Being In Love

It's amazing how being in love can change a person. For the longest time after a heart has been broken, it is really hard to get back on track. You keep thinking what went wrong and as women, we tend to blame ourselves if things don't go right like it is our fault, even though it may not be.

But when we're in love, it's like the moon and the stars are shining on us. From wearing black all the time to wearing coloured clothes that bring out the colour in your eyes. We do anything to bring out the best in us and to impress the potential love interest.

Then when we find ourselves truly in love and when we are loved back, it's like we feel that we have accomplished something. We just change for the better. Life is sweeter and we that we are breathing in the sweet sweet love in the air.

Of course I'm merely talking about the good side of love. There are of course girls who get involved in unhealthy relationships but they continue with them either because they think that there is no way out or they just don't see anything wrong in the relationship. My tip is, if the guy doesn't make you feel good about yourself, make you feel like a pathetic loser, and that you feel like you've got better things to do than be stuck in a rut with this guy, do learn to pick up the pieces and move on in life. There is no such thing that when you fail in one relationship, you are doomed to fail forever.

Sigh, the beauty of love. I've watched enough soap dramas to reiterate the fact that being in love can truly change someone and most of the time, it is for the better.

I have never been in love before so I just imagine that if I ever do, how would I change? Would I bother to dress up better, learn to improve on myself and be a better person in general? Heck, you will never know. But being in love has its perks and hopefully, when my turn comes, all the perks that come with it, will stay with me even if I am out of love with that person and to be in another relationship.

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