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Learning to be More Tactful

In life, many of us have good intentions or at least we THINK we have good intentions when we decide to give advice to people who are struggling or need somebody else to tell them things they can't really see in moments of frustration or despair.

Alas, this is not always the case.

There are people who just want to let their problems be known to you but don't need to be told what to do because it's easier said than done. Of course in a way, we think that we are helping them with our suggestions but they may have tried and it hasn't been successful or they just think it's not really possible.

I think that it's best to keep an open mind. Everyone has problems, big or small, and it's a matter of how you face them upfront and learn to deal with them in ways that we can. But being bogged down with too many problems, our mind can get rather clustered with so many thoughts it's understandably hard to think through.

Yet, it's also best for us to put ourselves in…

My First Ever Trip to Batam, Indonesia


I am back!! I've never seen so busy during the Christmas period running my online shop, on top of juggling with my studies because apparently, they want us to sit for two tests just before they let us go for our two week break. But in between, I managed a very quick getaway, well technically, it was with my colleagues for our annual staff retreat. This time, I ventured to somewhere that is not in Malaysia. 

I went to Batam. I know you're thinking like almost every Singaporean shopping kaki has gone there but you see, I lead a protected life under the care of my mother who watches the news and get the impression that we live in a very dangerous world. Actually, she's partly right but we just need to be more vigilant. So you can imagine I faced such great resistance but somehow, she managed to come around it and let me go, provided I stay within the company of people, and not venture out myself. Like I would coz I'm a scaredy cat myself.

Again, it made me feel glad that…

Taylor Swift Live in Singapore..Dreams Come True!

Taylor Swift is such a major MAJOR talent and rightfully so, because she knows what she wants and she goes for her dream without getting lost mid way amidst the fame, money and popularity. Infact she improves herself ten fold over time from that time she started playing in outdoors concert with a cheap looking banner overhanging the stage. 

And now she performs in big stages with a platform that can level up and rotate to thousands of screaming fans. Apparently, I am one of them too :D

The indoor stadium may be packed but my goodness, there were just as many disappointed fans as well who couldn't get their hands on the tickets because they sold out very fast! Getting in was hard but my ever resourceful brother (for once, actually..haha) actually opened up two computers at school and apparently, one of them put him in the waiting room while the other didn't. And it wasn't even 10 am yet where it would actually be the official time the tickets would be on sale online.

That was …

How Life Can Teach Us to Be More Appreciative

A friend of mine has been sharing quite a lot of things on Saturday, which isn't like her at all, because while she does share things with me, most of the time she doesn't and I appreciate the fact that she wanted to share her personal story that changed her perspective on life. I couldn't believe that she went through that and having gone through such a state of mine before years ago, I completely understood how one could be so emotionally wrecked when you feel like you're going to lose your loved one.

For my friend, I'm glad the ordeal was over but it clearly left a big impression, from the conversation we had and how it changed her even though in my opinion, she is one of the best people I've ever met. But as told by her, she learns from everyone and sees strength in people when clearly, those very people have doubts about their own abilities and what they're capable of doing. 

But life as it is, may result in us forgetting and appreciating what we have a…

Taking Credit and being Blessed with Your Looks

I'm typing this post out on my phone as my laptop has been sent for repair due to the cracked screen which technically happened a year ago but I never got round repairing it. It would cost me $400 plus but apparently the price seems to have dropped when we went there last Saturday .  Still, it's actually costly. Now you know why u delayed for so long.

But it was frustrating nevertheless to not be able see half the screen. Also the damage becomes worse as more pixels die from the cracked screen. Well, I'm not looking forward to forking out  $200 but I have to accede because my brother is willing to share the costs with me now that he's working part time. That means to say I have to work harder to earn more money to repay myself back the amount.

This week was the bomb because I earned $100 which is so rare and I'm so happy for it. I stashed it away to keep for rainy day for the next two months as I don't want to be dirt poor like last year around this time.


Bittersweet Ending to My Diploma Course

How could I miss this post?! I actually didn't write about how I got my results, now come to two weeks ago, and I'm so happy! I didn't get  any C again although I know that the important thing is to basically get the modular certificate, after going through project after project and test after project, often within a week or so of each other. In other words, we survived! Of course, there was also an exam that we had to take at the end of the course and to me and perhaps some other people too, it was the absolutely last chance to pull through, just like the final projects from other modules.

Some guy in my class was like saying why some people are so driven to get distinctions or do very well when the important thing is that we pass. But he would always be the most emotional one whenever we get back the results, verbalizing his happiness or his disappointment.  While at the end of the course we want to ultimately get it together and hold the diploma in our hand, the little a…

I Want to be Grateful But Sometimes, it's Hard

Nowadays I try to tell myself that I should be grateful for things like having some money before the next pay day instead of being completely broke, because believe me, I have been through days like those in the past, most recently towards end of last year. I also want to be grateful as well that even though I'm still struggling with weight issues, I don't want it to take precedent of my life like it's over if I don't get a certain weight. I want to be grateful that at least now, I have better choice of clothings compared to my younger days where getting a skirt means buying from Marks & Spencer or Robinsons which were then very expensive for someone who didn't earn that much. 

Now, I can wear skirts from H&M too and choose nice tops although until now, shopping for clothes is not my area of interest. I'd rather shop for pretty patterned papers so I can make pretty cards and sell them to make a bit of income, hehe.  But my mum seems to take over this sho…

The Shock, The Horror...

Yes, shock shock horror horror (thumbs up if you could get the song reference)..I, as usually, would wanna see that big guy in the gym that Sunday afternoon but planning on laying low, in case I appeared as Little Miss Stalker or aunty-like gym goer.  I walked past the weights area, took a glance and I couldn't see him and what I saw was like this guy in red singlet with two rather big tattoos on his biceps doing the deadlifting (is that what you call it, I dunno..something like that) who stood out with his tatts.

So, okay..maybe he's not around. No biggie (like real) and I went to check my hair and appearance in the gym toilet before making my way back out. Took a sip of water from the water cooler and then started to make my way to the elliptical trainer and OH MY FREAKING GOSH.....

That guy...with the red sleeveless singlet...and the two tatts....belongs to HIM!! My gym crush!!

How can I not spot him. He was looking my direction, I guess he wass thinking eh, the aunty is here,…

Race to Weekend cum Birthday Celebration with F1 2015

My last birthday celebration on Friday was so unique because for the first time, I got to go to the F1 Grand Prix or the Night Race 2015. 


We would have gone earlier but it's always the case of not having enough moolah even though come to think of it, for the price we paid for the cheapest ticket, it would have been worth it. But with my brother's persuasion, since he would be paying for his own since he's earning his own moolah now from his part-time job, there was no way he could give up this chance. And so I did and it was such a thrilling experience :)

It wasn't the actual match but rather, the practice run and yet, we enjoyed every single moment of it. Of course it was later quite tiring because we were often walking around in the enclosed areas and even though we didn't catch many acts in between as we got hungry and went out..hehe, the best part was catching Pharrell Willliams live. Yes, THE Pharrell and he was so energetic on the stage and so kind to …

My Money Rant

I had a craving for Sogurt brand yoghurt for some time already even though I had the rival brand Llao Llao pretty recently too, bought by my brother. I admit that the yoghurt is rather pricey, especially when they go by weight and as controlled as I was in squeezing out the yoghurt, as it was DIY, and then putting in controlled amounts of toppings, it still come out to be pretty expensive. I don't know how those other people, who defo put in more yoghurt and toppings can eat in peace while in my heart, I'm like gosh, how did it come out to that price?

However, if you ask me, it was er...worth it for what I got? But I wouldn't have it like a weekly treat but a monthly treat. It would have been a killer in my wallet if I have it too often.

You know just now in my wallet, I had $70 and then now I'm left with $12. The lunch and the yoghurt that I had just now, easily cost me $10.00 and that's for my own only. After that, groceries..okay, this one can't escape and I a…

A Day at Macritchie Reservoir & ALIVE Museum

This is a looooong overdue post and I'm so freaking lazy to update it because there were so many photos taken and editing would be a b*tch. The thing is, I don't really fancy taking a lot of pictures and one of the top reason is because of that, lol! But I wasn't the one taking these photos. It's just my boss was so trigger happy that day :s and me and my other colleague literally had no chance to run away and if we ever did, we would be called back. The things we do.

It was Youth Day and unlike other youths who were having a whale of a time not being in school, this year we had our EAS day and the other schools in the same cluster would go for a learning journey. First up, we would take a walk at Macritichie Reservoir (Seriously don't know how to spell that)  and I had a really pleasant walk on this boardwalk. Seriously, the place had changed so much that I actually wouldn't mind visiting it. Coz the last time I went there, it was nothing but traumatic because …

A Year Older..Hopefully Wiser?

So, I celebrated my birthday at the stroke of midnight with the family starting with cake cutting, which I bought it for 50% off, hehe. I never bought a cake at such a good discount especially for a 1kg cake. Usually, at most it would be 20%. And I didn't even pay for it. My mum did, knowing that I dislike buying birthday cake because it's such a waste of money, with the price tag for all the cream and fluff. 

The rest of the day went fine and me almost falling asleep at work, hehe..because it was a pretty quiet day since  there were no pupils and very few teachers around as it was PSLE listening compre. Most of the students who took the PSLE had gone home. And me doing the mundane task of processing payments, I almost fell asleep several times. 

However, I received some pressies and they're so pretty! I didn't like make it known it was my birthday or something but I felt so touched my colleagues were aware of it. The fact that I'm getting older and not younger kinda…

The Ideal Life..Does it Make us Happy?

I've been watching this indie movie (glad I haven't given up this hidden interest) and while i used to watch a lot of pardon me, crap, but I felt that maybe I should give this movie a chance. In short, if the actors hot, why not, lol!

That aside, overall the movie is sweet. There's pretty lengthy talks like some sort of advice such as you don't marry for the sake of marrying someone that you think will give you the idea of a perfect blissful marriage life, if he or she is not going to give you the happiness. Okay, it's a bit more complicated than that but he thought that by marrying her, her can finally have his own restaurant western-chinese fusion business because her father owns a successful restaurant empire where he's working as a line chef. And she simply wants companionship but they're not perfect for each other. He has someone in mind who is too self-centered and for 20 years, he was crazy over this person ever since young.

Well, both of them finally …

Birthday Celebration & Dealing with Life's Woes

We celebrated a friend's birthday last month and I meant to do a blog post but recently, I've been so in a chillax mood that well, now I'm writing, lol! But yah, this is going to be more than just a birthday post. 

We made it a tradition to celebrate our birthday together as we grow older, we don't really go for big celebrations, just a mini eat-at-roti-prata shop also can, type of celebration. Our priorities change and we go through tough times and as we grow older although we come out of it stronger even though can really take a toll on you. That's why you need friends in life. Last time it was all about popularity and I guess that's how most people in their twenties are too now. Jumping on the social media bandwagon, curating beautiful pictures, thus painting a life whom others can just wish to have.

My former classmates from school back then having their own families with some having three children or with a third child on the way. While some of us (a rare br…

I am so FREAKING Forgetful

When I wrote this post, I have found two of the lost items. Another two are still missing and I'm consoling myself with the fact that somehow, it will eventually show up.

Sigh. I swear I remembered putting them somewhere but you know, I'm always in a jiffy doing something and then somehow, previous action would become my current action and I will keep thinking about the previous action, overriding the current one, until I realized it's not where it's supposed to be.

Then you can say all hell breaks loose, until I would suddenly remember that no, that was last time and it dawned on me that I can't remember what I actually did because I keep thinking of my previous action!!

I know it sounds confusing, but that's how it is. There were times when out of the blue, I would remember, after few days (if I'm lucky) and if not, you can consider it gone for good.

Eurgh, the feeling. At this moment, I have lost a small tied bundle of powder which is something like a meal r…

Is Life so Perfect for Them..or Are They Just Painting a Perfect Picture

I love instagram and not that you will see me posting pictures every now and then but I'm fascinated at the beautiful pictures uploaded by people but a blog post I read earlier, struck me. Instagram isn't exactly instant anymore. They're now used as a platform to upload carefully curated  pictures taken with a DSLR camera. So people like me have been sucked in to believe that their life is basically so perfect while mine is just so awesomely....boring.

I don't really care for the number of 'hearts' I get and I still stick to the same format of taking instant photos and uploading them. I know that instagram is fast becoming a social platform for people to make money and has overtaken blogging as a form of advertorials. I do get bite sized information on new or popular make up products and even make up applications to beautiful cards and layout designs for scrapbooking and cardmaking for inspiration. I heart them like crazy and then browse through the favourites t…

Night Festival 2015 & National Design Centre Exhibits

I have to admit that the first day I went to the Night Festival, I wasn't in the best of mood. I was initially but I had a personal crisis and while watching one of the show, I was crying and crying. You have to see the previous posts as to why this melodramatic thing was happening. Although the episode was over, I went through hell and back at home over this issue.

So yah, it was crowded because we went on a Saturday night. But we still managed to walk rather comfortably and we had been through worse than this where we were packed like sardines in the still of the  night. The first show we watched was so ultra cool and cute to boot and I definitely was entertained, before the crying episode began. I believed it should be a crowd favourite for both young and er, not so young at heart. 

Then just nearby, there was a gig going on and I can't remember the name of the artist who hailed from Malaysia but the name did sounded familiar. We stayed for awhile to listen to him sing and he…