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When Temptation is Infront of You

I have been meaning to write about this but let's say..I wasn't sure if I should write. Still, I think it is something worth writing about. 

Currently, I'm not exactly on the ball in terms of finance. As much as I try to cut down on expenses, life still goes on and I still have to pay for this and that because I have to feed my family. However, I gave up buying my favourite snacks and only buy what is necessary. Even if I go to the craft store to buy my supplies, it's only to buy things related to my online orders but I will be paid for them. Just that let's say the expenses nowadays seem to be getting faster and faster because things aren't exactly getting cheaper too. I even had to sacrifice my beloved bella box which is a monthly beauty subscription so that I am able to save $19.90 but I love their things so much, once my finances are in order I am sure to come back.

So when you're in a financial dilemma like this, it is to be tempted when money is infont …

Cutting Down to the Basics...Almost

I read an article recently from a website regarding how these ladies manage to save money for an event that they have planned, for example to make the downpayment for their house, to go on holiday and to simply save an amount of money by the end of the year. It's amazing how they just slash their expenses here and there down to the basic necessities just to save so that they can either get their dream home or their dream vacation.

I sometimes struggle to save and whenever I have saved an amount of money, oh look, something just crops up and I have to pay for something. Well, some things are just inevitable which is why we must always have an emergency fund, which is easier said than done, but it's doable. I took some pointers here and there, not just from this article, but from another article, on how they manage to clear their debt despite being in  a very low position in their life.

The point is, if they can focus on their goal, and what they want to ultimately achieve, they h…

I want to be Rich

What a way to title the post. But really, I do want to lead a rich life in a sense that I don't always have to worry about money because money comes in all the time. I would say I'm making progress but I have the tendency to slide back and crawl back up again which is difficult for me. In a way, I admire myself in a way that I do think hard about the future and how I want to shape it. When we were young, people would always be asking what would you be when you grow up and they'll talk about having a bright future.

The thing is, the future can be a scary place. When I became a sole breadwinner, life until now hasn't been easy and I thank God that due to inflation and rising costs, I sorta become more creative in pulling in some money every now and then. Just like how in Singapore, the way they help the needy is that so long as they're able bodied and can work, they will provide a temporary financial solution while they upgrade themselves to get a better job so that t…

Me, Jealous?

I wanted to talk about how I've been wasting food but it was only because of my carelessness and not because I am a spoilt brat when I didn't feel like eating it and merely throwing it away. But it was all settled. Apparently, the food didn't turn bad because I kept it in the fridge and merely forgot to bring home. And I finally found the ziplock bag of mini curry puffs  which I swore I had put inside but only found it the next day inside the same bag, LOL.

So I thought I switch gear and talk about how sometimes, admittedly, feel a tinge of jealousy for other people. I'm not one of those peeps whose jealousy can be so overwhelming they talk crap over at the social media without realizing it. I just unconsciously compare myself to them and thinking wow, how come I'm not like that. For example, weight loss. I know they work superbly hard for it and showing off on instagram or describe about their progress on facebook, and then I look at me and thinking eurgh, I'm …

Achieve Greater Things in Life

I am in the state of wanting to do more this month because I feel like if I want to do something about my financial troubles, I must take the right action. No point avoiding the white elephant in the room because once we start to deny, the problems are just going to pile up. 

But no, I'm not here to talk about it as I've written it in my previous post. 

I want to talk about how we're always wanting to perform our best in whatever we do but  sometimes we forget about the things that matter more like how can we contribute to society and how can we continue to spread the kindness around when more and more people are getting more cynical and rude despite having high intelligence. It's like they're saying that they can say or do whatever they want but frown upon other people's actions. But let's not focus on them. We shall focus more on ourselves.

We're always thinking 'there's always tomorrow' but tomorrow for us, may or may not come so we must be…

Clarity is Power

I got the quote Clarity is Power from an author of a best selling financial book called Money: A Love Story  although technically that isn't her quote. It was from Barbara Stanny a financial coach. But to me, that quote rings true. You know what you're supposed to do to get what you want or to be where you want to be but are you putting your thoughts into action? What I like about the book is that she's saying that debt is neither a good or a bad thing. I also learn that I should I shouldn't blame myself for what happened because I know to me, it was not as if I wanted to buy myself some Coach or LV bag which resulted in me having credit card debt. It was me trying to feed my family because I wasn't earning enough and that I was having problems coping with the  inflation.

But God gave me the idea and intelligence to find another source of income which, in all the amounts I receive, help to contribute slowly to my savings. Yes, there are some points of time where I s…

Trip Down Defunct Bukit Timah Railway Station & Nene Chicken

This was our third attempt in exploring the defunct Bukit Timah Railway Station. The first one, let's say it lasted for about 5 minutes or so until I got seriously ill and had to go to a nearby shopping mall to rest. Secondly, we were late and by the time we reached, it was too dark for us to explore, lest we want to see things that we didn't want to see, LOL.

But on that second trip, we decided to......

go Buona Vista and visit Nene Chicken for some yummeh spicy drumlets.

I really love them and although the guy next door was quite annoying because he was quite noisy when eating. I think because he wanted to contain the spiciness by eating in such manner which resulted in a lot of smacking of lips, eurgh.

Anyway, we had to wait about 20 minutes or so for our order but I think it came earlier than that. Of course my brother was really happy because somehow, he's always the one discovering about such halal fast food outlets like these. No, in case you're wondering, this is n…