Sunday, December 28, 2014

Magical Christmas Feeling..Taking Time Out from Busy Schedule

The joy of giving and spreading the love and kindness all around. There's just too much hate going on and too much emphasis on petty little things. I am no angel and I strive to be better all the time and not be, mean and too calculative on the family. Although I don't celebrate Christmas, apart from the fanfare and overhype, I think the the joy of giving and spending time with friends and family is still not lost and the latter is pretty much celebrated by all other major celebrations across religions and culture, promoting togetherness. 

There was no gift exchange in my workplace on Christmas even but just as a token of appreciation, I bought a box of Crabtree & Evelyn London handcream lotions and gave them out to my colleagues. I didn't keep any for myself except the pretty box, hehe. It's just a little something from me for helping me prep the 300 (!) cards for a major project. I did get some gifts as well and I appreciate every single one of them :)

That holiday morning, at 7.30 am, I opened my 'Christmas' present..haha..which is technically the bigshot machine that you can see from my previous post. After two freaking weeks, I finally took that baby out. I needed to use it for my current project.

So far, I've no regrets buying it and fell absolutely in love with it and me thinks, it's a wonderful product, provided I can get the dies at a cheaper price, haha. Admittedly, this was the one that did not make me want to buy it over these years. But the machine is versatile enough to be able to use those dies from other manufacturers which my current mini die cut machine couldn't.

In the late afternoon, I watched a Christmas special which was the Cake Boss special episode which showed behind the scenes of Carlo's Bakery on how they worked and churn out those cakes and pastries to the snaking crowd. He got mad skills as a baker and even though he yells at times, but I think working under pressure can really take a toll when you want the best and you have many orders to fulfill, and some people don't quite share the same driven passion.

Okay I was more interested at how he was such a genius in conceptualizing the 3D cakes and basic cakes that he decorated in a whim! 5 at a time! So much so, I was also driven in finishing the embellishments of 4 layouts in the same manner, hehe. Struggled at first, but got the hang of it and I want to keep this method of working. 45 minutes flat. AH-MA-ZING.

While I would love to continue working on my projects, I need to go out with my brother who had planned where to go after being sick for the last few days. He missed going and the places we went to become the highlight of the day. I may be busy but I'm never too busy for my family and for some 'me' time.

We went to the Art Museum which offered free entry, watched the last bit of Christmas carolling, where they were visibly seen to be tired, and then made our way to Garden by the Bay. We missed the 'snowing' at the specially constructed dome so had to wait for awhile for the next one. While waiting, we watched the Lightshow (Winter Edition) where the super trees lighted up in a musical sequence following a series of Christmas songs, starting "Do You Want to Build a Snowman? from the popular Frozen movie and finished it with Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas is You".

So we managed to catch the snowing, which was technically just foam coming out from the foam machine, hehe. But it was definitely nice :)

We made in time to Dhoby Gaut for dinner at Pastamania, where we realised later on that we were their last customers. Yay! What an honour..haha.

Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures below from our evening out!

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

My New Bigshot Machine & Goals in MOney Management

I've experienced hardship for the last couple of months and this time round, even though I probably tell myself this every year, I am more determined to spend money in the right direction. I read a book prior to this, not specifically about money management, but how you evaluate your life choices to enhance it rather than burden it. Also, how we can create positive thinking for ourself and take ownership over the things that matter such as our work, our business if we have, family, friends and our life. If we want to lead a successful life, we can create the success, no matter what situation we are in if we are willing to call the shots.

Once I received my bonus, I knew that I want to take it the right direction. All the brand new shiny things in our life may not add value to our life if we know back home, we have similar things that are still quite brand new or untouched for a long time. 

I am more careful with spending and now, I try my best to spend with benefits in mind. I got myself a big shot machine that is actually a die cutting machine that I think will be a great investment to my handmade papercrafting business. Of course, I felt the initial pinch because I've not spend this much on a single product for a very very long time but perhaps, in the long run, I could reap benefits that are worth much more than what I pay for this. 

I thought it will be a better investment than  my other annual investments such as a brand new bag which I forgo even though it was in the colour that I really liked. I bought bags instead for a dear friend of mine who helped me through the tough times when I went through financial hardship. Yet, she still chose to surprise me with two complimentary movie tickets to watch any movies in that theatre.

I also chose to spend the money on my family when I treat them to Fish & Co which I honestly dislike going because it's so ex for a family restaurant! But they wanted it and even though it's something that we can't always afford, now that we can, why not, eh?

Besides spending with benefits in mine, I also try not to spend just because most people rave about it such as the moleskine notebook and the tarte blush palette that is the no 3 selling item in Sephora. I looked high and low for it but when I held the last piece like crazy, and did some swatches, I realised that I have blushes of similar shade. 

I was also this close to buying an expensive (well, at least to me), a moleskine notebook and also realised I have a similar one, though not original, that I barely used and got it for free. After two years, and collecting dust, I used the notebook that I have instead to good use such as planning the draft for this blog post.

I also chose to spend on buying the supplies and papers related to my online papercrafting business because the benefit I can get is the extra income to supplement my regular monthly pay.

I've worked hard for the money and I know that money don't come easy although it had been a great help to me when I was almost down to my last dollar. I've spend my time over the weekend pouring over the custom orders and usually go out at night to my favourite mall to just chill out a slight bit and to check out things I could buy for my business. 

So after reading this post, I hope that you will also learn to manage your money properly because whenever we have extra income, we often think that the money is going to be there forever. Unless you have income coming in every day, it's high time we do a simple check on how we spend our money before it's too late and we're barely crawling back up from our last dollar...again.

Before I go, do check out this teal beauty called the Bigshot Machine and the sample die cut that I've done :)

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2014 Meat Fest at Seoul Garden

I've been so extremely busy but then again, sometimes I think it also boils down to time management. I guess I can accomplish more in a shorter amount of time if I could be a little bit more disciplined. I am however progressing in small amounts but I believe it can be accomplished if only I put my heart into it.

So two weeks ago, was the grand payday which also means extra pay for me as it's when I will get my year end bonus. It is therefore a yearly affair for us to go on a crazy meat fest. We went to our usual place to attack large amounts of meat, or at least more than we usually consume, which is at Seoul Garden Takashimaya. We actually have one at a nearby mall but somehow we still chose to go that same place.

One thing I learn though, is to not go after 8pm. It's not really money worth it because we didn't get as much varieties especially for the soup although we still manage to put our grilling skills to test with the marinated meat available. You don't have to be an expert at it but just common sense to see if the meat have been thoroughly cooked. Still I feel like I paid the same price for something less. Oh well, looks like we have to make another trip for it but definitely the one at the mall here.

After that we took a mini stroll along Orchard Road.....with heavy box of a big shot machine I bought earlier on. More on that later, but it got my brother annoyed because we were struggling to carry it with us and we were supposed to take pictures of the Christmas light up in town. We did make up for it eventually yesterday and I'll put up a post showing you all the pretty pretty lights!

After the walk, we chilled at Coffee Bean in Ion Orchard for awhile after buying a small cake for our mum at home.

Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures.

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Monday, December 01, 2014

TV Guy of the Moment

 Are you like me, if you watch someone on tv, or stalk over the internet and then you have this strange feelings that overcome you, making you to meet someone just like him or her? So far, no one has captured my heart but I'm fangirl-ing over some guys over the internet and this year, I've fan-girled (which basically means mooning over someone you can never get, haha) over an interior decorater who got married to another great looking interior decorater, an actor who well, only showed his acting prowess in the last episode and then this one, a cool looking guy who has got himself into a star crossed relationship (in other words, doomed to enjoy while it lasts).

Meet Aiden, from The Vampire Diaries spin-off The Originals.

Isn't he handsome? Ok honestly, at first I thought he was simply 'meh' or not that good looking but just like every other guy like him, I have fallen in love with his rather complex character (he's a werewolf) from a badass type of guy to this sweet endearing shy guy who doesn't want to feel alone. 

He worries over his pack and is protective over his younger brother who is yet to be a wolf like him and he had enlisted the help of the vampires to bring the young werewolves to a safe place which he was also protective over. He is the leader of his pack who is serving the alpha wolves (which means the stronger more authoritative type) but isn't fond of their actions. So he's caught in such situation where he feels like a betrayer because in their world, the vampires and the werewolves don't mix.

Somehow, he's an ally with them even though he initially came with a warning to ask them to get lost. 

I told you he's complex.

Anyway, who cares about the storyline. I think he's a really cool guy who yes, can be a badass but is a sensitive soul inside yearning to be loved and accepted.


Well, whatever it is, I hope he doesn't die that fast and I do hope his relationship with vampire Josh (who is also cute, by the way) will blossom so that I can keep fangirl-ing.

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sweets for My Sweet Tooth & One KM Mall

I'm combining two posts in one, pretty much like killing two birds with one stone, except that I won't enjoy doing that.

I don't know about you people and I know that the rate of Diabetes patients among the Muslim community is on a rise and I've taken steps to ensure that I don't go that path because I've a family history of it.

While I've given up on coconut rich dishes (yes, including the popular Nasi Lemak which is one of Singapore's national dishes and well loved by all races in Singapore coz somehow we can relate over food easier than other things) but I can never completely give up on feeding my soul with sweet SWEET things. 

The only drawback is that, to avoid joining the stats, I've cut down on it drastically. For example, just to munch on the red velvet doughnut from Krispy Kreme, I have to wait for about two months to be able to sink my teeth into it. Even then, it's being shared with my brother along with  other just as tasty..and the red velvet dougnut cake.

But then again, you know what they say, the longer you crave for it, the tastier it I just come up with that myself.

Enjoy the beauty that is of the Krispy Kreme doughnut cake.

I also have a sweet spot for macaroons, completely nauseating sweet, in bite sized pieces. Their flavours are so diverse and they're oh so colourful. The price for each macaroon varies from $1.80 to $2.80 depending on where you  buy them from and the flavours.

Because they are overtly sweet, it's not even qualified as once in a while treat. I hardly eat it and of course, if got a chance to eat, like the one below brought by my awesome classmate to be shared around, I would GLADLY eat it. But of course not the whole pack.

Self control is a must and it's so freaking hard not to eat them like popping M&Ms.

Besides chocolate, I also love anything red velvet although like my mum said, it's basically red colouring. Oh well. It is technically still chocolate, where cocoa powder is mixed with red colouring. 

Again since the colouring is not natural, can't eat it too often.

But chocolates can never be a once in a while treat. I must eat chocolate every week even in very small amounts like say, a small morsel. It makes all the unhappiness go away just for that one tiny moment.

Okay, now on to another part of the story. This sweet story of mine..heh...was also why we went to check out the new mall at Paya Lebar called One KM mall. Don't ask me why it's name as such unless they mean that it's one km from the Paya Lebar MRT station to the mall.

We actually wanted to check out Butter Studio but it turned out to be just a counter instead of a cafe setting. And they had little choices unless their yummy instagram photos. So I guess we still  have to make our way down to the cafe at Jalan Besar.

There was Delifrance though, and there's macaroons! It was so funny how we ordered it. Instead of ordering by the name, which they didn't label, I had to order by colour. I chose pink and purple. Oh, plus one Oreo cupcake which called out to me as well.

Again no, I don't have the luxury of eating it all by myself. I could in less than 5 minutes just like in the past when I was younger and chubbier but then again, control.

Before we left the mall, we took a picture of the Christmas tree outside, pretty much like every other mall. 

If you want to visit the mall, which has Uniqlo as their flagship store, there are many food establishments inside that are not your average fast food restaurants that you will be spoiled for choice. But if you think they are pretty pricey, nearby the mall is a food centre, where you get food spread from chicken rice, Indian mee goreng to satay. 

Head over to City Plaza, you can go to Arnold's Chicken which is way better than your average fast food fried chicken which I shall not name *cough* starts with K *cough* It's very crowded though so be prepared to wait or simply order a 'to go' and then let the people in the public transport get a whiff of your delicious fried chicken goodness.

One KM Mall is located 10 mins away from Paya Lebar MRT station.

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ArtScience Museum - Dream About Things That Never Were


This post is seriously overdue and I feel rather bad about it that I hadn't actually spend my time sitting down and blogging this out when I actually can. But from now onwards, I am determined to make it a point to do things right to give myself a peace of mind that everything will be in order; everything as in financially, in education, religion and etc if I bother to actually do something about it instead of worrying how each day is going to be.

It's not going to be an easy journey but I find that each step I take, no matter how small, is crucial to the life I have envisioned.

So this post is more than just a post. It is a post where I've taken those steps.

More than a month ago, on Deepavali, the ArtScience Museum held a free entry to their museum and my brother knowing that I thrive on free visits like these, we made plans to go there. But we actually rushed down (like we always do) and managed to get in.

It was interesting to see how art comes to live through digital media complete with sound effects by talented artists from China.  A country where there are millions of talented people, where the race for excellent results drive the students to almost the point of insanity drowning themselves in huge volumes of books because it was very competitive to get a place in their top universities.

Art still prevailed and it documented how competitive the students were in one of the photographs which included the artist herself. You can view the picture below and see what I mean about this so called race to the top.

We started our self guided tour to their permanent exhibition which highlighted inventions both in the past and present about what we could create where Art & Science combine. The creations may seem simple but the Science behind them explain that it's more than a creation. It's also life changing, earning them a place in history and also to other greater inventions on earth based on the concept of the genius in the earlier days.

So this is not your regular museum because it also challenges us on the possibilities of creating something that people think it's not possible, pretty much like the design of the museum itself. The exhibitions are seasonal but every one of them so far, have been interesting and very different. Do drop by if you can during the hols. To find out more, visit the ArtScience Museum website.

Oh, we were also supposed to go cheap for lunch and after our, or rather my reluctant trip to the Garden by the Bay (coz it involves walking...heh), we went to Doctor Cafe at City Link Mall because they were having an opening promo.

My review on it? They gotta work on their small and expensive cheesecakes that taste like you're eating whip cream. There was not a hint of cheese taste. The drinks were nice and while my brother thought that it would taste better with whip cream, I was saying, there you go, the cheesecake cum whipcream cake.

I guess they need to work on their recipes and hiring more people so that there would be less unhappy customers especially when their location is in a prime spot in the City area. It has potential and it offers a halal alternative to Coffee Bean for Muslim customers. 

Overall, I think we spent our time well on that day without spending much. Singapore may be an expensive city but if we can plan smart, we can go by on little money but still be able to enjoy a quiet evening and learn new things.

Enjoy the pictures below!

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Just Keep Moving

Just as I thought I had risen from my problems, I faced another similar setback and now, while I'm still sad about my current situation, I want to take it upon myself that I should do whatever it takes within my control, to make things better. This is because I realized that this is the only way to go if I ever want to get out of undesirable situations and as long as I do something, work at it, I'll get to reap the rewards in small doses.

When I look around me, I can't help but think how carefree their life is as they go about their own daily life. But if I were to take away the filter, back home they may have problems of their own and every single day poses a challenge to them. I choose to continue to pray to God to help me along as I go through the obstacles that I face in life, to give me the strength so that I am able to continue to be focused on what I want to achieve to make things better for me and my family.

How we choose to add value to our life depends on the meaning we give to it. If we perceive our life as being useless and pointless, then that's how it is going to be. If we know that things will get better, we consciously or unconsciously make big and small changes to gear our life towards something better. Of course people may argue how do we make things better if we're facing a certain life threatening illness where living becomes pointless already. 

We take it upon ourselves that no matter what happens, we must live to see another day to see our loved ones and every pain and suffering will be overcomed by our strong desire to live for them. At the very least, if things come to a downfall and there's nothing left that can be done, at least we know that we have tried our best and we leave it to fully treasure every single time we have with them.

But we don't have to wait for something truly major to happen before we start taking charge. It's going to be a long and tough journey at times but we just have to keep moving and do what we can to make things better. 

For now, I've experienced many times how my idea to just keep moving while doing something about it helps and I will continue to do so. Besides, thinking too much about my problems gives me an annoying headache which render me helpless as I couldn't do much but just want to rest and rid of my headache. By the next day or so, I'll feel nothing but guilt for not doing much and the whole pity game starts again. 

Let's just keep moving people, no matter what and remember, you're not alone in this journey.

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Sunday, November 02, 2014

Studying Resumed for Module 3. The Trials & Tribulation.

I've resumed studies just three weeks ago, and I'm happy to be going to school, sleeping during some parts of lecture (heh..) and writing furiously the model answers to one of the tutorials. Oh, and not forgetting number crunching for the accounting lecture and tutorial. I admit it's tough for me because I've a full time job which I quickly have to rush from to attend the classes and then be home at 11 plus after doing some grocering shopping for mum. Then I have to wake up one and a half hour to two hours earlier to fulfill my orders for my online shop and have to continue parts of it at work, without people noticing, especially my boss. 

But other people are also going through difficulties and they've come to this close giving up when they face with personal and family problems. For one of the students, she hasn't been coming to class for the last module, in the last two months of school including the presentation itself. Apparently the tutor called her and she was actually enjoying herself in Krabi. She made up her mind to give up already so she didn't bother coming for the presentation. 

Somehow, the tutor managed to talk her around and just ask her to simply come and present which she eventually did when she landed in Singapore and immediately and feverishly worked on preparing her presentation. So here she is, talking to us and telling us the 'miracle' of having to pass all the 3 modules including everyone's killer subject, the ECONOMICS. Yes, I need to emphasize that word, haha. She was so much in disbelief that she had to screenshot her results and showed her other friend to tell her in her face, that she had indeed passed.

In the process, we did lose a classmate who gave an excuse that his leg was hurting because he walks with a limp. But eventually, his real excuse was that he didn't want to continue as it got harder. My classmates who had been rallying him to continue eventually found their own reasons to not continue, for example the money issue and family problem.

However thankfully, they pulled through by paying the money for the next module to continue getting three more certs and the eventual diploma. For me, I have no reason to quit. Being a single income earner for the fam, and who barely have enough to scrap through to the next pay, money is probably my biggest issue. But thankfully, despite the rise in school fess, my financial situation qualifies me for the bursary to pay for them although even then, I had to fork out partially using my own money as I used part of it to cover the household expenses. 

In life, we have many setbacks. I used to think why can't I eat in family restaurants like these people anytime I wish or idle my time away on my iPad. To me, that's not important anymore. If I can afford to buy it, then it's good at least for the family restaurant part as it's nice to treat your family once in awhile. Other than that, material goods like the iPad, doesn't add value to my life. I don't' think I have any use for it. I would rather get a new laptop so that I can do my school work and run my online shop without having to share with my brother.

But investing in education, or any form of learning that add value to your life, is worth it. It's tough but then again, if it's too smooth sailing, then we won't be grateful for the certs that we get as we felt we didn't work hard enough for them.

If you're in a brink of quitting your studies or going through exams thinking why am I doing this to myself (like I did when I had my last exams in August), just think of it as sacrificing now for a better future. All the best!

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Saturday, November 01, 2014

Being Giving Even When You're Down & Out

 I've been talking about being in a difficult position in my last few posts but determined to get back on track. I take this opportunity of a new month to continue to be productive. and hoping things will get better.
But in the moment of hardship like this, it's not an excuse to stop helping people and being kind to others just because we think we ourselves need help. God bless kind people with abundance and even if that abundance is not of luxury standards, it is a means for us to continue to live and more importantly, be happy and healthy for ourselves and for our loved ones.

You've probably seen this video before but it wouldn't hurt to watch it again below. It shows you how mean people can be to other people with a simple request. But a homeless man who is going through a rough time and would probably hog the free pizza box all by himself because he can't afford the pizza, WILLINGLY shared it without any hesitation.

His kindness was paid in kind and he cried tears of joy that his one simple act give him abundance. It's not a thick wad of cash, a brand new iPhone or iPad. It's just a small token, which he didn't gleefully count, that will probably let him get by the next few days with food or even a pair of shoes because he's practically barefoot. 

Watch the video and be prepared to be touched by this kind homeless man who will make you re-think about how you view other people. If you've been treating people unkindly because you think they're beneath you, you'll never know when if one day, YOU will get into a situation where you need the help of others.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

I Should Have Known Better

The last couple of weeks have been hard for me and as I'm trying to climb my way back up again, I prayed to God to give me the strength to face this tough time. I've also been doing some self reflection and I know that this is just a way to test me to not falter and to learn from my mistakes. However difficult the position that I'm in right now, He's also helping me out during these tough times.

This week, I prayed to Him to help me receive orders through my online shop so that I can continue to support my family. For the first time ever, I received a whopping 8 orders just this week itself. Such a miracle and I'm truly blessed for it. I've also received some financial help that would help me get through this week. 

While it's been a difficult road right now, it's also easy to digress. I came to a point earlier this evening where I picked up things from the bookshop which I had difficulty letting go off due to the ongoing promotion and the rarity of finding such item. But in total, I would have to fork out more than $10 and during this difficult period, if they don't serve any purpose for my current projects, they are mere extras. I deliberated a lot until I decided to get three of the items which I thought was on promotion and it would have cost me $9.00

However, at the counter it was a totally different thing. After the member's discount, I would end up paying 13 over dollars. If I had the money, I would have shrugged it off and still pay. But I was trying to save money and use whatever I have sparingly so I told her directly that I thought they're on discount. So she got them checked out. Turned out, the poster was very misleading and the ones I got didn't qualify for the discount. I wanted those things so badly but in my situation, I had to sadly say I didn't want them.

In the end, I walked out of the bookshop without buying a single thing. Then came my next hurdle. Buying takeaway food for my mum. I might have said this many times on this blog but I actually dislike buying takeaway food because it's a waste of money. But mum said buy means buy so I had to pop buy KFC to buy her favourite drink with an accompanying meal. Again, I thought of buying the value box that already had the sejora drink so technically, I didn't have to top up to change the drink. 

Then at the last minute, I thought why not get the snackers box instead. It's cheaper at $4.00 and since the whole point of me bothering to queue at KFC was because of that sejora drink, I just have to change the drink. So yah, technically I paid $4.90 and I saved $1.50.

I remembered at one point I was really really poor and I had to be super drastic with how I spent my money and that includes having to walk home after buying groceries to save transport. Back then, I still could somehow scrap through with such pay because the price of things didn't shoot up until about two years ago. My pay increased and so are the general price of things which is why I thought there was no WAY I could survive on the income I'm earning right now.

Now I tried to scrap through whatever I have by simply avoiding buying things unnecessarily including buying snack food. I've also cut down  on my trips to the bookshop to 'top' up my supplies because of the fear that they will not re-stock it anymore. Now I thought if they don't restock, it's not as if there aren't any other things to buy.

I can't guarantee how long I'll be this miserable but I'm taking baby steps to get out of this poverty stricken times by knowing better how to deal with it head on.

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Living with an Exteme OCD Mum

My mum has an extreme OCD with toilet cleanliness and personal hygiene. She's always been OCD but now, it has become like a totally different ball game. Her obsession has become extreme and for someone who doesn't get angry easily, annoyed yes, her OCD drives me absolutely nuts. The water hose has to be positioned this way, she has to hear water running all the time otherwise she assumes I'm not using water at all and after I leave the washroom, most times she asks me to go in again and wash the floor another time.

She simply doesn't trust that I've done all the above. No trust at all. She will say that it's very smelly and the 'best' part is? Despite all the cleaning that I've done, before my brother can use the washroom to bathe or to pee, she has to wash it all first because she thinks after I've gone in, it's still dirty.

I don't know about other people, I feel like I've done more than enough. How do I know this? The water bill has been on the rise and I've struggled to pay them and a few times, getting risked having the supplies cut off. Did she learn? Obviously not. And because I'm the one whose paying, I feel the pinch and I don't see the need why should I turn the water pipe on all the time when I'm not the soap or other toiletries or when I'm brushing my teeth. 

A few times I lashed out back at her even though I told myself to keep calm because I mean, how could you not? I've done my explanation that yes I DID on the water pipe, I DID brush my twice (yes, you read it right) and I DID clean the floor yet she still doesn't trust me? I mean, would you feel if someone consistently tell you in your face that they don't trust you? After awhile you just give up but what do you do if it happens every single day?!

Also she makes it a point every time she goes to the toilet to come and tell me how to go about cleaning the floor, wash the hands and hang the water hose. Every. Single. Time.

For quite a long period of time, her OCD seems under control but nowadays, it's mutated or something. I know she doesn't see this as a form of illness but I do. She's probably thinking that I'm the dirtiest person in the world and there's nothing wrong with her.

I hope God give me strength to not lose my temper easily over this matter. I know she's my mother and she's done a lot for us so I don't want to sin over this. I often try to keep to myself but the way she interrogates about my movement and her blatant untrusting words to me, it's really difficult to not want to speak for myself.

I also hope God makes her less OCD to save us our sanity and also save our increasing water bills.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tough Times & The Hero in Us

I've been feeling down recently at the turn of events in my life. I felt like I was losing control and I also felt like I didn't do enough to save my situation. I blamed everyone and I blamed myself but at the end of the day, there's no point blaming people. If it happens, it happens and where do we go from here? We try to see what we can do to save ourselves from this undesirable situation, and little by little, I hope to see improvements and that things will turn around significantly.

Have you ever felt this way, where you think you have things under control and then suddenly, your life just goes spiralling down? I've gone through such episodes multiple times and it pains me every time this has to happen. Sometimes I wish why can't I do anything right. Why must this happen to me..again? Where have I gone wrong? 

Maybe there are a few reasons here and there as to why things may have gone wrong. They may not be so obvious because some things, if they want to happen, they just happen, followed by feelings of nauseousness and the blame game begins. But in opportunities like these, we seek to analyze where have we gone wrong. My brother told me it's nobody's fault and that shut my whining off for awhile. I could whine until the cows come home and the situation will not be of any better.

But that may be the very stepping stone for me to rebuild my finances again. Yes, it's the old game again where the finances have once again, dipped low again no matter how I tried to improve the situation. As mentioned, it could be stemming from reasons that aren't so obvious at that point of time that could lead to my once again, financial downfall, and now I will be more careful and more vigilant.

This episode will bring out the hero in me and in true grit and determination, I wish to turn my life around and this time, I hope it will be the last time. I know I've said this multiple of times but I also feel like I'm not giving my 100% because it involves working hard. Unless the money falls on your lap, or we're born into a rich family, the rest of mere mortals like us have to work hard all the time. So what if there are setbacks. We just have to be more creative in finding that extra income to make people pay us instead of us paying them all the time when we ourselves barely have enough to support.

That's the very reason why I didn't go to the garage sale which is like the ONLY garage sale of the year because all branded make up lines are going at such dirt cheap prices. Because of that reason too, I am not going to queue up to buy the cupcake at $4 a pop even though I've been waiting for that particular flavour and today is a public holiday so I'm not working.

Yes, it sucks big time. But I think I won't feel any better as well if I were to go to either one and then be unhappy because I'm only catering to my own happiness during tough times like these. I contribute to other people's income while I don't have enough for me and my family.

If you're going through tough times like these, just think that this is only temporary. Perhaps this is a good time to do a self reflection to see what have gone wrong and what can you do to turn things around. I will definitely get out of this situation asap and I shall be the hero/heroine to help me.

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

When The World Comes Crashing Down on Me

There were many instances where I felt my world had crashed and burned to a point I entertained thoughts about how life would be like if I'm no longer around. I didn't think about how I could make the effort to turn things around as though it has come to a point where everything has become pointless. 

I've now come to the crossroad again. I thought I have things in order and I'm often scared to go back to a time I'm so poor, I had to sell my precious things off, at a mere $5 each. As though you think that was so 'peanuts', it was but it somehow added to my already small stash of cash that I have that was barely enough to top up my fare card then.

While I have not come to such a low point again, I have come close to it and I've done things that I'm not proud of. I am currently facing an undesirable financial situation, again, but I knew somehow it would catch up on me again. This month, I had to pay double my usual for the utilities bill, or risk having the electricity cut off. I had no other choice but I had to dig into my hard earned saving for the last month I made through my online shop. I was on a roll last month and I managed to save $300 after I told  myself to start saving my earnings.

Alas, the extra payment for the utilities took that earnings away and yet again, I'm back to being less financially well off. It's hard to deal with difficulties like these because it made me feel like I'm incapable of running my life. I know money isn't everything and you can have a LOT of money and still be unhappy. I'm happy if I have some money to at least last me until my next pay. I'm also trying to save up to repair my current laptop by changing the screen and I need at least $400. Now I feel like I'm going back to square one.

But I'm not giving up. It's probably a lesson to me too as I admit I was quite a spendthrift last month because I went cray cray over the discounts offered in the craft supplies stores as they were giving lucrative discounts to lure us poor customers. It didn't help too that there were many new arrivals of things from my fav manufacturers and I kept buying supplies. I went a little overboard and I also spent a bit more on food for myself, which I usually didn't because I am super stingy. 

The family situation didn't help either. While my brother would practically eat anything we give, my mum would be the one fussing over what food to give him. She is going back to the time where I often buy food from outside because she doesn't feel like cooking. It's difficult to say 'no' to her because she would make it a big deal over it like we're not giving her a break from washing our clothes for us. 

While God has been kind to me by giving me orders every week, somehow I haven't come to a point where I feel like my side income is supplementing enough. However, I know I would have to work extra hard and maybe, my current undesirable financial situation would make me work towards it and be more laser focused. 

Now that my fees are settled, my next aim is to get this laptop repaired asap and I've given the timeline to be by end of next month. I guess some things have to happen to make us wake up and look at how we're dealing with life. 

Even my world has currently crashed..again...this time round, I will rebuild it at a faster rate and with a stronger determination.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Being an Adult vs Behaving Like an Adult

Sometimes I wish I am back at those time when I basically am problem free, don't have to be so majorly calculative and be paying bills and loans off. But alas, for how long can I be stuck in the past. I just have to move on and deal with the problems.

However, some people just don't seem to behave like adults and that irks me. A lot. The issue has always been with other people but they don't realize that they are also the cause, or even the ONLY cause of problem. I really dislike it when people play the 'oh woe is me' game because they make themselves become so selfish like expect people to entertain them as and when they like but they don't give the same kind of treatment to others. 

I wish these people will 'grow up'. Physically yes, they're fully grown but somehow they don't behave like one. Everyone has their problems, some much bigger than others, to a point of pain and suffering where they are totally helpless. But do these sort of people care? No. There are people who don't even know if they can even afford their next meal. Yet, there are also people who throw a tantrum when they don't get to eat what they want to eat.  

I always think that my problems are major but seeing people on the news who see death and destruction everywhere and not knowing if themselves or their loved ones will ever get to see the next day. Sometimes in between seeing these catastrophes, I do selfishly think that I've got problems of my own to deal. Well, my problems can be solved, although not all of the time, but I do believe if I think hard enough, I can somehow make some of them less problematic. 

You'll be surprised at how some adults, even with grandchildren, can behave badly towards other people and their selfishness is so overwhelming. They don't care about you because they have only one person to care about; themselves. But then, if THEY have problems, they are quick to make it into some soap drama-ish moment and you will feel bad for not helping them somehow. But then when it's over, or they get what they hope to get, they're back to being their selfish mode again and passing criticism as though other people are sooooo problematic, unlike them.

I just have one advice for these kind of people. Grow up. Soon people will just throw you under a bus, not literally but then again who knows, because they just can't take your selfish and critical attitude. Yah, you may do adult things like earning a living, paying the bills and so on, but if your attitude is lousy and childish, people couldn't be bothered anymore if ever you bring up your sob stories. Do have at least some respect for other people who have their own things to deal with, rather than just dismissing them off easily.

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Sunday, October 05, 2014

Being Grateful for Something, Not More Not Less

I watched this really heartbreaking video from India and by heartbreaking, I mean because I was so touched by how this viral video captured the poor population of India and what they do to earn a decent living to feed themselves and their families. They sell anything that can be sold, including offering cups of water, bracelets to a simple flying toy for 1 or 2 Indian Rupee. They live day by day and it's highly competitive because there are many other sellers as well who are in the same plight as them.

Along came this man who offered them 100 Rupees just by asking if they believe in God. Despite the plight they're in, they NEVER blamed God for it. They still praise God and talk highly of Him. You would think that they will be angry because most people will blame God for making them so dirt poor while other people are enjoying wealth and a comfortable living. 

The thing about these people whom he videotaped, they never begged for money. They offered a product or service instead of taking the easy way out. It's like as though they don't want people to give them money, just like that. They want to give something in return for the money, like they earn it. Pretty much how two of them gave the things to the kind man even though he told them that he could keep those things and they insisted he took them.

Another thing that blew me away was how this destitute man with one eye only and a limp from an accident offered to give him back one of the notes because the guy offered him two notes of 100 Rupees. Frankly, if it happened to most of us in Singapore, we'll probably just take it coz it's free money. This, of all the people who need money, he chose to take one. Of course, the man insisted he took both as it was for him and he cried because he was touched by such a kind gesture. Again, just like the other guy who was much older, gave him some of the toys as he didn't want to take the money just like that.

That got me thinking about the huge disparities between the poor and wealthy people. How the poor, despite their living conditions and their struggle to feed themselves on a daily basis, can be much happier and more grateful with any amount that they get compared to the people living in comfort with their endless complains about the most mundane things.

Whatever money I make through my online shops, I don't make a big fuss whether it's a big or small amount. Any amount help me and my family to get by and to stash away in my savings box because I don't want to rely on my fixed monthly salary. I know I've talked about wanting to travel and see the world but honestly, if it's not within my means, it doesn't mean I'm not going to be happy for the rest of my life. If the time is right, I'm sure it will happen.

For now, it's been put on hold again as I'm trying to save up to get myself a new laptop. Not a fancy one but just one that can perform just as well for less than $1K and I'll be grateful for it because I don't have to fight to use it from my brother for school work as he needs it for his too. 

If you're constantly thinking about making it big and then your whole life is in turmoil and you're always unhappy, take a step back and start to appreciate what you have instead of just thinking about what you don't have. Life is too short and anything can happen. We just want to live a good life in good company of friends and family and living each day to the best of our abilities.

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Daily Planning for the Big Win

How many times have we just take life for granted and then wishing for some things to happen and then we spend most of our life waiting for that grand chance? We set our minds to goals and then wishing we're thinner, healthier, richer and so on but we never really sit down and write out how are we going to get there.

I'm guilty of this too and you will probably think too that this is easier said than done.When I read a recent article about how these girls in their twenties live a life where other people can only dream or wish that they would just go for it, I feel quite ashamed of myself too. I would have felt the impact even more if something had not 'konked' in my head that I don't want to waste my thirties just like how I wasted my twenties. I did, in my mid twenties, focus on one big win and which is to lose weight and to dress better. It was a small win alright but a journey that's far from over. Now I just want to be healthier for the sake of my family and not too calculative over how much I lose. 

My motivation this time round is to think ahead of the future. I want to just be more financially stable and while many think that there's more to life than just money, you will probably agree that we all need some money to advance in life, be it investing in education or a better future. Money is not going to fall from the sky and the creditors will not just let you go easily. We have to fight for what we want.

For that, it's important to take a breather and sit down and write down what we truly want. No point just have these thoughts swirl in our heads. If you're constantly on the phone, you can type out your plan and then set daily goals to keep your focus ahead. If you're someone who prefer to write things down, a planner or a notebook is apt. I know nowadays there are many women who are planner addicts (seriously, check out the #planneraddicts on IG) and they have so many creative ways of decorating their planners.

But there's another group who prefer their planners without their bells and whistle. Like write down their daily activities. If you've been doing this, whichever group you belong to, take it one level up by writing down your big goals and plan each day around them, besides your usual to do tasks. You're going to thank yourself later as you begin to achieve them in small or big ways for the eventual Big Win. It's not easy but to me, it's better than just wishing for things to happen. YOU make it happen.

Good luck!

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dinner with Classmates Before the Exam Results!

This is so funny. My classmate cum organizer was trying her best to rally people to join her for dinner at Satay by the Bay and then suddenly, the email come in out of nowhere stating that we would be getting our results the next day. Talk about a mood killer!

Oh well, I try to be supportive by agreeing to go with them because I don't know, why not eh? They're my classmates after all and even though I'm not a good talker like them, haha, it's the least I can do by showing my face. 

The dinner was okay although the menu was misleading because for that price, there were like chicken satay, prawn satay, and other types of satay plus ketupat or rice cakes. But then when it came to ordering, we had to choose between chicken or prawn satay and we had to pay extra for the rice cakes. It was the only stall that was opened selling halal satay. So we got no other choice and we didn't order the rice cakes but we didn't want to be duped into pay extra.

Then we also bought fried rice and the tom yam soup which was SUPER de SPICY. The fried rice was nice but my goodness, it came with a heavy price tag. $10?!! I don't know if we're paying for the namesake because they were named after the Marina Bay icons such as the Marina Bay fried rice. 

And guess what we were talking about, or in this case, my classmates were talking, about the impending results the next day. Like how the Econs paper was such a major killer to a point my classmate left a few blanks here and there, even though we were told to answer all the questions so that we can try to squeeze out as much marks as we could. So you can imagine how tough the paper was. I just tried to answer my darn best whether or not I was right.

So I guess that explained why in the picture below, our faces looked rather glum, not that the overpriced satay weren't nice.

I guess we were also tired because we came after work and had to walk like close to 15 minutes trying to find the place from Marina Bay MRT station and through Garden by the Bay. It was quite a sight too and one of my classmates was also taken in by the sight as it was her first time there so she took photos every now and then too. So it didn't feel like we walked quite far. 

However we were thankful that there was a shuttle bus service available to bring us to the nearest MRT station, LOL. 

Then in the bus, we were talking about how our future is going to be like and what we plan to do upon graduation. My classmate suggested eh why not we go London after graduation? We thought that it was such a great idea. So if we were to pass the exam results this time, we will start saving $100 per month. That means I have to work even harder because I do want to see London since forever (fun fact: I used to read travel guides on London when I was in secondary school) and I do hope to achieve this in my life. Prays hard that it will happen :) This will be a superb motivation!

If you want to get there, I'm not sure how's the weekend crowd going to be like as we went there on a Monday. You could take either a scenic walk through the Garden By the Bay when you get down Marina Bay MRT station. Another way is to go to Bayfront MRT, wait for the shuttle bus service available on weekdays only at half an hour intervals (check the timings through google before going down) or take bus 400 which will bring you to the bus stop a short distance away from the Bayfront MRT.

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Matters of the Heart..& My Future as a Singleton

My friend who is single and which I still don't understand why because she's so widely popular & sociable,has started to question herself about the prospects of being married. She thought that formerly, she used to think that she's arrogant when it comes to matters of the heart. Now she's persuading me to think like her too, haha.

So what do I think about this er..matters of the heart? Well, I think that if it happens, it happens. But I think I have much more things in the horizon that are more important to achieve and while it's possible to be married & persuading these dreams, I think personally my hands are very full now. Now I'm the arrogant one, haha!

I guess I talked about this lots but as I turn a year older, I don't know if this will be the year I will meet the love of my life. Perhaps someone will finally take a genuine interest in me and then for once, I try not to turn the person away. Life is full of surprises, right? 

For now, I take things easy and just focus on saving for the future and I'm more excited about the actual possibilities of me FINALLY boarding the plane to my dream destination. I'm also trying to grow my  business slowly but surely and make things better not just for me only, but for my family. 

But what IF I remain single in the year ahead as well? I just have to accept it and believe it or not, I have it all planned out since this seems to be a very obvious route to take. I have decided that I will buy me a studio flat where most old people spend the rest of their CPF money on. Then, there will be volunteers making their rounds just to make sure we're still breathing. Oh yes, I want to finally have a pet cat. I need a companion, okay more like a furry companion. It's better than nothing right, LOL.

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Results in for Module 2 & I Passed Big Time!

The weeks prior to the release of the results were so so so nerve wrecking, not a day goes by without me thinking that I should be maintaining my grades from the last module. I wasn't so sure this time round because as mentioned in my previous post, the Econs paper was such a killer! But I tried my best to attempt all the questions to the best of my abilities. I've studied so freakin' hard for them because these papers where theory heavy with some formulas here and there. And I didn't have a penchant for remembering things! haha..

God is great and He answered my daily prayers to maintain my grades, and I did actually much better than what I expected. And I got my first A, yay yay!

My classmates were already starting to send messages through our whatsapp group, by doing a mini countdown. I was in the shower but I could hear the messages were coming in fast and furious. I can't help but wonder why. When I looked at the messages, they were nothing short but good news (with funny undertones) and I thought it was THE best time to check out mine too, and yay, I PASSED!!

I can't believe I did better than expected! It helps to be super focused on the exams, with of course, forgetting and then re-reading the facts & formulas, and realized oh my gosh, they don't say exams aren't stressful for a reason! I actually had to close my beloved online shop so that I can continue to focus and doesn't matter if I lose some income in between, because I have to be responsible in getting good grades. If I don't score, most likely I may have to say goodbye to this shop as well.

I know that it is just going to be tougher down the road but I'm sure with the help of my classmates, we can pull through and graduate together. We even planned on going to London after our graduation. Looking forward to it! For now, just work  hard in whatever aspect of life we're in, and just go go GO for our dreams :)

To end this off, not to show off but...

Here's my RESULTS! hahaha...*happiness*

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Turning a Year Older...& Making New Achievements

This year, I would say that it has been quite an achievement, most significantly, having to go back to school (like finally!) to pursue a diploma. In the horizon, if God permits, I hope to get myself a degree. I don't care if' it's going to take me 10 years from now but if it's going to promise a better future, I'm all for it.

I realize that if you want something, you have to tell yourself that you can and not can't. If it's something you can't control, then at least control what is within your elements. I know that one day, I can travel to Australia and I can also travel to London. It's just exercising your mental ability to push yourself to go further than what you think you can't and taking the right steps to make sure you get to where you want to get. 

It's not going to be an easy journey but we'll take it step by step, shall we?

So what do I hope to achieve as I grow one year older? Hrm, I'm still back at trying my ultimate best to save up for emergency and I know I can be like my good friend who is able to save at least 6 months of savings. I know I can overcome my physical tiredness and from a long day at work to work on my online shop orders. I am capable of even better things in the future and I know you can too!

Phewh..I hope that inspires you pretty much too. 

For this birthday, no pictures of said good friend because she's overseas right now in London as one of her cousins is getting married. I love her jetsetter lifestyle! I didn't feel comfortable having a birthday celebration with them not because I'm such a diva but because they're both in transition to a better job. But it's something that we have to do and for that, it's okay if they want to postpone to when she gets back from London. It's going to be a very short brekkie type of celebration but more importantly, it's more than just a celebration. It's our mini reunion and a break from our busy lifestyles.

Instead, I had the celebration with my own family and my aunt who insisted on taking us out for dinner at Swensons although I helped to pay most of it. I got two lovely presents; from my colleague and my aunt. One's a very nice red wallet and the other a sling white bag. Bags are such a ladies thing! Love them. 

No cake but if' you notice (apart from the filter I used..hehe) there's cupcake! It's all home-made red velvet cake complete with cheese frosting, baybeh! Yes, that twisty looking frosting was done by yours truly. Mad proud of my first attempt!

 Enjoy the pics below! (click for larger pictures)

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Friend's Birthday High Tea at TWG 2014

This was a birthday high tea which almost got cancelled but me and my other friend persuaded the birthday girl to just carry on with the plan in a bid to cheer her up. She has been through a lot lately and we thought a little birthday celebration at the place she recommended would be perfect. Of course we had a small gift for her as well and overall, it was good to see her smile and for once, forget her troubles.

Speaking of troubles, it's always good to share what is troubling you with other people by talking them out because the more we hold them inside, the more depressed we can get. No doubt there are people who can either render help or they can just offer a listening ear but ultimately, by talking it out, probably other people can give their side of opinions and help us to think clearly and even think of solutions. When we're troubled, it can be a daunting task to think of all the possible solutions so hence, it's really good to share.

So back to the celebration. After letting her share to us her frustrations, another friend of mine dropped a bomb on us by telling us the situation that she went through during her work and that now she's feeling better. Although she still carries feeling of uneasiness because she has never gone through such stage before, I told her it's just a matter of time and that whatever decisions my two friends have made, I know it's just for the best for them.

Life is like that. What is life without its set of challenges. Even those people whom we think are already financially secured with their well paying job and a working environment in the city, have their own frustrations. We can't totally find happiness but we can show our appreciation for what we already have and the things that keep us going and looking forward to in the future.

My side of story is that work has been rather frustrating lately because of my boss sudden obsession with stats especially with late payment percentages. Now she's having expectations that are just getting too sky high that if I don't reach that standard, she says things that are pretty mean. I'm just trying to tolerate and I'm so SO thankful for having fun and supportive colleagues. I would want to explore other working place right after my diploma and hopefully, fingers crossed, I get to finally go back to the place where I had started my first job.

So we had lunch at TWG and my goodness, I've never seen such a plethora of different combination of tea! And ooooh the price. For someone who thinks that coffee bean is expensive, TWG is like a well, insane! haha...

I wanted to buy the cheapest set but it wasn't suitable for me and I tried to keep the total price for myself as low as possible, haha. It was also because me and my friend decided to treat the birthday girl as part of our bid to cheer her up. But well, TWG being TWG with its high tea, we were taken aback by the final bill, haha. Oh well.

Enjoy the pics below! 

(click for larger images)

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Aiming for a Good Life

 My two friends were recently unemployed and while one has since found a job, the other has yet to find one. But to her, it's simply not trying to find a job that will help pay the bills, but a job that will satisfy her and feed her soul. Who wants to work in a job where the boss is practically screaming at you every time you do very very very minor mistakes and get agitated every now and then because her expectations are just getting too high. I know, super annoying and that's what I am going through right now. Eurgh.

That's why I'm taking baby steps in wanting to achieve a good life. Many of those successful people, including the big shots and those girls who practically carved our a career for themselves worked super hard before getting to where they are now. Sure, it's not all easy breezy for them yet up to where they are now and they continually to work hard simply because their heart and soul are in it. It's not like someone forces them at gunpoint. 

It's not easy and it's also a constant reminder to myself that I have to get up and do the things that I want to do if I ever want to achieve the goals in life. Still, at the end of the day, we're still human beings who need time to rest and recuperate not because we're lazy but because we have to gear ourselves up for something better. 

Recently, I've read two articles, one on a famous person in Singapore who has always made it a point to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle but unfortunately, stress got to him and he's in stage 4 of cancer. Another article I read mentioned that stress is one of the key factors in the activation of cancer cells in our body. Yes, we all have to work hard whether for ourselves or for our family, but for the sake of continued living in good health and good life, we have to also take it easy. 

So now, I believe a good life is a life where we're pretty much satisfied with what we have achieved in life, experiencing financial freedom and also being closer to God. If our idea of a good life is having a family of our own with chidren and a loving husband or wife who love us unconditionally, then it's time to make it happen by being more open minded and more sociable. If our idea is to experience financial freedom, then take the steps to pay off any debts, cut down unnecessary expenses and making additional income. Take further upgrading classes to improve our skills in life, be more loving and caring and most importantly, love ourselves too by not underestimating ourselves because we are capable of doing better than we already are.

Here's to a good life!

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

National Day Celebrations 2014 - First & Last Time at the Marina Floating Bay

Slightly more than a month ago, we actually got the chance (for the first time in our life..yayness!) to watch the nations's birthday in all its glory right at the heart of it! To know that it would be the last time that they would have the performance there since next year onwards, they would hold it at the Sports Hub, we were truly blessed indeed. 

Of course, this being a national event, we had to go through a very thorough security check even before we could go the platform itself. I am glad that I didn't bring a lot of things but yeah, I think I would say that I'm pretty embarrassed about the things I bring, hehe.I also had to be 'scanned' by a female officer in case I bring in anything suspicious. 

After that, it was another walk to the floating platform but first, we collected the fun bag. It was crowded as expected but they were super efficient and they kept emphasizing that there is NO choosing of colours. I mean you're managing thousands of people and seriously, I would be embarrassed carrying such multi coloured bag in such bright colours, haha. So I don't care. Apparently the person infront of me cared about it holding the line as he sorta refused to move because he was trying to get the colour he wanted. 

While everything was organized, the hilarious moment came when we went to the designated area to go to our seat (finally!) but the signages sorta stopped halfway. It didn't point that we should be going up the stair case and instead it pointed right which, uhm, were the rows of mobile toilets. But oh well, we saw some confused people but then decided to follow a family which were obviously smarter than us clowns and lo and behold, many many stairs!

Once we reached our seats, we had to be ushered and yet again, no choosing of seats and basically had to fill up the front rows first all the way. The whole process deserved us to be digging right straight into the fun bag for some snacks, haha.

It was awesome when they displayed all the war machines and telling us some cool very interesting facts about them. Also, first time seeing seasoned army parachuters coming down from the sky and landing safely. Talk about the war machines, I think the coolest thing to know is that one of the drivers for the tank is a female! Yes, clearly the announcer made sure we heard 'SHE' to emphasize that it's a female driver in a male dominated industry. Wow, she must have had a very very impressive career in the army. Oh, one of the parachuters is also a female. Hah, who says we ain't tough.

Then while we can't see with our own eyes the important political leaders of Singapore but through the screen, we cheered for them when they came in. For some time already, they wore red and white ensemble, our national colours, instead of all white which is the colour of choice for the dominant political group.

Oh, and the show begins! We were treated to a kaleidoscope of colours, songs to sing-a-long too (terribly, but oh well..) and performances after performances.

The weather was so kind except it drizzled a bit  initially but they must have done something to stop the rain? I don't know. But it sure worked!

What a great way to end off the performances with what everybody had practically been waiting for.....FIREWORKS!!! 

Ultimately, we had fun. So now that we won the tickets using our mum's IC number, now we have to rely on our own numbers then. Oh fingers crossed for another of this spectacular even, but at the new Sports Hub.

Enjoy the pics below! (Please click for larger view)


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Sunday, September 07, 2014

Singapore Garden Festival 2014

I got myself a pair of free tickets to the Singapore Garden Festival held at the Flower Dome. Okay, honestly I would rather stay home and revise but then studying all the time, can be so dull. I did bring my book along though, to occupy myself during the bus and train journey.

It was impressive but found that people seem to be more attracted to the exhibits with the most decorated settings to complement the flowers, including yours truly ;p but hey, I love me some little cute cacti too! 

There were also many award winning orchid plants by people with obvious patience and green thumb. They were most certainly beautiful and I could imagine their owners must be beaming  proud like it's their own pride and joy. 

From the last picture below, you may have the same impression as me that it looked like an ice tower from Frozen. Okay, my family may be the only family who had not watched the movie. Oh dear, while others might have watched it like 544050556th time.

Enjoy the pics below and click for a larger view! Except maybe the first one, because I'm in it, haha.


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I'm Back!!! And I Missed Writing

Gosh, do you miss me? Haha..I haven't been writing for a long while. I've gotten so busy that the last thing I want to do is to blog. I just want to surf the net, watch re-runs of my favourite you tube video clips (more on that) and also to just chill on the bed as and when I want to.

I've also not studied as much I have recently, not even during the O level and even the A level. Why? Simply because money is involved and I don't wish to repeat because you have to pay the full fees, without any subsidies, which totally sucked. Oh, and also because I hardly have time to study when I'm working and also running the online shop so I spend time as and when reading the lecture notes and studying the tutorials.

I guess that's the other reason why I tried to put in my best effort. I didn't want to do badly and then I may have to re-think on whether running the shop when I'm already tied up with a full time job and a part-time studies. But what kept me going is that I thought that there are people out there juggling with way more things than me and they're doing just fine. Yes, they sometimes need to sacrifice their sleep and some of their own personal leisure time. But they do what they have to do to secure a better future. 

I've harboured dreams of going to the SIM University, and while I do not know yet what degree I would like to pursue, just the thought of studying to get a degree gets me thinking that it shouldn't be an impossible thing to do. I was just thinking if I couldn't cope with my current diploma course, how can I ever think about going to a university? 

The papers were pretty tough and for the first paper, I struggled trying to complete because I wasted time doing a question which I didn't quite have the proper foundation. It's one of the topics which I just touch-and-go. But let's say I thought I could handle the questions. I actually rushed through the last few questions, though still being careful in trying to answer as accurate as possible and not just because I wanted to finish the papers.

I would say most people were struggling through the Econs paper, and so did yours truly. Though I managed to complete the papers, some of my classmates totally left out some questions because they couldn't answer them at all. I can't blame them though. We were like banking on answering the questions with formula but the paper turned out to be mostly theoretical. Oh dear. I have been praying that I get to pass the paper. I seriously don't want to re-take the paper. Don't wish to prolong the graduation year and mostly because I don't want to pay the full fund. Eurgh..

Life in general, I would say it's ok. Of course, I'm forever trying my best to save some money but it's been getting extremely difficult because my mum has been quite demanding with food takeaways. She's been feeling lazy and also assuming that I'm making quite a lot of side income, which alas, goes through the cracks to spending for the family on unnecessary food takeaways. I don't mind spending on groceries but defo nod takeaways. Let's face it, they're expensive and not as good as home cooked food.

I've also had trouble coping with the orders. And I came to a point one of the customers talked trash about me calling me names including being unprofessional, which trust me isn't true, simply because the postal delivery was delayed by one day. I would say that I'm partly at fault. I've been so busy that I actually couldn't give myself a grace period of at least two days to anticipate such delays.

From this month onwards, I will be careful and I've also got myself a new planner. I don't want life to past by in a whiz and then I asked myself, what have I done? I've not accomplished anything major. I'm always hoping life will be better for me and that I hope to experience financial freedom from my debt. I have been paying (honest!) and while I can't turn back time and alter my mistakes, I'm almost down to two cards which I'm hoping to do so by year end.

I wanna be like my good friend whose very secured financially. While people her age and status would be spending their time indulging themselves in good food and material goods, she actually trawled the neighbourhood shops and a shoe shop (where their brand is notorious for their 'buy and throw away' nickname) for a roomy bag that looks classy and chic, minus the heavy price tag.

I'm giving myself two years to clear all my debt. By age 35, I would have no more of this nonsense financial burden. 

Okay, I'm on a roll! I would be doing more blog posts, and this time with pictures which chronicle my life with friends and of course, the brother.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

All the Sadness Around Us

There's so much depression going on around the world but it's not our right to determine which is worse off. What can be compared when the bottom line is that many innocent lives are lost out of green and power. One minute you're just playing on the beach or listening to the music in the plane, and then next're gone.

Despite the catastrophes that are happening around us, many are still spreading hate around like as though we don't need enough hate already. We can say that we're lucky we're not in a war zone country but who are we to say that we are lucky or even safe. Many also still choose to turn a blind eye over the things that are happening around them because they're not affected. Who would expect the Malaysians from our neighbouring country, to lose their lives travelling above a war zone area declared as 'safe' for travelling. When I first heard the news on facebook merely lesss than an hour after the disaster, I was in disbelief. I was thinking this must be a hoax. How can a land missile just shoot a plane carrying civilians in the sky just like that.

When I checked the television, it was breaking news but the news were so new that they were probably scrambling behind the scenes before they cover the media. 

What is even sadder when I read comments and there are still people who don't seem to understand the seriousness of what is going on around the world, choosing to be some kind of keyboard warriors. We need to start opening our eyes and imagining what if this happen to our loved ones. It's time for us to take stock of what we have and how thankful we are that we are not caught in those war zone countries where every day to live is a blessing. And how we're not on their plane. While anything can happen, it's not up to us to judge which event is more serious. Just think about  the innocent lives lost and dreams are broken, and how they are just like you and me but caught in an undesirable situation.

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