Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Life in 2012 (Part One)

Finally! The  long awaited blog post about my thoughts on 2012. I actually thought that I didn't want to do it because well, the year has past and it is time to move on. But since I took my time writing them down, so why not just continue, eh?

As usual, life isn't complete for me if it isn't filled with ups and downs. I never felt so much heavily in debt and I have been trying my best to keep it under control by trying to live within means.  Now I try not to think too much as I am being more careful with my spending. However, this year, I am not trying to be overly calculative while still trying to maintain a healthy bank balance as I believe that as long as you work hard, be smart about money, money will come to you.

Oh, you know how you need friends in your life and then you lose some and you gain some. For me, I don't have a wide social life and I'm more of a family person but my friends know that if they need me around, I am always here. We can always work out the right date and time..LOL. Actually, I meant to say that I rekindled an old friendship with a friend from many many years ago from primary school. Sometimes, we go to the gym together and she likes talking to me and sharing her problems because she said that I'm such a sensible person. The thing about me is that people just love telling me their problems or share their happiness because I do feel for them...their excitement, their disappointment, not because I go through them as well but more because we're just regular people who go through life's ups and downs. I also feel honoured that of all people, they decide to share part of their life stories with me.

Regarding this friend of mine, I would say that she is still the same kind hearted and health conscious person that she has always been. Full of dreams though she feels that she is very limited in resources to be able to achieve her dreams. My advice to her is to keep on dreaming because you will never know if dreams do come true :)

Speaking of dreams, last year I have also realized one of my dreams, and that is to open my very own online shop. I started small and I am hoping to make it even bigger this year. I am very happy that I simply enjoy every single creative moment even to the point of staying up very late to make them if I have to rush through orders. I enjoy buying the materials and because they're not often cheap, I try to scour for good deals online and pay careful attention to sales offered by the brick-and-mortal shops. To me, it is still a work in progress as I continue to seek new product ideas and work on new and better creative designs.

I am also thankful for the support from friends and colleagues. Without them, I almost want to give up. Even if they buy only one notebook from me, I am still thankful for it. Because from that one notebook, I am able to `ost it online on my facebook page, other people can see it and then I may get orders from other people.

Last year, for the first time in my working life, I got promoted! Yay me! I also had the chance to change my scheme which increased my pay further after the promotion. It helped in small ways but personally, I feel that no matter how much money you have, even a Million dollars, you have to be smart in your spending, know what is worth buying, not worth buying and even ways to make money. But if you're like me, who is still a salaried worker, be a smart worker. Stay focus, be on the top of the things, be kind and helpful to your colleagues and listen to your boss. I am still struggling but I am determined to make good of the money I get every month. Plus, I want to be able to use other means to make money to help supplement my current income. Prices have increased and being a sole breadwinner and having an income of below $2K, I have to work extra harder but I am taking it one step at a time.

I make support me!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hazy Start to 2013

Hey hey,

I am back in the blogging world! My laptop totally couldn't start for the longest time ever and then I fell sick like it's some sort of tradition for me to be sick around this time specifically the tummy area. Welcome 2013! Anyway, my aim this year is to blog more often sort of like an update on what is going on in my life so when I look back many years down the road, I have a recollection of what I have achieved, the ups and the downs and whatever else life throws in my way.

I am also going to make this a sharing place for anyone who happens to drop by with interesting posts that others can learn from. Plus it's a good excuse for me to write more stuffs too :P

So I still owe that post before my laptop died on me by sharing what 2012 means to me.  I will get it done in the morning later. Honestly, 2013 is still a bit hazy for me. Financially, I have yet to reach a point where I'm struggling yet and I hope to continue this way with better financial control. I am also trying to sort out my debts which I have been doing bit by bit. I haven't really accomplish much yet although yes it's still a bit early to tell. I still want to become a better and accomplished person. I know it is possible if only I put my heart and soul into it. Right now, the body doesn't respond very well yet as after I surf net on the laptop, I actually went straight to napping followed by full on sleep mode. But the last couple of days, I have tried to stay up (hence this post at 4.40am in the superbly early morning) to get in the 'mood' of not continuing my nap. Then I thought why not do a blog post since it has been the longest time ever although my last post was less than a month ago.

I will get straight on with using my new notebook to write stuffs that I hope can make my life more progressive so that it doesn't look like I'm wasting minutes or even seconds of my life. 

So who's with me? :)

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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

First Post of 2013

Hi Hi,

Looks like I haven't been regularly updating but my laptop has been having problems lately and while my trusty personal ICT Executive is still busy with his load of work because of the new year and a new school term, this problem remains. So whenever there is an opportunity for me to blog, I chose to do other things instead.

But now I've got things figured out in a way that I will write in my brand new notebook first (courtesy from the same ICT exec too..ha! friends ma...) and the post will be available after this one. I promise that this year, I will be updating more because I really need to document my life somewhere..haha. 

So here's a toast to the brand new year, a little after a week though.

I make support me!

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