My Birthday Wishes

I didn't think I talked much about my birthday the other time but well, today is exactly one week ever since my birthday and how am I taking it in my stride? Er, not so good but then not to worry my fair and lovely ladies (it kinda rhymes), I hope things will look up soon :)

Let's talk about what I hope to achieve in this new age of mine. Firstly, I would like to tackle er, this diminishing youth problem, haha. So long good skin in the twenties! Come to think of it, my skin wasn't so good back then (seems like so far away, ha!) but just like over a few years ago, I decided to take an overhaul over the way I have been taking care of my skin and I must say, I don't look so bad right now though the ugly factor is there. Anyway, ugly or otherwise, more importantly is to stay beautiful on the inside :)

Maybe it's just psychological thing in my mind that I look better than before but then you be the judge, that is if you know how I look like in real life though. Pictures always look better after editing so long as we don't overdo it.

Honestly, I didn't wear any foundation or loose powder on my face. All I have is some cheap talc powder which may be cheap but don't be fooled by its er..cheapness. A light dusting over the moisturizer does wonders. Actually this product is good in the sense that my skin looks less oily than it ever does before!

Eyebrows must be well groomed because they provide a frame to your whole look. If you don't want to look overly made up but still wanna have a touch of make up, I recommend eyeliner. You can wear it straight up OR smudge it a bit for the smokey look.

Blusher is another pick-me-up and gives an instant lift to your whole look. Either that or lipstick though I opt for the former as I'm not quite a fan of lipsticks. This picture I didn't use blusher but countouring powder so you can see a bit of a 'fake' cheekbones, heh.

Everyone is beautiful in his or her own ways but to me, true beauty lies within you. So it doesn't matter if you wear chanel foundation or urban decay eyeshadows. What is more important is that you take good care of your health because all of this will just continue to go down the hill but health is wealth. 

So when I am well in my thirties I want to concentrate on skincare. Right now I am using an anti ageing cream from Oil of Olay and I read that eye care is also important because as you age, the skin around your eyes will tend to lose its elasticity so it is better you have an eye cream that can help to minimize the fine lines.

While the twenties is the age to discover new things in life and adapt to major changes, the thirties is building up on what you have built upon. That or continuing the lifelong journey of being a better and more wise person. With that, I want to take on the challenge of doing something new in my life every year to have some accomplishment in my life.

In terms of my famously zilch love life, I am determined to make more new friends, especially guy friends. That means not shying away from  making new friends with the opposite sex which sadly I have missed many of such opportunities simply because I am so creeped out by them. Seriously. I may ogle over hot guys on the internet or in the magazines but that is pretty much it. I always think that I am never good enough for them. But around my colleagues, I learn that I am quite well liked by them, whether or not they're married or they're much older than me. I guess bottom line is, people will like you for who you are and for not being pretentious. Guys dig that.

Speaking of lifelong learning, I also aim to go to school. You are never too old to build up on your education and getting yourself a better paying job. For me, I want to be like that. I want to be like one of those older women who still continue to get better education so that they can provide better for the family.

While my finances suck this year, I want to get it back on track. i want to learn to spend wisely. I may think that I do but actually, I don't. I just have to pay extra careful as to how the money is being spent. I certainly hope things will look up better for me.

Oh, I also want to learn to dress up better. Not for the guys, but for me. I want to learn to build up on my dressing style so that I will look and feel good about myself.

Lastly, I want to learn to be grateful for every single thing in my life that makes me happy and appreciate life even more.

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