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Crushing on a Crush

I love the song from Yuna feat. Usher called Usher. It's such a dreamy tune and you just can't help but  listen to it over and over again..well at least for me, haha. It just takes you to a time when you're crushing on someone and then dreaming about if he or she is crushing on you too and what if both you react on the crush that you have on each other, leading to the first date.

But what if the crush is just one sided and what if the crush you have been eyeing has someone else in mind. Although just like how life is unpredictable, you'll never know that things can make a turn around and then somewhere in future, the two of you can just end up together. 

Well it takes both hands to clap although I feel that if one of the parties in the crush actually make some effort, no matter how little, like a smile as a friendly gesture for a start, you just have to trust that things will fall into place. I mean go for it without any hung ups or expectations because the least you can…

Our First Group Meeting After Graduation

It has been a long time coming since the last time we met was on Graduation Day although I did meet up with 3 of them quite recently for a birthday celebration. I somehow never seem to miss out on any of the gatherings including the time when we went to a coffee shop after our stressful Econs exam papers. Still don't know how we survived that miraculously..haha..
Anyway, I've always been a silent supporter to this friendly bunch of people who always make me feel inclusive knowing that I am a lady of few words, haha. 
We went to this restaurant called PU3 and although the service staff should really write down orders so that we don't always have to remind them that two of our drinks had not arrived get our orders wrong. I mean it's for their customers' benefit and also their own so that they don' undercharge their customers. Just saying.
They serve Nasi Ambeng served in a big dulang or tray that is meant to be eaten by 2, 4 or 6 people which is meant to close ties …

Loyang Bus Depot Carnival 2016

We were almost late to the Bus Depot Carnival at Loyang and were getting more stressed out in the journey towards the Depot and to our horror, the next connecting bus that will bring us there will be arriving in...twenty five minutes?!! But luck was on our side as it arrived shortly within 10 minutes instead. We were this close to walking there actually, lol...but it was drizzling so we had no choice but to plonk our butt at the bus stop hoping the bus would actually arrive earlier than expected and it did :)

Thankfully, we managed to join the queue for the most exciting part of the journey and that is the.....bus washing! Yay!! Well, if you own a car or your family owns one, you may have gone through an automated car wash but we're talking about a bus fun like what! Yes, I was still excited about it, haha...and to actually not know what we were queueing for initially until I took a peek at the poster that had been turned the other way round because apparently, the one th…

Body Positivity & What it Means to Me

I followed certain people and liked similar themed IG posts and Instagram picked these up under the explore tab. Because I liked various things, there will be a mixture naturally and then there was one thing that stood up. I liked and followed a famous plus sized model and also a you tuber who often talks about body positivity like how she came from a place of self loathing at her size to someone who is proud of her body, no matter the size, because she ain't gonna suffer any more from hiding herself and occupying her thoughts with what people say about her body. 

I believe that beauty starts from within and when you don't love yourself enough, you're not giving others a chance to love you for who you are. If people judge you based on how you look without giving you a chance to get to know you for who you really are, you should really stay away from these people because why let other people's bad opinions ruin you? 

Of course there's another group who think that thes…


I love Fridays!! I mean, don't you? I feel like I'm going out practically every Friday, lol. But the last two Fridays, they were pretty different because I spent time in the company of people I normally don't hang out with. One was a birthday celebration with my former schoolmates ever since we started this last year and now we have an additional member. I feel like because of our closer age group, we get along better although selfies seem to be something across age groups, haha.

When you grow older, you appreciate friendship more than just partying and having fun mostly. Back then, you feel like you are left out when you don't go out until late night. Even though I'm no party animal back in those days as well, I feel like I 'accomplished' something simply by doing nothing and just be in the midst of hip and happening crowd and listening to loud music to the point of shouting. Honestly, I didn't really feel good then but I didn't want to feel somewha…

The Downs of Running An Online Shop & My Hope for A New Full Time Job

I've been toying with this idea on whether I should continue to run this little online shop of mine. It is tiring to actually wake up much earlier before work to rush some orders so that I can have it ready by the same day. But sometimes what pushes me on is the fact how some people have so much energy in themselves  because they truly believe in their products and want others to feel the same way too. But of course, it's not like the things come for free like what they say, in order to make money, you need to spend  money. And so that's how proper financial planning comes in. For me, it's kinda different because I tend to spend more on quality products and I don't like to charge high prices for my crafted products. Simply because not everything is about money you know. If I make a little cash, then it's good enough. Just to keep moving and so that I can continue to buy newer products from my favourite paper crafting stores in Singapore.

Then seeing how some oth…