Monday, September 28, 2015

The Shock, The Horror...

Yes, shock shock horror horror (thumbs up if you could get the song reference)..I, as usually, would wanna see that big guy in the gym that Sunday afternoon but planning on laying low, in case I appeared as Little Miss Stalker or aunty-like gym goer.  I walked past the weights area, took a glance and I couldn't see him and what I saw was like this guy in red singlet with two rather big tattoos on his biceps doing the deadlifting (is that what you call it, I dunno..something like that) who stood out with his tatts.

So, okay..maybe he's not around. No biggie (like real) and I went to check my hair and appearance in the gym toilet before making my way back out. Took a sip of water from the water cooler and then started to make my way to the elliptical trainer and OH MY FREAKING GOSH.....

That guy...with the red sleeveless singlet...and the two tatts....belongs to HIM!! My gym crush!!

How can I not spot him. He was looking my direction, I guess he wass thinking eh, the aunty is here, lololol...

But yah, reality check, he has tatts now :( and why I didn't think that his tatts were there all along were because I've not seen them before and believe me, I've seen those biceps worked multiple times, heh.

He had always been wearing mostly white tight fitting shirt, coz he's pretty big so pretty much all his shirts would be like that, but I would have noticed them even when covered up when he flexes them or through the sheerness of his shirt.

Then I started debating in my mind. Should I continue with my crush on him on the pretext of having him as my imaginary boyfriend, based on those tatts I've seen, or am I just being paranoid and being judgmental against people with tatts. My own good friend has a small tatt on her hip and she's still the same ol' nicest person I know.

Plus, it's not as if I am going out with him or something and have no intention either. So I thought heck, those tatts seem like a dealbreaker and possibly a sign that I should quit crushing on him.

But I dunno. Trust me, I do want to not be so engrossed with this guy anymore because he seems to be more and more vain to me. The new tatts on his biceps, that looked like tribal designs, kinda cemented that fact, like he's super proud of them.

Still, I'm like still concentrating on my own workout because that is the main reason why I'm here for and looking at the rest of the girls, obviously younger and prettier than me, all dressed up in sports gear and in full concentration, I wanna be like them too. Not being overly consumed about that guy. That change of thought jolted me as I re-focused although months of crushing on him, I can't just forget about it in a snap.

I still kinda briefly take stolen glances to see his whereabouts but lesser. Once, I was at the abs machine and as I was using it, suddenly he came and stood infront of me as he had this circuit thing going on where he would use the abs machine, lift dumbbells and proceed to the weights machine before going back to this abs machine.

Why do I know all this, lol.

At first, he was checking his phone as he stood waiting (I didn't really look at him but I'm kinda of an expert at looking but not's a girl thing) then he was looking at me to see if I'm done. I would have done more but yah, it's kinda scary being waited like that, lol..and I stood up, wiped the seat like I always do if got people about to use coz I don't want them to sit on my butt sweat.

So what's my conclusion of this tatts commotion? I dunno...maybe my admiration is less although it will be quite fun to have a friend like him coz it's like so! As if with or without tatts, it would make a difference coz I doubt he will ever talk to me, just like everyone else in the gym. The girls have taught me one thing but even before that I have concluded WHY I'm in the gym in the first place, when I could have spent my time doing my favourite activity, napping, that I'm here to stay healthy and possibly lose some weight, and not prowl over some guys at the gym.

Although the motivation to go has died a bit though, lol.

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Race to Weekend cum Birthday Celebration with F1 2015

My last birthday celebration on Friday was so unique because for the first time, I got to go to the F1 Grand Prix or the Night Race 2015. 


We would have gone earlier but it's always the case of not having enough moolah even though come to think of it, for the price we paid for the cheapest ticket, it would have been worth it. But with my brother's persuasion, since he would be paying for his own since he's earning his own moolah now from his part-time job, there was no way he could give up this chance. And so I did and it was such a thrilling experience :)

It wasn't the actual match but rather, the practice run and yet, we enjoyed every single moment of it. Of course it was later quite tiring because we were often walking around in the enclosed areas and even though we didn't catch many acts in between as we got hungry and went out..hehe, the best part was catching Pharrell Willliams live. Yes, THE Pharrell and he was so energetic on the stage and so kind to let lucky audience members join the stage with the young men, young ladies and even children. 

So how was the race? Gosh, they were so fast! Catching them on pictures were a challenge. Hence, why you would only see blurry pictures or the tail of the car way way way up the track. I was always wondering how the heck they maneuver the tight spaces after speeding and then breaking in time to negotiate the turns. Hence why there were experts, lol. Oh, if you didn't know, someone ventured out into the tracks where the cars were zooming and it took the racer, who eventually won the race, to spot the intruder. I saw many marshalls and security people and yet, one guy managed to stroll in.

Go figure.

So yah, next year they would be tightening the security by having more marshalls and higher gates.

Oh yes, about the race, I was so excited about the cars zooming past us that initially I went 'wah! wah! wah!' up to a point, my brother was asking me if I was going to say that for every car that raced past.


We ended the night watching Pharrell Williams performed for an hour and a half as mentioned earlier, he was really good. We watched from quite far behind because many people were already crowded infront so we mostly watched from the giant screens. I could see him on the stage but yah, he was still too far. 

Going back, we had to brave the crowd expectedly, and I would have been lost as to where to turn and where to get our transport back home if not my brother. Trust me, I'm clueless when it comes to directions, lol! It was really hard to see because of the crowd that were going out at the same time. They actually opened up the race tracks to allow the crowds to go through and since it was the tracks, you know what would happen in the next instant. Many many selfies! Not just us, but other people as well. 

But patience was a virtue throughout our F1 walkabout going from one place to another via the MRT underpass and they actually stopped the escalators and hence there were a lot of stair climbing, which was also why we looked so tired in the picture. I believed I would have burnt my McDonald's dinner by then, haha.

Oh, SMRT and SBS Transit were kind enough to extend the timings so we managed to get a train back home which wasn't crowded at all because most people took from the City Hall MRT station. We would have hopped on that train as well but we were nearer to Clark Quay MRT station, thankfully. Of course we still had to walk some 10 to 15 minutes back home but the night was cool and we were still excited about our night :)

Enjoy the pictures below!

Our pass and lanyard is inside! Our ticket to the F1 walkabout

One of the entrances to the walkabout

A race was taking place, but not the actual race cars

This was the best picture, trust me! lol..

Someone so happy he finally went to the F1 walkabout :)

Taking a break in the Esplanade. Thank God for aircon.

Our F1 journey ends here, sweaty face and all :)


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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

My Money Rant

I had a craving for Sogurt brand yoghurt for some time already even though I had the rival brand Llao Llao pretty recently too, bought by my brother. I admit that the yoghurt is rather pricey, especially when they go by weight and as controlled as I was in squeezing out the yoghurt, as it was DIY, and then putting in controlled amounts of toppings, it still come out to be pretty expensive. I don't know how those other people, who defo put in more yoghurt and toppings can eat in peace while in my heart, I'm like gosh, how did it come out to that price?

However, if you ask me, it was er...worth it for what I got? But I wouldn't have it like a weekly treat but a monthly treat. It would have been a killer in my wallet if I have it too often.

You know just now in my wallet, I had $70 and then now I'm left with $12. The lunch and the yoghurt that I had just now, easily cost me $10.00 and that's for my own only. After that, groceries..okay, this one can't escape and I also bought a magazine for $3.50 because it was their 21st birthday and they had plenty of giveaways for this issue. Just so you know, I seldom buy magazines nowadays even though my favourite magazine was only $3.50 compared to the other names. It's also my mum's birthday so I can't come home empty handed so what I got was some food which came up to $23.00. Since it didn't come with a drink, and she wanted to drink something ice-y, I got for her a bubble tea that cost $3.00.

Probably you're thinking, why am I telling you all this. Except for the fact that it was my mum's birthday and also I had this craving for frozen yoghurt, I wouldn't spend this much in a day. Close maybe, but not the point I'm left with money that is probably going to be used to top up my ez link card for travel.

A frugal family would probably just cook a simple birthday meal and buy a small yoghurt tub from the supermarket. But it's my mum's birthday and I can't tell her to cook the meal. And I didn't have the yoghurt for some time already so it's justified. Even though admittedly I was pretty bummed at how much I had left, it left me thinking how other families cope when things are so expensive. And how some other families can afford to eat out quite often and buy groceries that cross that $50 mark even. But I can't judge. For all I know, that amount of $100 over they spent on groceries, would have been for their monthly or weekly expenditures depending on how big their family is. And the families I see in the restaurant eating, it could just be a monthly family bonding thing for them too to celebrate an occasion or just because they had received their salary and what better than to treat the family after a month of hard work.

So we can't judge. But I still think that it's also important to spend within our means and to not spend it for now only because we still need money in the future. I often hear people saying that well, I spent most of my salary already this week. So I'm not going to spend for the whole of two weeks. Erm, hate to break this to you but you still need moolah to survive that next two weeks. Otherwise you will just be living in misery for not being able to get even the most basic necessities. 

I've had my financial struggles, most recently last quarter of 2014 and the feeling was like, eurgh. My online business was pretty slow and every day I was begging and begging to God to give me sales so that I could tide over financially for the week. The salary I received, after giving my mum cash and then paying the bills, could not sustain for long given how things can be quite expensive here. 

In the end, I received some advanced cash but not for me, it was payment for something at work and I secretly used the money. I did  pay back when I received my bonus in December and although it was still quite a significant amount to return, if it wasn't for that cash advance, I would struggle BIG time. I do hope I don't have to do that again this year so I've been pretty good in controlling my expenditures, although yes it still suck when I have days like how I described above, where I'm left with this much only after having a certain amount in my wallet.

Again, I want to say that money isn't everything. Sure, it is important but I don't want to like be so obsessed with it that, true story, I would keep on calculating how much I have left and how much I will have, sometimes throughout the bus or train journey. As long as the money is sufficient, good enough but again I won't be complacent and will work hard to promote my online shop to rake in some sales.

This year, I actually jumped onto another free platform and while the sales are quite sporadic, I receive queries and eventually orders. So I don't have to solely rely on facebook anymore. I have yet to get to the stage like some people who would write on instagram on how they feel bad about rejecting orders because they have not much time because most of these people, do it on a part-time basis like me, while juggling a full time job. My thought was, wow...lucky you. Their social media presence made such impact. I only ever had to close my shop once due to overwhelming orders last July but that was just a one-time thing. But that was also because that month was intensive as I had several school projects going on too.

Meanwhile on the other side of the world, families struggle to make ends meet especially when they live in war torn countries and they have very little money for daily necessities and their own and children's medical expenses. Due to lack of food and proper hygiene, they often get sick especially the children and they don't have enough to buy medicine at the pharmacy, because they need the money to buy food supplies like rice. If they get to buy these necessities, it's sad to see how little they can buy which they have to ration carefully so that they have food to eat for the week.

Other children crave for electronic goods and most time, their parents would buy for them with no qualms as long as they pass their exams. For these children, the situation can become so bad that they are the ones going out to work because their parents don't earn enough to support the family.

I'm not saying all this for you to go all zen and cut down mercilessly on all things possible. What I'm saying is to spare a thought for your future and other people who barely have food to eat and clean water supplies. Don't go on a spending rampage whenever you have money and be completely broke the next moment. You can buy the latest make up collection from Urban Decay or the latest gadget but make sure  you still have enough money for food, and if you have a family, to put food on the table and also to save for future because don't think that well, you can just cut down by spending lesser or none at all. ANYTHING can happen and you still need money to survive.

Okay enough rant about money here. Every individual is different and had different needs. But everyone needs to learn to make more informed choices instead of just blindly following the trends and then hurt their own pockets later on. Let's be wiser and spare a thought.

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Monday, September 21, 2015

A Day at Macritchie Reservoir & ALIVE Museum

This is a looooong overdue post and I'm so freaking lazy to update it because there were so many photos taken and editing would be a b*tch. The thing is, I don't really fancy taking a lot of pictures and one of the top reason is because of that, lol! But I wasn't the one taking these photos. It's just my boss was so trigger happy that day :s and me and my other colleague literally had no chance to run away and if we ever did, we would be called back. The things we do.

It was Youth Day and unlike other youths who were having a whale of a time not being in school, this year we had our EAS day and the other schools in the same cluster would go for a learning journey. First up, we would take a walk at Macritichie Reservoir (Seriously don't know how to spell that)  and I had a really pleasant walk on this boardwalk. Seriously, the place had changed so much that I actually wouldn't mind visiting it. Coz the last time I went there, it was nothing but traumatic because I had to run the cross country and OMGEEE, I never suffered so much in life! At least physically.

Anyway, at first it was just mainly phototaking with the group members whom I don't know a single one of them. But yah, we talked a bit. But then it was just me and my music walking on the boardwalk followed by the nature trail. 

We ended much earlier than expected but had to wait awhile for the lunch to arrive. So we sat down in the shelter and I talked with my colleague and another colleague from another school, talking about the elections and how she would be doing her duty for the first time. At that point of time, we didn't know when the elections would be around but it was definitely coming. Update, it is over and I was again involved, and would spare that for another post. Gosh, so much to write, lol!

It was a very relaxing walk in the nature, and of course, I was a wee bit scared because I didn't want any snakes or monkeys to pop up from nowhere. It was by no means, a straight terrain, with its natural bumps and ridges, it really was quite a work out. Yes, I do want to come back again.

After being under the blistering sun, we took a bus ride to Suntec City and proceeded to the Alive Museum. I came out barely alive, thanks to the shutterbug aka my boss :s I would say that it was fun taking those photos and my body had to contort to different positions and for the life of me, I cannot be in character. 

How can I still be smiley when I'm about to be eaten by a crocodile? Hrm?!

It got pretty boring half way but seeing my other colleague who was so much older than me having fun and being in character (unlike me...) and so sporting, I just had to keep up with her spirits.

After that, we chilled out at Coffee Bean nearby and I treated her coz I had extra moolah that month since it was also THE bonus month. It was just a pat on the back that we were finally FREEEE from the clutches of our boss.

This would be a photo heavy post but enjoy the pictures below!

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Year Older..Hopefully Wiser?

So, I celebrated my birthday at the stroke of midnight with the family starting with cake cutting, which I bought it for 50% off, hehe. I never bought a cake at such a good discount especially for a 1kg cake. Usually, at most it would be 20%. And I didn't even pay for it. My mum did, knowing that I dislike buying birthday cake because it's such a waste of money, with the price tag for all the cream and fluff. 

The rest of the day went fine and me almost falling asleep at work, hehe..because it was a pretty quiet day since  there were no pupils and very few teachers around as it was PSLE listening compre. Most of the students who took the PSLE had gone home. And me doing the mundane task of processing payments, I almost fell asleep several times. 

However, I received some pressies and they're so pretty! I didn't like make it known it was my birthday or something but I felt so touched my colleagues were aware of it. The fact that I'm getting older and not younger kinda changed the direction of it where celebrations used to be a big thing when I was growing up. However to me, it still ought to be celebrated whether in small or big ways, because it means that God has given you the opportunity to see yet another wonderful year to pay it forward and make the best of life.

That day was especially sweet because I received some money from last minute orders, but nevertheless, I tried my best to do them. I was thinking maybe it was God's way of giving me some cash to help me tide through financial difficulties, if there is because I am adamant not to let last year's episode where I was totally cash strapped around this time of the year. Also, I received some birthday cash of which one was totally unexpected and kept them in the cash box, ang pow still intact. Even though I did spend some moolah for papercrafting this week, aka, my hobby and also as supplies for my current and future orders. It's sooooo difficult having to scour and make numerous decisions while in the shops because I want to make informed buying decisions to put the money that I have to good use.

I know they say that it's ok to spend on the things you really love and cut mercilessly on other things, like for me maybe money on shoes, bags, clothings and make up where generally, women my age go gaga over.  But yah, I still go to save for the future and feed my family.

I was also thinking hard about buying a new mascara, like I needed another one, lol..but yah, make up has the ability to make me feel good about myself and I don't have to put on a thick layer to boost up my confidence. Just a tinge of blush and a sweep of mascara on both eyes can have an impact on the outside and the inside. Make upis not something where I'm willing to throw quite a significant amount of money, because while I love make up, I'm not a die hard fan especially when the bigger brands do not come cheap. That is why I'm so happy I got a brand new mascara from my colleague and yah, saved me some money from buying yet another tube, haha. 

My birthday wish this year was a rather cheeky one where I wish the guy in the gym would like talk or say something to me, a brief one is also suffice, lol! Am I so desperate for his attention? Heck, no. Okay, maybe.. But at least it makes my admiration for him for the last few months, not go to waste. Again, I'm not expecting anything out of it because I'm not looking for a relationship but if I can score his friendship, OMG, to die for. 

I would say I'm wiser now because rather than just being a deer in the headlights, trying to be like everyone else, racing to find a life partner for fear of being alone in future, I still think that relationships are not for everyone and most definitely not for me. I know of people who are still single and are older than  me and yet, they're still alive and standing. Life's not over, you know.

As for the wish, it's too cliche always wishing for more money because it's not the bottomline for everything in life. The thing about money is being wiser in how you utilize it and making it grow, rather than just thinking about it. Also, I don't know why and how, everytime I wish for that, pretty soon, money runs out :s 

But seriously, all I want for this new year in my life, is to simply be wiser and kinder to people around me. We will go through hard times but we will also go through good times. I want to be able to come out stronger through those hard times and treasure those good memories. What I've been doing this past year is to print my photos and have it captured inside my album and stuffing it so much, I think I need to buy a new one, lol. 

I know too that I'm not getting any younger, looks wise, although I secretly feel like I still want to look youthful but not so youthful I look like a teen. I was griping about my hair last Sunday like how I wished it was longer like before and I totally hated how the ends curved out as it grows. This week, I don't know how but somehow my hair looked better (I guess it heard me complaining, lol!) and my skin looks brighter even though I didn't change my skincare routine. But as long as I strive to be happy in life, take good care of my skin, maintain a healthy lifestyle, the youthfulness is a given. I hope.

Oh yes, how did I end off my birthday celebrations? By watching Pharrell Williams perform live! Whoo-hoo!! More on that in the next post :)

Meanwhile, here's me with my birthday cake and some pressies. Yay!

Me and 50% birthday cake

Ang Pao or Red Packet $$$

Birthday Pressies

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Ideal Life..Does it Make us Happy?

I've been watching this indie movie (glad I haven't given up this hidden interest) and while i used to watch a lot of pardon me, crap, but I felt that maybe I should give this movie a chance. In short, if the actors hot, why not, lol!

That aside, overall the movie is sweet. There's pretty lengthy talks like some sort of advice such as you don't marry for the sake of marrying someone that you think will give you the idea of a perfect blissful marriage life, if he or she is not going to give you the happiness. Okay, it's a bit more complicated than that but he thought that by marrying her, her can finally have his own restaurant western-chinese fusion business because her father owns a successful restaurant empire where he's working as a line chef. And she simply wants companionship but they're not perfect for each other. He has someone in mind who is too self-centered and for 20 years, he was crazy over this person ever since young.

Well, both of them finally realized that they're meant for each other, and like hello, who cares what others think when what is more important is that you can choose to take action on things or choose the people that make you happy. Of course, there is ups and downs, but you are willing to face the trials and tribulations together, and that's what matters most.

That brings me. I know most ladies want to settle down and have a nice little family and I've known people who went through lengths looking for the right partner, face multiple disappointments, and finally they've found someone that brings them happiness. And I must admit when I first see their life partner or who they're about to marry, I'm like, did your standard drop or something? I mean these ladies mix around with many handsome guys that one can't help but be envious. That you just get mind blown that they choose to settle down with someone who is of average looker and can be a little on the heavier side but who end up winning their hearts. 

So like that I got no chance of getting to know that oh-so-hunky guy at gym, which I later conclude that he may possibly have a girlfiend (since every break he will be on his phone, unless he's checking stock market) coz it seems to be like a whatsapp screen. But don't care, he will remain my imaginary boyfriend, lol.

So back to the movie. Sorry, every Sunday, I often sidetracked with tales from the gym. 

At some parts, it seemed pretty preachy and I know they were friends back then but they met again after 20 years and instantly got drawn to each other, except that small incident where he got mad that his name was forgotten. After that, the attraction continued but it was like a push-and-pull effect through out and right up to the wedding, that ended with love declaration which to me, is most probably the only highlight of the movie and I loved it because I'm a sucker for romance. Well, not totally but some things just blow me off with how such simple gesture can have such great impact.

What do I learn from this then? Basically I learn that it's ok if what others perceive as the ideal life, such as having a loving husband and beautiful children, may not be up the ally of some people. I do admit about my reservations on those people who will remark with a, what? you're still single?, remarks *rolls eyes* but seriously speaking, marriage may not be for everybody. Sure we can learn to manage along the way except that I clearly know from way way back that this is not my ideal life. I don't want to make other people miserable, I don't want to be miserable too, just because everyone else around me who is married, seems to be happy and leading an ideal life. 

Again I'm saying we can only plan but only God knows what is best for us. He probably knows I don't wish to commit to a relationship, let alone marriage, but He knows I still need to be entertained by having someone to keep my mind occupied, haha..coz I still love me some hunky men especially the quiet quiet sort. Although just now, despite his quietness and non interactions with other fellow hunky men, haha, I thought he was a little haolian or show off. I mean isn't there any other t shirts besides the one that says 'Air Force'? lol...

Okay I'm talking nonsense now. 

Just to summarize everything, I have NOTHING against people with blissful married life but this movie, despite its cheesiness, taught me that that the ideal life that you have visualize in your mind, based on what you see,  may not give you the happiness that you're looking for. Just because they seem to be happy. Bless them for finally getting the happiness after going through many disappointments. To me ultimately, is whether you're happy with yourself, with the situation you are in, and if you are not, what are the next few steps that you should take to ensure that you won't always lead a miserable life. If you think that by having someone else to complete your life, is a sure fire route to happiness, then maybe you should take a look within yourself to find out what makes you unhappy right now. 

All the best and for those of you still looking for love, don't give up :) but meanwhile, let us continue to keep ourselves occupied by being in the moment rather than always thinking about how others seem to lead a perfect ideal domestic life.

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Birthday Celebration & Dealing with Life's Woes

We celebrated a friend's birthday last month and I meant to do a blog post but recently, I've been so in a chillax mood that well, now I'm writing, lol! But yah, this is going to be more than just a birthday post. 

We made it a tradition to celebrate our birthday together as we grow older, we don't really go for big celebrations, just a mini eat-at-roti-prata shop also can, type of celebration. Our priorities change and we go through tough times and as we grow older although we come out of it stronger even though can really take a toll on you. That's why you need friends in life. Last time it was all about popularity and I guess that's how most people in their twenties are too now. Jumping on the social media bandwagon, curating beautiful pictures, thus painting a life whom others can just wish to have.

My former classmates from school back then having their own families with some having three children or with a third child on the way. While some of us (a rare breed) are still single or are still looking for love or companionship, we don't let our mind be over consumed by the change in status. We have other priorities in life to keep us occupied but once in awhile, it does cross our mind to think about how our future is going to be like, if we remain single. I know having a family isn't an easy feat either like it's not all roses. 

I admire a friend of mine who really show concern towards us and it's mind blowing how I get to have a friend like her, like what did I to deserve this, haha. While I have a tough situation myself being the sole breadwinner and  having to cope on a single income, I'm lucky that all this while, we manage to survive. We don't have huge medical expenses to take care of and I know of families who face this situation every month and they are barely earning enough to feed themselves. My other friend herself faces this dilemma and while I don't want to air her personal stories here, I do hope that she also do things to make it better for herself and the family. 

I'm speaking for myself too. There are so many temptations online to buy this and that, make us spend our hard earned money, but really, it's about how much can you afford. Ultimately, you spend on things that you really love or care about and cut merciless on other things that you don't need. That's why sometimes I don't really blink spending on things like my hobby which is also like buying the supplies for my online shop. But you don't see me shopping for clothes like crazy. I know some girls do but then they practically don't spend much on other things so it pretty much balance out, you know. 

Okay that aside, we all deserve that much needed break from life's difficulties and challenges by spending time on our friends and family because that my friend, is priceless :)

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I am so FREAKING Forgetful

When I wrote this post, I have found two of the lost items. Another two are still missing and I'm consoling myself with the fact that somehow, it will eventually show up.

Sigh. I swear I remembered putting them somewhere but you know, I'm always in a jiffy doing something and then somehow, previous action would become my current action and I will keep thinking about the previous action, overriding the current one, until I realized it's not where it's supposed to be.

Then you can say all hell breaks loose, until I would suddenly remember that no, that was last time and it dawned on me that I can't remember what I actually did because I keep thinking of my previous action!!

I know it sounds confusing, but that's how it is. There were times when out of the blue, I would remember, after few days (if I'm lucky) and if not, you can consider it gone for good.

Eurgh, the feeling. At this moment, I have lost a small tied bundle of powder which is something like a meal replacement thing and it's supposed to help you lose weight but of course, provide you put in the hard work. A guy lost 20kg consuming this along with a change in dietary habit and including exercise. I? No benefit, lol! But it's free and the person who actually bought it, drank it once but found it sweet. I thought it was a tad sweet but I used more water to dilute it so I guess it's not that effective, haha. Still! I want it back :( I hope I actually left it at my workplace or something, fingers crossed.

Now you see, I can't even remember what was the other thing I lost.

Sigh, is it because I'm turning a year older soon? Big sigh.

This just taught me to be more vigilant and be less forgetful by not doing things last minute in a hurry that it didn't give me time to register and I will keep replaying back previous episode. Oh dear me.

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Is Life so Perfect for Them..or Are They Just Painting a Perfect Picture

I love instagram and not that you will see me posting pictures every now and then but I'm fascinated at the beautiful pictures uploaded by people but a blog post I read earlier, struck me. Instagram isn't exactly instant anymore. They're now used as a platform to upload carefully curated  pictures taken with a DSLR camera. So people like me have been sucked in to believe that their life is basically so perfect while mine is just so awesomely....boring.

I don't really care for the number of 'hearts' I get and I still stick to the same format of taking instant photos and uploading them. I know that instagram is fast becoming a social platform for people to make money and has overtaken blogging as a form of advertorials. I do get bite sized information on new or popular make up products and even make up applications to beautiful cards and layout designs for scrapbooking and cardmaking for inspiration. I heart them like crazy and then browse through the favourites to find inspiration for my designs. Just like how the blogpost mentioned, instagram is fast becoming like pinterest showing you carefully curated pictures rather than an actual sneak peek into their lives like some pictorial diary.

At one point, I was unfollowing quite a number of people not because their pictures are no longer interesting but I don't see why I should be following them if they're not really posting pictures anymore and that well, they no longer interest me. While I also used to just follow people because they're so popular and I secretly wish my life was like that, looking oh so picture worthy, with sponsored holidays, yacht celebrations and lunch at hipster cafes and restaurants, it's just going to make me more upset that my life is more boring than it already is, haha.

But I want to be more realistic that even though my life isn't so insta-perfect like theirs, I still appreciate my life as it is. Sure, it's also not perfect but it doesn't make me less of a human being just because I don't go for lunch at these hipster places and my daily outfits are not OOTD worthy. Like, whatever. I would rather concentrate on making my life better rather than trying to mold it into a picture-worthy lifestyle. I'm also fine with not having a love life like most of these people who often display their love and affection online. I no longer feel jealous of them because I'm sure in real life, they also work very hard and they get to enjoy these perks being social media influencers. Plus it's pressurizing having to keep up with churning good quality pictures and written posts as promotional work for the companies who are paying them quite significantly.

Like what is often said, you lead your life and I lead mine. Now it's time to kick my lazy butt, get off instagram and get real, rather than wishing my life is perfect like theirs too.

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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Night Festival 2015 & National Design Centre Exhibits

I have to admit that the first day I went to the Night Festival, I wasn't in the best of mood. I was initially but I had a personal crisis and while watching one of the show, I was crying and crying. You have to see the previous posts as to why this melodramatic thing was happening. Although the episode was over, I went through hell and back at home over this issue.

So yah, it was crowded because we went on a Saturday night. But we still managed to walk rather comfortably and we had been through worse than this where we were packed like sardines in the still of the  night. The first show we watched was so ultra cool and cute to boot and I definitely was entertained, before the crying episode began. I believed it should be a crowd favourite for both young and er, not so young at heart. 

Then just nearby, there was a gig going on and I can't remember the name of the artist who hailed from Malaysia but the name did sounded familiar. We stayed for awhile to listen to him sing and he had awesome talent. He was quite a crowd pleaser and he didn't need that big band behind him but just him and his friend with the guitar.

After that, I got bored..heh, and then we walked a little bit down and found ourselves some space to watch another show opposite where we stood at the Singapore Art Museum. Okay this was where the crying episode began as I was speaking on the phone with my mum. She had this uncanny ability of asking you endless questions like a private investigator who is never satisfied with what you have to say because at the back of his mind, he distrusts you so much. That's how I felt. Whatever I said, wasn't believed at all, and to be asked repeatedly, I finally broke down because I couldn't take the pressure.

So, that much I would say, I didn't know what was going on across the road. I think it was some fire eating show or something. I would like to thank my brother for helping me at that moment by ending the call because as typical as he was for a brother, he does care for me in his own special ways. Sidetracking a bit, I mean, he is already not earning loads with his part-time job as a Coffee Bean barista but he's willing to sacrifice $200 to give to me and our mum, while my mum's friend is struggling to even get a single cent from her children because of their own personal commitments.

After calming down, we walked down the street towards SOTA and there were some displays of plant looking light displays where the volunteers loaned out some torchlights for us to shine on these 'plants'. I thought it would be cooler if the displays were to open and close like a mimosa or something but the lights were shone in order to see neon scribbling on them.

We sat down to rest although we didn't actually walk much but I was pretty exhausted mentally. Then, we were trying to figure out how to solve the problem that I was having. He was kind enough to offer some  help but we shall see how it goes. We then had our dinner at 4Fingers. Love their chicken that were coated in batter and toasted in sauce. Since the place was going to close, we took the remaining half home.

Anyway, we went a second time around and this time, it was on a Friday so the crowd wasn't so bad. There weren't much to see so we ended up going to the National Design Centre where there was some cool modern exhibits going on after watching a mini concert at the Art Museum. People were practically sitting and chatting away or lying down on the carpet that would change colours. Everytime it changed colour, people went oohs and aahs, and the kids were pretty entertained by it.

We then went inside to see some cool exhibits and they were not like your typical art displays from Singapore Art Museum. They were interesting and creative and you don't have to be some art expert to understand the meaning behind the display. I especially loved the bird cage which I defo would want as display for my wedding, IF there is ever one which I highly doubt so, lol! Oh, and the umbrella with the round bulbs which was vaguely familiar to me in a past exhibition. I think it should be from the same person because of the similarities. Job well done for these creative artists! I wish I have your skills but well, the only creative thing I do is designing handmade cards. Oh well, at least there's some form of avenue to express my creativity.

In no particular order, enjoy the pics below!!

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Monday, September 07, 2015

Being Presentable & Confident

I've decided that while I'm trying to lose the extra kilos, which is a futile effort but I am still not giving up on it, I am not going to let my confidence level drop down low just because I'm not as slim and attractive as other girls. It's ok because what is important is being comfortable in my own skin by walking and presenting myself in confidence. It's also ok if I'm not a head turner because what is more important is being thankful that I am here right now and doing my best to ensure that everyday is a blessing and that I'm doing my best in everything that I choose to do.

Of course I've said this many times in my previous blog posts like why can't I attract any guy, even the gym guy whom I've been crushing on for pretty long. I believe that he'll make a good friend with his grit, determination and quiet personality. But yah, if I don't rock his boat, it's ok! It doesn't make me any lesser attractive. I still quietly hope he talks to me and I don't care if it doesn't lead to anywhere, even a friendship, but I just want to be able to hear him talk to me one day. A girl can wish, can't she?

So yah, before I turn this into an unrequited crush story, I would like to work hard on presenting myself to the world in the best that I can. Yes, even though I take a few extra minutes nowadays, dolling myself up if it's going to help me raise my confidence level a notch a bit. If your personality and confidence shines through, I realize that you can just be in slacker shirt, jeans and a pair of sandals but you will still have this air of confidence that is not bordering towards arrogance but simply telling the world that you are ready to tackle the day head on.

Whether you're single or you're with somebody, it doesn't matter. Never stop taking care of your mental and physical self. You are worth much more than how you perceive yourself to be, whether you turn heads or in my case, losing hope that he will one day to talk to me. If it's not meant to be, life still goes on. Who knows, there will be someone even better that comes along who thinks that you're worth making friends with because in his eyes, you are not just what you are on the outside, but more importantly on the inside.

Take heart that if you choose to focus on living life to the fullest, continue being presentable and confident, you will care less about frivolous things but care more about people who give a damn about you.


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