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Are You A Tech Wannabe?

Okay, the title may sound awfully cruel..haha..But in actual fact, it can be such a cruel reality too..Anyway, I know this may be a tad over already considering today was the last day of the Sitex Convention 2005 held in Expo. I mz tell you that I know it is S-something but never quite got it's like 'Si..Si...Suntec..Setec..Si whatever..' but I know it is such a tech haven for anyone in for any latest tech gadgetries or softwares and at the same time, you can hunt for bargains too since such conventions usually have special prices attached or with free gifts. heck, if you can get both, why not eh?

I must admite that I am relatively unfazed by all this 'wowza' factors coz I don't have that much of kaching kaching ($$) in my pockets anyway. And I am not so much caught up with the latest Ipod craze but if you ask me, I still am pretty much quite in touch with their developments and have done mental comparisons with I-pod and other leading mp3 brands as wel…

No Way!

Call me silly...paranoid or wateva..but i seriously think tht the floor manager..or wateva fancy name they give themselves..this malay guy old enuf to be my erm..older trying to 'hit' on me. I'm like..a few times, thinking...'ok rah-yu..doesn't mean that he's malay, and u're malay, he is trying to hit on u or something..'...Haha, maybe I coz I seriously don't wanna get 'hooked' onto them...even if they dangle free food over my head..i mean like duh. I will be in my 'okay, i'm the customer/client...and u're here to serve me..and I'm here to acquire ur service..' mode..So I guess if he's seriously a hottie...or cute..I will still be imagining us going on a date together..watching a movie and then we'll sit down somewhere and watch the moonlight...while he is trying to take my order or telling me stuffs about some admin thingeys. But nope...I don't actually see myself going anywhere else beyond t…

A DIfficult Start!


Never knew my enthusiasm of making earrings..was almost shortlived! Can u believe I took a freakin..3 hours just to make one bloody earring..yes..not a pair, but AN earring! Anyway, I had an unsuspecting victim, my colleague, who just had this impressive collections of earrings, and she's not shy to wear them..dangling from her ears! gawd...I just lurve earrings..but damn it, whenever I attempt to wear them, I always look like I am having an extra pair of ears, that happen to sparkle more.

So anyway, after 'resting' for like so long alreadi after my last attempt..I am struggling with the most mundane of stuffs. I tell ya..even before I hit my forties, where ur eyesight tends to a little bit poorer..mine i think I will need reading glasses soon. oklah i KNOW as if my eyesight is so freakin' perfect..I meant the kind of eye condition people usually get when they are in their mid life..not mid life crisis mind you. Like when near things seemed so far..heh..I am…

Chicken Little!

Hrm..may consider watching this chicken little movie..but onlie when the vcd is out or something so I can rent it. Slap me..Im a cheapo. while I have to wait these past few months waiting for th vcd, I am gonna leave you with two of the widely popular animations..from the movie..featuring........................Chicken Little!

By the way, I wouldn't have bothered so much about this Chicken Little if not over the fact that the one who did the voice for Little is a ......wooh! Hottie!!! Gawd...why muz you hide ur face away from me?! It's not that I am gonna eat u for lunch or something.......maybe eat something OFF you lah..but not exactly you.

And ahem..and also one of the characters...forgot which actually 'gay'. Aha! I lurve adult cartoons.

Back to my Hobby!

hello there!

so....................hey, have you had anything that caught ur attention and u're just dying to try it out?! I'd say..just give it a go man! I've always liked beads..fancy ones...simple ones..and that seeing how craftfully they are made into awesome looking pieces of dangly's so cool..but expensive. And the cheaper ones..erm...well, ok one thing they are cheap but not necessarily nice looking. It's like I can find everywhere..and what makes u wanna wear that pair of earrings? It's when the design is so unique you won't catch someone else having the same pair as urs! I so love to design earrings..but alas, I guess the few months following the 'zany period'..where I could make up to two pair of earrings...I sorta slacked. BEcause..I guess I had the toughest few months after that..Actually, come to think of it, it was sorta like an 'up and down' period for me lah. Totally no time to just think up of new des…

Fashion Tips for Plus Size Girls!

The Diva Radar sense some people need help in the fashion dept especially when it concerns over those girls that do I put this across gently...are categorized under the plus size. Or, in simple layman's terms, 'big'. I know this is easy enough to drive many people away especially if they're already slim in the first place, but I'd say..hey, give ur friends a little bit of support here. We need ur help to see if we look good in this or that..coz sometimes, it's hard to be judgmental of ourselves if we tend to see an otherwise image of ourselves. It's a complicated thing we need support from friends!

But narh, I am not here to overly criticise peeps of that category like you should have lost weight in the beginning, so at the very least, you could fit in some decent clothes. That's plain mean! Meanwhile, if you are on the track of losing weight for the sake of health (And of coz, with some new clothes thrown in as well..) good for ya! As f…

New Photo Gallery!

By the way too...I have a new foto gallery! You can start viewing them..But the first one I uploaded are the pics from my previous birthdays. Of coz there will be more..

check it out!

ps: if u forget the link above..jz check out this blog's sidebar for the link.

Preci's Wedding!


well...i havent been writing eh? I guess it's coz of the wet season, that somehow, I am BOUND to get sick..considering how I am so so so vulnerable to the rain. I just can't get caught in the rain no matter how short the distance I had to walk or run in it. so yeah....I am also sleep deprived which could also be one of the reasons why I am so tired even before 11 pm plus...or let alone 10 pm plus..I used to stay up late till 3.30 till 4 am and I guess my body is doing this cruel joke on me now..after I played the cruel joke on it. And u know what? I didnt know how strong the medicine the doctor gave me when I was sick in september when I took it this time since now then I had the fever compared to the previous time. I took two pills, as indicated, in one minute flat, I was groggy and had to sleep. It was that powerful. And this is even faster than falling asleep to a boring talk or lecture. And the next day, I was actuallie okay....until of course evening was approaching…

I don't diet for pathetic FOols!


DivaRadaR that name! original can i get? ANyway, I know I had been m.i.a. for the longest time (At least in terms of me writing crap here..) but you know what, I do miss writin especially when there's a lot of stuffs to talk the going-ons in my life. You know I have this weird habits, if let's say, I felt like buying jeans once upon a time, in september, it'd be like..uhm...the whole of that month I am on the lookout for jeans! what the..And especially if the price is reasonable..and fits me! How often can BOTH come least in my terms! Additionally, I would be buying more than one. Yes, you heard me rite..I don't just shop for one. I jz HAD to coincidentally have yet another pair that fit the 'bill' as I went about doing random shopping (in contrast to window I don't shop for windows..) . Of coz..I have my regretful k, I dont have slim legs in the first place..or…

New LayOut!


Hey me back with a new layout...and yes, once's not done by me. Although..I have done tweaks here and there...colour change, html coding..yadah yadah, I would still credit the person who did this layout, which I tot was well done! I hate those act 'cute' sort..then, anyone who isn't myopic (short-sighted), runs the risk of acquiring one because the fonts are so freakin' tiny squeezed into a freakin' tiny space. Okaylah..if I can 'squeeze' in some time to do my own version of a layout..(With some foundation another words, 'someone' doing e dirty werk first, keke..), I will try lah! THis is just to claRify that I am not lapping on the praises meant for someone how people actually praiSed the previous all black simplistic layout coz the person who did it, left the credits but they didn't appear. I knew why lah as I saw the error..but ah..too lazy to change it, haha. Coz it IS supposed to be simplistic in t…
Right..what I hope for my birthday! yahoo! I know it's like over..but for now onlie me, it WILL be back..!

1. The next Sims2 Expansion Pack..although i'm not sure what will be out for next year. Anyway, just for the records..yeah, I have The Sims2 University and Nightlife expansion packs. Price? 42 leh for a pc video game!

2. Some I.T. help books..anything lah as long as it is not some very thick manual book that are snore-worthy..for the five seconds onlie.

3. Anything stationery. I love stationery that I buy...and I don't know what I can do with them..heh. Decorative stationery items, I like glitter pens and dust..

4. peripherals? i.T. gadgets like uhm...a simple to use PDA that can snap fotos too? my dreams.

5. obviously bag...but not JUST any bag. K, I like a shoulder bag but the one with a shorter handle that I can hang around my elbow. No gawdy prints though..I like black pvc like material..but not too shiny. Th…

Who is Rahayupopz?


happie deepavali to our fellow Hindus! Glad to share the same week with ur celebration as my Hari Raya. Actually not that i actually cares about Hari Raya except over the fact, that I don't have to starve myself in the day no more. But coz of the holidays squeezed in between..woohoo!

k, ain't gonna torture people with my incredibly long entries..which are basically talking about almost the same things...except that logically, I don' think like that. I just tht one post is not enuf...BAH!!

Hey, I actuallie just got this mini idea in which I brought up some issue that maybe coz people don't really know what i like that they are often clueless as to what to get for me, bdaes or not. Anyway, let's not be too materialistic here lah....i'll just tell u my current favs. And then.......maybe i shall do up the list of what things I want for a gift. And yes..whether or not it is my bdae.

My name is Rahayu. But I call myself Rahayupopz for short as 'rahayuthepo…