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Busy Busy, Barely Hanging & A Miracle on Hari Raya Eve

 I really needed this long break coz I've been slapped with so much things do, and often feeling the guilt of sleeping in a little longer to rest my tiredness. I had orders coming in left and right, and almost every week, I'm down with preparations for either a class test or a project. Though the nightmare isn't over yet, I watched a video recently about how we can overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed when we have them written down what need to be done and giving ourselves an estimated time on how long it takes to complete it. Of course, not everything will be smooth sailing and just now when my classmate asked about how to upload a file for an assignment, I just remembered that it was due...TODAY.

Argh! * pulls hair*

Anyway, I've done it and according to my schedule, I should be updating this blog, haha. I may not always be here but I will certainly update it as and when I feel like I want to talk about things that are in my heart. I felt a tinge of sadness when I …