Saturday, May 25, 2013

Half Year Fitness Update

I'm forever trying to lose weight and I've said this many times but when you age, it's harder to lose the flab but then again, can't totally blame on the age because it's a matter of mind over body.

Well said Rahayu, for someone who ate two pieces of mocha cake just now. 

But I got an excuse because it's my younger brother's 18th birthday! The little chubby boy is all grown up..well almost.

Okay back to the trying to lose weight saga.

I am as usual disappointed because the number doesn't seem to budge and if it does budge, it doesn't seem to stay down and climb back up in a matter one say, one week. What gives? I think the weighing machine is seriously NOT working.

But not to fret because whatever the number is showing, I believe I have looked better than the last time. I have a better looking silhouette because I try my best to keep lunch simple and try to snack lesser. Temptation is great like wanting to eat not one but two chocolate cookies. If let's say I ate one chocolate cookie for lunch, I will not eat much else until I reach home. I try to drink as much water as I can and snacks at times consist of either one biscuit or very few pieces of wasabi peanuts for that crunch because I feel like I want to eat something to keep my stomach from growling as my lunch is kept simple.

Maybe my mind is playing a trick on me, I don't know. Even at the gym, I try my best to put in effort in whatever machine I'm on or when I'm using the weights. I tell myself that if I want to look better, this is THE moment. This is THE time to make it right which then force me to do my best and go on the dreaded stair climber for 15 minutes as an additional cardio workout.

The result? I think my thighs look slimmer.

January 2012

May 2013
I don't know if you can see that well but don't you think my legs look slimmer? it time to thank the stair climber? haha..yes, that dreaded machine which I avoided for years at the gym.

I know you're thinking that hey, you're wearing black pants which obviously will cover the flaws. But I dunno, I just think they look slimmer and I'm gonna stick with that thought..ha! Anyway, it's not just that. I think I look better than the previous picture. Don't you think? Trying to psycho you..

Oh, this picture is very recent.

Okay I still need to work on those thighs and my overall body measure but I'm okay now as it looks more defined than the last time. I'm quite okay with wearing jeans now too which I totally dislike the last time because the heavy material of the jeans make my thighs look chunkier. Okay, it's still a love-hate relationship but you should see my thighs last time. My jeaans were only in men's size. Then again, I don't think you want to.

To me, it's still work in progress. I don't foresee myself being in size S. I just want to ensure I can fit clothes well without er..'stuffs' hanging out like the dreaded muffin top. I want a slimmer silhouette which is a matter of raising the self confidence bar..and not to attract guys. I like my single status :P

So yes, I still fee like sh*t when I look at other prettier and slimmer girls but I don't let those thoughts get me for long. Like pfft..mere seconds. Why? Because I know that I look good for myself and I don't need to measure myself up to them to see my standards. There is no one size fits all in this world.

 If you're like me trying to shed some weight to gain more self confidence and to be healthier, then good for you too! Don't do it for the guys. Do it for yourself because your health is your responsibility. Good luck!

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Bella Box for May 2013 - I like!

Finally in my Bella Box ever since I subscribed in March, I got a perfume vial!!

Plus not one but TWO make up items which is the Model Co lipgloss and eye pencil. I'm all for make up but I'm also okay with the face items like moisturizer and the serum from last month. I mean, even though they're just sample packs but one need those sample packs just to get that nice looking skin, well at least temporarily..ha! I used up the Nuxe moisturizer pretty fast and I'll talk about other sample face products that I got from last month which I would say..they're pretty good!

So here are the goodies from the May Bella Box.

I really like the Cannes theme. Okay, fine I really like the goodies inside. Oh, plus more face products such as a facial mask. Now I am trying to weave the habit of putting on a facial mask one of the days. I want to look forever youthful. Uhm, okay maybe it's a far fetched idea but at least I have to put up less with people saying I look older for my age. Come to think of it, people don't really say that to me but hey, preparation is key.

Oh, I like the Model Co lip gloss and it's in a neutral shade which is, but still, I can't complain because that lip gloss is in a freaking full size! Plus I really like the scent of the Lanvin Me perfume. I honestly don't own expensive perfume for that very reason, it's expensive. I know that if you want to smell good, you gotta spend a little bit of money on it. But I just think here in Singapore, they really hike up the price and you really have to find a good wholesaler who sells such designer perfume at a fraction of a price. For now, I don't need to because I got a couple of vials from a friend recently which I shall also blog about at a  later time.

There are other such beauty boxes but what you get is really at random so you can't get mad at them. Sometimes, perseverance pays off like myself finally getting a perfume vial.

I'm not sure if I will continue with this because I just want to check out the hype behind this. Plus, I like getting sample products although I prefer getting them free because I'm a free loader like that.

Anyone else got their Bella Box and is happy with the content? ;)

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Mini Financial Windfall

I had quite a financial windfall this week, well..all $77.50..heh, and I started the week pretty moody because in my head, I kept thinking how to make more sales to make up for the $50 I had to take out from my online shop profits in my pouch. It was quite a good motivational boost and I absolutely loved the boost. Even though a few times this week, I had to sleep and wake up late at night to do the works, I didn't mind it. I'm all for it. Of course, other days when I'm not producing the goods, I get my sleep..haha.

I do want to take this online venture to a point where I'm making money every week, pretty much like this week. It will be a great thing. Even if it is a mere $5.00..whatever it takes to put up something on the facebook page and then other people see it, 'like' it and then some other people see it and may even buy it. I am exploring other ways that I can do to add value to my online shop. 

But all this things..I thought might have been directly due to the fact I chose to spend money on people that I care about. Remember in my previous post, I was talking about having to buy pizza for my family to celebrate Mother's Day because my mum complained I always don't do anything for her. Since it was pay day the day before, I thought I could just buy the family pizza for dinner. Of course it was a bit daunting for me because I'm trying to save money and then spending on expensive dinner isn't my idea of celebration but then you know, I see other families prior to that in the mall, queuing up and about to spend money in restaurants in celebration of this very day. Then, I thought that I won't be spending as much money as them. Of course, the best is to have home cooked for me but I think it's a bit far fetched to uhm, make my mum cook on this day huh?

Prior to that, I gave $10 to my friend's daughter when we met up with her because my mum told her. I decided I have to not because my mum want to (erm...okay, maybe that too) but her mum has been  pretty generous giving me stuffs that she doesn't want to and she thinks I might want it. Of course I do want it because we're talking about MAC paint pot Rubenesque. I have neve owned a MAC paint pot! That $10.00 doesn't mean much to her generosity. Although she didn't want to take it at first and I may happily want to take it back, I didn't and after much persuasion, she took the money for the benefit of her daughter. I reaped the reward when that night itself, I got two orders via my online shop. Happiness.

Oh yes, why I'm talking about the Mother's Day dinner and how the next day I felt awful because I used some part of my profits on it, I actually read this facebook update about my colleague spending money on her relatives as part of her birthday celebration. Then what she said struck me, if you spend on others, you will reap the rewards later. 

Of course you must do it with sincerity and not do it because you want to reap the rewards. You do it because you want to show your appreciation of others (like me towards my mother) and then if you get duly rewarded, then good for you but don't make it the main priority. It's just how kindness begets kindness.

So now while I can't totally shed my calculative nature, I felt that I shouldn't be too calculative when it comes to my family. Totally shouldn't. Just like how one philanthropist donated millions to one of the universities here because she and her late husband believed in its education system and how it incorporates social values.

But is she just merely giving away her millions just like that and then, getting her value lower and lower? No, while she gives away her millions, it forces her to think about how to earn the millions back like for example, selling one of her properties.

I pretty much want to be like that. Money makes the world go round. In order to save money, you need to spend money but of course you need to spend it wisely. I should concentrate on spending money on my loved ones and doesn't matter if I don't get to have racks of shoes or clothes, as long as they're happy, I'm happy. I hope my online business flourishes one day but until that day comes, I shouldn't be so uptight about spending on my family.

They are the only ones I've got.


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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Watching Your Mouth

I watched this Malay drama recently and that it has this moral story going on about watching your mouth such as watching what you say. While I think that it is, well, is pretty gross seeing the character with the bad mouth practically had her mouth all cramped including her hand like she got stroke. Then the next scene when she was at home and sleeping, she woke up vomitting and the surrounding of her mouth had really bad red ulcers.

All because she hasn't said the nice things to her siblings. Even after being reprimanded by her mother, she continued her badmouthing of others to the point of throwing money at her cash strapped brother whom she kept jabbering non stop prior to the sudden stroke calling him useless and why have a kid if he couldn't afford it..blah blah. She just wasn't happy that even though she sent her mother money, her mother used the money instead to help her other children who weren't in a good financial state unlike her who was living a rich life and who just scored a major project gig that would earn her $10 million. 

But her mother was fair. While yeah there are some mothers who may love one child more than another, like how I used to think about my mum treating my brother compared to me, this mother is absolutely fair. Whatever it is, which mother in general like to see her children suffer? If they can help, they will help even if it means giving away some of their life savings, in this case, the money she has saved up to go on a holy pilgrimage which require a few thousand dollars. 

God is fair too. He sees both our good deeds and our bad deeds and He obviously sees her bad deed when she got the sudden stroke and a rotten mouth, literally, because she once cursed her sister to have a rotten mouth, who was being sarcastic to her in a bid to make her realize what a nasty person she is.

While I think the story was a bit far fetched, I wouldn't rule out the possibility plus it got me thinking. 

You know, there are all kinds of people in this world. Many of them are generally nice,'s true in case you think I'm delusional, but there are others who of course choose to say nasty things or say things to hurt you. That or being ungrateful when here you are trying to help them but when they're unsatisfied with your help or simply refuse to listen because they think they're right, and they turn nasty.

Of course we can all wish that people will be more kind and humble in general but don't bet on it. We're human beings with flaws and if some people choose to be nasty, take the chill pill instead of fighting fire with fire because at the end of it, we end up being just as nasty as them. We're not them. We're just doing our job and in this line where we have to give our best customer service, if they're not satisfied because they don't get what they want and they say nasty things on purpose, then let them. Like I said, we're just doing our job and we must continue to do a good job.

It's true that we have to be nice and kind to other people but not everybody can be like that because they choose to be in that state. We can only wish all the best to them because seriously, if we can't afford to be nice and kind, there's no way good things will come our way. 

I can rant all day long about my own nasty encounter, including one earlier phone call, of whom one caller asked a ridiculous question and how she refuses to listen because she just want to get that one answer which I don't think I can comment on. She's obviously not doing the right thing but does she want to know about it? No. Here I am trying to explain but she's not getting any of it. I just had to refer her to call the Ministry because I'm not going to get myself into trouble with my unsupported comments but she ended up being all sarcastic when she tried to end the call. 

Of course, I tried to keep my cool, read: tried, and yah I did get rather flustered, but I tell myself calmly, I am not letting her be the boss of me. I believe I am right in trying to educate her by giving her the right answers but she CHOSE not to listen and she CHOSE to believe in hear say from people who obviously are giving her a false impression. Do I beat myself up over it? No. It made me angry, yes, but I tried to help and if she doesn't appreciate it, too bad.

I understand some people should have a taste of their own medicine but I think the situation should be handled more tactfully rather than trying to make it worse. I believe the situation can have a some sort of an amicable end by simply apologizing, thanking them for the feedback and say a polite my bid to just end the stupid conversation because I certainly don't want to drag the all ready unpleasant situation.

I've got this colleague who can be all helpful and calm when answering questions but when she gets encounters from nasty people, unfortunately, she turns nasty too and she will say things that honestly make us cringe and make the already nasty people, even more nasty in their words. My other colleague tried to help but I guess she was in a bad mood that she didn't want to accept our help or suggestion and she prefers doing things on her own terms. 

Sometimes I get rather flustered with her but instead of choosing to say nasty things, which I believe I am capable of but I manage to get it under control. I just mince my words and say why don't you ask my manager because I've offered my suggestions already or simply ignore her and don't let her attitude get me.

At the end of it, we must remember that if we can change the situation, we change it. Otherwise, we just try not to make it any more worse. Then we must learn to change our attitude because seriously, what do we hope to get from being nasty. Sure we can get our way easily but sooner or later, we will get played out and we taste our own bitter medicine because remember, the world is round.

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tying the String Purse into A Bow

I am officially 'broke' this month although, it's a good thing that I have some orders coming in from my online store..with just one mere seconds ago as I am typing this blog post out. Yay! But I made some orders as well. Er, nay? But no no..I need them for my monthly card order and they sell cheaper here and they are versatile enough for a variety of other projects as well. In other words, I have to save some coins for little expenses like this..haha.

Empty Purse (photo credit: daily

Oh yes, where was I . Yes, Rahayu Popz is 'broke' and the quotes mean that yes, technically I still have money and I have some orders which means coming in as well. But there are stuffs that I have to pay and I've delayed the payments and before I suffer from the backlash, I would rather pay. Hence, the reason why I have to tie the string purse.

Plus, this month we are celebrating Mother's Day because two days ago, my mother complained I never did anything on this day like I treat it as though it's some other ordinary day. Oops, my bad. It's not that I don't like celebrating it but my mum is so fussy like everything doesn't seem right and plus, I don't earn that much to be able to buy her dinner like in some fancy restaurant. Yes, I know that it doesn't have to be a fancy restaurant but still, haiyah blame it on me then. I can be rather calculating with my money, which I know is a bad habit, but because I don't want to be as broke as the last time when I had to look for loose coins around the house or trying to patch up two pieces of a broken $2.00 note. Although even now I have my broke moments, I have not been that broke before and it scares me to bits and pieces.

This time, I've got no excuse. With some money that I have made from my online shop sales and an increase in pay, this year I decided to do something special though yes I still do feel that 'pang' in my heart when I saw the final price..haha. I tried my best to get the best value of price without resorting to eating only the bare minimum from Pizza Hut.

But I can't deny that being a mum, she isn't this calculative with us even though she's not working and she only have me as the main breadwinner as my brother is still schooling. So for this special occasion, I shall just close one eye..haha.

Oh, plus I thought that since for the last two months, I have been spending a wee bit more on my hobby, though today's purchases are not counted because I got my pay today..haha. In other words, I am keeping my promise to buy ONLY during pay day and if I have to buy on other days, it has to be cheaper than don't know if that sounds logical to you..if I can't get it at a regular scrapbooking supplies store and if it's on my wish list.

photo credit:

I need to start using existing supplies more because it's er, the pile is getting scarier so much so I need to put a stop to it. I have also minimized my make up buys precisely for this reason too, unless it's one of those 'I gotta have thanks to the you tube beauty gurus'..haha.

Oh yes, did I mention this month is also my brother's birthday? I started buying for him cakes, I think like two years ago only...after stopping for quite awhile. Even then it's either my mother forced me or she said she would pay half. Reason being, my budget which is so tight already, didn't permit me to do so. So this month, I have to work extra hard to find new ideas for my online shop so that I get people interested in my products and hopefully it will translate to more sales.

That's part of my wish list too.

I believe things will get better for me. Generally, in life you can't always get what you want. So the way to lead your life is to make the best of each and every situation, constantly try to improve the undesirable situation to get your well deserved happiness. However, if you can't change it, at least know you have tried your best and there are other better options too.

Just don't give up because you will be duly rewarded after that :)

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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Things Are Looking Up...So Up!!

I've decided to follow what I preach and boy, don't I ever look back! I've decided to take on a new strategy to tackle on my shop. I believe that if you want something badly, like getting orders to share my love of paper crafting while at the same time, provide an additional source of income for me and my family. It's not a matter of getting a high sales figure or to gain popularity. That will be great but it's not my main motivation.

I will continue to walk this path, despite the setbacks I encountered earlier, which made me want to almost give up. I am not beaten down. If they are really not keen on paying, despite my reminder, I will just sell their order online because I am sure other parties would be keen. I don't want to lose money just like that. I will give them another week's grace before I sell next Saturday. If they want, they will have to pay first BEFORE I make the goods.

Somehow, I seem to get ideas when I step into the shower, haha. Do you get that too? Then most of the time, I will act on them. So now, my new strategy is to sell items in the shop rather than just waiting for people to make custom orders with me. I will also give discounts, without of course losing money, to entice them to buy more from me. I have been doing that but now, I would want to sell other items besides cards like notebooks, bookmarks and mini cards like the ones below. They're fun to make. If people don't buy them, I'll just give them away at the end of the month or have a clearance sales *LOL*

Without the advice of my friends, I would have just totally take my online shop offline as I couldn't deal with being stagnant anymore. I guess I have been a little impatient with my progress. But no more of that crap! Like what my friend said, Rome wasn't built in one day. The popular social enterprise whose owner started off selling handmade cards took 4 years before she got her big break and here I am whining when my online shop is barely 1 year.

So lesson of the day?

Be patient, continue to work hard and be innovative, don't let setbacks ruin your moments and you will reap the rewards. Like how I am going to get an order of 1 birthday card, 3 mothers' day cards and 3 fathers' day cards.


So if those buggers don't want to pay up, it's ok. Other people want my business. Okay, better get moving and make more products for my shop! *excited*

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Saturday, May 04, 2013

When Everything Seems to Go Against You

I know that around the world in recent times, there were things far more serious and devastating than my own life where I am just feeling rather down and out thinking why does everything seems to go against me. Like I have wished for certain things to happen and somehow they don't, although there's a reason for everything. Yes, really.

I don't want to turn this into a complete whiny post because just early this week, I received a very surprising gift, and I would love to share with you in my next few posts. Clue: Digital. I did not expect it at all especially when it's not even my birthday. But I would say that it is a very good jump start. 

I had a little prep talk with my friend who is also going through a rough patch and I'm glad she doesn't do the comparison like oh, your problem is not as big as mine, like how another friend used to do. I think everybody has unique problems and it's not a matter of whether theirs suck more or what. It's about how you cope and deal with them. Seriously, it's no point pushing the blame on others, blaming yourself but just simply deal with how to make the BEST of the situation. 

So what's a GIRL like me to do?

Eat ice cream!

Make that a soya milk ice cream because I'm still trying to lose weight. But of course, there are times I don't really care....but someone has to share it with me. 

Moving on..

Aah yes. Those times where life seems pretty sucky and the old me would probably just eat and eat.

*looks guiltily at the Kinder Bueno chocolate bar. I ate just two small parts and not two bars..haha. Upset still have to watch what I eat.

But if you're like me, struggling, there is one solution. Just move ahead. Pick up what is best from the situation and just MOVE AHEAD.

Not having the best situation, but seeing the best in your situation in the key to happiness. – @MarieForleo

Plus, sometimes I think some things don't seem to happen like how we want to is because we don't work hard for it. You want to  lose weight and you jolly well stick to a diet of healthy food rather than constantly be tempted and giving in to your temptation to sinful food. Then you complain you don't seem to lose weight and gaining weight instead. If you want to make money, you go all out giving your best service, offering the best products, market like crazy instead of wishing why you don't have any sales. You don't just look down on yourself because you're not as slim or pretty as the girl next to you in the gym. You just focus on yourself, making yourself happy, by taking good care of your health, body and physical appearance. They are God's gift to you =)

So I will leave you with this inspirational quote to help you get by and make the most of each single day. 

Meanwhile, I shall plan my day well (after cleaning my room) and hopefully, everything will get better by the end of the day.


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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Honouring Their Words - My Business Dilemma

I had been excited making notebook covers up to last Monday but unfortunately, I haven't been paid for it and the notebooks are sitting near my laptop. I was supposed to earn about $29 but I didn't get a single cent yet. They should honour their words when they say they would pay. I know I shouldn't focus on the sales part and just continue to do what I love, which sometimes take me through the wee hours, but I'm a small fry. I even went to Tiong Bahru mrt station twice, one with a no show, and the other one where she showed up but made me come out of the exit gate which means I have to pay new fare when I come in again. All this to get $10, it's like a complete waste of my time.

But why do I do this? I've read of success stories where they cycle to the shipping docks to deliver shipping supplies like towels etc or of delivery of one pen to an office nearby and look at where they are now. They are successful millionaires who also become philanthropists. Of course I'm not seeking to reach that stage but it's their determination to overcome obstacles and make their business successful. Who knows, my next few orders will bring in even more money than the unpaid $29.00. 


Is this how I celebrate my Labour Day in the morning?

I wish things will get better. Probably I'll take these as stepping stones in a sense that I will NOT get it started until I receive the money first, which honestly was in my terms and conditions and which of course, I did not follow and got myself in this situations. I shouldn't be too nice. Plus, the next step is to get the contact number of the person if I am going to meet up including getting a down payment.

If I want to be successful, I have to lay down these ground rules. There are all sorts of customers out there, including the fussy and complaining sorts and hello I am living in Singapore, but the best thing to do is to deal with them. Be upfront and know your rights as a business owner. Don't let them be the boss of me.

So yah, I want to be a good businesswoman but I don't want to play too nice either. Make it work for both sides :)

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Long Weekend, A Little Rambling & My Lack of Gratitude

The day I discover IG filters It's almost mid week to August..argh. I am in the midst of a long weekend, which sadly will come to ...