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You've Got This, Girl..Getting My Act Together

When I turned 35 last Sunday after midnight, I had quite a restless night. I kept thinking about money and how much money I would have left even before payday. Well, I am still not well off but I have been trying to not spend that much except on the family because I still need to get groceries and buy for them food. I do so within my means but my mum's philosophy of feeding good quality food is sometimes taking a toll on me. But I can't argue against her 'philosophy' which is also mixed in with buying food for the fam which doesn't include healthy meals. 


I'm typing this with a sore finger so please bear with me, coz I doubt it will be very long.

I somehow told myself in my head that I should'nt be too bothered with all this and just take it one day at a time and to think positively. But at the same time, to also continue to work hard in life and not whine that life sucks and all. Positive affirmations help me to achieve balance spiritually and one th…

Happy 35th Birthday to Me!!

I feel truly blessed because I have three birthday celebrations. The first one you can see from and earlier post and the second comes from last Friday with my former classmates. I'm so touched they still made an effort to get a cake from and order food for both my birthday and housewarming. 
This is something money can't buy. You can't buy the love and friendship from these people and I'm glad we have crossed paths in life. As I reflect on my birthday, I feel like at first I kept thinking about what I am lacking of which kept me awake, specifically, the lack of money. But then I thought again that I shouldn't harp on it too much. I should focus on the big wins that will help to improve the different aspects of my life. I must continue to work hard in life so that I need not go through this problem of whether I have enough for the rest of the week. I should also focus on what I currently have and not what I don't have and ensure that I make the best of what I hav…

Birthday Karaoke Session & Dinner at Fika Swedish Restaurant

It has been more than a year since our last meet up and it's always ALWAYS nice to have a karaoke session because it just takes you away from reality for awhile as you get lost singing your life away, haha. The inner karaoke queen or king will just come out and it's best to sing with friends and it's often a guarantee that you will enjoy yourself to the fullest. Of course if there are one or two of them who throw shades at your singing or a bit showy on their singing skills but whatever, the point is to simple have fun.

It was also fun having to guess what each other's favourite songs are and then our attempt at singing those songs that we thought would be easy to sing to...but it's not. Singing is definitely hard work. Anybody can sing but to be able to sing well and capture the audience's attention, that's another different ball game. Here, we are just girls who wanna have fun messing slaying song after song. 3 hours are not enough, I tell ya!

After our kar…

Graduation Parade on 08 Sep 2016 at Sembawang Camp

After 9 weeks, my brother finally graduated after 9 weeks of vigorous training (and of coz, being fed good food) where he spent his week days and Sunday in camp answering to the call of duty. He is still serving NS but now is going to posted to a camp where he will be performing his vocation which is as a transport operator. I still can't believe this guy can drive now although he's still learning but you gotta hand it to him for bravely driving on Singapore road but of course with a lot of nervousness and he had no choice anyway, haha.

From the first time we found where he would be going, which was being posted to Tekong, there were a lot of emotions, well at least on my mum's part, and my brother who kept it to himself and didn't really want to talk about it, to him receiving his beret and meeting new friends.

We had to get used to him not being around except for weekend and we still go out on Saturday, except for the weekend where he had his very first book out, where…

A Reminder to the Living

Recently, we lost our former President when he passed away at the age of 92. He was known to have his heart for the people although those who worked closely with him couldn't actually picture him as that for he was a taskmaster when it came to work. He did his own narratives and do the best that he could as he knew where he came from and wanted to make good out of his life. 

He showed that the circumstances that we are in can't stop us from going far in life. We should continue to focus on our actions, has strong dedication and when things get difficult, look at the bigger picture and understand why we are here. Ultimately, we should all be working towards the purpose we have in mind which makes things easier to cope.

Thank you for helping the Singaporeans especially those who needed help most. You would always be the people's President.

On the other spectrum, a young child had also lost his life. A few of my colleagues witnessed the events which unfolded in front of their ey…