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Andrew Who

I actually met an ex colleague of mine just now and Im glad things didnt change much like how I used to be really sad when I entertained the thought of leaving my old company (thats before they kicked me out..hrmph) because she was like a second mother to me.

I missed her general friendliness and her appeal because she's just so funny with her light hearted view on life in general and who always see something positive out of something serious. Im glad things dont change between us although all the travelling throughout the years have taken a toll on her and she looked pale just now as she is still nursing her cough. has been a long time...March until almost end of August. I gave her a bag as a gift coz her birthday was last month and she wasnt contactable at that time. Apparently she said she was falling in and out of sickness. And in turn, I got a tub of ice cream and a whole packet of kit kat because she said she hardly see me so just a little gift for me in return. Aww...…

Good Food

It's 3 am in the morning and I cant sleep. One can onlie take tossing and turning in the bed until a certain limit. I think I need a new mattress. I actually feel more comfy sleeping on my sofa (a guaranteed sleep) but it's only for napping and not the whole actual sleep. Besides Im too scared to sleep in it with the lights off..heh.

And Im having tummy ache now and the medicated oil seems to take its own sweet time to lessen the pain. If I go infront and grab a piece of bread, my mum who sleeps light will start to ask me questions. Im not going to answer to her at 3 freaking am in the morning.

You know, sometimes things throw you off track and then you will be scrambling to find the next best solution. For myself, I dont like to dwell on something too long. But Im sure it will get better...somehow. You dont have to try to read too deep into what I said coz I dont really get straight to the point. It's really just a repeated case of not having enough money, paranoid mother,…


Okay I know it will be mean of me to say things about people especially about their boyfriends. Good girls dont do that..*ahem* but if there is a word to describe what I feel about my ex colleague's latest conquest, it is just this...


Girl what's wrong with you?! Okay sorrie I added another 5 more words. I know looks isnt everything but you cant be saying yes to any Tom, Dick or Harry who expresses an interest in you! Now every guy who wants to get into your good books will of course appear nice and all fluffy on the outside like you're the only person he cares for until his dying day. I mean why cant you learn to say 'no' for once because having a boyfriend isn't everything. And I know this guy is seriously not.your.type

Wow I do admire her for one thing that she cant stay single for long. Every guy that knows her always seem to fall head over heels in love with her. I mean she's all sweet and dresses well and has an active social life. Im so no…

Matthew Mitcham wins Gold

Congratulations Matthew Mitcham!!!!

Now Im not an olympics fan but I know of this guy before the Beijing Olympics started because he came out in the news two weeks before the game as being an openly gay diver. This is a rarity because the sports world can be very homophobic. A lot of them have to hide their sexuality because people dont take them seriously as sportsmen because many people see sports like some sort of a macho thing. Seriously, do you know of any out footballer? Or basketballer?

But this guy is out and proud and he had the last laugh. Even though he failed his 3m springboard, he managed to calm his nerves and just go all out for his 10m diving. He didnt expect to win gold but at least a silver will do like his fellow team member who won silver in the last Olympics game.

Anyway, in his last dive, he pulled a score that not only beat the leading diver's score from China, but made the highest score ever in the Olympics history.

Congratulations Matt!!!

News on Matthew

Guilty Pleasure

Im down with the flu bug although it's not a serious one. Okay..until I developed a fever yesterday coz I was stuck at the polyclinic for more than two hours and then I had to continue my day doing grocery shopping for the family. Well, nowadays private clinic is not an option for me because my family doctor charges times, I even need more than 50 dollar for a simple ailment. Sighs...But my mum, surprisingly wasnt so bad to me..she had actually made for me a whole bottle of tea! You have no idea how hard it is for her to even make for me a cup of tea when it's not the usual morning routine of making one.

Nevertheless, Im better except of course, flu is not something u recover overnight. As long as I am armed with a tissue napkin, Im good to go but Im a mess when I return from work because of all the air con in the office.

Since Im bl0**ging from work, I cant write as much as I can back home. Well, one of my guilty pleasures is that I watch soap dramas online...…

lost prophets rooftops

Jason Mraz @ Singfest 2008

Rahayu Loves You Jason Mraz!!!

*holds card up* WILL..YOU...MARRY ME?!


Ras 29th Bdae Gift

Priviledged Minute Taker

I am actually recuperating from quite a bad bout of gastric pain just now. Now I am feeling a bit better thanks to my Mum's hot tea, which surprisingly, she didnt turn down my request. The pain is still there which is odd coz I did eat some rice just now with the leftover breaded prawns from Old Chang Kee.

Sidelining here. Gosh, that stick of prawns cost only $1 because of the National Day promotion. It ended last night and I managed to get a stick of octopus head before the crowd started coming in after work and forming a queue. Seriously, that thing is gross but damn it, the batter made it taste better and I am really trying not to buy it too often like maybe once in two weeks or what. I cant eat the whole thing so I would either share it with my mum or eat it over two days. I dislike fried food but heck, once in awhile wont clog your arteries...haha..Oh, did I tell you that they put a huge poster saying that their fried items are now trans fat free?

Come on ah..that spells gimmic…

Luke Puzzle

Bored?! Oh for the heck of it, try out this puzzle featuring my idol Luke Macfarlane of Brothers and Sisters

provided by

Tricky Romance

Gosh I hate wireless network. It has the tendency to now, my room looks like an internet cafe with another long wire running from the router to my laptop so I can share the LAN network with the pc. Just one more thing to add to the mess of my room..which, by the way, I did attempt to clean just now..though I dont really see much of a difference.

Oh! Remember that Chuck entry I wrote earlier? I cant get that day out of my mind! Im like thinking...why Chuck had the sudden hang around the side of my cubicle and making mundane observation about my table like my pop up sticky pad dispenser (probably it's the most interesting part of my table?!). Okay..pfft...if it was like just a drop by or something, heck...I dont mind..but it took him more than 15 minutes ( was that long..) till I prompted him like twice, asking him..'you're not going home yet?!' and he was like 'no....'

But I enjoyed having that conversation with Chuck, which he…

Happy National Day 08

Here's rocking the fugly National Day look!!

Happy Birthday Singapore!!!!

Chuck Chuck and Away!

So I have been wearing contact lens for the past few days (oh the itchiness!!!) and cannot wait to get a new pair of glasses. But funny thing was, I do get a few comments from people saying that I looked better without glasses and dare I say this (get ready a plastic bag!), I looked prettier.

I am so dependent on my glasses that not wearing it is like taking away part of me. It also hides the ugly truth that I am as blind as a bat. Honestly, I can still see but I cant make out people's faces very well but also, even with glasses, I do struggle to see clearly at night because I have a mild case of night blindness.

Anyway the first person who said how come I looked different and..pretty...doesnt count because it came from my kepo (busybody) operations manager who just loves to stand behind my pc and make small talk.

Oh, more about him. He also likes to give me things, like Kraft cheese wedges and the Beijing Olympics gold coins featuring the major sports and other stuffs. No I do not s…

Server Crash

Warning: ***Geek Talk!!!***

And it's on!!!

wah, I am so glad that my weekend is not going to be bleak after all after one and a half days without thanks to a server of a certain subscriber. I was there..surfing the internet on Thursday night, minding my own business, when suddenly I was greeted with the message 'Server down' and I thought..gawd..dont tell me they cut off my internet connection!!! But the funny thing was that it was an odd timing..around 9 plus at night....and the cable tv was still playing so I was thinking..maybe it was the power socket or the wires came a bit loose or something. But I tried as I might to revive the internet (sounds like some ER operation) and nothing! So I slept hoping that it was just a nightmare. No Im not being dramatic. It really was!

But unfortunately, morning was still no go so I suspected could be due to the heavy rain and a minor earthquake in Eastern Indonesia. The thing was, the internet at work was working fine and s…

Naked Fugly Face

Great! After two years of trying to avoid doing the dirty deed, I have done it. I broke my spectacles! Argh!!!!! I tried to take care of it, though not in the most conventional way, but basically NOT breaking it would be the ultimate care. And dumb rahayu broke it in the dark! I it 'sleepy so cant think straight'..misplaced the damn thing..and broke it!

Damn..damn...damn!! It sucks coz now I got to buy a new one! And that broken specs cost me $200 which was more than what most people would pay for coz I thought it would be a good way for me to avoid breaking since it's so pricey. Well, it worked...until now! Im peeved! It's not as if I got so much money with me!

I was looking at some random optical shops which I passed by after buying groceries from a local mart and a package of frame and lens will cost $80. Sigh. 80 freaking bucks and if I do know any better, they will always have additional costs coz based on experience of often breaking glasses and buying…

Home Fest

So while my two friends were out enjoying themselves during Singfest, I was practically stuck at home. But not a big deal coz well...if you dont have the money, just sit down and keep quiet..haha. Still, thanks to certain videos posted on youtube, where I normally frequent, a big shoutout to those who took their time to post them up after the Singfest. You all made my day when I watched Travis jumping along to the crowd and Pierre from Simple Plan slapped his butt during the band's cover of Flo Rida's Low. Dubbed 'Home Fest' by my brother, we enjoyed ourselves at the comfort at our own home. Of course you all will be lamenting it's not as good as being there, but hey...we're not rich so that will do..haha..

Besides that, my obssession with Neopets has taken a backseat for awhile coz I was pretty frustrated at the rate of players online who were so fast in grabbing the random items that can only be refreshed every ten minutes. Unbelievable. Most of the times, in …

Travis @ Singfest 08

Hey, one of my life's theme song!!

Didnt know a sad song like that can be turned into an almost poppy happy rock song...

i would have loved to jump with the crowd!!! sigh...(which explains the shakey vidz later)

come back soon travis!!

loved the little conversation they had with the crowd..'i want to see rick astley'..and 'all the fans of rick astley..stand up please!' hahaha...and i love Fran's accent!

The one and only,

Jason Mraz @ Singfest 2008

Rahayu Loves You Jason Mraz!!!

*holds card up* WILL..YOU...MARRY ME?!

The one and only,

Horror cum Love Movie

Oh, just a little tid bit of an info regarding my work in addition to the earlier entry. Well you all know about my moody colleague whom I rant about at times. Well, at times she talks to me like Im her friend but at times, she gives me the cold shoulder out of nowhere like she got no time for people like me. Thankfully the rest are okay. And yah now I figured out why the heck there was always this strong perfume smell at times when I go into the toilet or pass by the technology assistant's table. Let's just call him Chuck.

Apparently, when me and another two colleagues were cross checking the list of registered applicants from the last three days, he was sitting beside me to see us checking while also packing up the laptops. Okay seriously Chuck, you may want to reduce the dosage of your cologne coz *aheck*, it was pretty overpowering. And him sitting there for about five minutes was almost enough to suffocate me.

Okay enough about work rant.

Did you know that in my late teens, …

Work Rant


what a day at work today. My colleagues had been warning me that in this last phase of primary one registration, we would be expected to have a huge crowd and it will be a mad rush trying to register them and everything would be in total chaos. Well, there was definitely crowd who was looking at the screen that we updated every now and then like a stock market. But it was not as bad as what they had described. Or maybe coz I was getting the hang of doing the online registration, via a laptop that linked to the moe registration system, so everything seemed to run smoothly? So I thought that it was a little bit disappointing but heck, it was quite an experience. And to top it off, these parents were more well versed as to how the balloting system works than me. I was struggling to understand it all like how how many needed to ballot and for how many seats and which category needed balloting.

So a big tip of the hat to them for doing their research especially when they try to enrol in…