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Walking Down Empty Streets in Tanjong Pagar

Despite the initial hiccup of taking the train from the wrong side, we reached Tanjong Pagar almost 7.30pm at night. This is like the station to get down to enter the CBD area or Central Business District that consists of Shenton Way & Raffles Place. So it's no surprise this place will be full of working people who spend their mornings and evenings in cramped trains besides battling with the crowds during lunch. However when we reached there on a Saturday night, it was practically like a ghost town.  There are the usual food restaurants and coffee outlets like Coffeebean and Starbucks found in shopping centres along the footway and the ground floor of the office buildings but they're all closed. You can expect them to be opened in shopping centres because of the crowd but here, they specially cater to the working crowd. So even on weekdays, they will close by 7pm?

The ones that are opened are Cheers and 7 Eleven which are 24 hours and we went there because my brother said …

Connecting the Dots

I once watched this tv movie and he talked about how the comics characters are made up fuzzy dots and they all connect together. Pretty much like our lives, these dots look fuzzy at first but they'll connect, maybe not now but later in life. 

So something that you do right now which other people may think that it's not significant, say..taking a third language course in French, learning how to do scrapbooking, taking up a calligraphy or baking class, which others may say..pfft..what's the point, waste of time etc etc..but you'll never know if they will be useful to you in future. Just like how Steve Jobs took up a calligraphy course and his mac has beautiful typography influenced by his stint during the classes.

Not only that, when you have to do things like taking two or three jobs at different times, while you're working on the early developments of your business, and they have no relation whatsoever to the business. However, they may provide a good source of build…

Outlet Haul from Anchorpoint

The first time I heard about Anchorpoint was via a beauty blogger who gets her stuffs from Cotton On in Anchorpoint where the items have the prices marked down compared to the regular outlets. I remembered going there and yah, while the things there were indeed marked down, they're not really fantastic.

However, after watching a second video from a local vlogger regarding her haul at Anchorpoint especially the one where she went to the Charles and Keith outlet store, I was sold. So many nice shoes and their prices are mostly marked down! However, not all stock are available but there's plenty to choose from. I know I'm not really a shoes person judging from my current footwear which comprises of sandals that cost $10 per pair. However, my friends recent comments that I don't look dressed up when I go out with them, despite the make up and the new dress or blouse, I feel like I don't put in effort. So I was hoping maybe I could find myself a decent pair of sandals ov…

Swimming Lessons & Korean Food

A week ago, my usual group of friends (Err..all two of them..LOL) did an activity which we had NEVER done together before and that swim! Okay, technically we didn't really swim although there were attempts to swim but it wasn't full on lap to lap. Yes, at least we attempted but one of my friends totally did a crawl from one end to another and after the whole swimming/tanning/relaxing time, it was only because she didn't want to get her hair wet in the chlorine water..haha! But she was so sporting as in she at least did go into the swimming pool with us, with her branded sunglasses and all.

I even had some swimming lessons taught by my other friend not because I couldn't swim, but I couldn't swim well. Being in the water can be relaxing and fun..but not when you had drowned once before in your life. That was many years back but I could still recall bouncing up and down the choppy waters. Still kudos to me because I didn't totally suffer from the phobia an…

Embarking on A New Journey - Study Plans

So tomorrow is the D Day. After the longest time ever since I last left school (more than 10 years ago? whoa..) and now I'm going to a local institution. I thought this day would never come because of the fees as private courses tend to have higher fees. But the government understands the need for us to upgrade and they make courses affordable in some local institutions such as the polytechnics, which if you have read my previous post, is what I will be joining.

I am not like totally nervous but I am definitely worried about having to meet new people and trying to work my dusty brain again. While every now and then, I do join courses which last from 1 to 3 days, and in the process I meet new people too who work in the government sector as well, this to me is an entirely different thing. It requires commitment for next 2 and a half years and sacrifice because 3 of my weekday nights will be occupied, right after work. 

I don't know how I am going to pull through this but somehow, …

Celebrating My Birthday in 2013 - Part Three (Vivocity & Seoul Garden Hotpot)

Finally, the last part of my birthday celebration in September! 

Yes this sort of thing ought to be blogged about no matter how late..haha. Anyway, my friend Natasha had it all planned out and I really really appreciate it because we had our SECOND karaoke session all because she knew how much I love our KTV session. And finally I get to eat korean food which is one of my favourite food of course. Too bad one of our friends couldn't join us for that but no matter, it was a great lunch.

The funny thing was that we were served by the same person throughout. From ushering us to our table, taking our orders, serving our food and then making payment to him when we leave. LOL. He really lived up to an expectation of a supervisor, a young one at that. Plus he even wished me Happy Birthday. That is so sweet.

Oh yes, he even took our photos when we asked him as he was passing by. Talk about multi-tasking!

Look at those yumz food!

After our karaoke session, when we stepped out, we were facing a …

Celebrating My Birthday in 2013 - Part Two (Sky Park)

Eek, long overdue post but no matter what, still have to post considering how many pictures we took. You know there are people who are pretty stingy about certain things but are generous enough to spend money on other things like let's say, they don't splurge on expensive handbags and would rather use it to go travelling and see the world.

It's about selective spending on what you truly love and in this case, would like to experience. This is me trying to convince I just paid $20.00 for access to the top of the Marina Bay Sand Hotel at one end only..haha. There's no infinity pool view because you either have to be staying as hotel guests. But once you're up there, you will know that you're $20.00 is pretty much justified because the view was fascinating as you could see various parts of Marina Bay and even beyond in all its beautiful glory.

The transition from day to night was amazing when the city lights came on and the view became breathtaking as you took in th…