Monday, January 23, 2012

Being Zen Like

We're just human and we make mistakes but some mistakes can be avoided as we get too carried away emotionally and hurting the people around us without us knowing about it. There are people who gets so caught up in their emotional web that they carry this ego where they refuse to back down even though things have cooled down or it's just a trivial matter or a slight misunderstanding. But alas, they're way too egoistic to realize that. 

Nevertheless, I don't want to be such people. These kind of people hurt other people without realizing it because they are too selfish to care about how others may feel and expect others to attend to their whims and fancies. 

One word. Whatever.

Honestly, I too get carried away emotionally as I guess it's just part of being a girl. But before things get blown out of proportion, I just take a step back and then realize that I'm huffing and puffing over nothing and I shouldn't be so emotional. I mean I am an adult and I believe childish behaviour should be left in the past and not carried forward. Therefore now, I strive to be more zen like. People complain all the time..especially in Singapore. While some also offer constructive criticism, others complain for the benefit of their own. Things don't go their way, complain. They don't realize that certain things are not easy to implement and not everything can be perfect. We can't always answer to all.

Instead of being bitter about things and how difficult life is blah blah blah, we should learn to focus on doing good and also being open minded about things. Stop complaining for once, stop being so moody, and realize that we should aim to be more zen like because when our mind is clear, we think better. Someone said that we actually have the ability to control our emotions but we get too lost in them sometimes especially when they either refuse to accept the truth or they totally want things to go their way, no matter what.

Stop this negativity. You can actually lose friends or lose the trust of the people around you because of your inability to control your emotions. I also aim to be more calm and collected instead of always thinking negative things as sometimes, our mind also tend to exaggerate the matter, even if it is a trivial one.

Here's to good health. Don't keep holding on to negative emotions. Life's too short to hold on to grudges and thinking negatively. 

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Pulling Through a Rough Start

Update regarding my food poisoning, well I am better :) and after such harrowing experience where I was practically so weak and crying in pain and despair, I have recovered. However, my brother got his food poisoning merely days after mine and the poor thing was also in pain. I had never seen him so weak before. Anyway, if you are suffering from food poisoning, you need to hydrate yourself well with an isotonic drink and load up on vitamin C such as using the vit C sachets or the the effervescent vitamin C pills. That's what I learnt from the doctor.

So anyway, I would like to update this blog regularly and as you can see, it has a new look. Very pink, I know. The graphics is a bit crappy though but my designing skills are pretty rusty so I guess that is the best for now. 

The month of January is coming to an end soon and as you can hear about it ever so often, the economy is pretty much gloom and doom, or at least predicted to be as such. So be careful about your expenditures. I am trying to pick up some craft skills such as making of cards and accessories so that I can learn to make some money as a source of additional income. I know I talk about this all the time and just as I was about to embark on such a project, I had to get fever followed by food poisoning. Now it is no more excuse. I just have to go ahead with my plans. 

I have accumulated some neat stuffs recently from Daiso. I got myself a bunch of pattern cutters, or I've no idea what they call them exactly.

Okay after looking at the pic, I realized they are called craft punchers. They cost 2 bucks each only! I believe I got all the patterns. They don't have much so oh well, I guess that will do for now. Of course if you want more varieties, you can either buy the Carl brand ( I recently purchased their corner puncher for $7.60..*faint*) and after looking at the materials and how much they cost, I conclude that scrapbooking or making DIY cards is an expensive hobby. However, it is possible to create art or something nice and pretty to look at if you've got the creativity without spending much. I believe it is called sustainable art. There is also sustainable fashion where people make new clothes out of scraps of fabric from old clothes. 

In previous times, or even until now, some families are barely surviving with their current income and they do other things to supplement their current income. Like for some Malay associations, they try to help single mothers to make an income for themselves by teaching them basic skills like sewing or baking so that they are able to earn their own money to support their families. Some are really poor thing where they were so reliant on their husbands, that when they pass away or they divorce, they just don't know where to get the money from. As women, we must strive to learn to earn our own keeps. For those with families, it is even harder because you know that nowadays things don't come cheap. 

No matter how dire our situations can be, like I always say, be grateful for what you have. Then of course spend wisely, as in during big sales, buy more clothes or buy a nice bag that have a huge discount and take care of the bag until the next sales. I know that being girls, we can never have enough bags. Based on experience, I feel that I don't need to change bag every single day. I can actually carry the same bag to work for like what..up to 2 weeks?

I've been lucky recently in which I won some stuffs and also I got a colleague who gave me Clinique make up palette. Argh! High end! I may love make up but I have a lot of difficulty buying expensive make up because I don't think it is a necessity. I am also lucky because I won an Anna Sui make up palette. So that's two..TWO high end brands! In regards to bag, my good friend Natasha got me a teal colour bag, which of course was one of the things on my wish list..heh. 

So these are the things that I am proud to have :)

The two orange books are actually a planner and a notebook respectively. For the planner, I won it in a contest by Urban on tie up with Esprit. Actually, I took part just for fun and didn't really think I would win it but anyway, I got it as a nice surprise. I am using it currently. For the other orange notebook, I got it free when I bought the style magazine for $6. I don't really read style coz it's mostly about high end fashion but oh well, down the road I can use it to find inspirations for my designs. Or perhaps cut out the photos..hehe.

The black bag is the bag I got from Mango during their sales recently. I bought it for just $35. Steal! Originally it was $60 I think? Around there. And of course make up. I won the Anna Sui make up and I got the clinique make up  palette and the liquid foundation from a colleague. She's so generous!!!

While it has been a rough start for me, I believe that I just have to think positive and find ways to make my life better instead of simply worrying. One of the ways to chase the blues away is to believe in yourself that things will get better and make an effort to improve yourself. A successful person doesn't just sit down all day. He or she works very hard before reaping the rewards. 

So how has your new year been so far? Well, if you haven't been really keeping up with your resolutions, time to sit down and write down what has gone wrong and where you can strive to make changes and finally keep to them. It's not too late. 

After a two week hiatus, I hit the gym again and finally, I got to go on the strider. That irritating hoarder was no where to be found. It doesn't help that now there is only one strider, hrmph. Oh well. It just means that I have to wake up way earlier and not be lazy before finally dragging my ass down to the gym, haha.

I think I feel a bit healthier now and I shall continue to watch what I eat especially when I am at work by cutting down on unnecessary snacking and keeping to a light lunch. Also, I will continue to strive to walk at least 15 minutes after work. Nowadays major illnesses are like this new mutated breed. They are harder to treat and more costly to treat as well. So it's better to take care of your health now than never.

Have a blessed Chinese New Year to those celebrating it and those who do not, at least in Singapore, have a good extended weekend! Spend these two days wisely by doing something fruitful and rewarding. 

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Down With Food Poisoning

I'm back from KL, Malaysia but just to tell you that I'm feeling unwell. I went back to work on Tuesday and then after dinner, which my mum gave such a huge portion, I started feeling so unwell. At first I thought because I was overfed (I mean looking at the portion) and I could still play computer, buy groceries from the shop downstairs and then that was when it struck me...I was starting to feel so bloated. Bloated was one thing and then followed by uneasiness. Throughout the night, I became very sick and couldn't turn to my sides as my tummy area felt so tight. Felt like one of those abs workout gone wrong..ha! Sorry, sick also can afford to make jokes.

I vomited many times but it wasn't like huge chunks of vomit because I just couldn't. But I often had the vomiting sensations but my vomit was like watery consistency. I know, too much info. I also started to have diarrhea and it was the same consistency as my vomit. There was so much gas in my tummy and it felt trapped. I felt trapped on my own bed and it didn't help either my mum didn't know how much discomfort and pain I was in that she kept making so much noise comparing me to my aunt was sick in bed for 3 consecutive days when she stayed over our house in December. She also started to be so sarcastic about how her food, lovingly and painstakingly prepared by her, had caused me so much pain. I kept telling her, and crying about it, that it could be due to me overeating a lot of junk food in Malaysia that now my tummy was having all the undue stress.

Infact, until now she felt that it was her pasta that caused me to be very ill given that it was the last food I ate before I got really sick. But the thing was that she and my bro didn't get sick at all. 

Okay long story short, I had food poisoning. Unbelievable. I thought I was having stomach flu though I wasn't quite sure what were the symptoms for that. Anyway, I couldn't make it to the usual polyclinic for the heavily subsidized treatment mainly because I didn't think I could make it to the bus stop even, let alone stand the long waiting time. Now I appreciate the fact that my flat is just a mere 5 minute walk from the nearest doctor which is just...the next block. Many years of staying here and only now then I visited that humble clinic that resembled a bomb shelter.

As of now, I have to avoid milk. I've decided to be off cheese for awhile as well because prior to eating the pasta, I had a cheese waffle and then my mum had also added cheese to her pasta as well. Also, the thought of cheese induce vomitting as well :s

I'm still feeling quite weak and the doctor was right in saying that food poisoning take awhile to recover but when you recover, you can recover very well. So I haven't fully recovered even though I had made it back to work and back home safely without fainting...haha. 

When I'm feeling a 101% better again, I will be doing a new blog layout and dedicate a good portion of my time blogging. I also want to take it in a new direction though I don't quite know what kind of direction it will take. Somehow, it will still be personal because this is after all a personal blog. 

To those reading these, my advice is to be careful of what you eat and not because of what I am going through right now but nowadays you just don't know what they put in your food. It can taste nice, no doubt about it, but to me, fresh ingredients are a must. Not one of those pre made sauces, instant food etc. Just good ol' fresh ingredients without the added artificial ingredients.

Stay healthy people!

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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Sweet Ending to 2011!

Heya there,

I've been having problems when I type and the cursor appears double and I get confused..haha. Anyway, I'm using a different browser and so far so good. Also, my internet connection isn't working very well but I just suspect it is due t the wireless router. This thing is old already so you know...just like when I am getting older, I become less efficient, haha. I kid. So while I have yet to fully resolve the problem, I just have to make do with direct connection through the lan cable bypassing the router. If it sounds so technical jargon-ish, just take it that well, the router is faulty.

So, how was your new year? :) Mine was great in the sense that well, we get to see fireworks from the rooftop and they were majestic because they were right above us. My friends were so fast in putting up the photos and I have yet to put up mine. Probably later on. I've got a few things to be done and of course, one of them is blogging.

I guess many of us strive to resolve doing this or that, but then we lose the motivation half way through. Well, if you are one who think that you just cannot keep up with your resolutions, my simple suggestion to you is just to learn as you go and remember to always think positive. Don't be overly depressed because the consequences later won't be so great and I believe that in every cloud, there is a silver lining. Sometimes we go through certain things in life to keep us on our toes that we shouldn't take our life for granted and that we need to do a reality check.  

I have blogged the makeup goodies that I received recently as a gift and and as prize. I have collected my anna sui make up and I am happy because as someone who can't afford their make up, it is such a nice surprise. Also, shortly after that I won something else too! I know! Can't believe I can 'squeeze' in winning another contest right before the contest ends..haha! Unbelievable. What's up with my luck in 2011. Most of them are bad, but when it comes to contests, I can't believe I actually won 4..yes..not 1,2 or 3 but 4 times! Never felt so lucky before!

It was just a random contest that I saw on my newsfeed because I  'like' urban page and actually I am not a fan of such contests where I am required to write down something creative based on the question they give and they will randomly choose based on what we write. Why? Because it seems like hard work trying to think of what to write, haha. But it's just purely for fun. Besides, I somehow need a planner (and come on, it is Esprit brand! ) and I don't even know if my friend is going to buy me the planner from Kikki K which I had hinted via email that I wanted it, heehee. Knowing me, you know I won't buy their products coz they're too ex. I would rather someone buy for me as a gift but of course, it is by no means something that is a must.

Back to the winning story. When I was reading the Urban insert from the Friday papers, it mentioned that it announced the winners of the Esprit planner. I wasn't that confident that I would get it just like how I thought that I didn't think I would win any of the makeup goodies from the makeupstash christmas giveaway. But you know, sometimes you just have to give it a try :) Isn't that the goal in everyone's life. You never know if you are gonna get lucky!

So infact, I did!

1. Sayaka Tatekura
2. Wj Tan
3. Kitty Toh-Dorett
4. Dorine Toh
5. Nia Nasyitah Zulkifli
6. Ong Guo Xiong
7. Yien Hoe Yeo
8. Ni La Ser 
9. Rahayu Popz
10. Lim Hui Ting 

Unbelievable! :) So egg-cited. Life can be so sweet sometimes. Oh, speaking of sweet, my friend actually DID buy for me a Kikki K planner. Oops. I had no idea really, that I was either going to win the Esprit planner or even get the Kikki K planner as a gift.

Oh well, Taylor Swift says two is better than one!

Next aim! Winning an electronic gadget like an ipad or a camera. Will keep my eyes peeled for them. Hopefully my luck hasn't worn off yet, ha!

On another note, while I am trying my best to work on my failed resolution of last year which is to lose 10kg but felt like I put on 10kg instead, I just renewed my determination. Heck, I dragged myself to gym yesterday, hokay. Seriously dragged because I had never gone to gym so late before, hahaha! Better than a no show right? When you start to struggle to squeeze into your jeans and skirts, and not willing to buy a size bigger, somehow you gotta do something. I know I am capable of achieving this weight loss agenda but I didn't have that much motivation last year. So this time round, I don't want to fool around no more.

My aim is to lose at least 1 kg every month because that will work out about 12kg by the end of the year. That is like slightly more than my target of 10kg. I am going to make it achievable. I know I can!

Huating! (Go for it!)

Of course, the best is of course to lose more than that la about 1kg to 1.5kg. But you know, I had so much difficulty last year so I don't want to have too high hopes. Do something that is achievable.

So that is my first post of 2012. I am trying to find creative ways of blogging not for the sake of making money because that is never my intention. I just want to make it interesting you know. Before I leave for KL this Friday, I will blog a bit more especially regarding our new year's eve celebrations. Probably it is just going to be photo heavy only. And no it's not because I am in them, chet.

Anyhoo, just wanna wish you a happy 2012 and hopefully things go great for you this year. 

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