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Magical Christmas Feeling..Taking Time Out from Busy Schedule

The joy of giving and spreading the love and kindness all around. There's just too much hate going on and too much emphasis on petty little things. I am no angel and I strive to be better all the time and not be, mean and too calculative on the family. Although I don't celebrate Christmas, apart from the fanfare and overhype, I think the the joy of giving and spending time with friends and family is still not lost and the latter is pretty much celebrated by all other major celebrations across religions and culture, promoting togetherness. 

There was no gift exchange in my workplace on Christmas even but just as a token of appreciation, I bought a box of Crabtree & Evelyn London handcream lotions and gave them out to my colleagues. I didn't keep any for myself except the pretty box, hehe. It's just a little something from me for helping me prep the 300 (!) cards for a major project. I did get some gifts as well and I appreciate every single one of them :)

That …

My New Bigshot Machine & Goals in MOney Management

I've experienced hardship for the last couple of months and this time round, even though I probably tell myself this every year, I am more determined to spend money in the right direction. I read a book prior to this, not specifically about money management, but how you evaluate your life choices to enhance it rather than burden it. Also, how we can create positive thinking for ourself and take ownership over the things that matter such as our work, our business if we have, family, friends and our life. If we want to lead a successful life, we can create the success, no matter what situation we are in if we are willing to call the shots.

Once I received my bonus, I knew that I want to take it the right direction. All the brand new shiny things in our life may not add value to our life if we know back home, we have similar things that are still quite brand new or untouched for a long time. 

I am more careful with spending and now, I try my best to spend with benefits in mind. I got m…

2014 Meat Fest at Seoul Garden

I've been so extremely busy but then again, sometimes I think it also boils down to time management. I guess I can accomplish more in a shorter amount of time if I could be a little bit more disciplined. I am however progressing in small amounts but I believe it can be accomplished if only I put my heart into it.

So two weeks ago, was the grand payday which also means extra pay for me as it's when I will get my year end bonus. It is therefore a yearly affair for us to go on a crazy meat fest. We went to our usual place to attack large amounts of meat, or at least more than we usually consume, which is at Seoul Garden Takashimaya. We actually have one at a nearby mall but somehow we still chose to go that same place.

One thing I learn though, is to not go after 8pm. It's not really money worth it because we didn't get as much varieties especially for the soup although we still manage to put our grilling skills to test with the marinated meat available. You don't have …

TV Guy of the Moment

 Are you like me, if you watch someone on tv, or stalk over the internet and then you have this strange feelings that overcome you, making you to meet someone just like him or her? So far, no one has captured my heart but I'm fangirl-ing over some guys over the internet and this year, I've fan-girled (which basically means mooning over someone you can never get, haha) over an interior decorater who got married to another great looking interior decorater, an actor who well, only showed his acting prowess in the last episode and then this one, a cool looking guy who has got himself into a star crossed relationship (in other words, doomed to enjoy while it lasts).

Meet Aiden, from The Vampire Diaries spin-off The Originals.

Isn't he handsome? Ok honestly, at first I thought he was simply 'meh' or not that good looking but just like every other guy like him, I have fallen in love with his rather complex character (he's a werewolf) from a badass type of guy t…