Random Pics in Whenever

Okay this is so silly. I used to run these kind of posts and I somehow stopped. I guess coz I was so...lost in the moment where I just adopt such a laid back attitude towards life instead of making it productive.

Anyway, I'm sure every now and then you see me put up pics so I think it isn't...so bad? haha.


It may look ugly but my mum's chocolate chip cookies are da bomb.

I made this programme brochure in 2001! I kept it till now.

I think this tin box is so cute..I got it from my VP

Mum's homemade nestum cookies..very nice and crunchy!

Eu De Toilette for Men..Burberry baby!

I have sweet tooth & I like biscuits from Marks & Spencer

The penguins are all the way from....London Marks & Spencer!

I just love this vintage look of the packaging...there were 3 in a pack selling for SGD1.99!
I just realize the pictures are mostly cookies coz I love cookies! Although must eat in moderation, haha.

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