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Finding True Love

I am not finding one but what the heck, I can talk about it. My friend is in dilemma because she is at the brink of giving up hope when it comes to true love. For someone like her, I am sure she is capable of doing so but I guess sometimes, you just need a bit of gusto and just er..go for it if you find someone that you truly like and you don't want any other girls having their paw on him BUT you.

Still, it's easier said than done. I have watched many soap dramas (as I'm sure you know that by now) and I am always amazed how two people who CANNOT stand each other then suddenly finding themselves not being able to be apart. Or someone from years ago rejected your love and then years later, try to track you down to say that actually, he does have feelings for you but just wasn't sure about it...until now.

We always think that cheating is bad and I do not promote it. But what if, you don't find yourself fulfilled in this existing relationship of yours and then comes alon…

Laptop Died & Came Back to Life

Hey there, I'm back after a pretty long absence because my laptop died on me...again but thankfully, my second time of hauling the laptop back to office did wonders though for 3 days I suffered without the laptop at home.

See, it always pays to be nice though yes I know that sometimes we just have to be more aggressive or risk being stepped all over. But more than often, we shouldn't be too nasty and arrogant for our own good. Why? Simply because it is just going to lead to our downfall and nobody cares to help you when you are in need of some help.

In other words, I would have to fork out a lot if I were to send to an external computer shop. Instead, I got free service! He even helped me to source for another hardisk to replace the corrupted hardisk for free. He actually used his own money to buy the hardisk and did not want to accept payment.

I can never thank him enough because it is a very very sweet gesture. If not, I had to get a new laptop and I don't have that …

Mystery Day out at Sentosa

Okay one more post before calling it a night. Oh we had one of our mystery day out thingey again with the three of us which we started last year and I must say that I enjoy every one of it. Any opportunity to spend time with your good friends is definitely a go. And today's mystery day out is to.....Sentosa!

So here we were lazing out on a beach which were surprisingly not that crowded like East Coast so we can just lie down on our makeshift mat and also watch the world go by..or rather the handsome Caucasians go by..heh.

And then on our way out, who did we meet? Robocop! I thought it looked more like the blue power ranger but oh well, to each its own..haha.


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Life is Back on Track

Yes I am back after a long absence because of my laptop that has been giving me problem by always hanging and making me do forced shutdowns. It has recovered already because after repeated failed attempts to resuscitate it, I finally brought it down to office this morning to get expert help from the right people. In other words, it always helps to be extra nice to the IT experts..heh.

So I got no choice but to allow him to do a factory reset back to the original. I did a back up mainly my pictures and documents and they have been reinstalled back. However for my brother's DVD which he had saved his documents, there is a technical problem so have to ask for help again.

Anyhoo, wanna say that I will be off living on a credit for awhile and will use the next few months slowly paying the bills so I am trying my best to use as little money as possible. I have paid off most of my other bills including the *sigh* outstanding OUTSTANDING so many months never pay kind, so I hope…

Health 101: Cutting Out Refined Sugar and Complex Carbs

This is the thing. A little back story about me if you have already not read before on my blog. I have been overweight all my life but it was still quite alright like I wasn't that flabby, until I left school and physical education is no longer part of my life like it was during school days. I put on 10kg and it stayed on until I joined the working forces and I just got bigger and bigger. Then I got a wake up call when my father was hospitalized and then I realized that I wasn't doing myself any favour and this gradual weight gain wasn't what I want. Instead, I wanted it to stop.

It was hard, seriously, working out in the gym and I remembered that one time when I first stepped into a gym, I was so self conscious!! And I figured it would probably be my last but then, it wasn't. I went at least three times whenever I get the chance to come back to the office after my field work. Of course being obese for the longest time ever, the fats were stubborn like hell. They just w…

Beauty 101: Beautiful on the Inside

What an odd title. I've always wanted to write about this and ironically, I have been watching about the most gorgeous man in the whole planet earth. You will know who is it in a later post.

Anyway, I was reading this magazine a week ago and she described how being imperfect can be beautiful. Well, in a beauty and fashion obsessed world, we can get carried away and get extreme in our strive to be beautiful. The truth is, people work on their beauty on the outside too much that they don't realize being beautiful on the inside matters as well.

The things that make us different from other people make us truly unique. Just like any average girl, I complain a lot about my physical appearance. Im sure you hear me complain here many times too like why the heck am I getting fatter and fatter and wanted to stop at this yo-yo weight syndrome. The only thing I know is that I have been taking the wrong approach recently and the only way to end this is to simply be very disciplined and not e…

Living on Credit

I have to confess that I've been living on credit for the last one week and I'm not happy about it as it means that I have more things to pay later. But I don't have a choice apparently as I don't have cash at all. Whatever little I had, I had used them to pay for groceries. Without my brother's maintenance allowance that came in end of last month, I really dunno how to survive. I managed to pay some of the amount I owed on credit and have a little bit more to survive until payday though honestly, I really don't know for how long. Everything is so pricey now I seriously don't know whether I can cope in the coming future. Many people would want to live until a ripe old age but for me, I don't want to live until I'm 100..haha.That is why when I get my bonus next month, I will continue to pay off my credit card bills and then just simply save up the rest. Shopping is not in my agenda though honestly I just want to get a pair of good sandals for work co…