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Appreciation for My Handmade Birthday Cards

Two days ago,  I gave my handmade cards away as birthday cards which I've been doing since June because I'm just trying to spread the words around and also kindness around of the existence of humble little facebook page. Actually they were for sales but I couldn't make new cards recently and only managed 3 because the fasting month has started and I was feeling rather lethargic because I had not gotten used to not eating and drinking for the whole day so my energy level isn't that high.

But it's okay, I used the cards that I just started selling and gave them away as cards. Anyway I had been paid in advance for them so they were not given away for free. However my vice principal forgot that she had paid and wanted to pay me again. Even though I was tight on finances this week, I couldn't accept the money because it would have meant that she paid me twice. I was hoping for this business opportunity cum advertising opportunity so I didn't want to lose her trus…

Styling Yourself & Effect of Braiding Hair

I was watching Style Network for the last couple of days and I loved it! It was on preview that means I don't have to pay for it..heh. But I don't always get to watch it because in the first place, Im no TV junkie and it's hard to find myself plonked infront of the tv and my mum also have her own prescribed tv times. 

So anyway I watched How Do I Look? and I don't know if they really made the candidates dress up like that or they really dress up like that. Probably they do wear fugly clothings but it's just taken to the extreme because this is after all a reality tv show. They need to 'up' something to stand out.

But I just like the transformation from before to after. The two episodes that I watched was great although I think for the second one, they didn't really do a good job with the make up. Just my opinion. 

Still the first makeover was da bomb. And the most amazing fact I found out about her? She doesn't own any makeup!!! Honestly which woman do…

Starting a Shopping Fund

I haven't done this for the longest time ever! Starting a shopping fund that is. A long long time ago, I did have such a fund and it doesn't have to be much. $20 can even get you something nice if you know how to hunt for it. Even then, if have to add on, mere few dollars only especially if the item is on sales.

If you follow my blog, you will probably know that I am the sole breadwinner of my family and I didn't earn much but now after the promotion probably it will be slightly better but we'll see because at the moment I have yet to clear my debts.

So! While I am at it, I thought to myself that I should definitely restart this shopping fund. Reason being, I am always doubtful when I want to buy clothes even if the item is on sales. I don't completely stop buying clothes as there are occasions where I would buy dresses from Cotton On when on sales and it used to cost a lot. For their kind of material, I didn't think it is worth paying the full price.

But I'm …

My Cupcake Wish!

Few more last posts! Bear with me..I'm on a roll, haha.

Remember my last few posts I wrote about people not owing you a living and how when we wish for something, it may just come true so to me, I actually believe in miracles because you'll never know how blessed you are :)

I've always wanted to try the 12 Cupcakes (contrary to what my brother said, I DID NOT eat 12 cupcakes) and I felt that well, I'm one of those cheapos who won't pay $3 for a cupcake no matter how nice is the frosting or how hyped it is by the media.

But I dunno, I guess it wouldn't hurt to at least try one but going all the way to Bugis to buy just one?! You must be kidding.

So then yesterday my colleague went up to me and said that she brought some leftover food and she had cupcakes by that infamous shop by an ex deejay and I'm like..'12 CUPCAKES?!' and she was like yeah, that's the one.

So I got my hand on them!!

By the way I did not put the tomato and cheese sandwich beside it t…

Beauty 101: Affordable Make Up Concealer (LA Girl Pro HD Concealer)

I've been using the ZA concealer for years especially during times when my skin kept breaking out especially around the chin area. Now I won't say it has completely gone away because it still does at times but not as bad as previously. I think my skin will never be blemish free..haha! Oh well, what can I do about it since I can't afford those expensive facial treatment packages. We all eventually grow old one day too.

Anyway, I always read this blog by facesbysarah and she wrote the post on this and I thought, heck why not since it will set me back less than $10 and the coverage seemed amazing. But then again, she's a pro and I'm well..But! But! I have received praises for my make up and I'm so happy because you have no idea how many youtube videos I watched especially by the talented Sarah to get the perfect eye makeup. Still no pro but getting there! off.

So this is mine...

I got in the colour beige. This is the funny bit. I actually just CANNOT find …

Life 101: Living & Not Merely Surviving

It's the start of the fasting month already. Honestly I'm not really geared up for it but it's a must to fast if you're a Muslim and it's a good time to cleanse your soul and enduring hunger and thirst to really know what it's like for those who are struggling to get a single feed in a day. It's also to bring us closer to God if we have strayed too far from the path of righteousness.

There are a lot of distractions in life and we as human beings are just vulnerable at times to follow what is actually wrong but we still go ahead with it if it is going to give us a sense of temporary happiness when things may not go as well as it is in reality. It's a way for us to escape while refusing to accept the perils of reality.

Whether you are a muslim or not, I believe that everyone should reflect on what we have done in our lives and to see if we have truly lived a life and not just merely surviving. We all need water, air & food to sustain our living but is t…

Beauty 101: Affordable Gel Eyeliner (ELF)

I was at first really contemplating on buying the maybelline gel eyeliner after hearing raves about it and then I saw it on discount...but it's the brown colour one. I wanted the black one but it wasn't on discount. Shame on you Watson's! I could have gotten it..hrmph.

Anyway, on that day I wanted to check out the price, there happened to be sales by er..Watson's as well. They were selling NYX, Elf and Coastal Scents products for Smoochiezz which is a retail shop that is only of the one very few sellers of such products. They used to sell it online but now they only have a showroom and every now and then, they set up temp stores. 

So I managed to get my hand on a black gel liner after all and it's not maybelline. I actually did go to Watson's and asked the counter guy to help me check the price and it's $ would have to give it a go lah since I need to standby money for emergency immediate payments like the most recent one where they terminate my int…

Saving Money on Hobbies, Clothes & Make up

How many of you buy thing online? I normally buy makeup, beads for making earrings and craft related products for my cards.

I know a lot of people buy clothes online but not for me because I don't want to waste money if I have bought and can't fit. In the past, I used to but I'm not always so lucky. I'm only lucky if someone gives them away or sell it for less if they can't fit it..heh.

Normally I keep to a very small budget if I were to buy things online because you can go crazy if you don't put a cap on it. Ever happen to you before right? Ha! I knew it.

Nowadays I don't always keep tab of how much balance I have because whatever money I hold, they're not meant to be hold forever..haha. I mean, yeah it will be good to have some money until my next pay day and there were days that I had to loan money from friends and relatives in order to survive until my next pay day and that is sad but I had no other choice.

This month, I've got a pay raise, a mid ye…

People Don't Owe You A Living

Don't we all feel like crap sometimes like totally crap that you feel like oh what the heck, why did God put me on earth like what purpose do I serve?

Remember at one point I did write in this way because I felt like I'm suffering as I had so much difficulty trying to cope with the increasing prices and then my pay was pathetic. I want to be grateful I have a stable job but then you know, it was difficult to cope.

Thankfully, they reintroduced the scheme which most of us at one point turned down because we didn't have much information about the scheme and then since many didn't opt in, we also didn't opt in. That is until the ministry announced a salary increase for certain groups of people in the public sector and then, only my group of people did not get. Of course it sucked because honestly I could do with a pay raise judging by how ex things are getting nowadays. Then I guess they heard our voices loud enough that we felt it was unfair because we worked equally a…

Head Tremors Be Gone!

I had to skip gym last week because I was really sick. Well, I was still functioning but the sporadic headaches made me giddy and my head so heavy. Up to this morning, I still have the headaches or what I dubbed on facebook as 'head tremors' because they really felt like such :S  and it can get unbearably uncomfortable especially when I'm doing work and I'm using the pc. When I get home and after dinner especially, I just plonked myself onto my bed because I'm so tired especially with the head tremors.

However today I managed to go to the gym even though I still have some cough and a bit of runny nose but I was hoping that it will sort of cure my head tremors and I would say that somehow it did :) Yesterday I was still having them though can feel they were going away and after I ate my meds when I reached home after a wedding dinner, I felt tired and sleepy. How could I not? My nose was like a leaking water pipe so a headache was inevitable.

My conclusion is that hav…

Down Down Down with Fever

So all the culmination of worries and overworking have led to one thing - me having a fever of 39.0 deg cel and making my head twice as heavy as it was before, and it's not because the brain is getting bigger. Oh no it's not.

At one point I felt like dying and even thought that I have brain cancer *touch wood*. Whenever I have fever, somehow it will get better later and my head will feel lighter but never had my head felt this heavy before even as I am typing this out. I can still walk the talk but need rest every now and then to prop my heavy head..hee.

Anyway, life still goes on although I think I may need one more day of rest if things don't improve by tomorrow morning.

Oh, when I visited the polyclinic last Friday I expect a long waiting time as usual and also because it's Friday which is close to weekend. But when the nurse measured my temperature and it was at a soaring 39.0 deg cel, I was given attention the minute I was registered. I hardly warm up the seat for 30…