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The End of My Part-Time Diploma Studies!! Finally!!

I've finally completed my studies! That also explains why I've been absent on both my blogs because time is so precious :s Tests, projects and then the grand finale...EXAMS!!! I had to stop working on my orders to make way for this and turned down many in between. I still meet up with customers for past orders but I wasn't making as much money as before which is quite a bummer because I needed to save up for a laptop.

Still, I think that if you want something, you jolly well work towards it. Whatever the outcome is, knowing that you have tried your best and this is the best that you can get, the feeling is better than knowing you didn't work hard enough. It had been a very stressful two and a half year for me but if it had not been for supportive family and classmates, I too would have given up because many times, I felt like I'm not doing this in my favour. Like why do I do this at all in the first place. But the vision of me having a new job and to finally meet th…

The Future of Us Interactive Exhibition

A week ago, my brother and I went to the Future of Us interactive exhibit outside the Marina Bay MRT station towards the Gardens by the Bay which offered a glimpse of what our future would be based on the hopes and dreams of our Singaporeans. I thought it was creative the way they presented the video presentation in a dome like structure with the video itself being creative as well.

However, there weren't many stand out things within the video that caught my eye except for the self drive car and in the exhibits, where they showed how a hologram which can help to pre-determine the medical condition for accidents at home when help is rendered later on and how technology can help in our national defence although the use of technology is hardly new. But there's always room for improvement in everything.

Other than that, I like how the videos show diversity in terms of race and capabilities such as a wheel chair bound architect. I thought one of the cool interactive features they h…