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Independent Woman

DAMMIT...Im angry. I am angry at my laptop because it's not working very well at a time when I discovered some recently uploaded indie films on youtube. I love watching these indie films...well..most of them, because they dont have the big bangs of blockbuster movies and they often invoke an array of emotions in you instead of making you ooh aahing over how handsome the leading A lister is. Of course unless the indie films have good looking leads as well which can happen. Like the one Im watching currently now..heh...but it's purely coincidental!!

Luckily youtube does not have this international US copyrights where they wont screen to countries outside of US. Because of that, I was upset that when I got back my internet at home, I could no longer watch some indie films from a particular website. And then some special webisodes that I could not watch, I was able to do on youtube vecause some kind souls have gone through the trouble to download them to their pc and upload to thei…

Loving Your Body

Do you know that some people are just soooooo.....incorrigible? They talk loudly in public to so called 'prove a point' or to tell people that..oh..Im teaching my daughter how to count...or Im teaching my daughter the value of money. Fine if you want to teach them coz..pfft...they're your children but must you talk loudly like up to the point of annoying other people. Then this mother and daughter..with the above situation..was standing so out of the queue that when I went to queue up, how the heck I would know they were there first?! For a good 5 minutes, they didnt even know they were straying pretty far away from the queue. And then when they realised it, the same frakkin' mother had to talk very loudly as if to prove me a point this time that they were there first. Of course I wanted to just tell them..then get in the queue need to talk so loudly...but I just ignored them completely even though they were giving me dagger stares like it was all my freakin'…

Not to be Loved

*slaps Rahayu* Stop Watching Star Trek Rahayu! Stop watching!!

I cant help it...crudely saying, that scene was just frakking nice! But pfft....of course, somewhere along the line, they will cut off the beautiful momentum with a tragic death or separation. Like in the case of Battlestar Galactica....'Lost in Space?!!' wat the hell....

I think it's just trying to prove to us that love is not something that is easy to get nor is it easy to hold on to. Along the way, things are bound to happen whether we like it or not. And the worst part of it is that if it ends tragically, are we able to move on with our life or are we going to die inside?

I kinda am scared about that actually. Like why cant our life just be so smooth sailing with all good things NOT coming to an end? So it is easier to be like this..not falling in love...or be loved....and staying single now? Save me the headaches and the eventual trauma later. Dont get me wrong. I love the idea of falling in love...the sweet …

Blog Personalised

Im going to give this blog a little bit of revamp and this time, it is not in the form of a new blogskin...coz I like this one and it's da best one so far. The kind of revamp is that I am going to make this more personal..content wise. So far, it has been personal since this blog is also the place where I rant about life and how unfair it can be sometimes. But hey, in the game of life, there are some high points and there are some low points. People like me, get mostly low but I have to learn to stand up against everything that is thrown at me and I know somehow I will recover from them even it can be excruciatingly slow.

How am I going to make it more personal? Rather than just complain, I will offer opiniated views, just like the blogs I read where they include abbreviations like IMHO (In my humble opinion). Things that I come across that set this burning desire to blog about and this time, I am not going to forget easily what I want to blog when I get back home. Yup, old age has…

Sinful Chocolates

Can I make a complain?! Why does chocolate have to be fattening?! WHY?!!! Dammit, that thing tastes so good, if it's not for the 'high fat content', I would be glad to gobble up the whole damn thing..without any guilt! Tsk.

Yes Im complaining because during this festive season, I get chocolates every now and then but I cant eat all of them. It takes ages just to finish a pack of cadbury chocs.

Anyway when I did a bit of research as to what exactly makes chocolates so good yet so sinful..I found this...

Nutrition On Chocolates

Read it to believe it especially when u have been  hearing words onlie as to why we cant eat that much chocs.

And despite research telling us also that eating dark chocolates can help to lower high blood pressure, which we can shout hooray at, there is one problem. You can onlie eat about 1 dark chocolate hershey kiss per day. Just one miserable kiss. And it can help to reduce high blood pressure by up to 40%. In order to get a higher percentage, it has to…

Star Trek Confession

Okay! I admit it...Im not a Star Trek fan...dont believe the crap I pulled about the show in my previous post.

I watched it because of....

At first he didnt strike me as good looking but after watching the preview clip a few times, he kinda grew into me. Er..that dont sound right but watever. I like this type of guys. With his few spoken words, and quiet intelligence, manly body (Im shallow remember?!), and of course, he is caring and romantic, well at least in the show.

Lieutenant Alex Freeman, I know u got a special someone whom u are about to marry, but PLS!!!! Consider me too okay?!!!

No Sci Fi Fan

OH yah...I forgot to say that I got my internet back at home which was like more than a week ago. Sigh, I had to pay the full price and well, at the very least it let me have a clean slate of a bill. Anyway, Starhub people were so distrusting of me that even after I gave the bill transaction reference number, they didnt believe and had to call the people behind the payment machine to make sure that...I, Rahayu Sedik, had truly paid and not give them yet another big fat lie again.

Whatever Starhub people. You know, you may think that during this recession, people may take a pity on you and would give u a bit more time to pay off your bills during such difficult times. But no, desperation calls for them to be more vigilant about payment collection that not a single penny or cent is missed.

Didnt pay for more than a month? Cut it off without warning. Let them have no phoneline. Get payment for outstanding bills, and oh, while we are at it, terminate the line prematurely and then get MORE m…

Living with Less Regret

Aah yes....the day has come and gone. I day cum bonus day. Well, I had a very short whirlwind romance with food and a biiiiit of shopping and also settled most of my bills...pfft...bills...hate them but what to do, life is like that. Anyway,after being used to not spending on myself for the longest time, when I finally get to enjoy life a bit, I felt guilt ridden about it like I didnt know how to take care of my expenses and then began regretting like...oh...I could have spent the money more wisely. But life is too short to be thinking about that but I cant help it. Old habits die hard and there is always this fear in me that I would not be able to provide for my family enough. I guess thats why very earlier on, I have decided to stop spending on myself and focus on the family instead. If you think that I am being too hard on myself, I share the same thought as well but you dunno me well enough. I may portray myself as a person who spare a thought for the family and there…

Bonus Crunch

Darn it....just as I had carefully planned how much to pay for every outstanding bills, when I saw the payslip for this month which included bonus, it's less than expected. Sigh, so I have to make some adjustments here and there. Anyway, the 'less than anticipated' amount is still better than nothing and I should have known better as well since I have worked with the education ministry for less than a year so it made sense. Big sense. Oh well, during this very bad economic climate, one cant be so picky and be grateful for what has been given. Even if it means making sacrifices here and there.

Nevertheless, the shopping and the food eating sessions must go on!!!

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Words Can Hurt

Words can hurt. Before you roll your eyes to that statement, think again. Sometimes, you think that well, you know the person can take a joke and so wont be easily offended. Or they know you as someone who dont always mean what you say. Well, newsflash! That may be true but if it comes to a point where you perpetually say words that sound harsh or in an accusatory manner, a seasoned friendship can turn sour. Come on, everyone is vulnerable even if they show a tough exterior or reflects a 'heck care' attitude. At times, they are just being nice but for how long can one tolerate?

I always advocate this if u notice in my blog but seriously, it pays to think first before words roll out of ur tongue. A friendship lost isnt worth it, is it?

I've been in such a situation before. Many years ago, I was called an outcast which was meant as a joke when we had these imaginary clubs. Sure, no harm done but if it was used on you over and over the same people, it kinda got me …

Listen to Me

It kinda irks me when I am trying to express an opinion or sharing a piece of knowledge but it's met with strong objection or Im being cut half way before I even finished. I mean...come on...does it hurt to actually listen first, doesnt matter if u agree or not? Yes I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions but it's frustrating because I feel like a sore loser. That sort of conversation is actually begging to be turned into some huge argument if I am equally annoying and equally strong headed as well. But I dont want to do that especially if they are my friends. Then again, I am subjected to being called a wimp or somebody who cant stand up strong against what she believes in or her own opinions. That will sorta give the person a sense of pride for getting a landslide victory.

At first I used to think that hey, maybe the person has a point and I am wrong. But come to think of it, that's bull! It's one thing not to argue and another thing to let ur own opinions b…

Blowing My Top

Sighz......Im going to be miserable until my pay finally comes in..abt a weeks' time. And I have to check the mailbox every single freaking day if there is a reply from the CPF with a cheque..and go home with my mum's annoying question of....'Da ade?!' (have already?)....but two days ago, I told her NOT to ask me coz I will tell her myself if have or not. Then yesterday she didnt ask..but I know she was dying to ask. Soon, she was lamenting about how long it would take for them to process...why cant they process any faster...and I was we go again!!! I swear that woman has no sense of patience. AT ALL.

So pls God..if ure listening to my woes right now, PLEASE LET THEM RESPOND FAST. Money is one thing..but I cant stand my mum's annoying question already!!! I know Im usually a tolerable and patient person but when it comes to my mum, I can blow up easily.

Talk about annoying, last Saturday, I didnt close the head of the pipe in the bathroom too tight in the …

Angels and Airwaves

The things I do when Im running out of money. Walk home. But I still have to make a pit stop to buy groceries. Then, walk home. But it's good in the sense that I am able to save transport money, which by the way, part of it was 'eaten up' by the ezlink scanner in a bus last Sunday when the bus driver forgot to change the 'entry' sign on it to 'entry/exit' sign. That means if I scanned in my card to an 'entry' sign when I first board it and then come out of the bus through an 'entry' sign too, instead of 'exit', it would deduct the MAXIMUM FULL fare. That means 2 dollar plus!!! For a bloody journey that would cost less than 1 dollar!!!


And here I was trying to prolong my card usage which I just topped up before I boarded that fateful bus.

Call me calculative but it's something that I have to do. But there's a good thing out of walking home. I get to cut down my journey from 3 or 4 bus trips to just 2. Still it depends on t…

Cleaning the Junks

I lived through one week without internet access at home. How am I coping? It was terrible the first few days.....which  I just spent time lying on the sofa earlier than usual not wanting to do anything else. I mean I do that also when there is internet but let's just say I retire to bed earlier. Way earlier. But I am slowly coping as of last Saturday (coz I think weekend will be worse) and used the time to actually clean my room. Yes u heard me right. Throwing out the accumulated junks.....

And despite having to clean it in stages, coz it is that bad, I guess Im happy with the outcome. But the funny thing was that part of the cleaning process involved reading through all the CLEO magazines. For one last time. And also coz I wanted to cut out some interesting pictures for future photo montages as well as some inspiration pieces for my future jewellery making. Right now, after looking at some pics, I kinda figured out why I have no inspiration with my existing beads. They are pretty…