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A for Effort

I was a bit crushed, okay..very crushed , when I realized that I got a C+ for my last test which I believed I studied very hard for it even though the exam questions were pretty tough but somehow 'answerable'. Everyone's like getting B, B+ and A even and yet, I got a C+ so it set me on a mission that I have to get at least a B for this subject, just as how I maintained my grades to be of either As or Bs even though during the tests I may not score as well (and one time, even failed a paper).

I would say that this time around, memory work is not enough. I need to learn to apply and even then, to apply the knowledge in the correct manner. Exams officially in less than a month and as much as I want to prep myself for it, I'm up for two projects, one individual and one group work. Hence, there is now a need for me to close both my online shops and to concentrate on what matters most at this point of time, which is my grades.

The previous afternoon, I came across this quote w…

Welcoming in 2016..with Adam Lambert!

First post of the year, yay! I know it's very belated but I've been busy. However, you can have an assurance you will hear from me frequently from now on. 

We had a blast on the eve of New Year right to the point of welcoming in 2016 because we went to a Countdown! Yes there we were at the Countdown at 8 plus right after 12.30am in the morning and it was such a great welcome as we ushered in with about 10 minutes full display of the fireworks. 

Absolutely gorgeous. There were a number of paid events that we went to and this was one of them. My brother started working part-time last year and hence, he could afford to pay for them himself. And he also kinda 'forced' me to pay my own share for the sake of experience. So I have watched F1 Night Race followed by a two hour performance of Pharell Williams, the monumental Taylor Swift concert and now the Countdown. We may not get the best seat or the best performance but to be able to afford the most basic ticket price and yet,…