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Learning to be More Tactful

In life, many of us have good intentions or at least we THINK we have good intentions when we decide to give advice to people who are struggling or need somebody else to tell them things they can't really see in moments of frustration or despair.

Alas, this is not always the case.

There are people who just want to let their problems be known to you but don't need to be told what to do because it's easier said than done. Of course in a way, we think that we are helping them with our suggestions but they may have tried and it hasn't been successful or they just think it's not really possible.

I think that it's best to keep an open mind. Everyone has problems, big or small, and it's a matter of how you face them upfront and learn to deal with them in ways that we can. But being bogged down with too many problems, our mind can get rather clustered with so many thoughts it's understandably hard to think through.

Yet, it's also best for us to put ourselves in…

My First Ever Trip to Batam, Indonesia


I am back!! I've never seen so busy during the Christmas period running my online shop, on top of juggling with my studies because apparently, they want us to sit for two tests just before they let us go for our two week break. But in between, I managed a very quick getaway, well technically, it was with my colleagues for our annual staff retreat. This time, I ventured to somewhere that is not in Malaysia. 

I went to Batam. I know you're thinking like almost every Singaporean shopping kaki has gone there but you see, I lead a protected life under the care of my mother who watches the news and get the impression that we live in a very dangerous world. Actually, she's partly right but we just need to be more vigilant. So you can imagine I faced such great resistance but somehow, she managed to come around it and let me go, provided I stay within the company of people, and not venture out myself. Like I would coz I'm a scaredy cat myself.

Again, it made me feel glad that…