Friday, August 29, 2008

Andrew Who

I actually met an ex colleague of mine just now and Im glad things didnt change much like how I used to be really sad when I entertained the thought of leaving my old company (thats before they kicked me out..hrmph) because she was like a second mother to me.

I missed her general friendliness and her appeal because she's just so funny with her light hearted view on life in general and who always see something positive out of something serious. Im glad things dont change between us although all the travelling throughout the years have taken a toll on her and she looked pale just now as she is still nursing her cough. has been a long time...March until almost end of August. I gave her a bag as a gift coz her birthday was last month and she wasnt contactable at that time. Apparently she said she was falling in and out of sickness. And in turn, I got a tub of ice cream and a whole packet of kit kat because she said she hardly see me so just a little gift for me in return. Aww...rahayu touched.

How about my own mother buying for me ice cream?! pftt....Actually, if my mum had her way, she would also buy but there is always 'someone' who would lecture against buying it. Gee, I wonder who. I mean really, if you have a brother who can go a bit out of control with things like this and then when he overeats despite being told to stop already (there are always these numerous small bites after that cue to stop), that lecture is for good especially if I dont want to hear my mum's repeated nagging about the whole ice cream fiesta. My ears can only take so much.

And there is always the 'ice cream is not within our budget' thingey with me..heh..

Oh, she also treated me to food. I actually craved yong tau foo which is actually a soupy dish which you can choose steamed or fried items which they will then put into a dry or soup mixture. Very healthy if you have choose more of the steamed items and eat less of the chilli. But, I kinda pitied her because there were not many options for her at that banquet so we proceeded to a nearby eating area which is more like a place for family and friends to tuck in the food.

Uhm, I had problems choosing what to eat and it brought me back to those days when I ate out mostly for lunch where I was often torn between what food can I eat with less guilt and also easy on the pocket. But hey, since all this while I have been feeding on bread for lunch because I could not be bothered to order food from outside or go canteen, so heck, it wouldnt kill to eat something different. So in the end, she ordered for me indian styled fried bee hoon which she chose for me.

It was hot and spicy which was aight for me..but..salty? Well, at least I can rest assured that my daily lunch date with bread hasnt killed my taste bud.

Anyway food aside, I am glad things have been going rather smoothly for mostly all my ex colleagues who were off to a rough start in the beginning of the year after the handover to another company. There were changes in the staff movement with me looking at the list of names and going...'Who is this?!'....'Is she Malay or Indian?!'....'Do I know her?!!'....'Is she new?!' a girlfriend going through the contact list of her boyfriend in his handphone. Well, I got the interrogation blood from my mum, only milder.

We even gossiped a tiny bit about another ex colleague who has joined the same ministry as me and then she was like asking if I kept in touch with her. I said, well sorta...coz she does call me in my office and then asking me what courses I would be signing up. So she was like..well...maybe she's busy with her boyfriend, that Indian guy who is very serious about her. I said, uhm...I think she changed boyfriend already coz I said nowadays, in internet, people do update about their life. I told her I havent asked her for any details yet like whether she is still with this guy or who is this butch looking guy in her friendster whom she dubbed her 'honey bunny'.

Anyway she was surprised about this latest revelation but I said no confirmation coz I just happened to notice only but her surprise came about from the fact that the guy is so serious, he wanted to marry her. Im like..pfft...dont guys who are about his age always eager to marry the minute they find a suitable candidate whom they have barely known? I dont know the cause of her break up...yet....but I spy with my little eye that, the fact that she made him wait coz they only knew each other for like two months or so at that time caused him to be impatient? Hey, Im just saying.....

Speaking of guys, I am sorry but I just could not help but to address Chuck's red polo shirt today coz seriously, I kinda noticed he had been wearing red the past few days. And uhm, I do notice that the past two conversations I had with him this week stemmed from the fact that if I asked him just one question non work related, it would trail into quite a long conversation which I, for once, would be glad to hear a phone ringing because I didnt think that it would stop so soon and if boss is around, I wouldnt think it would go down well on her..haha..That guy sure can talk. So just one question of something in the line of 'you're wearing a red shirt again today' led to me knowing his mum is not around this week so he does his own laundry...he separates red from white...he has an andrew christian shirt with red markings on the sleeves which is an original and bought from the US....and oh, he loves free food (and he noticed that I would also go and take the free food whenever the office was invited to I that obvious?!).

Andrew Christian shirt with his trademark cross on the coming from a geek who just bought a Samsung omnia phone with a 5 mega pixel camera and whose first video downloaded into the phone is an episode of Star Atlantis? Honestly, I only know of Andrew Christian as a designer of men's underwear and not men's wear who had his guest spot on an episode of Janice Dickinson's modelling agency. But I dont want to tarnish my reputation as a hunk loving person because now he knows Im a freebo already when it comes to food.

Speaking of which, there would be a Teacher's Day lunch tomorrow which he said the office staff will be invited except that they normally dont go. I said well I would be 'shy' too if I were them but he was like..'we dont have to stay with them..we can just grab and go and come down to office and eat here' I said....'okay! :D..we will go together then!'. Later my moody colleague told my more sensible colleague that she wants to buy food for her which she then remarked why. Moody was like..'but I dont want to eat their food! I dont want anything that the school gives!' drama mama.

Anyway tomorrow will conclude another end of the working week. Yay! And I still have 6 and a half more thick files of invoices to update in the database and check and sign...*groans*

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good Food

It's 3 am in the morning and I cant sleep. One can onlie take tossing and turning in the bed until a certain limit. I think I need a new mattress. I actually feel more comfy sleeping on my sofa (a guaranteed sleep) but it's only for napping and not the whole actual sleep. Besides Im too scared to sleep in it with the lights off..heh.

And Im having tummy ache now and the medicated oil seems to take its own sweet time to lessen the pain. If I go infront and grab a piece of bread, my mum who sleeps light will start to ask me questions. Im not going to answer to her at 3 freaking am in the morning.

You know, sometimes things throw you off track and then you will be scrambling to find the next best solution. For myself, I dont like to dwell on something too long. But Im sure it will get better...somehow. You dont have to try to read too deep into what I said coz I dont really get straight to the point. It's really just a repeated case of not having enough money, paranoid mother, extreme budgeting that give me a headache sometimes..blah yah, that pretty much sums up the core of my life too.

And on a personal front, Im forever battling with food issues. No Im not suffering from an eating disorder. Of course I do wish that there is no such thing as an unhealthy burger so that I can just gorge on that KFC Zinger burger or be transported back in time where to me, being healthy was not an issue. I just wallop anything that I see infront. Or on anyone's plate.

But you see, there is just so much to life. Nowadays, chronic diseases seem to be mutating and claiming more and more lives and unfortunately, a huge part of it comes from our eating habits. Life is just so unpredictable. But it doesnt mean that we should risk our life too easily. Like I often shudder when people try to cross the road dangerously like in the morning and when the traffic is heavy and they just dash across the road because the damn traffic light is so slow and because other people are doing it also and they need to rush to work. Life is already short. Why make it shorter? besides I dont want to be a witness to their carelessness.

Anyway, I mean why cant we all try to be grounded for once. Seriously, who doesnt want to eat good food but do we have to resort to that everyday? My colleagues eat good food bought from outside almost everyday because they think canteen food sucks like there is not enough salt or taste. But the recent health check they had in school made them think twice about what they put in their stomach that nowadays, they seem to have to think harder on what they want to buy. Of course it is not an easy habit and just now, they actually went to canteen to just go there and eat. When they told me they were going to canteen, Im like 'huh?!' And I thought they kept emphasizing they cant stomach canteen food (seriously, I dont find it bad) but I understand what they mean because this is a school canteen and you know how picky the government is about reducing the salt intake and to cut down on the oil thingey. Only feed healthy food to the children.

And oh, doesnt mean you're on the thin side you're any healthier which my colleague found out too because her recent check showed that her potassium level is too high. This means that her kidneys are at risk and if the level does not drop, or gets higher, her liver may also be affected. And I also found out a few staff had died before my time and and also as recently as last Saturday. They all died from cancer. This is a fatal disease and believe it or not, we all have the cancer cells in our body. They are dormant but once they start to get activated and when we find out too late, there is only so much the doctors can do. The cells will start to spread and your whole body system will start to shut down slowly.

I guess because of that also, they decided to eat canteen food also despite offers from other fellow colleagues to buy for them food outside. But one thing I admire about them also is how they dont question my choice of food during lunch. I think if I work with my ex colleagues, they probably think that I am going to kill myself. And then if I did eat something with my ex colleagues when we went out for lunch, it would always be either yong tau foo (soupy dish with non fried items) or rice with veggies. They wont complain about that though but I sure as hell am sick of them though.

But to me I felt that I have been fed good food all my life. So it's like 'been there, done that'. My parents were the type that hey, it's okay that we cant afford many things in life as long as our stomach is filled with good food although my father hardly buys food for himself. Uhm, maybe partly my fault too coz I often order more than one type but sometimes, I pitied him and leave a share of my food for him or my mum would give me a stern warning by saying 'Are you going to finish all that?!' which was enough to give me the guilty feeling.

So I dont know if this is my retribution..haha..that whenever I used to buy food from outside, it always feel that I have tried everything like what's new especially for malay food and chinese thai food. I guess thats why I love the occasional food like international cuisine like japanese food or turkish food.

In life, you can never be too careful. But hey, life is short so enjoy it while it lasts. Just know where your limits are :D

Monday, August 25, 2008


Okay I know it will be mean of me to say things about people especially about their boyfriends. Good girls dont do that..*ahem* but if there is a word to describe what I feel about my ex colleague's latest conquest, it is just this...


Girl what's wrong with you?! Okay sorrie I added another 5 more words. I know looks isnt everything but you cant be saying yes to any Tom, Dick or Harry who expresses an interest in you! Now every guy who wants to get into your good books will of course appear nice and all fluffy on the outside like you're the only person he cares for until his dying day. I mean why cant you learn to say 'no' for once because having a boyfriend isn't everything. And I know this guy is seriously not.your.type

Wow I do admire her for one thing that she cant stay single for long. Every guy that knows her always seem to fall head over heels in love with her. I mean she's all sweet and dresses well and has an active social life. Im so not there. I cant even remember the last time I ever wore a pair of earrings! Yes, Im pathetic. Whenever I wanted to, it would only be when I stepped out of the house, travelled halfway through and then remembered I forgot to wear earrings. Most times, it doesnt even come across my mind to accessorize.

Anyway enough about her. Well Im sure Rahayu has a few plus points also. It's just that I dont know what they are right now.

I was looking at the video clip which featured Matthew when he won gold medal. The diver from Russia, who won Bronze, well...he's not bad looking..heh. He didnt look too happy maybe coz he expected Gold (dont they all..) but hell, he's hot. And he wasnt even wearing his swimming trunk but covered up in his track suit. You see, who says I only go for the body. That's only about 90% of the time only.

About myself, well..Im still nursing a flu because I dont really take the medicine regularly. I've got other things to worry and it sucks when I thought it was going pretty okay financial wise but I ran out of money a little faster than I had expected. But I try to see how things will go later and I dont want to dwell on this too much even though it will catch up with me somehow.

I wish that there was something I could do so that I dont always end up like this but God is great. Im sure that it is just a test from Him and He will make things better. I hope.

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Matthew Mitcham wins Gold

Congratulations Matthew Mitcham!!!!

Now Im not an olympics fan but I know of this guy before the Beijing Olympics started because he came out in the news two weeks before the game as being an openly gay diver. This is a rarity because the sports world can be very homophobic. A lot of them have to hide their sexuality because people dont take them seriously as sportsmen because many people see sports like some sort of a macho thing. Seriously, do you know of any out footballer? Or basketballer?

But this guy is out and proud and he had the last laugh. Even though he failed his 3m springboard, he managed to calm his nerves and just go all out for his 10m diving. He didnt expect to win gold but at least a silver will do like his fellow team member who won silver in the last Olympics game.

Anyway, in his last dive, he pulled a score that not only beat the leading diver's score from China, but made the highest score ever in the Olympics history.

Congratulations Matt!!!

News on Matthew

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Guilty Pleasure

Im down with the flu bug although it's not a serious one. Okay..until I developed a fever yesterday coz I was stuck at the polyclinic for more than two hours and then I had to continue my day doing grocery shopping for the family. Well, nowadays private clinic is not an option for me because my family doctor charges times, I even need more than 50 dollar for a simple ailment. Sighs...But my mum, surprisingly wasnt so bad to me..she had actually made for me a whole bottle of tea! You have no idea how hard it is for her to even make for me a cup of tea when it's not the usual morning routine of making one.
Nevertheless, Im better except of course, flu is not something u recover overnight. As long as I am armed with a tissue napkin, Im good to go but Im a mess when I return from work because of all the air con in the office.
Since Im bl0**ging from work, I cant write as much as I can back home. Well, one of my guilty pleasures is that I watch soap dramas online...though not in its entirety but just selected scenes coz a drama is not a drama without a LOT of drama so one can onlie adhere to just..a few..heh. But of course, the selected ones are usually the most popular storylines in the drama.
Okay the one that I watched yesterday was a soap drama alright. I was watching the first season and I already know what happened in the third season but u know, the first one would usually be where they would fall in love with each other..yadah yadah. Uhm, a soap drama with a difference that it's almost like a semi soft porn..muahaha..okay, Im exaggerating but which soap drama would you see a guy strip down to his boxers and showing the tv viewers...and then which drama can you see a woman in a hot tub..grabbing her boobs as a joke to her male friend? (by which you know she was actually topless in the tub).
And they swear! They say f$$k in both its meaning! NO BLEEPS!! He was like 'I tell you what you will understand...F&*k YOU!!' and ...'Im not here to talk..Im here to f&*k'...
Not bad...for some cheap looking (seriously, they keep showing the same lodge and settings) drama..heh heh.
And why the heck do I always have a penchant for watching such dramas! Well, anything to distract me from problems in real life..sigh..


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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Priviledged Minute Taker

I am actually recuperating from quite a bad bout of gastric pain just now. Now I am feeling a bit better thanks to my Mum's hot tea, which surprisingly, she didnt turn down my request. The pain is still there which is odd coz I did eat some rice just now with the leftover breaded prawns from Old Chang Kee.

Sidelining here. Gosh, that stick of prawns cost only $1 because of the National Day promotion. It ended last night and I managed to get a stick of octopus head before the crowd started coming in after work and forming a queue. Seriously, that thing is gross but damn it, the batter made it taste better and I am really trying not to buy it too often like maybe once in two weeks or what. I cant eat the whole thing so I would either share it with my mum or eat it over two days. I dislike fried food but heck, once in awhile wont clog your arteries...haha..Oh, did I tell you that they put a huge poster saying that their fried items are now trans fat free?

Come on ah..that spells gimmick all over it.

Darn..why oh why do I have stomach ache now? Would it be a good excuse to escape work later? Seriously, I would do anything to escape work..but since I am going to claim time off this week, then have to 'tahan' or bear with it unless of course, I cant even crawl out of bed. Speaking of which, my colleague (yes..the one with the erratic behaviour) fell sick again and she still came to work despite getting two days of mc starting from today where she claimed that she overworked herself. Wow. Okay she did some work in office too just now clearing some invoices but most of the time, she would be pretty loud when talking to my other colleague and my Ops manager and making remarks followed by obnoxious giggles. Dont we have enough noise pollution already?!

Well, anyway I spent my morning writing up the minute and actually had to rely on good ol' google to figure out what the heck the abbreviations they were throwing around during the meeting stand for. I was lost no doubt in the beginning coz the last time I wrote a minute, it pretty much resembled an essay. Yes my longwindedness can get out of hand at times. But later, during that last meeting, I kinda got the hang of it already even though I did fall in lapses of boredom. It was an executive committee meeting..what u expect for someone who falls asleep easily 5 minutes into a lecture?

But hey, such a meeting would be nothing without hearing things that are better left in the boardroom..heh heh. My colleague asked me how was minute writing..and then she was like..'so you got to hear a lot of things right?' And I just gave my best grin. The minute I came back from the meeting, I went to Chuck and told him that there was something wrong with the laptop because it used the dying battery even though it was plugged into the wall socket. But Chuck was like..'what are you doing in there in the first place?!' I said I was the minute taker and he gave this '' look. I didnt know being a minute taker is such a priviledged post..hehe.. is in and this is not exactly a good month because my budget is very limited and I seriously have to stretch every dollar and cent even if it means lying to my mum on the availability of certain things or swap for less expensive things on certain days. NTUC fairprice is like my best friend now and I kinda am used to the 5 to 8 minutes walk there.

But I still have to get a new pair of specs...GROANS!!! I salute those who are regular contact lens wearers. How the heck do you do it? Dont ur eyes beg for you to rub?!! Then again, my eyes are very sensitive just like my skin.

Anyway, it's still something that I have to do eventually once in every two years or so...sigh.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Luke Puzzle

Bored?! Oh for the heck of it, try out this puzzle featuring my idol Luke Macfarlane of Brothers and Sisters

provided by

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tricky Romance

Gosh I hate wireless network. It has the tendency to now, my room looks like an internet cafe with another long wire running from the router to my laptop so I can share the LAN network with the pc. Just one more thing to add to the mess of my room..which, by the way, I did attempt to clean just now..though I dont really see much of a difference.

Oh! Remember that Chuck entry I wrote earlier? I cant get that day out of my mind! Im like thinking...why Chuck had the sudden hang around the side of my cubicle and making mundane observation about my table like my pop up sticky pad dispenser (probably it's the most interesting part of my table?!). Okay..pfft...if it was like just a drop by or something, heck...I dont mind..but it took him more than 15 minutes ( was that long..) till I prompted him like twice, asking him..'you're not going home yet?!' and he was like 'no....'

But I enjoyed having that conversation with Chuck, which he dominated, and everything I said based on what he asked seemed to be reciprocated by him in much looonger sentences. I do hope it's not the last time only because..well...not all guys can carry a proper conversation like him. He kinda reminded me of bugger which I blogged quite a lot last year. I've always thought that when women talk to men, women tend to talk more coz we're talkative in nature..haha..But these two guys seemed to go against the type and I hope it's not coz of me. It would kinda make me seem like a bad conversationalist..haha..

And that kinda get me thinking. About office romance. No not about me and Chuck but in general. Would you engage in an office romance? I kinda entertained this thought a bit back in my old the guys that I would see often in the gym..heh. I mean, really, if love is to strike you, it doesnt really matter who...when...or where...and if the timing is right and the mood is right, why not?

But! It's a bloody tricky business. People will talk, definitely...judge what they want whether they are wrong or right. And if you're the sort who can bypass that, it is possible to carry on an office affair. Who the frack cares? It's your frikkin' life. I think the only problem is whether you are able to carry the weight on your shoulder and it really sucks if you're dating someone from office and you see him every day
*yawns*. Like..'oh..hi..there u are..again.' It takes the fun out of missing each other and then looking forward to the day when you finally meet and go on a date together.

And then at the same time, you cant flirt or make eye contact with the opposite sex, specifically the more attractive ones, because someone will be watching. But I do not rule out possible friendly dinner dates or movie dates with someone from office. I just have the problem of people making fun out of it because we're obviously not an open minded society who has problems getting the idea that a male and a female can be just friends.

After last Friday's conversation with Chuck, I do not know if my colleague is going to be all moody on me again. He is after all, one of her favourite colleagues which include other male teachers also whom she seems to be always extra friendly with. Not bad ah, she. I thought no one could turn on a flirt button like me...haha.

Anyway, I got no time for office politics. Or romance.

Speaking of romance, over the weekend I had been a wee bit obssessed over this drama about a small texan town with dysfunctional family members and crazy neighbours. It was supposed to be funny and crude at the same time and starred some of the bigwigs of the 80s popular dramas.

Okay, more like I was quite obssessed with one of the stars of the show. I thought he was good looking but in the show, because of his crazy family members, he would throw a hissy fit when he gets a bit emotional like no one takes him seriously. I googled on the show and then I found out he's the show's creator and writer.

Darn it.

But the thing is, my second obssession (or was it third?) about him is that he's someone older than him. I biggie. Just like Demi Moore and her toy boy. But as I was lying in bed and then doing the math about their age gap based on their birth years (it was better than counting sheep), I found out that, their age difference is 23 years. GASP!!!!!!

He did mention about his concern dating someone older like what people would think. But a friend of his told him that people were going to judge anyway, whoever he dates. He just have to not care about what they say! Well, apparently, they have been married for more than four years. If only he found out my existence earlier. He wouldnt be in such a fix. But I dont share the love of Madonna and classic dramas like him.

So hey, imagine me dating a celebrity. Okay if you cant imagine that, imagine the perks that come along with that. I used to have a neighbour back at my late grandma's place and one of her girls married a Malay celebrity who also came from a famous family of acting background.

But who am I. I think if I really were to go out with someone quite famous, they would probably think that I am the worst choice ever..haha..who often gets critically slammed by the media for being the most unpretty and most uninteresting choice of love candidate ever.

Seriously, who cares. I just want to make beautiful ang moh babies...who hopefully dont follow my side of genes.

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Happy National Day 08

Here's rocking the fugly National Day look!!

Happy Birthday Singapore!!!!

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Chuck Chuck and Away!

So I have been wearing contact lens for the past few days (oh the itchiness!!!) and cannot wait to get a new pair of glasses. But funny thing was, I do get a few comments from people saying that I looked better without glasses and dare I say this (get ready a plastic bag!), I looked prettier.

I am so dependent on my glasses that not wearing it is like taking away part of me. It also hides the ugly truth that I am as blind as a bat. Honestly, I can still see but I cant make out people's faces very well but also, even with glasses, I do struggle to see clearly at night because I have a mild case of night blindness.

Anyway the first person who said how come I looked different and..pretty...doesnt count because it came from my kepo (busybody) operations manager who just loves to stand behind my pc and make small talk.

Oh, more about him. He also likes to give me things, like Kraft cheese wedges and the Beijing Olympics gold coins featuring the major sports and other stuffs. No I do not suck up to him but he just loves dishing out his life stories to me at my cubicle and bother me endlessly with questions like 'what are you doing?'...'what are you eating?'...and his endless problems with computers...haha...And it bothers him also if I am not around like if I take leave or when I left with the VP to the meeting room and he followed saying..'what happened? what she do?!!'

So yah, funny thing was colleagues didnt really mention about my non existing glasses. But then, yesterday one teacher finally said something and she said I looked better and can see my eyes making me look prettier. I was of course saying no I dont..but she said,'s God's gift to you so you should appreciate them.

Well, really..I got no problem with them but you know, I am very self conscious. It's a virgo thing!

Okay finally I kinda accepted this fact later...that maybe, I do look better without glasses. I shall tell you why.

You know I talked about my colleague, err..Chuck, who is the school's technology assistant. So he's the person to call for in terms of computers and their peripherals.

I mean, he is a shy but friendly guy (typical geek trait) and my colleague occasionally likes to flirt playfully with him and he goes all shy like speechless or something while she laughs in her 'cutesy' manner. Seriously, it 's not cute but maybe in her world, yes.

Normally, once he finishes his job somewhere in the school, he will just sit down quietly at his cubicle minding his own business. Gawd I hate his mac. I want that one! But my boss was against it. Hrmph. Anyway, in other words, he doesnt walk around unlike the rest of us.

Recently though, I notice that he has been talking to me quite often. No I didnt get my flirt on with him although, on a side note, it would be cool to adopt his surname because it's such a nice one..muahaha...Im just saying! The other day, when my colleague was talking to me coz I called her over to help me with some computer stuff (I suck at excel) and he also came by and hung around at the side of my cubicle....same spot as where my ops manager always stand...and was just looking around at my place but not saying anything. Seriously, there's nothing to see at my work cubicle. It's just so bare so I dunno what's the attraction there.! :D heh...

And he did that again yesterday!!! I didnt even call him over like my colleague behind me who wanted him to help out with her computer which I dont understand what the heck she was blabbering about. Apparently, he didnt either...haha..

Then out of nowhere, he just stood at that spot again looking at me from opposite as I was getting ready to pack my bag while chatting online with mariah. It was I had to say something...I was like..'So........did u get ur free file also?' hehe..the perks of working in a school. I get a souvenir too! And he was nodded his head and he was still standing. He was watching me stuff my bag with the letters that I needed to post leftover short, the whole process lah..without saying anything.

So I got to say something and I asked him..'So Chuck! Where do you live?' And it went from he said he lived very far from here but with just one bus. Within that fifteen minutes, he talked a lot and how he was thinking of whether he wanted to look for a new job and oh, how he doesnt like to work with female bosses compared to male bosses. Even when I walked away for a while..cant remember for what..oh, I think locking up the doors in my office, he was still standing there as if waiting for me to come back to my cubicle. And then I walked away again to make the announcement again, on his persuasion, to ask them to leave the office, and he was still there hanging around and remarking how I sounded so polite chasing them away.

As I came back to sit down, I told him, 'you're not patriotic! you're not wearing red or white!' And then he said, 'no, I feel so anti today..I actually wore red yesterday but I got no choice and then, I remembered that I actually wore it on the wrong day..' and he went on and on about his shirts and I said, 'wow you remembered what colour...I don even remember what I wore yesterday!' which he then laughed at my remark.

And then later one teacher came down and she had recently removed the cast off her arm and he asked her how was it and then later she also commented I looked better without my specs and prettier. And he agreed also..he said the same thing..saying that 'yah, you do look that I can see your eyes because your glasses sorta cover up ur face'..and he actually kept looking at my face like trying to imagine me with and without glasses, I think, that made me squirm and remarked..'dont ah! Im so shy especially when you're standing there..'

Wow..for a guy to comment that to me? Like I told Mariah, I am so over the moon!!!! Do you know that I never get such compliments before..from a guy? Ok maybe some weirdo on the street at some traffic light who suddenly commented to me..'you're so beautiful'..

Like wow. Okay I have not developed a crush over Chuck not that Im saying he's not worth it...and he does have characteristics that I kinda think are okay in my books like hey, that guy knows his computer! heh..and he's friendly and yet a bit shy shy and has a cute laugh.

But I dunno...maybe he has a crush on me? WHAHAHA!!!! I tell you that is funnier that the usual dumb blonde jokes!

Aiyah...I dunno...I may not be as friendly as other girls but somehow, I do notice that once guys get to know me better, they are like so relaxed talking to me like some good friend of theirs but never the sort who think of me as more than that. It's not something that I noticed recently but that is always the case. Not that I mind..really. Only on good days..haha..

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Server Crash

Warning: ***Geek Talk!!!***

And it's on!!!

wah, I am so glad that my weekend is not going to be bleak after all after one and a half days without thanks to a server of a certain subscriber. I was there..surfing the internet on Thursday night, minding my own business, when suddenly I was greeted with the message 'Server down' and I thought..gawd..dont tell me they cut off my internet connection!!! But the funny thing was that it was an odd timing..around 9 plus at night....and the cable tv was still playing so I was thinking..maybe it was the power socket or the wires came a bit loose or something. But I tried as I might to revive the internet (sounds like some ER operation) and nothing! So I slept hoping that it was just a nightmare. No Im not being dramatic. It really was!

But unfortunately, morning was still no go so I suspected could be due to the heavy rain and a minor earthquake in Eastern Indonesia. The thing was, the internet at work was working fine and starhub was uncontactable which gave me clue that they were swamped by calls from people having the same fate as me. I read the internet forums and they were flooded by people saying that starhub's server was down and they tried a rival provider's dns addresses and it worked! Of course it sounded greek to me but, for the sake of humanity..uhm..okay...saving my home internet, I had to understand them and good thing it didnt take me long.

But the series of weird numbers could not save my internet last night so I kinda gave up and hoped for the best in the morning. I woke up to try my internet again at 7 plus am in the morning (no thanks to an sms too) and still upset that I didnt manage to surf net yet. But! I eventually got it in less than an hour thanks to a manual that I kept for years and I found out what the problem could be through the command prompt and then it worked!


Actually, I did try to do what the book said yesterday but I guess at that time, the server was still down or something so it didnt work. Or maybe I missed a step. Uhm, actually I wasnt using the original server address supplied by starhub coz I kinda screwed up a bit the other time so I had to manually configure a new address in order to connect to the internet. And now, ironically, I am using starhub's auto config dns server address again after two years.

Anyway, it doesnt make any difference what address I use. They cut..means..they cut if you dont pay..haha..

So the moral of the story is? No not change's a possibility. It is wise to keep manuals so that in future, if anything happen, you can always refer back to them because I think most of us rely on the technicians to fix them up for us and when it is done, we only need to surf. But things happen. And these manuals are often easy to follow through with pictures and simple guidelines which make u do away with technical help. And uhm...make u tear out less hair.

Oh, and also read internet forums. You dont actually have to join them but if you need to ask questions, you can just subscribe and start posting questions and there are always people there to help you pinpoint what your problem could be.

Have a great weekend! I know I will!! :D

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Naked Fugly Face

Great! After two years of trying to avoid doing the dirty deed, I have done it. I broke my spectacles! Argh!!!!! I tried to take care of it, though not in the most conventional way, but basically NOT breaking it would be the ultimate care. And dumb rahayu broke it in the dark! I it 'sleepy so cant think straight'..misplaced the damn thing..and broke it!

Damn..damn...damn!! It sucks coz now I got to buy a new one! And that broken specs cost me $200 which was more than what most people would pay for coz I thought it would be a good way for me to avoid breaking since it's so pricey. Well, it worked...until now! Im peeved! It's not as if I got so much money with me!

I was looking at some random optical shops which I passed by after buying groceries from a local mart and a package of frame and lens will cost $80. Sigh. 80 freaking bucks and if I do know any better, they will always have additional costs coz based on experience of often breaking glasses and buying replacements, it is always the same ol'..same ol' of...'oh, this lens are special...' or 'this lens are double coated'...'with your degrees, you have to pay a bit more'...whatever lah!!! They basically cant rig up the price of the frames if you choose a cheap one for example so they will charge more for the lens then..sigh.

Anyway, so now....I got no choice but to get a new pair. For now, Im surviving with a new pair of contact lens which I opened the packs just now for the sake of not running into lamp posts. Honestly, despite not liking wearing contacts because it always feel like I got something foreign sticking on my eyeballs, and my face looks overexposed (read: fugly), the world around me is undeniably brighter and clearer. Basically coz the lens are not as smudgy as my basic pair of specs, where even after wiping, still looks smudgy as ever coz of lens deterioration over the years.

Im still contemplating on whether I should my coming pay to buy a brand new specs or wait till later. Meanwhile, I just have to make do with the contact lens which I wear without my mum knowing about it coz she is against it. Despite my mum's remark that I look prettier coz my face is not hidden behind a pair of specs (Im too bummed to accept it as a compliment which I should actually coz she doesnt think I am at all). Sigh...stupid Im in such dilemma. I mean I just know it's bound to happen sooner or later still sucks.

Anyway, Im wearing my specs now which I have scotch taped the broken part together. I took off the contacts already as I dont want to end up sleeping in them whether during bed time or during my evening nap time. If not, I will end up getting another scar on my eye again.

Oh, talking about my mum, you know one of her nasty habits is talking to me when Im watching tv or when she's watching tv. I mean seriously, can't she tell her repeated life stories or her angst against my father and his family when I am not watching tv? And then I have to focus my attention on her instead of the googlebox (so that's where the world google comes from!) because the minute I shift my eyes to it, she will call for my attention. But to ignore her will be like calling upon The Incredible Hulk. So have to tolerate it until I can tolerate no more of which I will then holler...'Mum! I want to watch tv!' Normally, I will snap during CSI:Miami. You can't miss that! Every evidence is critical! Ok more like I will lose the sense of the storyline.

This person happens to be the same one who is so excited in planning what I can wear on National Day eve at work. She was like..'eh you can wear like her to work for National Day!' I said they did not even tell me what to wear on that day but she was taken aback workplace is the most dull in the can they not have the National Day spirit. And this planning went on even after last weekend and then as what she had expected for, my colleague did ask to wear red and white on that day. I was wondering if my mum had anything to do with this. So of course, she got even more excited and then showing me the things in the dirty laundry bag what she can wash so I can wear on that day.

But I dont have a red sleeveless top and the white spaghetti top that I had for few years had already torn and I did not get a replacement for that. I alrady have few pairs of white blouses and a red blouse. I guess red is not a favourite colour scheme despite its reputation to bring luck. Or uhm...bring back an angry revengeful spirit.

And when Im short on budget, my last thought will be to buy a new piece of clothing and sigh, eventually, looking at how handicapped I am in terms of what to wear on National Day eve, I had to get one. But then looking around randomly at a mall where I frequent after work to buy snacks or groceries, I didnt think I would have any luck since now things are so expensive.

And then, a glimmer of hope. This Fashion was having sales. I didnt have much hope in this clothing store coz despite the sales, my budget is still too tight to buy something new from there. But I just tried my luck. At first, I thought heck...I doubt I can find anything and then right before I left the shop, I saw on the rack this sleeveless knitted, and most importantly, red top that doesnt look either too small or too big but just nice. Oh, and it doesnt have those gawdy looking embellishments or designs which I am not a fan of. And then I was hoping it was 6 bucks and it is! YAY!!!

And to add sugar on top of my already sweet chocolate brownie, I got a furthe discount on it and so I paid only $4.80 on that. Double YAY!!!

I showed my mum and she was happy about it coz I would get to wear something similar to that girl on tv who was doing an interview with the NDP stars on Suria channel. But she said what would look even better is when I have a pair of white pants or skirt. I am SO not going to be all red and white! It just spells weird all over! Speaking of weird, I had an ex colleague who actually did dress up in just red and white ensemble including a pair of white earrings. Talk about being patriotic.

Maybe I will take a snapshot of it on Friday. You will get to see it, mock it, and oh, also laugh at my naked fugly face since, you know, I broke my specs so I am specless now.

Big sigh again.

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Home Fest

So while my two friends were out enjoying themselves during Singfest, I was practically stuck at home. But not a big deal coz well...if you dont have the money, just sit down and keep quiet..haha. Still, thanks to certain videos posted on youtube, where I normally frequent, a big shoutout to those who took their time to post them up after the Singfest. You all made my day when I watched Travis jumping along to the crowd and Pierre from Simple Plan slapped his butt during the band's cover of Flo Rida's Low. Dubbed 'Home Fest' by my brother, we enjoyed ourselves at the comfort at our own home. Of course you all will be lamenting it's not as good as being there, but hey...we're not rich so that will do..haha..

Besides that, my obssession with Neopets has taken a backseat for awhile coz I was pretty frustrated at the rate of players online who were so fast in grabbing the random items that can only be refreshed every ten minutes. Unbelievable. Most of the times, in less than fifteen seconds, all grabbed. Dont you all have better things to do?! Like cleaning your room??!! Oh wait. I didnt just sound myself off did I?

So while that takes a backseat, I watched two independent (indie) films online. One is a new movie while the other one was from two years back I think. Both were of different genres. A rom com and a psychological thriller.

Honestly, Im not a fan of both but out of curiosity, I decided to check them out and I must admit, despite starring people who are not familiar with the general audiences, I enjoyed watching them. Okay maybe not so much of the psycological thriller but I must say fantastic acting from the lead actor dubbed hottie hot delicious baked potato.

Speaking of which....

Okay he did not have that whiffy hair in the movie. He looked like a regular college kid with just jeans and t shirt but with a growing power of precognition of something bad that was bound to happen to his sister. He was trying to get closer and closer to his vision but in order to do that, he needed to accept himself for who he really was.

Unfortunately, what he had envisioned was not something which he thought would happen. True there were reported killings of blonde girls who are still virgins, like his sister, but he misunderstood what was happening. His friend was not the killer still on the prowl who took advantage of his sister in the gym but he was on a date with her and having some fun time with her consent (I have no idea what kind of a date..these twisted teenagers..) .

And then dunno why she suddenly suffered the precognition abilities of her brother and was in a trance. So when he and his friend tried to help her, which she then thrashed violently in her trance like state, that idiot date of hers mistaken as the campus killer (but turned out to just be a sotong gatal date) grabbed the gun on the floor her brother had accidentally dropped on the floor and just shot at them.

But that bloody freaking blind bat shot her brother instead! And right at the left temple of his head and he was like spurting so much blood from his wound and slowly losing his life like a fish out of water. So actually the blood on the sister's face, which he had visioned, was actually his own blood because he was shot at a very close range of his sister.

With such a tragic ending to my mr hot potato, I managed to catch another movie that at least offered a happy ending. It was well written and well delivered, I wondered why they didnt quite publicise this movie among those small time independent movie distributors. It was funny how they tried to outdo each other at work after one of them was dumped due to the the fact that since they would be working together, he felt that it was best that they do not start a relationship because they would lose focus.

So it became a recipe for disaster as they tried to outdo each other after one of them was so called being 'dumped' by the other due to fear of being fired for personal involvement with a co worker. But they made peace later when they missed their train and ended up spending time together in an unknown country side and they started to get to know each other like knowing what their interests were and their family background. Then again, it wasn't for long when they argued again when one of them felt the pressure to perform well in his job due to his recent award winning commercial. So when the pressure comes aboard, no distractions allowed including his blossoming relationship.

But at the end of the film, they got back together because apparently, they felt that they needed each other more than they did before. You see how absence makes the heart fonder..or something in that line. It makes you rethink about how sometimes, when you're not open about yourself and choose to keep the pent up feelings inside while you build this almost formidable exterior outside, the person who loves you may find it difficult to deal with you and may give up trying to win your heart.

So basically, if you love someone, whatever problems you may face, try to work things out. But if the person treats you like you're the scum of the earth, throwing profanities around like as if you deserve every word of it, then he's despicable. No one deserves to be ill treated like that even it those words do not bruise the skin, it will cause damage to the heart. And we women must stand up against men like that.

Anyway, Im digressing. About that guy acting in the earlier film as described, he doesnt really do films. He does mostly broadway shows and do I say this without sounding homophobic. Okay many of these theatre guys are often widely speculated to you know, that is just a mere speculation. Just because most of them are, doesnt mean he is (rahayu trying to cross her fingers and toes). But then again, he'll make such a hot boyfriend to anyone.

I wrote about him before but this time, after really watching the film, I really think he's a talented actor still trying to score himself a big break whether in theaters or in films. Come on people, look at that face! What the heck you're waiting for. Sign him up!!

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Travis @ Singfest 08

Hey, one of my life's theme song!!

Didnt know a sad song like that can be turned into an almost poppy happy rock song...

i would have loved to jump with the crowd!!! sigh...(which explains the shakey vidz later)

come back soon travis!!

loved the little conversation they had with the crowd..'i want to see rick astley'..and 'all the fans of rick astley..stand up please!' hahaha...and i love Fran's accent!

The one and only,

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Monday, August 04, 2008

Jason Mraz @ Singfest 2008

Rahayu Loves You Jason Mraz!!!

*holds card up* WILL..YOU...MARRY ME?!

The one and only,

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Friday, August 01, 2008

Horror cum Love Movie

Oh, just a little tid bit of an info regarding my work in addition to the earlier entry. Well you all know about my moody colleague whom I rant about at times. Well, at times she talks to me like Im her friend but at times, she gives me the cold shoulder out of nowhere like she got no time for people like me. Thankfully the rest are okay. And yah now I figured out why the heck there was always this strong perfume smell at times when I go into the toilet or pass by the technology assistant's table. Let's just call him Chuck.

Apparently, when me and another two colleagues were cross checking the list of registered applicants from the last three days, he was sitting beside me to see us checking while also packing up the laptops. Okay seriously Chuck, you may want to reduce the dosage of your cologne coz *aheck*, it was pretty overpowering. And him sitting there for about five minutes was almost enough to suffocate me.

Okay enough about work rant.

Did you know that in my late teens, I used to watch quite a lot of horror movies? Seriously, I have no fetish for slashing, blood and gory stuffs and those shock tactics. Neither do I want to watch them but you know, some people are so into them and unfortunately, at that point of time when I used to listen to heavy metal music and look at morbid album covers, they thought I would be okay watching horror flicks where such music would be featured also.

The thing is, I was so not okay. I think I spent a better half of my time in the cinema counting the number of popcorns people dropped on the floor. So much so, I somehow always had the hunch that something bad was going to happen and so I managed to turn my attention away elsewhere and true enough, someone got murdered mercilessly or some other things.

But okay, get this. Out of all the horror movies I watched *shudders*, the one horror movie that I truly enjoyed was Carrie 2: The Rage. It was supposed to be a modern remake of the classic Stephen King's movie Carrie but flopped big time. However, despite the massacre at the teens' party where almost everybody died in more ways than one, *shudders again*, the beginning storyline right up to the time she went berserk (very cool the way the wire motive from her tattoo swivelled around her torso), felt like it was straight out of a romance novel.

I mean okay this Emily was a social misfit who actually had telekinetics power which would be stronger whenever she was emotional. And while having to know about the death of her only friend and best friend who killed herself after falling prey to a bet made by the jocks in school, she actually started to fall in love with another jock.

Actually she would have been the next victim, where the guy would keep a scorecard, but the jock turned out to actually have feelings for her right from the start. It's more on he pitied her and thought that there was more to her. So while he had a chance encounter with her when he helped her rush her dog to the hospital, it later eventually led to a relationship and changed her also to a sweet young thing. But it turned out the joke was still on her when his friends thought that he was just playing along with her.

Unfortunately, he had not arrived at the party yet and when he came, the place was practically almost burned down and the whole place was a bloody mess. But he still believed in her although she had a hard time believing in him because she thought he set her up. She was about to kill him when she saw, in the video where those damn rascals showed them in bed, he uttered 'I love you' when she was sleeping in his arm. She telekinetically replayed the video to that part again and again as though in disbelief and realised that he was telling the truth that he had no part in it. So she flung him out of the window into the swimming pool to save him before the remaining burning ceiling piece fell down on her.

So he survived while she died and a year later, he was seen taking care of her dog which actually had brought them together. His arm was disfigured because it caught fire while he was trying to save her but it served as a reminder that you should never date a social misfit. Okay, maybe you can. Just not one who can be out of control when in rage. Or just dont hang out with too many dumb jocks. Unless they're hunks.

Im missing the point here right?

I tried to upload a fanvid of the video from youtube but it didnt work. I dont know if later it will appear on the blog so you know what the heck I rambled about. Well, if you're into renting dvd, I think you should really try to rent it though. And if you cant stand the massacre bit, just watch the one before she flew into a rage. I think I would rent it but will be on my long waiting list, haha..

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Work Rant


what a day at work today. My colleagues had been warning me that in this last phase of primary one registration, we would be expected to have a huge crowd and it will be a mad rush trying to register them and everything would be in total chaos. Well, there was definitely crowd who was looking at the screen that we updated every now and then like a stock market. But it was not as bad as what they had described. Or maybe coz I was getting the hang of doing the online registration, via a laptop that linked to the moe registration system, so everything seemed to run smoothly? So I thought that it was a little bit disappointing but heck, it was quite an experience. And to top it off, these parents were more well versed as to how the balloting system works than me. I was struggling to understand it all like how how many needed to ballot and for how many seats and which category needed balloting.

So a big tip of the hat to them for doing their research especially when they try to enrol in a (supposedly) good school highly recommended by their friends and/or relatives.

But anyway, I figured out the balloting system already whenever I can just like how I learn everything I need to know at this workplace through hands-on experience. Although there are times where I need to read the boring manuals and notes so that I dont screw up on the facts. Sigh, talk about screw up, just when I thought I have tried to kink out the mistakes I made in locking the general office and staff room, I screwed up again yesterday because I could not decide whether to lock up the glass door or not coz of some event going on yesterday. But it was a good thing the person who discovered my mistake told me about it and though it was an embarassingly second time that she did that, she was understanding enough not to tell the whole world and make it spread like wild fire. The first time she said she thought it would not be nice so she would rather tell me direct.

So okay now I get it already. Anyway, when the boss says lock up, you jolly well lock up everything and dont think twice about it. She obviously knows what she's talking about. Sigh. I feel like Patrick the Starfish sometimes.

Oh back to that registration thingey. Besides having to annoyingly answer calls asking the same damn bloody things regarding the current stats, we have finally concluded (thanks to one parent who exceeded the total just by one), a total of 66 applicants would be balloted for 65 seats. I feel sorry for that one boy who will not make it and following the MOE strict policy (a.k.a dont play with the gah-men), no exception will be made for that one unsuccessful applicant. Of course there will always be people who will try to make a big hoohaa over things being typical Singaporeans. Just like one parent earlier who already lost her priority because she missed the registration period for the earlier phase but insisted we treated her with specialty based on that priority.

I mean so what if your children are overseas. I tell ya some of these people who just came back from overseas as returning Singaporeans and put their children in our local schools, want us to treat them like kings and queens just because they were posted overseas for work. What's the big eff deal. You were not there on holidays and squander your disposable income. You go there to work just like the rest of us.

Anyway despite me complaining at times about how snobbish the parents of these students are, my managers and vice principals dont take crap from such people. I am really amazed at how they handle people who insist that they get what they want. I mean, especially for my manager, when she is upfront with us, can be a little bit of a tight wire, but when she talks to these overly annoying parents who use threatening big voices, she takes into consideration that first and foremost, she is a parent just like them too so she knows they are anxious about their children. Uhm, except for this one time recently where she was raising her voice already but that parent was beyond words. And beyond belief.

Well, anyway now Im anticipating the balloting day next week where things will turn ugly..I mean..interesting. But as for now, after trying to reach school by 7.45am, which is more than an hour before my official time in, I am glad to say now I can afford to sleep longer. Anyway, it will be a sweet sacrifice coz I got one free leave not inclusive of my current leave entitlement. HURRAY!!!!

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Long Weekend, A Little Rambling & My Lack of Gratitude

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