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It is amazing how small this world can be. Yesterday night, I was telling you about the Israeli love story and ok...sidetracking here a bit, it was the SHORTEST love story I have ever watched. Seriously short. I dont know if they were trying to say that if we fall in love so quickly, we can fall out of love so quickly also and then patch back that fast too. Hrm.
Oh yah the small world. I was reading through the comments for the heck of it and one of them was like commenting how he or she came from one of the countries in Asia which is conservative and only showed Brokeback Mountain (a gay themed love story) on the big screen. And then I was thinking....MUST be Singapore. And then true enough! When I clicked on the username which led to the profile, he or she IS from Singapore.
Oh, and that's not all. This 24 yr old person kinda creeped me out because apparently, the channels that this person subscribed to are mostly the same that I have subscribed to also or have watched a few times…

Hari Raya Pics 2008

(click on the pic above to see a bigger version. I bet u cant tell I photoshopped my face in one of them..heh heh.....aiyah, my face extra bloated that night..dunno why.)
This year's Hari Raya is a little bit quieter than normal. Heck, I even went to two different hospitals to visit two sick aunts. But at least I got to go to two open houses which, sadly, I didnt take pics at. Let me check back again if I can get one pic at least's how many I took actually from the two open houses combined.

Like I said in my facebook, Im camera shy this year!

True Relationship

Im in the middle of watching an Israeli soap drama. There is like about 5 or 6 clips of them but I shall take my time watching them. Basically it's about a couple whose relationship is pretty new but sadly, ended quite fast too because one of them has problems being caught seen together with the other one. He's having a problem with self acceptance and is not outright confident as his significant other. Like for example, your guy or girl prefers to just stay home and spend time together, but you prefer to go out and have some fun with your other friends together with him or her.
Still, if you're meant for each other...well....fate will somehow put the two of you together. Really, a relationship is not a true relationship without some friction here and there but it's just how you try to work things out and see where the both of you is willing to meet. I dont know if I have mentioned this before but I was reading this short article about this guy who is a very popular spo…

Matters of the Heart

Recently, I have been trying to help a good friend of mine to solve some er...guy problem that shes crushing on. But coming from someone who has never fallen in love or been in a serious relationship, I cannot offer advice based on my own experience. And tv dramas can only help so little because u know how far fetched the stories can be. Still, I dont expect her to follow whatever I say to a T coz I know shes more capable than that. I cant say the same for me though..haha.....but I guess when it comes to the matters of the heart, one can only hope for the best. If it doesnt work out, well fine, but you come out of it a better person because you can derive valuable lessons out of it. Not everybody is first time lucky. Just like shopping. It's not all the time that you can see an outfit with a halo over it while every other item just fading into oblivion.
To Mariah, hey....dont dwell on it too much. Instead of asking why this and why that...if you think u're ready to move on, jus…

Picture of a Thousand Meanings

Sigh, sometimes life stinks especially when you dont have that much of money to sustain your current living. Welcome hell.

Anyway, if I am the only one feeling the distress, I can somehow tolerate it. But if it affects the family, it kinda give me a space on the wall of shame. I feel like Im not doing enough for the family and there is only so much that I can do and I seriously feel horrible about it. My mum is especially emotional and tends to get carried away with her feelings and even though I dont quite show how sorry I am at times, I am truly sorry that I somehow have a part to play in her misery as well.

I seriously do not how to cope anymore in the future. I dont know if things are going to get better. I can only hope for the best. But at the same time, I want to thank all those people who have made things better for me and give me moral support in times of need. Thats why in life I dont believe in doing bad things because the last thing I want to do is causing grief …

Supernatural // Eye Of The Tiger

A Supernatural special. Jensen...oh my gawd!! You're too cute!!!

On the Rebound

I dont deny that I love me dramas. Not my the 'dramas' in my life but rather the ones on tv. Or rather streamed to my laptop or pc. I have been anticipating the re-hook up of one of the couples on Greek. They are barely there characters but just as interesting to watch as well and like all fans of the show, we have been wanting for them to get back together again.

Okay, good news is..they did. Bad news? They're not officially a couple because of one of them who has just split with the boyfriend so at this point of time, just want to be single but doesnt mind hanging out with each other.

That got me disappointed. I mean...why beat around the bush? Just hook up ah!

But seriously, it was a fair request to want to be...pfft...friends. I mean, if they were to hook up immediately, than that guy would become the rebound guy straight after a break up. Just like an episode of Ugly Betty just now where Gio said he did not want to be the rebound guy, he wants to be THE guy.

So oh well...…

Hot Quest

It's interesting how a few choice of words can turn a person's life around even if it means a minor change in his or her life. It can make you stop for awhile and think about what you have done or what you have missed out. A very refreshing feeling because sometimes, life comes with its own surprises but it all depends on whether you want to grab it or you want to let go of it.

I mean, really, if you're the type who cant stand telling people who tell you what to do, or give you some piece of well meaning advice, hey maybe you can just try to just stop and listen for once. Of course, you are at liberty to be selective of what you hear but to me, it wouldnt hurt to just..well...listen. Who knows if it can turn your life around a bit.

Speaking of change, I have been trying to make my pretty long hair falls down in cascades of curls and even though it kinda worked a bit at first, only to have them become flat later. Pfft...but just now, I was at an open house of an ex colleagu…

Stupid Lift Hoarders

What is it with people who just CANNOT hold the lift door for the next person to get in?!!! All act dumb...or rather selfish, as if that lift can only occupy one person!! I know Im not exactly thin but will having me inside jam the lift?! And even if you want to have ur own privacy, cant you wait for at least when u reach home instead of leaving poor me with bags of groceries to wait for another lift that will only come down from the top floor of the flat?!!!

Selfish a**holes.....

If you're a foreigner not living in Singapore, let me tell you this. Singaporeans in general are selfish people who basically think about themselves only. They live in a 'me first' society. If they are trying to drive into your head that we're a small but independent country, that may be true, but this fact existed long time ago already. NOW, the real fact is that we're just a bunch of people who lack in graciousness and kindness and who will do anything to get to the top even if it means …

Seasonal Geek

Im currently obssessed with a German band called Tokio Hotel and last Friday, while at work doing a monotonous job of pasting medical certificates on recycled papers, I was also downloading some songs from them on my work pc. Mariah was too busy to chat with me so I had to keep myself entertained coz being me, I get bored easily doing work. Despite the boredom, I actually dont mind getting something to be done at work coz there are so many things that I have yet to handle coz my other colleagues have already been designated to do the major things. I usually have to wait for assignments that do not require the use of the various mind boggling intranet systems. But usually it comes after they're done using them and they got a bit more free time to assign me those jobs.

Actually I got no intentions of downloading but my GAWD, the music that my colleagues play on their own work pcs can be a little bit...nauseating...on my ears. The colleague behind me had this same Chinese song playi…

Silent Cry

My right eye was acting funny last Saturday while I was sitting down watching a Hindi movie at an ex colleague's house. It just started....tearing on the left side of my right eye. It just kept on dripping and dripping and it was getting embarassing coz I was using the host's tissue supply quite a lot. And I wasnt even watching a sad part in the Hindi movie...and some of their movies are known to be tearjerkers. Sigh, anyway there I was sitting uncomfortably and feeling out of place. It wasnt as grand as last year when many people came. There were like very few of us only and I was not talking to one of them not coz I didnt like her or what. But I never really talked to her back then at work either.

The conversations were pretty boring and they were talking about the downside of their work. This job has never been perfect but it got pretty bad after the new company took over and it was doing a sloppy job at it also. But seriously, they kept talking about the same thing over and…

Too Young Love?

Okay to be honest with you, I cant help but keep on replaying back this scene on my laptop...

This was the smile I referred to in my previous post. Those dimples...that sweet baby face of his?! Even though he is not the main character and one of the goofy partygoers in his fraternity (ok..except for one..they're ALL party people), his story has the potential to go far and getting more popular based on fan requests. Like come on, look at that face! Hands down, he is more good looking that the lead male characters. What the heck the casting director was doing.

But then, liking his sweet smile makes me have this feeling that I will end up with a younger guy *shudders*.

Er, dont get me wrong. Im all for 'love does not have to come in the form of a perfect guy' and that hey, if you're happy with the guy, who cares what others think.

But, I think that since Im the type of person who can be pretty cautious and whose emotions are sometimes dictated by what people think of her, it …

One Step

Just as I thought my life is pretty sucky right now, sometimes other peoples's lives are dealt with a heavier blow. My heart sanked when I was fetching two boys from their respective classes where I was with the younger one for a longer time. Here they were with their usual sibling bantering and teasing and without any knowledge that one of their parents had passed away earlier in the morning. I was so sad for them as they were so young with their cute and round chubby faces and also coz within those few minutes, the younger boy was just so adorable, smiley and friendly.

Oh strong boys.

By the way, Chuck has officially left as of Wednesday and I didnt get to see him on Tuesday which was his last day coz I was on leave. But prior to that, I had written him a small note printed with a cover of a Goodbye greeting card. I just wished him all the best and that hey, sometimes change is for the better..unless he turns evil. My lame attempt at being funny. But knowing Chuck, he wou…

Hate Today

I absolutely hate today. Why some people are just so stubborn and then when things happen, I have to be responsible for it. My life is already miserable enough...dont add to the burden. Why cant people start doing something rather than nothing instead of just talk. But I believe maybe it will get better later. Still, I am so sick and tired of living my life the way it is right now...*sigh*

Expect the Unexpected

Love can happen anytime, anywhere. Dont you think so? I know I am not exactly the type who is romantic or enjoys reading romantic novels or even think of romantic things my potential date or future boyfriend can do to impress me. To be honest with you, I can be pretty simple minded when it comes to the art of being romantic.

What can a guy say or do to impress little ol' me. Hrm, Im trying hard to go beyond the body here...which is not easy....but hey, here's a few pointers. Basically, someone who does not try so hard to impress, has a goal or few goals in life which do not include flirting as many girls as he can, funny but not too overbearing just to make you laugh (or cringe) and of course, sincerity. If he is sincere, it will show through his words and actions and honestly, I dont know how to describe it. And oh, another thing, a certain kind of connection that bind us emotionally like he can understand what I go through. But at the same time, urge me to make a difference i…

Bit of Spunk

Sigh, I hate it when my mum starts to complain that I put on weight on the...behind. Yes, the asset that J Lo is famous for. Seriously, the way she described it just now, she was like.....'you're getting fat! I saw the shape of your butt when you were sleeping..and it was so round and plump. It's not supposed to be like that!'

Okay, maybe she's half right. Hey, dont blame me. It's almost two weeks since the end of the fasting month, so er..naturally, we will look like we're putting weight back on since we have started eating as per normal. Ok....blame on rahayu also....for not being to control the snacking monster in me. Sigh, I can lose weight pretty fast...which is a good thing, but I can put on weight, just as fast too. What can I say, my weight is very versatile.

So from Monday onwards, to keep me on track, I have a deadline Im eyeing on and that is the November 15th. That day is either going to be the gathering of my ex colleagues (which I dont mind goin…

Goodbye Chuck


remember my previous posts that I talked about 'Chuck'? Sadly, as anticipated (or as eavesdropped by me), he would be replaced with a new Technology Assistant or TA. I didnt expect it to be so soon. He is such a nice guy...geeky....but a 'buddy buddy' sort. Today is his last day and I wish him all the best though the time spent talking to him is pretty short coz the first few months, we didnt really talk that much. So for the past two weeks, he has been training a new TA who is Malay, younger and can easily be mistaken as an some 18 yr old teenager. Ok.....make that a cute teenager you want to just slobber on...IF you are an 18 year old female, which unfortunately Rahayu is not (though she knows she will always be 18).

Well, he is friendly...though in a stalkish kind of way, where he would like just stand behind me quietly...or just say 'HI!' as I was passing by his desk which almost made me dropped my cup...and giving me this very tired 'hel…

Tokio Hotel - Monsoon (With Lyrics)

I know that I have been raving about German guys...but this German band made me go...'eh?!' Seriously, just look at the flamboyant singer which made the muttons on radio comment on whether the singer is a boy or girl..or an 'it'. But I like their song :D

Bleak Singapore Future

I was watching Noose just now and it echoed the dilemma of my colleagues and I about Singaporeans who just love to complain. I was like, well, we try to accomodate to them but they always try to find fault. When we try to solve the problem of one, another one come in with a fresh new complain. Come on, it's just generally awful to be living among people who are not gracious and who are so used to getting their way around by being obnoxiously rude without a spare of thought that other people have feelings too. Seriously, there is a difference between giving constructive feedback and complaining. Oh, and the best thing? Pushing the blame on others or making false accusations.

Recent events made my eyes open wider about Singaporeans right now. My thought is, how on earth our future generation is going to be like when they have parents with such huge attitude problems. And because of them, I nearly got into trouble when this bloody parent told my VP when he eventually got to talk to h…


Okay I know I have explained before that I dont condone cheating on your partner. I think that not only is it something that you should be ashamed of, it will have an impact on the relationship because he or she cant look at you in the same way again and the trust is no longer there.

But what if, driven by circumstances, that you are revisited by your past, a.k.a your ex, whom you broke up before over issues that could not be resolved at that point of time or the time just was not right. Old feelings start to come back again and you are stuck with a dilemma.

I like watching soap dramas and despite watching them in several different languages, like French, Catalana, German (who are BY FAR has the most handsome actors..woot!) and etc, the language of love is universal. Heh, apparently the idea of cheating too.

Now of course to deny yourself of love is a mistake in itself. Why let yourself be burdened by unnecessary thoughts that will snatch you of precious times and memories with someone w…

Hari Raya Food Dilemma

First and foremost,

SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!!! Well, whats hari raya at my house without being so drama mama somewhere in the late evening when we all were getting ready to go out and visit my elder aunt, who turned out to be in hospital. I'll get to that later. I mean..pfft...who else would be so drama but my mum who freaked out when I got her instructions wrong when she asked me to send my brother's blouse or baju kurung to a makeshift tailor shop for amendments. When I said freaked out, I seriously meant freaked out.

Oh, and uhm....talking about being so drama mama, I hate to say this but I was feeling like that also..heh. Now now dont give me the killer dagger looks coz well...rahayu is known to be irritatingly whiny or moody at times. I was sad coz my mum didnt cook as promised for hari raya. Even one miserable dish, I would be so happy already.

But anyway, my cousin came to deliver food at the doorstep but it was not as much as the past years, like as if it was only meant for …