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Half Year Fitness Update

I'm forever trying to lose weight and I've said this many times but when you age, it's harder to lose the flab but then again, can't totally blame on the age because it's a matter of mind over body.

Well said Rahayu, for someone who ate two pieces of mocha cake just now. 

But I got an excuse because it's my younger brother's 18th birthday! The little chubby boy is all grown up..well almost.

Okay back to the trying to lose weight saga.

I am as usual disappointed because the number doesn't seem to budge and if it does budge, it doesn't seem to stay down and climb back up in a matter one say, one week. What gives? I think the weighing machine is seriously NOT working.

But not to fret because whatever the number is showing, I believe I have looked better than the last time. I have a better looking silhouette because I try my best to keep lunch simple and try to snack lesser. Temptation is great like wanting to eat not one but two chocolate cookies. If let…

Bella Box for May 2013 - I like!

Finally in my Bella Box ever since I subscribed in March, I got a perfume vial!!

Plus not one but TWO make up items which is the Model Co lipgloss and eye pencil. I'm all for make up but I'm also okay with the face items like moisturizer and the serum from last month. I mean, even though they're just sample packs but one need those sample packs just to get that nice looking skin, well at least temporarily..ha! I used up the Nuxe moisturizer pretty fast and I'll talk about other sample face products that I got from last month which I would say..they're pretty good!

So here are the goodies from the May Bella Box.

I really like the Cannes theme. Okay, fine I really like the goodies inside. Oh, plus more face products such as a facial mask. Now I am trying to weave the habit of putting on a facial mask one of the days. I want to look forever youthful. Uhm, okay maybe it's a far fetched idea but at least I have to put up less with people saying I look older for my …

A Mini Financial Windfall

I had quite a financial windfall this week, well..all $77.50..heh, and I started the week pretty moody because in my head, I kept thinking how to make more sales to make up for the $50 I had to take out from my online shop profits in my pouch. It was quite a good motivational boost and I absolutely loved the boost. Even though a few times this week, I had to sleep and wake up late at night to do the works, I didn't mind it. I'm all for it. Of course, other days when I'm not producing the goods, I get my sleep..haha.

I do want to take this online venture to a point where I'm making money every week, pretty much like this week. It will be a great thing. Even if it is a mere $5.00..whatever it takes to put up something on the facebook page and then other people see it, 'like' it and then some other people see it and may even buy it. I am exploring other ways that I can do to add value to my online shop. 

But all this things..I thought might have been directly due to…

Watching Your Mouth

I watched this Malay drama recently and that it has this moral story going on about watching your mouth such as watching what you say. While I think that it is, well, is pretty gross seeing the character with the bad mouth practically had her mouth all cramped including her hand like she got stroke. Then the next scene when she was at home and sleeping, she woke up vomitting and the surrounding of her mouth had really bad red ulcers.

All because she hasn't said the nice things to her siblings. Even after being reprimanded by her mother, she continued her badmouthing of others to the point of throwing money at her cash strapped brother whom she kept jabbering non stop prior to the sudden stroke calling him useless and why have a kid if he couldn't afford it..blah blah. She just wasn't happy that even though she sent her mother money, her mother used the money instead to help her other children who weren't in a good financial state unlike her who was living a ri…

Tying the String Purse into A Bow

I am officially 'broke' this month although, it's a good thing that I have some orders coming in from my online store..with just one mere seconds ago as I am typing this blog post out. Yay! But I made some orders as well. Er, nay? But no no..I need them for my monthly card order and they sell cheaper here and they are versatile enough for a variety of other projects as well. In other words, I have to save some coins for little expenses like this..haha.

Oh yes, where was I . Yes, Rahayu Popz is 'broke' and the quotes mean that yes, technically I still have money and I have some orders which means coming in as well. But there are stuffs that I have to pay and I've delayed the payments and before I suffer from the backlash, I would rather pay. Hence, the reason why I have to tie the string purse.

Plus, this month we are celebrating Mother's Day because two days ago, my mother complained I never did anything on this day like I treat it as though it's some oth…

Things Are Looking Up...So Up!!

I've decided to follow what I preach and boy, don't I ever look back! I've decided to take on a new strategy to tackle on my shop. I believe that if you want something badly, like getting orders to share my love of paper crafting while at the same time, provide an additional source of income for me and my family. It's not a matter of getting a high sales figure or to gain popularity. That will be great but it's not my main motivation.

I will continue to walk this path, despite the setbacks I encountered earlier, which made me want to almost give up. I am not beaten down. If they are really not keen on paying, despite my reminder, I will just sell their order online because I am sure other parties would be keen. I don't want to lose money just like that. I will give them another week's grace before I sell next Saturday. If they want, they will have to pay first BEFORE I make the goods.

Somehow, I seem to get ideas when I step into the shower, haha. Do you get …

When Everything Seems to Go Against You

I know that around the world in recent times, there were things far more serious and devastating than my own life where I am just feeling rather down and out thinking why does everything seems to go against me. Like I have wished for certain things to happen and somehow they don't, although there's a reason for everything. Yes, really.

I don't want to turn this into a complete whiny post because just early this week, I received a very surprising gift, and I would love to share with you in my next few posts. Clue: Digital. I did not expect it at all especially when it's not even my birthday. But I would say that it is a very good jump start. 

I had a little prep talk with my friend who is also going through a rough patch and I'm glad she doesn't do the comparison like oh, your problem is not as big as mine, like how another friend used to do. I think everybody has unique problems and it's not a matter of whether theirs suck more or what. It's about how you…

Honouring Their Words - My Business Dilemma

I had been excited making notebook covers up to last Monday but unfortunately, I haven't been paid for it and the notebooks are sitting near my laptop. I was supposed to earn about $29 but I didn't get a single cent yet. They should honour their words when they say they would pay. I know I shouldn't focus on the sales part and just continue to do what I love, which sometimes take me through the wee hours, but I'm a small fry. I even went to Tiong Bahru mrt station twice, one with a no show, and the other one where she showed up but made me come out of the exit gate which means I have to pay new fare when I come in again. All this to get $10, it's like a complete waste of my time.

But why do I do this? I've read of success stories where they cycle to the shipping docks to deliver shipping supplies like towels etc or of delivery of one pen to an office nearby and look at where they are now. They are successful millionaires who also become philanthropists. Of cours…