have super long hair like three years ago and though most time, it looked pretty much out of control but I like it loads though. When I changed jobs and I wanted a brand new image, I decided to 'chop' my hair off, of course by a qualified hairdresser,  and it sorta worked at first until I grew it back again to the previous length :S

I don't know..I have a love hate relationship with my hair because it's not as silky shiny as most girls. It has always been unruly no matter WHAT product I use to de-tame it. Then the only solution is to just...sigh..keep it short. At first, I thought that it wouldn't make mo so feminine looking and my friend also commented that not all people look great with short hair and I happen to be in that cat…

Put a Ring on It

It's nice to see people posting up pictures of their Hari Raya gatherings on facebook. Everyone seems so happy. I wish I have mine to post up too but that's not the case. I actually spent my later part of Hari Raya doing laundy, watching a malay comedy movie and arguing with my brother over the use of the laptop. Oh, and watching Kyong Soo in Life is Beautiful...haha.

I don't know why but maybe it's the influence of the korean drama where I really enjoyed watching the antics of one of the couples coz they were just so sweet and charming together. Of course there were some tense moments but they didn't want to give in so easily and try their best to work things out together despite the anger and frustrations because above all, they love each other. Sometimes I wish I was in a situation like that. No not the kind that people resisted strongly against but one that is so full of love that we don't need to have our hands all over each other kind. I want the guy to be…

At Home on Hari Raya

I spent like almost more than two hours at an ex colleague's house coz she wanted to give me food for our Hari Raya and we ended up talking loads and eating lunch together. I would say it was a great meet up but it wouldn't be the only one because we would be meeting up again, soon..haha.

Anyway, I broke my own food rule, which is not consuming food that has coconut milk in it, because it's unavoidable on this festive occasion..seriously. If you don't eat them, it will be disrespectful towards the people who cook them especially if they have specially packed them for you at no charge. But it's no big deal as long as I don't complain on how tight and bloated my stomach is feeling right now..haha..and uhm, trying not to plan to go gym for two days instead of the scheduled Sunday only.

By the way, Im not going out for visiting on the first day of Hari Raya which is also the first time for me. Why? Well, the elder aunt of my father recently passed away in February an…

Asian Delight

I like my blog post title. Asian Delight..haha. In case you think I am talking about some Asian delicacies, Im not..unless I consider him as a nice comforting dessert..hehe.

I like this korean drama so much  because it's just Sure there are like two characters whom I quite dislike, they're not totally despicable. One of them is Kyong Soo's mother who can't accept her son's lifestyle and wants him to conform to a life in honour of his wealthy and respected family where his father will be the next chancellor of a school. He finally found happiness in someone else after his divorce with his ex wife but his happiness is constantly being threatened by his mother was determined to get them back together again and make things, in her own words, back to normal.

It was heartbreaking for him because he felt like an outcast by his own mother. His mother is being unreasonable but if I were to put myself in her shoes, I would understand why she is feeling that …

Passing of a Soap Character

While I absolutely didn't have the heart to watch the clip where Dr Reid Oliver was dying, I did watch the aftermath of his death after he declared that he wanted to donate his heart to another dying patient, who was his direct competition for the Chief of Hospital but who he became close to as a friend. It was absolutely heartbreaking and ironic because he was driving to get the heart for the heart transplant but instead, he got into an accident where his injuries were so extensive that doctors declared that he won't survive. 

I cried coz this was a character many had learnt to love though at first, when he first came into the town few months back as a new character in town, nobody really liked him. He wasn't foul mouthed but he had a 'way' with words where others would think he was being ruthless though in his context, he was just telling things as they were.

I talked about him also in an earlier post and I wasn't the only one who simply loved this character a…

Kyung Soo

While I had my french guy obssession quite recently, now it's a korean guy! Heh..when it come to guys, as long as they ping my radar (no not gaydar..tsk), my obssession will start.

Slowly Finding Love

Well, in my previous entries, I've always look down on myself in terms of my physical appearance to the extent of calling myself ugly. Actually I am wrong to say that. No Im not going to say that Im actually SUPER ugly and not just ugly. I must be thankful that I have perfect features though my mum complains my nose is too big. Anyway that's just her. Bottom line is, even if there is some girl out there who is pretty, there is bound to be someone else who is prettier, haha. Okay sorry I shouldn't be ridiculing such pretty girls, haha.

So I think that I shouldn't underestimate myself. I think everyone has their own opinions as to how pretty you are or how handsome you are and if they are evil enough, they will call you downright ugly but who cares, right? As long as we don't think so low of our self, and continue to take good care of our self, it's good enough.

But of course, which girls heart won't melt if some guy calls her pretty and it will be a double bon…

Life is Beautiful

How beautiful life can be, it's up to us. I picked up from a korean drama which Im currently loving. So much so, I ate kimchi, which is like their famous side dish like how Malays like their food with sambal belacan though people like me don't even like the taste or the smell of it, heh. Strange me.

Anyway, this past weekend, upon discovering a website where they put up all the episodes of Life is Beautiful, I had been spending a weee bit too much time watching them. Plus it takes a lot of time to download them as well :S But in between, I had been a good girl like doing laundry, cleaning the table top, throwing out the rubbish and running errands for my mum *grins* but of course, not without constant nagging to get out of the house and buy those things that my mum had asked me to get hours before.

I was supposed to have done more today like cleaning some parts of my room but I think will have to wait coz my stomach is so super freaking full just now because we met up with my au…

Pre Hari Raya

Yup I said I wanted to write yet another depressing entry but I will hold on to it. But anyway, just a brief summary of it, it's just the stupid utilities bill again that's giving me problems. Then last Friday, my mum wanted to go Arab Street and Geylang just to get the feel of pre Hari Raya with the bustling crowd and atmosphere. Of course that means spending money :S but I have yet to see how much damage is done. The only good thing out of it is that we only spent on the taxi fare once. My mum, despite being in her still unwell state after the surgery, endured bus and train rides to get to Geylang and then back home from there. 

The Arab Street part wasn't so crowded because when we went there, it was break fast time so most of the people had actually gone to nearby restaurants for their meal so we were left prowling the street for food. But perhaps it was good timing also because they actually gave us more food and some extra side dish as they were going to close shop so…

Rare Kind Souls

Singaporeans are known to be a complaining bunch even though they mask it as 'constructive' feedback. It's never about others but it's always about them and they hardly take the blame in order to save face. But I've always believed that among this complaining bunch, there will be some kind souls who lend a helping hand or are generous without asking anything in return. And while we 'enjoy' writing letters to the forum to air our views, why not we write complimentary letters once in awhile because of the rarity of such kind people. I did and I am very grateful to the officer. I've never written a complimentary letter before...although I did write positive feedback on the feedback form regarding one of the waiters in a coffee bar because he was that good in customer service. So if you have any encounters with such peope with excellent customer service, take the time to write them a letter of appreciation or write good comments on their feedback form. I did…

Weird Dream

I haven't been writing good things recently because of the turn of events in my life at the moment. And now I have to write yet another bad thing that happened to me but I shall reserve it for a later post. Oh by the way, if you see my posts are quite short, it's basically because Im blogging from work using my email account as a disguise..heh. I had a weird dream yesterday. Actually, my dreams have always been weird but sometimes, it's just weird. Let me explain first the root of the dream. Ok for awhile, I had been corresponding with one of the staff from the housing board regarding the transfer of ownership. At first, it was very formal but it turned a liiiitle bit semi formal but not to an extent that it was so casual like friends. But I needed to sound sincere coz I had to tell my problems regarding the payment, the resecheduling and also my mum's condition. I actually sent numerous email to this person named Mr Toh and after awhile, he was like '…

Why So Bothersome

Im being horrible. I feel like I am. No need to comfort me. OK I know you're thinking what is there to comfort. I should be scolded instead! My mum has a medical appointment this Friday but I don't want her to go. At least not this Friday. I don't want her to go to see the cancer specialist because it's just going to be one follow up after another and then she may also have to go for chemotherapy for her colon cancer. It's not at a critical stage now and they have removed the tumour but do you know the implications of chemotherapy? Apparently a lot! We will also incure a HUGE medical bill and my mum is also going to be very weak. Chemotherapy is also a non guarantee that my mum's health will improve though it may lengthen her number of years. This is all such a big headache for me. I know I blame myself because I could not afford my father's medical bills until he was hospitalised where he became so critically ill later. I don't know why I have to go thr…