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Enriching my Soul

My internet at home was down for several days over the last weekend..and even when there was signs of life, it was seriously lagging. Anyway, it took me awhile to figure out that most people were on long weekend hols! Duh! Yup, I can be slow at times.
So when the internet got better later about two days later, I was busy catching on soap opera drama mamas coz apparently there were new stuffs to watch and my favourite soap drama had some critical moments which I was glad they showed on my freaking birthday! whoohoo!
Anyway, speaking of which, I had my birthday last week :) I wouldnt say it was some hardcore fantastic day to celebrate but in an age, where things can turn out unexpected, health can go on a decline and other sad stuffs thats happening around us on a personal or world level, I see it as a year of new opportunities and feeding of soul. Sometimes, we forget that we are not living for ourselves only but for others.
Im guilty of this all the time. I thought I was capable of han…

Palliative Care

I was reading this newspaper insert from a local English paper and the cover touched a deep emotional side of my heart when it reminded me so much of my dad when he was ill and conscious in between. His hand covering his face as if he was in deep thought or simply resting, his worn out face and his shaven head. Everything was down to a pat except the attire. The article touched on a topic which I had never heard before until the final days of my dad when the doctor uttered the word 'palliative care'. I did not give up on my father even though many times the doctors kept telling me his health was deteriorating. Even when all means of helping him came to a dead end, the doctor suggested giving him palliative care which I thought was an extension of the medical treatment they had been giving to him. Rather, as I did my research combined with bits and pieces of facts the doctors told me, I realised it was about giving comfort to the patient by giving him morphines to lessen his su…

Raya Preparations

Hari Raya Puasa is coming and we have 6 days left of fasting. It's also a crucial week for many of us to do last minute shopping, cleaning up, baking and cooking. This Hari Raya, I would be making my first grave visit to my dad. It still hits me right in my tender heart that he is no longer around with us after battling with his illness which got worse ever since the start of this year. To be honest with you, I have never visited anyone's grave before even that of my late grandparents. I dunno why but I have a morbid thought in me concerning graves like they're pretty scary to be at. But when I watched the whole burial process, I didnt see it as any burial process and I didnt feel scared or anything but I saw it as seeing my father being placed at his final resting place where he would no longer suffer the cruelty of life. When he first got into a state of unconsciousness and then getting out of it, he became a different person..somewhat withdrawn into his own world despi…

Pimp my blog

Well due to other heavy commitments...and a desire to do it early (and apparently in the wee hours of the morning too..hehe)...I hence present to you my new blog skin!

Now I shall think abt wat to write next..hrm.

With Windows Live, you can organize, edit, and share your photos.

Rasool's Bdae in August 09

Rasool has turned a year older..and has now moved on to a different first digit, if you know what I mean..hehe. But gal, you will always look youthful. I got her a bag which I am really really glad she liked because judging from my history, I am NEVER the best gift buyer in town, serious!

Life in Zen and Hypocrites

Howdy peeps,
Im quite on a roll with my new laptop that Im practically running out of steam when it comes to rambling..I mean..blogging. But Im slowly gaining speed and with the addition of a new mouse (which will make things a LOT easier for me) this coming weekend when I go to the Comex I.T. exhibition, I will make a new blog layout which usual signal a fresh new beginning and my return to doing graphic designing and online scrapbooking. Like this one...

I would have settled with an actual physical scrapbooking like many others who take up this wonderful creative hobby. But ah..being someone who doesnt lean towards being a 'neat freak' and instead is someone who counts her money by her scrapbooking..or what they call it as 'scrapblogging' is fun as well. And since we're mostly online such as being on various social networking websites, might as well do something creative and share it with your friends..or erm..the whole world..heh.Anyway, currently I…

Turn Around


I think if I complain to you one more time that my laptop has been giving me problems like a sudden shut down which denies me the right to blog..I dunno if that will drive you crazy. Anyway good news prayers are answered for and I dont have to worry abt not having enough money for the next two weeks before payday because I had received my inheritance money as of last Friday. Even though I dont expect such an amount to last very long because there are a lot of things that have yet to be settled, I will still be contented with how much will be the balance. Of course naturally, the bigger the balance amount, the happier I am. But at the end of the day, knowing that I have some savings for emergency use, to put food on the table and have water and electricity up and running for quite a long period of time,that is more important.

I dont really need to shop but because my clothes are coming this close to being salvation army rejects as they are getting too old and worn out, incl…