Saturday, June 25, 2016

Our First Group Meeting After Graduation

It has been a long time coming since the last time we met was on Graduation Day although I did meet up with 3 of them quite recently for a birthday celebration. I somehow never seem to miss out on any of the gatherings including the time when we went to a coffee shop after our stressful Econs exam papers. Still don't know how we survived that miraculously..haha..

Anyway, I've always been a silent supporter to this friendly bunch of people who always make me feel inclusive knowing that I am a lady of few words, haha. 

We went to this restaurant called PU3 and although the service staff should really write down orders so that we don't always have to remind them that two of our drinks had not arrived get our orders wrong. I mean it's for their customers' benefit and also their own so that they don' undercharge their customers. Just saying.

They serve Nasi Ambeng served in a big dulang or tray that is meant to be eaten by 2, 4 or 6 people which is meant to close ties among them as they eat together. But we opted for plates..hehe..although we shared the same dishes. The tray is served with different traditional Javanese dishes and though I gave eating these food like 10 years ago because I don't eat coconut milk based dishes which unfortunately we're talking about most Malay dishes, I still ate some nice dishes including the tahu lembik which is fried compressed soya bean cakes. I don't have the picture here..I don't know why..but it made a nice addition to my rice. It's also my saving grace.

So we waited half an hour before we could break fast with the food facing us which is not something that I like but oh well. So while eating later on, one of them who initiated this gathering, talked about how now he had changed job because he felt that he didn't have any future prospect with this job in terms of promotion. I want to be in that position too where I want to have a new job scope and a new working environment. 

We also talked about planning our graduation trip that has taken forever to plan..haha..and we kinda sorta settled on Batam? I mean everyone seemed to be agreeable and then one of them recounted her first massage experiences which she described as very ticklish and being a shy person (I would not have guessed that..haha) it turned to be rather uncomfortable for her. You know, I would be like that too. No massages for me, facial, hugs..whatever..haha. 

Anyway, we proceeded to walk together to the Dhoby Gaut mrt and halfway decided to take a group photo because it's so precious for our photo to be taken again like this since *sobs* there's no more school for us. Speaking of schoaol, I know school sucks especially during test, project and exam period..haha..but still you know, I like how my time is actually occupied going to school, okay more like rushing to school, then I'm more determined to save some moolah so that I can study for a degree in the future. 

Sidetracking for awhile there. So we took a favourable spot which is the Cathay, hence, why you can see their welcome sign above our heads, haha.

This is so going to be inside my memory keeping album :)

Hope we can catch up soon and even hoping that we will FINALLY get our graduation plan to Batam going as well instead of just talk and talk. 

Missing their company already.

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