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Being Zen Like

We're just human and we make mistakes but some mistakes can be avoided as we get too carried away emotionally and hurting the people around us without us knowing about it. There are people who gets so caught up in their emotional web that they carry this ego where they refuse to back down even though things have cooled down or it's just a trivial matter or a slight misunderstanding. But alas, they're way too egoistic to realize that. 

Nevertheless, I don't want to be such people. These kind of people hurt other people without realizing it because they are too selfish to care about how others may feel and expect others to attend to their whims and fancies. 

One word. Whatever.

Honestly, I too get carried away emotionally as I guess it's just part of being a girl. But before things get blown out of proportion, I just take a step back and then realize that I'm huffing and puffing over nothing and I shouldn't be so emotional. I mean I am an adult and I believe chi…

Pulling Through a Rough Start

Update regarding my food poisoning, well I am better :) and after such harrowing experience where I was practically so weak and crying in pain and despair, I have recovered. However, my brother got his food poisoning merely days after mine and the poor thing was also in pain. I had never seen him so weak before. Anyway, if you are suffering from food poisoning, you need to hydrate yourself well with an isotonic drink and load up on vitamin C such as using the vit C sachets or the the effervescent vitamin C pills. That's what I learnt from the doctor.

So anyway, I would like to update this blog regularly and as you can see, it has a new look. Very pink, I know. The graphics is a bit crappy though but my designing skills are pretty rusty so I guess that is the best for now. 

The month of January is coming to an end soon and as you can hear about it ever so often, the economy is pretty much gloom and doom, or at least predicted to be as such. So be careful about your expenditures. I am…

Down With Food Poisoning

I'm back from KL, Malaysia but just to tell you that I'm feeling unwell. I went back to work on Tuesday and then after dinner, which my mum gave such a huge portion, I started feeling so unwell. At first I thought because I was overfed (I mean looking at the portion) and I could still play computer, buy groceries from the shop downstairs and then that was when it struck me...I was starting to feel so bloated. Bloated was one thing and then followed by uneasiness. Throughout the night, I became very sick and couldn't turn to my sides as my tummy area felt so tight. Felt like one of those abs workout gone wrong..ha! Sorry, sick also can afford to make jokes.

I vomited many times but it wasn't like huge chunks of vomit because I just couldn't. But I often had the vomiting sensations but my vomit was like watery consistency. I know, too much info. I also started to have diarrhea and it was the same consistency as my vomit. There was so much gas in my tummy and it felt t…

Sweet Ending to 2011!

Heya there,

I've been having problems when I type and the cursor appears double and I get confused..haha. Anyway, I'm using a different browser and so far so good. Also, my internet connection isn't working very well but I just suspect it is due t the wireless router. This thing is old already so you know...just like when I am getting older, I become less efficient, haha. I kid. So while I have yet to fully resolve the problem, I just have to make do with direct connection through the lan cable bypassing the router. If it sounds so technical jargon-ish, just take it that well, the router is faulty.

So, how was your new year? :) Mine was great in the sense that well, we get to see fireworks from the rooftop and they were majestic because they were right above us. My friends were so fast in putting up the photos and I have yet to put up mine. Probably later on. I've got a few things to be done and of course, one of them is blogging.

I guess many of us strive to resolve doin…