Sunday, November 27, 2005

Are You A Tech Wannabe?

Okay, the title may sound awfully cruel..haha..But in actual fact, it can be such a cruel reality too..Anyway, I know this may be a tad over already considering today was the last day of the Sitex Convention 2005 held in Expo. I mz tell you that I know it is S-something but never quite got it's like 'Si..Si...Suntec..Setec..Si whatever..' but I know it is such a tech haven for anyone in for any latest tech gadgetries or softwares and at the same time, you can hunt for bargains too since such conventions usually have special prices attached or with free gifts. heck, if you can get both, why not eh?

I must admite that I am relatively unfazed by all this 'wowza' factors coz I don't have that much of kaching kaching ($$) in my pockets anyway. And I am not so much caught up with the latest Ipod craze but if you ask me, I still am pretty much quite in touch with their developments and have done mental comparisons with I-pod and other leading mp3 brands as well our very own successful home-grown Creative. Actually, come to think of it, don't ask me lah..heh...because whatever it is, everything comes with its pros and cons and sometimes I believe that the aesthetics of a product is one aspect onlie. Like its clean all white look and now the all black look which make Ipod truly uber cool lah if you ask me. Coz you dont have to crack ur brains over what to wear to match ur Ipod since white and black, are pretty much neutral colours. Then again, that's just me.

Right now, convergence is a key word. Like why carry so many clutters of gadgets when you can have one single gadget that have all the popular functions and other 'icings on a cake'. It is also the driving force on why some brands are leading the pack and not lagging because they think out of the box. They don't just 'follow' what are the current trends, but they also speculate what the masses want. They also have a target age group and do a lot of research on the earning powers of people but hey, most of them are young people who are probably just starting out on their careers or are barely out of their education system. So......they look at people's spending habits. Yup, things are definitely changing...but, it can be a true mind-boggling experience if you ask me..and if you are not careful, you can end up with a lot of junk instead, that were supposed to help you in ur daily life, whether for personal or work reasons. So, let me..Rahayupopz...tell ya what you can do to prevent a massive hole in ur pocket and how to be careful with ur spending..! Haha..I love doing this.

Okay, sometimes I get asked about things like what digicams should they get, which Mp3 player is good..yadah yadah. I would be lying if I say I don't know anything but I don't want them to make mistakes either. And usually, these people are my friends lah so if I say I don't know, they know instantly I'm lying through my teeth, cabbage and all.

Yeah, the megapixels are definitely increasing and an increase of even 1 megapixel can spur someone to buy a new phone or a new digicam. And all coz of the 'clarity' of the pictures, which again, I can't tell the difference unless u want me to compare pictures taken in different megapixels under a mega watt light. So..are u just gonna follow the latest developments blindly or are u gonna make sound decisions? K, for once I have no control over these lah..heh....but I shall do something I think can be pretty useful but it's all about knowing what YOU want. The Sitex Convention may be over but it will be back in 6 mths time and I guess this is ample of time to establish what kind of user u are or what kind of things u speculate that u will need when the time comes.

Right, so first thing first...what is ur budget? Okay, this is pretty tricky like let's say, you do have quite a big budget to say, get that digicam with its wide inch lcd screen and 8 megapixels and high zoom factor. But, why settle for one so freakinly expensive when you can vary ur single budget to get an array of things? So that brings me to my next question: What kind of lifestyle do you have?

Say, you are one who uses the camera and video function a lot with ur fon. You are practically walking and observing what is there to snap and post online. So obviously, pictures with better clarity in a camera fon and video function that has a longer record time sound good, don't it? Okaylah, say me. I never had a camera fon before and after using the normal hp with no colours for three years, I was still quite ignorant lah. Or I know but I just don't bother finding out e prices. But when I started to dive into writing online, which people eventually call it as 'blogging' will give it some 'spice', right? So yes, I 'tearfully' sold my hp for a camerafon. It was damn cheap lah at 62 dollars but to me it's still money so I shed real tears this time.

But I was disappointed over its clarity and the size. But to me as long as it can still work and I can call and sms people, good enough and I endured it for one year till I lost it. (I still can't forget that stupid taxi driver who didn't return me my fon!) Then I got a nokia 7260 which takes better fotos but it's so freakin' louSy! One month u know! One month and that thing is not working properly despite sending it back to nokia TWICE in a week. And yeah, a funnie thing my colleague noticed was the whole of the 3 counters, were attending to my fon model disfunctions. After sending it for repair, and after getting some spare cash, I got a second hand phone from my colleague who used hers for 6 mths onlie. It is working till now and its 1 megapixel camera compared to the nokia 6260 and motorola C650 VGA camera function takes much better pics, perfect for blogs too. Oh, and also even when I send for developing, the pics are still 'passable' like its taken from a normal low mega pixels digicam.

So yeah you got such a huge example in knowing what exactly works and what exactly doesnt either. Actually, in the above analogy, I actually wrote about another thing perhaps you should take note too lah.

Know the difference. Say, I talked about VGA camera and megapixel camera. Handphones that have VGA cameras tend to take grainy pics and the more u zoom the less 'clear' it becomes compared to say..a megapixel fons. Other things that may wanna know the difference depending on what u wanna get are like, the difference between infrared and bluetooth, internal memory external memory, built-in hard drive external hard disk slot, the different MB memory cards, flash drive usb drive hard drive...Pentium 4 PCI express...and so many things lah. If you are in touch with what is out there and the exact functions of the different technical aspects, then good lah. If not, I would ur research. Get ur facts right by simply surfing the net with all the useful info, and then do the necessary comparisons and see what are the pros and cons.

Oh, to make ur job easier, think of what u wanna get..say, a digicam so u may wanna do a quick research based on say, the often mention functions of digicams. And also things are priced based on their functions and their aesthetic qualities. So, if say...u see this digicam so nicely designed with all the 'cute' buttons...priced so cheaply compared to another digicam that looks a bit da boring but has a higher price, look at the fine prints and compare from there.

If say....u don't mind spending more on its user friendliness and the overall experience, then one with the basic functions is okaylah. But if you prefer better functions like higher megapixels, a wider LCD screen, more zoom functions like optical AND digital...then u can narrow down ur search for that perfect digicam. The next comparison is of coz, the price coz I'd tell ya..the more functions it has, the pricier it tends to be. Nothing is for free lah, I'd say.

By the way, how the heck would YOU know what kind of functions u need anyway or say..u wanna get a desk top or a laptop, but dunno which one?! It's easy lah actually..u jz have to see WHY you need, for example, a laptop for instance. Do you think u are going to use often for school or work purposes? Or u'd rather leave to personal usage like maybe play games or just type simple docs or what.for the fun of it. If you get a $3k plus laptop when u are jz gonna end up playing games on it, I'lll slap you. Waste money, hor!

Say, if you wanna get a $3k plus laptop, then think ok, if u are gonna get a laptop of this price range, what do I stand to gain? Then look back ah at the kind of schoolwork u do, say..maybe you need to do a lot of presentations project work..well okay, still passable. But again, if u ask me...for that kind, a $2k plus laptop is good enough lah since u are not dealing with heavy graphics or video presentations that require a higher memory space within ur laptop. A $3k plus laptop if say..u need one with a higher graphics capabilities....or more storage space for ur graphic or video laden presentations to show off to ur clients. If not, then dont waste so much money lah..haha...who cares if it has a whole load of 'goodies'....when half the time u're not gonna use it anyway, right? So it's back to actually KNOWING what EXACTLY u are going to use the tech gadgets for, in terms of ur lifestyle and ur school and work loads.

Right..that may sound a tad bit confusing....haha..okay okay let me be the example but, it's just an EXAMPLE lah as jz 'lending' my name for the sake of those who want a 'piece' of the current IT technology.

My requirements:

I want to buy a laptop. Okay, I don't really need for school work but maybe who knows in the near future? And then...for work, yeah sometimes i may need to use it for projects or any other lame work. But my brother is still schooling and then we fight over the pc ALL the time with me giving in most of the time, which sucks lah. ANYWAY, based on my current knowledge, I'd like a laptop to complement my pc lah. That means, my pc is still going to be the 'core' hardware for major applications.

I mentally or take down what I want in my laptop:

The latest Pentium processor, if possible.

A wide screen. A must.

Clear screen too lah.

Then the keys on the keyboard mz not be 'clunky'. If not, my fingers would be all over the keyboard and I'd hate it when the 'backspace' is just a small button like the rest of the letter buttons. It should be as wide as the 'enter' button

It must have a built in writer. I don't care if it's just a cd writer or a dvd writer. I need a writer.

It mz also have a hard drive of at least 60GB of storage. No less since my pc has already 40GB. And erm..besides, it is also where I want to play PC games..ahem.

If possible, it mz have built in wireless LAN like bluetooth.

More than two USB drives and also, it mz also have card reader slot. My laptop MUST also complement with my handphone that has an external card and bluetooth.

Oh, lightweight too lah. I got err...'fragile' bones

And it MUST not exceed more than 2.5k. At most 2.4k...and it must have various functions that is worth all of the 2.4k.

Oklah, before I make u go to sleep with my endless requirements, basically I'm telling ya to work around YOUR set of requirements. Then next, see what sorta individual you are. Again example.


Okay, I love internet and no, not coz I got David Caruso at easy access...although that's a plus point. And I love to play the Sims which require quite a substantial memory space especially the version 2. And, I like to surf net for stuffs to do with photoshops which deal with 2D graphics. And i like to web design too although not always..coz I'm a freakin lazy person. But I have concepts stuck somewhere in between my brain cavitities. I am not a video person but I do take fotos using my which dunno why, the pics are always big. And also, I like USB ports..don't ask.

Basically, I do deal with graphics lah....some big some small..and play games too so I do need quite a big memory space. And having a young brother who just loves to play online games, and also doing his school work online too...then, a computer with built in network cards graphic cards video cards..for instance, will be good.

And I dont wish to spend so much lah. Oh, if they can throw in freebies like printers or mouse of make them have huge discounts is even more fine! Especially, if it's a branded printer, for example. yup! I do look at the whole package too. Shameless free loader..

Mp3 Players

Mp3 player? many MB or even GB do I need? Actually I'm not really particular about it since I seldom download buy buy albums and then download to my pc. hahahaha..u can't accuse me of piracy! I buy original stuffs k...esp when its..GORILLAZ! Love Ya!

But again lah....I see how much I can afford..aha, budget! Oh, for me as long as I can hear clearly, good enough already lah. No need to buy the latest Ipod or what. Oh yeah..if got built in fm radio is also good, but very often not a good choice if it's built in especially if the main function of the mp3 player mp3s..Oh, it muz be small also. Then MUST have LCD screen!

Okaylah, u get the idea now don't u? It's easy lah...but one thing u must remember is: do not get carried away especially with what people are currently into. If you don't need it, then you don't need it. Don't have to buy whatever they buy jz coz it's cool or what. But if you know u are going to be a regular user, then consider carefully.

Technical Know Hows

I guess I did touch a bit on this above but I got a few more important pointers. Do research prior to purchase and this includes, the fine lines on what u'll expect to get and make comparisons too. And up also on things that may not be directly to ur gadgets but are also important. This comes in handy when ur gadget suddenly doesnt work or it needs multiple configurations and if u don't understand at least half the jargons when u go and check out what could go wrong, it may be difficult. And then engaging someone with more knowledge can be costly too even if the solution is clearly simple but u just can't see it.

So again, it's wise to get a tech gadget fully knowing, or at least more than half...of what to expect out of ur new play toy. If you think..'chey, I don't need this or that or this..oh well'...I got one thing to tell ya. You could have done the necessary research...oh, but dont just read it lah..see it based on ur expected usage, for example. Okay, like what's the point of buying an 8 megapixel camera when u take pics for fun but also very few times. Then like that, just get 5.5 or lesser than that lah. And erm...............okay, with some prior tech knowledge, u can amaze people too lah on how much u know ur gadgets and then convince them that hey...u're not a dumb blonde buying something u don't even know what their specific functions are and what make u wanna buy it instead of that other model or brand. If you buy coz the colour is pretty and u don't care how much is it, u're seriously delusional..haha..'s easy being a tech wannabe but if you are jz trying to 'step' into the tech world, do it slow and steady. Dont be afraid of people laughing at you..coz urs has onlie so much memory or whateva compared to theirs. I can tell ya..the most crucial factors are the 'behind the scenes' part like what is the difference between ur mp23 players and other mp3 players...And rule of thumb? Don't stop with ur research once u get ur tech baby! Get latest new products i mean.....and also, see how far u are doing with ur tech baby. Are u using it often? Do u need more space? Do you really need that digicam with 5.5 megapixel coz u find urself getting a new hobby in photography and 5.5 megapixel is definitely not enough. So, the rule of thumb is therefore................................

Your Individual Needs! This can be studied before and after ur purchase. People change..and soon u think that pda of urs is useless and u need something that can do other things as well.

Okay, u can check out trade-in offers so it's good to keep ur gadgets in tip top condition so u can easily sell it at a good price. Jz dont make it a habit constantly change, even if there is a minimal change.

Happy Researching..and oh..Soul Searching!

Friday, November 25, 2005

No Way!

Call me silly...paranoid or wateva..but i seriously think tht the floor manager..or wateva fancy name they give themselves..this malay guy old enuf to be my erm..older trying to 'hit' on me. I'm like..a few times, thinking...'ok rah-yu..doesn't mean that he's malay, and u're malay, he is trying to hit on u or something..'...Haha, maybe I coz I seriously don't wanna get 'hooked' onto them...even if they dangle free food over my head..i mean like duh. I will be in my 'okay, i'm the customer/client...and u're here to serve me..and I'm here to acquire ur service..' mode..So I guess if he's seriously a hottie...or cute..I will still be imagining us going on a date together..watching a movie and then we'll sit down somewhere and watch the moonlight...while he is trying to take my order or telling me stuffs about some admin thingeys. But nope...I don't actually see myself going anywhere else beyond the 'counter' with that particular guy..haha...what a strange analogy..with sexual hints..bleurgh...! counter..table top...u get the point.

But seriously, I just am so NOT interested in that malay guy who i can even label him as my uncle...and yeah, I know u might be thinking that hey, he's just being friendly and doing his job lah..nothing more. But I find it absolutely strange..and annoying lah..when his staff are perfectly doing their job and there is no long queues or what..they're not new or something....or asking for his help with change...I find that whenever I am at the frontline waiting for my order, he likes to 'butt in' lah...after like watching me from afar (think I didn't know..i got eyes around my head..)...and then he will ALWAYS take the opportunity to say how much, collect the money......give me back my change..All the time u know and I tried to avoid the counter he was serving and then suddenly, when I'd be infront, suddenly there was a last minute change of plan. HE would be at that counter or he'll be doing triple duty (besides managing and taking orders), he would collect my change. Oh, and the supposed staff who was serving me halfway? They would then just give me my food. Just now, Iparticularly noticed that she was looking at him when he unofficially took over her eh?...when she turned around after packing my food to see him there at that cash register.

Of coz..I'll act uninterested (coz I really am lah..heh)...and at the same time acting normal, like casually looking inside the bags after collecting my change and said thank you. I didn't smile lah..but u know what? I said 'thank u' twice...but not looking at anyone..just trying to re-arrange the bags she gave with the cold storage grocery bags quickly..and he said..'thank you..m'am' 3 times. The last time he said that..i walked off quickly. What did he expect me to do? Look him in the eyes, said 'Thank You!' he could go home and sleep in peace?! Pls lah...I said 'thank u' is good enough alreadi lah...twice some more! rahayu is a busie young woman lah..

Oh..................I know..why he particularly wanted me to pay some attention to him..I was wearing a nice top today! bwahahahhaa...!!! i know purple is the new maroon for me..but heck, I am not saying this coz of him k? But eee............don want don want! I dont want to get to know him beyond that...even if he managed to catch me at the bus stop outside...him not in his work mode..or me in my shabby clothes which is quite frequent esp if I am not working and in that shopping centre. Gawd.....that's why I don't like to wish that some guy will show at least some interest in me..coz 'guy' is such a broad definition....and neither do I want to be labeled as 'picky' which make them conclude on why I am boyfriend-less until now..heh..I am taking on a neutral stand. I am not saying why I reject this guy lah..but seriously, if he based this on the fact that I am quite a frequent customer..and I am always alone..except sometimes with my decade old therefore I muz be single..not any husband/boyfriend...and also how I always managed to look so shabby when not working but wear nicer clothes if I'm working..haha..he can do A LOT better than this.

And I am also not interested in being someone's 'wife' potential whenever they think they are ready to 'settle down'...coz they're either approaching 30 or have passed 30 and their mum is nagging them to death to finally get married. NO! I want people to like me for who I am...not coz of any of their selfish thoughts! call me me picky...choosy..........or how Im going to die a single old hag in a one room rented flat..wateva! I don wish to get to know such guys if they have that sorta thought. Oh, and one last thing....doesn't mean I look a tad older than my age...I am around the same age as u! Na-uh! Coz I know to you.......that will make a lagi (one more) reason to be a potential wife-to-be. AHHHH!!!!!! Stay away from me!!! AHHHH!!!!

A DIfficult Start!


Never knew my enthusiasm of making earrings..was almost shortlived! Can u believe I took a freakin..3 hours just to make one bloody earring..yes..not a pair, but AN earring! Anyway, I had an unsuspecting victim, my colleague, who just had this impressive collections of earrings, and she's not shy to wear them..dangling from her ears! gawd...I just lurve earrings..but damn it, whenever I attempt to wear them, I always look like I am having an extra pair of ears, that happen to sparkle more.

So anyway, after 'resting' for like so long alreadi after my last attempt..I am struggling with the most mundane of stuffs. I tell ya..even before I hit my forties, where ur eyesight tends to a little bit poorer..mine i think I will need reading glasses soon. oklah i KNOW as if my eyesight is so freakin' perfect..I meant the kind of eye condition people usually get when they are in their mid life..not mid life crisis mind you. Like when near things seemed so far..heh..I am beginning to sound like some eye cousellor (Gawd..! that is the 'work' part of me talking!) . ANYWAY.. that coupled with my extra buttery fingers..(k, maybe coz they're fat lah so small pieces r harder to handle), u got it! A single earring that took me almost the whole waking hours of the night.

But dammit, I am so impressed with the finished work..that I just GOT to take a picture of it just to put it up on my blog. Knowing my lazy lazy lazy tendency to NOT post any photos which are..well....time consuming...if I ever post any photos up there...I am going beyond my lazy mode...which is a rarity if u ask me.

Since I am making believe that this colleague of mine is a 'customer' makes me extra careful with my workmanship coz after all, I am giving this to someone, not just stashed somewhere in some box never to see the light of day anymore..Anyway, uhm...........................if u want me to make a pair of earrings for u, by all means! I'll see what I can do..And, if you want a stylish montage of pictures..I can do that too! The montage is FOC by the way...and I also do stylish sigs, or signatures..the type of image that some people use as a form of personalization on an online forum board or in emails. self promotion.

BTW, I am serious about that. Earrings wont cost much too lah. Definitely less than 5 bucks for a pair. Wait...aren't I supposed to post a pic of the earring?! Haha...haven't even taken a picture yet...classic case of laziness. Scroll down!
okay, I am having some technical problems with my handphone..hahaha...u see, there is always something that is bound to happen if I am ever in my non-lazy mode.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Chicken Little!

Hrm..may consider watching this chicken little movie..but onlie when the vcd is out or something so I can rent it. Slap me..Im a cheapo. while I have to wait these past few months waiting for th vcd, I am gonna leave you with two of the widely popular animations..from the movie..featuring........................Chicken Little!

By the way, I wouldn't have bothered so much about this Chicken Little if not over the fact that the one who did the voice for Little is a ......wooh! Hottie!!! Gawd...why muz you hide ur face away from me?! It's not that I am gonna eat u for lunch or something.......maybe eat something OFF you lah..but not exactly you.

And ahem..and also one of the characters...forgot which actually 'gay'. Aha! I lurve adult cartoons.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Back to my Hobby!

hello there!

so....................hey, have you had anything that caught ur attention and u're just dying to try it out?! I'd say..just give it a go man! I've always liked beads..fancy ones...simple ones..and that seeing how craftfully they are made into awesome looking pieces of dangly's so cool..but expensive. And the cheaper ones..erm...well, ok one thing they are cheap but not necessarily nice looking. It's like I can find everywhere..and what makes u wanna wear that pair of earrings? It's when the design is so unique you won't catch someone else having the same pair as urs! I so love to design earrings..but alas, I guess the few months following the 'zany period'..where I could make up to two pair of earrings...I sorta slacked. BEcause..I guess I had the toughest few months after that..Actually, come to think of it, it was sorta like an 'up and down' period for me lah. Totally no time to just think up of new designs and then creating it away! I bought a few packs of cheap beads...but doesn't mean ugly looking beads. It's also amazing to think that people are selling earrings or even necklaces off using these same such a high price. I understandlah..we also need to pay for their craftmanship. But what the heck......if you can make a simple one and then gradually make slightly more complicated ones..and u don't pay a cent for ur own workmanship, heck...why not right?!

And yeah..if u have a hobby shared by the likes of many other people too..and they're making money out of them too...don't be disheartened. For me, I am still excited thinking about redesigning the online gallery of my the first half of the year. I guess it's all about improvisations lah..and to create designs that are uniquely...ur own creations. So, I guess the key to surviving if you really take this up as a form of business to be 'different from the others'. And of coz...source out any contacts that can sell you the stuffs u need in a much cheaper price. Heh....I love it when it comes to sussing out stuffs that are really I recently discovered that I can get beads from singapore yahoo auctions. Gawd...7 packets of beads...selling at 2 a whole! Fu yoh!!.....................Ahem..seriously, if you haven't caught the 'auction bug' from yahoo singapore..I suggest u get it now. From a bargain hunter like me..who selfishly still want brand new things..sold at a cheaper price..this is one good reliable source. Or you can try the other version of it...e bay singapore. They are available online and transactions are carried out fast and easy as most accept transfer of money online too.

Anyway..I am digressing. I am all excited yet start a whole new collection...wheee!!!! And yeah...and I am SO gonna create another web layout for my creation..yet another hobby! Aaah!! what a way to finish off the year 2005..wooh!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Fashion Tips for Plus Size Girls!

The Diva Radar sense some people need help in the fashion dept especially when it concerns over those girls that do I put this across gently...are categorized under the plus size. Or, in simple layman's terms, 'big'. I know this is easy enough to drive many people away especially if they're already slim in the first place, but I'd say..hey, give ur friends a little bit of support here. We need ur help to see if we look good in this or that..coz sometimes, it's hard to be judgmental of ourselves if we tend to see an otherwise image of ourselves. It's a complicated thing we need support from friends!

But narh, I am not here to overly criticise peeps of that category like you should have lost weight in the beginning, so at the very least, you could fit in some decent clothes. That's plain mean! Meanwhile, if you are on the track of losing weight for the sake of health (And of coz, with some new clothes thrown in as well..) good for ya! As for now, let's see ya at ur present size yeah and think up of some fashion do's and dont's for people like us.

As we have the tendency to criticise ourselves too much and thus depriving ourselves from some good ol' fashion gettups out there, let's par that down a bit, yeah? Let's be a little bit thick-skinned for now. If not you won't be able to sniff out some good fashion wear and end up wearing the first piece we see, no matter how ill-fitting they can be or the colours are so...uhm.....dull and lifeless in the first place. Or even in outer space.

Okay, once we have earned ourselves a little bit of thick-skin syndrome, let's go shopping! Basically, there are no hard and fast rules lah...we should be able to decipher what kind of body shape we we don't look ridiculously stupid in some top. And I guess this is applicable across the border, whether the person is fat or thin, slim or just a little plump, a little knowledge on how our body shape is like, helps to make shopping a bit easier as we can imagine ourselves if we can fit nicely into that top or bottom piece. If not, there's always the fitting room :)

Shopping Locations

Hey, doesn't mean we're big or plus size, we have to be contented with those shops that sell plus size clothes but at exorbitant prices just coz they need to use a little bit more of fabric. Phooey! If you think that nice plain top with just a dash of details has such a ridiculous price tag, do you really need it? Pls, don't think just coz u're plus something, you have to get hold of it, at any cost. That's pure bull. Unless of coz u think it deserves that price tag, I suggest u take ur butt somewhere else.

I am glad to clear that up. Hrm, let me see. Oklah the more common places, people of our sizes can think of, is usually those major dept stores like metro, isetan and robinsons. Okay, from my research, they do sell clothes of plus size since they are imported from UK where the women are generally bigger. And no, Kate Moss is not part of it. But, I tell ya, it's quite difficult to pick out clothes that are ahem...of a nice calibre? Yeah I know....they somehow lag behind in terms of design compared to US, but hey.....what the heck, there are those that are still quite wearable. If you are in ur thirties and working, some of them do look good for people of this age group. But for the twenties or late teens, a little bit difficult. Okay, I should say this more for Robinsons lah. Metro and Isetan, they're not really that bad...they do have a variety of clothes for different age groups.

So my tip on shopping on Robinsons? They have great cuts for skirts, whether long or short. But if you're buying on a non-sale period, you may have to be prepared to pay a little bit more...even over a simple skirt with no details. But i like their chiffon skirts..u know those long black skirts, in an A line shape with a little bit of light flair towards the end. They look soft and quite it also 'softens' the shape of the hips and muscly or pudgy legs. That's the kind of shape we girls should aim at. Not one which is figure hugging..because the last thing u want, is showing our bum around. And it's not so sheer also..and not so heavy...and so Chiffon or a bit of rayon mixed in the fabric, is a safe bet.

Anyway, how much more do we have to pay for it? In a non sale period they can fall around the price range of 40 plus to 70 plus and even more. But if you don't quite aim to wear it often and onlie during some special occasion, then I guess it's okay as long as it is below 100 dollars. Oh, but one thing I have to caution u is that, the material isn't very good so pls, be careful when u're ironing it. I learnt it the hard way.

And during a sales period, the prices are like slashed like crazy. I can even get a pair of pants at 19 dollars! Argh!!! And the skirts? Swiftly snapped up. So pls...apply a leave on the first day of sales once u get the 'wind' of an up and coming sales and get that bloody skirt! or top! or pants..wateva!

For Metro, erm..they do have a nice collection of tops lah, but yeah...AS YOU KNOW IT...they just have to price it higher than the clothes...'normal sized' people will buy. But not to worrie, remember my lesson on being thick skinned? Just rummage through lah the clothes the 'normal sized' people will usually rummage through. Sometimes, if we're lucky....we can get a top for less than twenty bucks..with no outlandish design ( 'oh biang' designs..) and it's simple enough to wear over any bottom, including jeans. But the Metro in Century Square in tampines and in Causeway Point in Woodlands have more variety so happy rummaging! And the best thing about it? There are no pesky sales people around..who are hovering over you like u dont deserve to wear those clothes. So yeah....have some freedom to urself. Oh and don't forget to look at the bottoms also pants. You'll be amazed to find the sizes they are in..for some people (God Bless them!) make some pants that plus size people can wear. And they're affordable too! Less than 50 bucks. Look out for some designer collections...and no by this, I don't mean prada gucci whateva..some designers primarily have collections in bigger sizes.

A little short behind Metro is Isetan such as in Parkway parade and also Seiyu In Bugis Junction. They do have clothes for Plus Size people but from what I see, they are for those who are not too much on the heavy side maybe those are just a tad bit pudgy onlie and can still wear a spaghetti top without much worrie.

Anyway, if you are a cheapo like me..who can't just thrive on dept stores and would rather go all out for budget stores, I have some in mind. Okay, for once, I recently discovered CK (no..not Calvin Klein) dept stores..and I know that may sound like a typical Metro but it's really not. They sell cheap clothings but of varied sizes that plus sized girls will find fulfilling just shopping there. You can get a pair of jeans for less than twenty! But don't go over the top lah...I guess if you can get at least a skirt (think soft fabric again!) and a pair of pants that are of neutral colour like (black, for eg..) that's good. Again, the skirts come in different sizes but they are varied but still, think in terms of an A line shaped skirt with a slight flare twds the bottom. Won't quite get wrong with that. Unless of coz, it's freakin tight on top but flares out midway through the skirt. So disproportionate. I suggest.......u get a size bigger. Then u see my point.

Oh yeah...remember that CK has a collection also meant for the ahem...'aunties' pls! choose carefully. I dont want u to get something so 'out there' that no one of our age group will ever wear...until a decade later.

By the way, CK...erm, u can try looking out for them in ur local neighbourhood coz they're sprouting everywhere it seems. If not, jz hop down to Chinatown or Tampines.

Other budget places, okay........they're not quite difficult to find at times. Like I said, it wouldn't hurt to go round ur local neighbourhood shops. Major neighbourhood Ang Mo Kio in the North, Hougang in North East, Tampines or Marine Parade in the East and Clementi or Jurong in the West, you may easily find clothes that are cheap enough yet varied in sizes too. As usual, look through their collections carefully and you may find a decent top among it and it will onlie cost you..gasp....5 bucks! Argh..! Then if your neighbourhood has a resident shopping malls..u know the type u usually see people wearing like..uhm..clothes they wear when they lounge at home..they do have shops that sell cheap tops and bottoms too...and sometimes, in plus size too. Like they really can go beyond XL.

And the people tending these shops, that sell sizes beyond XL, they are usually nice people lah. Ok, more specifically, friendly lah like ur typical you don't have to be so 'shy shy' when asking for a size bigger than XL. If you are so dejected in seeing something not of ur size, again..don't be shy and ask them if they have a so and so size. If you are not familiar with the sizings there, just blurt out the size u usually wear and they'd work their way around like what size suits u. And yes..for a decently cut jeans skirt, I can get it at less than twenty dollars. Voila! And their plain coloured tops can even get u for 3 for ten dollars..or one costs around 5 to 7 bucks...gasp!

Okay, so now u want places in the mall...not run by aunties..hrmph. Not to worrie! If you are still within the L and XL range, then it's no biggie lah. But what if you go slightly beyond that or even more? Pls, don't stick with the plain ol' men's shirt that is commonly sold by stores like Giordano or Hang ten. I wear that at home..not at work. Also not when with my friends. Pls....don't!

I can think of U2, Baleno, Dorothy Perkins....but hey, u can do better than me. They have nice tops of which some for less than 30 bucks..but their cuts are a bit bigger or wider especially for their bigger sizes. Doesn't mean u're plus sized too..u just had to get a top that may make you look bigger or even cover up any 'excess'. That's so wrong..Make sure it isn't ill fitting it's so clingy to your every 'nooks and crannies' of ur body...that people just see flabs when you have that top on.

So my fashion tip? make sure it's not too big or too small...If there is a need..try on a few sizes and get the one that is more 'you'...make sure the top doesn't cling on to you or looks too big on you either. Make sure the fabric has some space allowance on ur body..because all u need is a little coverage..not too much of it or u'll end up looking bigger than intended. And oh, no size is universal. An XL sized top for this particular label..doesn't equate to the XL in the other label. So trying it on is really the key to get the perfect one. What I would to allocate a day where you'll shop for one or two tops and wear a top that u can easily slip in and out when trying clothes on. Or wear a skirt..that u can easily slip in and out..if u intend to buy a bottom too.

More fashion tips? I have already included some in the write-ups but here are some more of it.

1. I've talked about being thick skinned. But I do want you to know too that doesn't mean in any fashion wear shop that u jz can't find something 'wearable', pls don't think it's the end of the world or something. If you like a particular design from there, maybe u can ask someone u know who has a tailor who can help you sew a similar design, to make one custom-made for ya! It's often cheaper and you can get cheap fabric too at Arab Street or Spotlight and have urself measured up and ur fabric sewed up too.

2. Oh, and pls don't wear micro mini skirts....or a micro top...if people seriously think you dont look nice in it. Coz honestly, sometimes...they can be so true. 'oh, my eyes!..' I know u're a confident gal for wearing them..(brave I must say too...) but often, it can be an eye sore rather than a fashion statement. So stick with something that suits u better instead of blindly following the fashion trends. Don't fool urself..pls.

3. Play up on those parts that u don't consider a maybe......the upper part of ur body? If you think ur legs are the ones giving u the problem with its pudgy look, then u can wear a decent pair of pants..that are not too flare out but almost straight cut with a bit of spacing from the fabric to ur skin. And then! Wear a top in a nice bright yellow or maroon colour! It's really about emphasizing the parts that u like.

4. Talking about colours, pls don't tell me u can onlie wear black. Period. You can add in colours to ur wardrobe a dash of purple, a bright yellow, a calm yellowish green, a comforting maroon colour as opposed to always being in black. And a little bit of details won't hurt too as long as it's not dominating lah..for e.g. plus size girls should perhaps aim for a top that don't have way too many designs, or big bold designs. It shouldn' t be filled up with way too many tiny designs too. it's all about balance, baby. If not..just a top in a single colour will do.

5. Accessorize! If you want to divert attention away from ur body shape, get nice accessories! Whether, in the form of cool designed bag in suede or with lace trimmings...whateva...and a pair of dangly earrings..(long and dangly..but not big round makes u look 'rounder')..or a string of pearls, in maybe..purple colour? Nice! You get the 'fake' pearls for even less than 5 an accessory shop like Jeans or SinMa....I want one! Oh, and it's the rage now..believe me.

6.! Love shoes! and bags! Shoes...hey, don't get the ill fitting ones k even if it means everyone seems to be wearing that design. And don't be shy to request for the biggest size. Hey, shoes are like don't be afraid to try out the ur find one that will fit u nicely without looking like ur toes are all cramped up..and with one toe sticking out from that seriously suffocating looking strings attached to the heels..and soon to ur feet with its aftermath ..eurgh..

7. Get at least one shopping buddy who doesn't criticise you for your size...and don't snigger away if you have to try a top or bottom that looks way too big on her. You sometimes have to stop thinking that you are so embarassed about ur body infront of ur friend, whom u think is easier when it comes to choosing over clothes. Basically, if she's one who often see u more than other people, then better they roughly knows what looks good on you what does not look good you. And pls don't be too sensitive too..if they say something quite honest like the last top you wore looked big on you..but this top doesn't, they're not being mean. Just genuinely honest. So yeah..time to ditch that last top coz we need the opinion of a second person at times.

Anyway, my most general rule will be................................................

Have a great personality! Put on a smile....maintain a nice fresh complexion. Be nice to people..and not bitchy 24 hours a day..basically, be you! trust me...people will go way past ur body shape and stop thinking of you in some ideal body shape or wat. And do aim to cut off a few inches off ur body here and eating more healthy foods, cutting down on unhealthy snacks, and start to exercise every now and then. Losing a few kilos or inches...can do wonders I tell ya!..

Good luck!

New Photo Gallery!

By the way too...I have a new foto gallery! You can start viewing them..But the first one I uploaded are the pics from my previous birthdays. Of coz there will be more..

check it out!

ps: if u forget the link above..jz check out this blog's sidebar for the link.

Preci's Wedding!


well...i havent been writing eh? I guess it's coz of the wet season, that somehow, I am BOUND to get sick..considering how I am so so so vulnerable to the rain. I just can't get caught in the rain no matter how short the distance I had to walk or run in it. so yeah....I am also sleep deprived which could also be one of the reasons why I am so tired even before 11 pm plus...or let alone 10 pm plus..I used to stay up late till 3.30 till 4 am and I guess my body is doing this cruel joke on me now..after I played the cruel joke on it. And u know what? I didnt know how strong the medicine the doctor gave me when I was sick in september when I took it this time since now then I had the fever compared to the previous time. I took two pills, as indicated, in one minute flat, I was groggy and had to sleep. It was that powerful. And this is even faster than falling asleep to a boring talk or lecture. And the next day, I was actuallie okay....until of course evening was approaching, and I had to get caught in the rain..again! See..all this time I bring an umbrella wherever I go especially when I am working but i left it at my office (dunno why..) and forgot to bring the keys to my table (dunno why again...) and when I came out of the civil service college after a rained...heavily. Yes, so poor ol' me was sick yet again..coz u see, how big a coverage can a small umbrella give ya if I am sharing it with a skinny person. You got it!

And so that is my sorry and pathetic excuse for not writing..heh. Anyway, just to let u know, the previous Wednesday, I attended a small gathering of friends and close relatives for a wedding. It was a very small and very simple wedding affair but the important thing was, they got to exchange their vows and became officially man and wife...on that very day..I mean night. Yeah..all this bliss....even though I tot they could do better decorating the plastic chairs or something or covering up the table with a nice embroidered table cloth. Sorrie! Can't help noticing..I mean simple is one thing..but ah...ambience is another thing. Anyway it's okay...I guess I forgot the important point too..hahah..

And I also met up with some of my other friends also..and I had a ride in natasha's car! woohoo! At first I was quite NOT willing to go lah considering how far this place could be. Far is one thing...inaccessible is another. But natasha, in the last minute, considered driving....and wanted to go along with her, and so yup! I guess I tot I would go..considering precilla, despite not turning up for our gatherings as often as before, did make an effort to come for my bdae celebrations and our other friends' important events like their engagement.

Anyway, you wouldn't believe how we actually got lost around the same area when natasha started to get confused with a myriad of directions given by her friends at the backseat. She had it under control all the while..until her friends, who supposedly knew the directions better than her after being there before...tot Nats got it all wrong when all she could do was turn right after that. My father brought us to that place before previously when we had a I roughly knew where Changi Village is..but I didn't know that the place where the wedding reception was held was nearby Changi Village. So I tot they knew better..which in the end, they didnt lah. And we had a 'fantastic' time going in merry go rounds onlie to be back in the same place..where..u guessed it!...she could have just turned right.

Anyway, I didn't blame them lah...since it is not everyday we go to this changi vilage..but they did sound a tad bit overconfident..hahaha...Okay, as if I am any better either, i was holding a map all the while too and I didn't look at it. Well..backdated was one thing was in year 2000 edition?! But anyway, aznur grabbed hold of it..and when we tot we were lost..again....she somehow recognised the landmarks in the map with the ones that we passed nats had to u turn again..and by this time she was really agitated....and okay..we did get lost quite a bit again..since the place hardly have any landmarks..The onlie marking that the hostess informed us about was a balloon. How helpful was that. We ended up with the first chalet-like house...but it definitely wasn't the one coz it looked empty. And we were thinking if we should just go straight into that dark lane or move out and then keep on searching. Then we got a surprise coz we saw two of our friends who walked in...and they too didn't know where. BUt unfortunately, since we're quite full..we couldn't squeeze them in..

Oh and guess what again...we finally found it..and what was more 'brain-consuming' was when we could have just drove through that dark lane coz their chalet was just beside theirs. Anyway, was so glad we made it on time and nats was so sick of driving she just parked her car nonchalantly which later became a prob when people wanted to drive out..haha...

And we were in time for the wedding reception..phew...lewis the groom greeted us..he was such a nice guy! I had to say that coz he said I am pretty..ahem! So the rest of our friends were there before us alreadi...and we told them our ordeal just now. I watched for the first time, a solemnization taking place before our very eyes...precilla was looking splendid in her white simple gown...And lewis? Of coz Lewis looked all gorgeous in his tuxedo...hahahaha...

I was embarassed to bits when it was time to 'throw the flower'! It is a tradition that whoever caught that flower bouquet, her wedding will be next in the pipe line. I didn't wanna go there coz I really didn't want to be caught as one of the singles..hehe..and flower catching would be the next embarassing thing. But natasha was so 'on'....and so 'on' was she when precilla threw the bouquet...the other girls either didn't bothered or stepped back..while nats took effort in catching it. Way to go nats! Of coz..nats..being single and still and sherry's task in finding the potential groom for nats among the male guests. I mean she made things difficult by refusing to marry azam..

So then dinner came on.....and I got to know a bit of annie's boyfriend! Aw........I think this guy seems more suited for bad of me to look at the physical aspects onlie. But u know..he was so sweet! When the chef was preparing to make some burritos, he was the first one there to grab hold of it when the meat was still crispy and succulent as she just finished grilling it. And yeah...he was quiet too...but I give him the benefit of doubt since it was the first time that he met us. But hey....he looked awfully familiar.....

But sherry's boyfriend was sweet too! He took drinks for me like three times! Awww..............why can't I have a boyfriend like theirS?! Anyway..that's besides the point. Sherry noticed that whenever he asked if we wanted drinks...I would always give him a half empty cup....and I'd say...since he wanted to get us some refills.....might as well jump on it!..hahaha...BUt he was quiet too lah that nite..hey, why must u all be shy with me? Was i too noisy that nite?! hrmph....

And aznur got a new was an O2...the pda cum fon..but it looked more like a pda than fon. I asked her a few qns on it coz the other time, angie got it, I didn't get to ask much about it. I am always curious about gadgets. But she didn't let me use as a demo like i just wanted to put it near my ear and see how big it is..not as I was gonna call. SHe kept saying 'no' which gave her some curious eyes lah since it sounded a bit mean..haha..but narh, she was just joking around as she was scrolling thru the fon to find pictures of that jon cena guy...some bodybuilder or wrestler cum singer. I still couldn't believe the 'singer' part..and yes, I have never heard of him.

It started to pour just as I was struggling to finish the last bits of my food. Gawd..I was so slow..that is so unusual of me! I mean considering that it was just a week after the end of the fasting month...and I did fast for the whole freakin' month.

So everyone wanted to get back home fast..and Annie and her boyfriend, Ben, left earlier..Siti and her fiancee wanted to go first too. I guess nats bothering them to find out the exact date they are gettin married finally drove them away too..haha..And then followed by sherry, azam and her boyfriend. They made their move second right before it started to pour heavily. Sherry called me back saying that she was sorry she left in a jiffy...and forgot to say goodbye. And so I said goodbye to her, and then to azam..although it took a while to convince azam later that me wanting to say goodbye to Noah, sherry's boyfriend, didnt mean I was dumping him..haha..

Actuallie, me and aznur along with Nat's friends wanted to off too but Nats was nowhere to be found. I guess Preci was closer to her than the rest of us so we'd figured that maybe Nats just wanted to spend a bit of time with her. Of coz..until we found out she was asking everybody how to go back out without getting lost..that we were like..u could have asked us and plan the routes together!..hahaha...and it was till then, we were like...argh! where's nats!...then just as nats was planning to drive us back, that Preci asked her if she could send her mum out for a cab and nats went out first. It could have taken awhile but it didnt lah so we'd figured that perhaps, she waited till Preci's mum got a cab first before she drove back in. But while waiting, I got to know Nat's friends a little bit and we were joking around too. And yeah...had a feast looking at Lewis's male friends who were Chinese and see how they were messing around with their laptops as they were busie uploading the pics and making it look like some slideshow with music.

Awww...u know what? They chose Greenday as the theme song..'Wake me up! When September ends!...'But I got bored after while looking at them..I mean..the pics..that I was just contented sitting inside the living room. ANyway, one of them, who was like the official photographer too, he was friendly too and he was commenting to his friends that they were using the television to play games while me and our other friends, were watching some drama serial..haha..Yeah, he seemed nice..and nope! I know what u're thinking!...I have no interest in him. I can't help what I told my other friend..the last guy I met..he did set a high standard!... nats was back and she drove us back out. And guess what...we didn't get lost this time, and nats was like thinking, hey we should have gone by this route instead. Okay..whateva! Anyway, it was still sweet of her to drive us back to nearby mrt stations, and for me, nearby bus stop coz my house was somewhere along the route to ang mo kio, where they were heading next.

I had a great time..not so much so in terms of the wedding, as I didn't get to talk to preci that much either..but Lewis was nice..he talked to us and took pics with us too. But the rest of the gang? They were great and sherry was great too...and noah, so sorrie it seemed like I bullied u for taking the drinks and the burritos...haha..but hey, u volunteered, remember? Anyway, I had some of the pics courtesy of Nats of that event.

aren't they sweet?

Precilla looking all 'dewy' in her white simple gown..

Nats..the mc and unofficial bride's companion

The rest of the gang..! That's me in pink! Swell....

Saturday, November 12, 2005

I don't diet for pathetic FOols!


DivaRadaR that name! original can i get? ANyway, I know I had been m.i.a. for the longest time (At least in terms of me writing crap here..) but you know what, I do miss writin especially when there's a lot of stuffs to talk the going-ons in my life. You know I have this weird habits, if let's say, I felt like buying jeans once upon a time, in september, it'd be like..uhm...the whole of that month I am on the lookout for jeans! what the..And especially if the price is reasonable..and fits me! How often can BOTH come least in my terms! Additionally, I would be buying more than one. Yes, you heard me rite..I don't just shop for one. I jz HAD to coincidentally have yet another pair that fit the 'bill' as I went about doing random shopping (in contrast to window I don't shop for windows..) . Of coz..I have my regretful k, I dont have slim legs in the first place..or a pair of legs that invoke eyes to look 'whoa! look at those pair of legs! sexxxyyy......' Okay, one thing the guy is shallow..and another thing....most legs of girls especially look especially goood...when teamed up with a pair of jeans. Unlike hrmph...bulky ol' me...but nevertheless, the new 'rahayupopz' says...YOU are the one making the jeans look kewl..not the other way round. I mean..I don't meant running ten km a day to achieve that pair of killer legs lah...although that is a possible option..if you don't feel good in something u wear, either scrap it or u turn up ur personality one notch.

Like of coz..u mz pair it up with a top that flatters a nice bright colour..and a pair of shoes or heels! The latter does any tricks..but yeah..u mz not look drab. Look bright and shiny! Like make people go...hey, there's more to this girl. OR! Just get another pair lah that will suit u better..haha. I mean..of coz...people make mistakes in all if this one looks good on the hangar and u jz gotta have it sans trying..or it looks perfect in the fitting room......until u have to walk around in it..looking more moronic than eva. Believe me, I have gone through wardrobe nightmare all my life....but there's one thing that can take ur mind off stuffs like ur jeans and ur top..which can either mean onlie YOU notice the flaws and that 'nothing is perfect' is just some stupid really are wearing a freaking uglie shirt, heh...

You have ur Own SElf for distraction! Yeah..I know a lot of big people like me...always feel so degraded by the slightest comments especially by people who really cannot fathom wat is it like being on the other fence..of coz, some of us don't show it because we don't want to make us feel that we have been defeated by such uglie comments. For me...okay, I admit that I don't quite get snide remarks because I somehow manage to make people think that I'm too sensitive or wat, or wateva..hehe....but actuallie, reality is such that people will always have a concept that everyone has to be either slim or have an average body size. I can make as if I don't care about ur comment, but as a human being with feelings (unlike THAT rude person lah) hey, there's no denying that it IS hurting. Then, some things are meant to make u stronger, not weaker. You are onlie defeated when u choose to baul or cry ur eyeballs out...or u go on a very strict diet regime, that makes u lose weight super fast, but make u lose hair and have crappy skin super fast too. And that diet is not to make urself healthier, but onlie to show those rude people that they are wrong. WHy go through all the trouble for them?!

CLEO that I bought this month has a real life article on a girl who has been dumped by a few guys who thought that she is not thin enough. And some years ago, there was an article of this girl who said tht she was super fat, and once upon a time, had this guy who liked to hang around with her and eventually confessed that he does like her. But he had this condition: He would onlie make her his girlfriend, and possibly his wife if things work out, if she lost weight. And he even set a deadline for her to lose most of her weight. Guess what? SHE dumped the blossoming friendship.

You know I admired her for that...even though I don't remember all the things I read in the Malay newspapers as my malay language is crap..haha...but that article was inspiring. And actually, she did lose weight. But she did it not because of him. She did it because she was tired of her old look..and for once, she wanted to buy clothes that could fit her..even if she can't go around visiting all sorts of fashion boutiques and buy the clothes that she fancies. Like me, we have a problem with buying clothes..and I can't go in any boutique with at least my size. But half the battle is won if there ARE shops that do serve our size even if it's the largest or the second largest, wateva. It's onlie not cool that in the entire typical mall or major dept stores, not one boutique has my size. It isn't easy when I have my friends or good fren spending their time simply fussing over which top is nicer, or which colour is better. But when I finally can fit that MANGO top, the one that is often worn as a casual top labelled as 'the must-have trend!''s really cool.

So I know she felt. She lost weight and it felt damn good for her that she didn't have to feel so bad for not having anything to buy, coz none can fit her. Or if it fits her but looks super uglie coz some people think that hey, big people can't complain so much. They're already big, plump or fat so why fuss over being fashionable? So it was onlie a matter of personal battle and not a love win his heart. When she lost weight, HE went back crawling to her and wanting to be close to her...but she still said 'no'. She said why should she have a relationship with a guy who is so darn shallow..who equates his love of his life to be one with an ideal body shape? Now THAT is what I call...woman on top!

Then come to think of it, recently when I see people wearing jeans looking good in them...and I don't..coz I tot the jeans looked big on me...But to think that it is that size that I can fit in without struggling or looking too tight. So...have to face the fact. I have balanced it with other pairs that fits me better..but ultimately, I will still have that uneasy feeling or low confidence. But u know what...come to think of it, if I stop comparing myself with other people..and focus on other things instead, the not even an issue. The fact that people like talking to me...share jokes with silly with me...shows that they are dealing with the one wearing the jeans, having non-slim legs...but not with my jeans or my legs. It's! I can wear the most flattering piece of clothing on me..but if I am a meanie..or i'm simply horrible with people...but ultimately, it's how I project myself.

So..I guess I am just trying to teach me a always..that I shouldn't feel so bad lah about being ugly in jeans, in wateva shape or size...I mean, in terms of jeans. If that pair of jeans don't look too flattering, get another one lah that does but it is in the same size. Hey, they are not called versatile for nothing! Hey, the fact that I can still afford to pick and choose what jeans suits good enough lah considering the weight loss I recently had did reward me with the ability to wear that slim-fit pair..unlike the previous time where it took me almost ten minutes! And how a colleague praised me saying I looked like I lost some weight recently when she saw me jz now...uhm, actually colleagues lah if u don't just count that colleague in the morning..haha...Oh well....better to fuss about which top goes with which bottom, right? hehe...I guess this should be the super duper motto for those who think they're big/plump/fat/skinny....hey, U are what u wear! And that's being a diva on radar...... :)

Friday, November 11, 2005

New LayOut!


Hey me back with a new layout...and yes, once's not done by me. Although..I have done tweaks here and there...colour change, html coding..yadah yadah, I would still credit the person who did this layout, which I tot was well done! I hate those act 'cute' sort..then, anyone who isn't myopic (short-sighted), runs the risk of acquiring one because the fonts are so freakin' tiny squeezed into a freakin' tiny space. Okaylah..if I can 'squeeze' in some time to do my own version of a layout..(With some foundation another words, 'someone' doing e dirty werk first, keke..), I will try lah! THis is just to claRify that I am not lapping on the praises meant for someone how people actually praiSed the previous all black simplistic layout coz the person who did it, left the credits but they didn't appear. I knew why lah as I saw the error..but ah..too lazy to change it, haha. Coz it IS supposed to be simplistic in the first place, aight? So..I focused on being simply Unless of coz if you look at the contests twds the end of last month, I had a load of time talking rubbish after rubbish. But of coz, they are intelligent rubbish, mind you..hehe

ANYWAY, my focal point of this is to say, yup, I am going to change the way I am doing the blog, irregardless of people actually reading or not reading at all. I took down the viewership coz it's driving me nuts..seeing the number NOT moving most times. And yup, I am no longeR boring! I mean..okay, at least not in the virtual woRld. In real life, as usual lah..but I guess we'll just stick to the usual game, eh?

TheRefore, I am now..a DIVA!! Ok, it was e main reason why I chose this layout, which by the way, won the layout of the week, or something like that..hehe..I onlie go to the website if I need something. But don't u think, it's nice too? It's pleasant looking, and don't look cartoonish, which seems to be a fad among the teenage web designers. I mean girls and boys..I know u're talented and has a flair in I.T. especially in the area of web designing at such a young age, but Please..maybe can try to work on being creative in a less annoying way? not all people like uhm..japanese anime or comic characters, cute or otherwise.

Diva Radar means I am a diva with a radar! It can be both ways...basically, as a diva, I am on the lookout for handsome chinese guys!..haha, stupid obssession with a chinese guys with a certain look (Which I ain't revealing what is, of coz to avoid copycat divas! *selfish me*) eversince some recent encounters. But really, they ARE good looking, at least the ones that I currently like the look.

And of coz, diva radar means that i'm not just popular...okay........I may need to woRk on the other attributes of being a diva as right now, I am totally clueless.

STill, whateva it diva radar is always 'on'..*Ahem*..

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Right..what I hope for my birthday! yahoo! I know it's like over..but for now onlie me, it WILL be back..!

1. The next Sims2 Expansion Pack..although i'm not sure what will be out for next year. Anyway, just for the records..yeah, I have The Sims2 University and Nightlife expansion packs. Price? 42 leh for a pc video game!

2. Some I.T. help books..anything lah as long as it is not some very thick manual book that are snore-worthy..for the five seconds onlie.

3. Anything stationery. I love stationery that I buy...and I don't know what I can do with them..heh. Decorative stationery items, I like glitter pens and dust..

4. peripherals? i.T. gadgets like uhm...a simple to use PDA that can snap fotos too? my dreams.

5. obviously bag...but not JUST any bag. K, I like a shoulder bag but the one with a shorter handle that I can hang around my elbow. No gawdy prints though..I like black pvc like material..but not too shiny. Then it has to be roomy as well as my a bit the fat lah. u know..

6. uhm..accessories? I like accessories..but for now, am looking for a black tiered necklace, made up of dark black beads..but if can make, I lagi (more) suka (happie..). I am fine with dangly earrings too..but pls, dont want too colourful beads..maximum two colours..hehe..

gawd..I sound like some freakin' bored person with my wishlist..maybe being too nice lah..heck.

7. i would like to say i want shoes from URS or Charles & Keith..but nope. I'd prefer getting it myself..unless someone is willing to tag and pay for it on the spot..heh :D

8. A black fossil watch. K, I know i have one freakin' nice one already..that flashes its background in orangey red every now and then..with this extra leather strap, that looks cool when worn. BUT~ I wouldn't mind yet another black fossil watch..If you can get for me in digital..lagi best, since I am so freakin' lazy to count and see where the hands are.

9. A new handphone! harharharhar...uhm, a black 7270.

10. Make up hamper! Make up look plain in one that..but like, if you can get me in a hamper am so happy like that.. :D

11. Creative Zen Micro. I tell ya..5 GB is more than enough for me, actuallie. But if ur budget allows for it, I wouldn't mind 20gb! NOt me pay what..but I'd like either, a black, blue or pink.

Wah. Think I overshot the birthday list..but no one will get for me one lah, confirmed!, I can go on to 12, 13 and so forth..but's onlie going to belittle me like 'boring' I am..ha!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Who is Rahayupopz?


happie deepavali to our fellow Hindus! Glad to share the same week with ur celebration as my Hari Raya. Actually not that i actually cares about Hari Raya except over the fact, that I don't have to starve myself in the day no more. But coz of the holidays squeezed in between..woohoo!

k, ain't gonna torture people with my incredibly long entries..which are basically talking about almost the same things...except that logically, I don' think like that. I just tht one post is not enuf...BAH!!

Hey, I actuallie just got this mini idea in which I brought up some issue that maybe coz people don't really know what i like that they are often clueless as to what to get for me, bdaes or not. Anyway, let's not be too materialistic here lah....i'll just tell u my current favs. And then.......maybe i shall do up the list of what things I want for a gift. And yes..whether or not it is my bdae.

My name is Rahayu. But I call myself Rahayupopz for short as 'rahayuthepopular' gets albeit the boring..besides sounding so immaturish. if Rahayupopz sounds any more intelligent. My colleagues call me 'AYu'..*pukes*......I call myself 'ayu' in my family..since I talk so much with them that addressing myself as 'rahayu' everytime I talk about myself..say, like everytime...would onlie prolong the conversations, which is probably gonna be shortened if my mum wants to watch some programme on tv and won't wanna listen to me. I have no grudge against people calling me 'ayu'...but on a personal level, I dont address myself as that..other than my family. I don't know...I don't quite 'click' with that name lah...i mean...look at me! Do I even look 'ayu' to in sweet and pretty?!!

I'm ahem...'18' years old. And I won't give credit to one of my frens for revealing the reason behind such in her post in September..ha! by the way, good try anyway, though it's just partially the reason!!!

My music tastes varies a lot but some times, I like to move out of the mainstream for awhile...right now, I am into Gorillaz, though I have always been lah...just that this year they came out with a new album entitled 'Demon Days'. One thing for sure though...the musical geniuses behind this animated quartet..produce such varied music that u may need to get some getting used to...Like me, I take some time to get used to their tracks although some may just catch ur attention straight away. My favourite characters? I like all of them...but erm..maybe not much of that big guy in the background. Right now..if u hear the chorus bit of '19-2000' on some nokia a loud almost shocking manner...that's me!!

Oh, speaking of which...the animator behind Gorillaz happened to be the same animator for my fav movie 'tank girl' based on a comic character punk girl who just lurves big army tanks. I mean, really...the big tanks..not uhm..some other kind of 'big tanks' what u are thinking about.

HRm...movies? Besides tank girl? I like those 'dont make sense but i still like to see them kick ass' movies revolving again....around either comic book characters or video game characters. I watched Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat:Annihilation though the second one was pretty lame lah...bad............choreography. First installation? Excellent! I lurve the soundtracks too...and in case u don't realise...some of the tracks are quite frequently used for trailers on tvs. Others? Well....I lurve those romantic movies that have unlikely characters falling in love with each other. Wanna watch? Can try watching Circle of Friends based on one of the love story of one of the friends, a plump girl with insecurities problems but who captured the attention of a boy who is equally rich and popular. Another one is Bend it like lurve it! And of coz..the most recent one..Sepet...a malaysian tragic love story between a chinese boy and a malay girl. I want to learn Cantonese!!

Eh, wait ah. Actually I shamelessly like Never Been Kissed and A Walk to Remember..the second is so freakin' sweet! Although they can try to be rather creativelah like not dress up the girl in some frumpy 17th century brown 'auntie' clothing.

Dramas, I like Csi:Miami..duh! And pls stop arguing with me about how u fancy the original csi..yadah yadah...heard that! Watching the original doesnt make u more intelligent than me, k? I still can sit through an entire episode of CSI:Crime Scene Investigation although I can't promise u i'll sit still..coz it's so..erm...graphical. Onlie thing, I like the twists and turns..which I admit, Csi:Miami quite lack in sometimes..but u know what, if u want to torture me with an avalanche of forensic and scientific terms..I'd rather watch Csi:Miami which is more action driven. Plus, the male characters for each episode, are yummy most of the times. Like my goodness, where the heck do they get such terrific casting agents?!

And heck, i like to watch reality tv based dramas like the recently concluded American Idol and America's Next Top Model. The current one I'm still watching is The Apprentice. This time, Donald Trumps is getting a woman...and no, I'm not talking about yet another new wife.

Can't quite categorise this, but at times, if it is on, I am sure to catch 'Whose line is it anyway?' I started watching it way in the late 90's but it was the British version. Some of the regular casts came from the British one. Like Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie. Actually 3 lah..but that guy doesn't come regularly on the American version...but he's funny in his own sarcastic manner, and yes, Drew Carey isn't spared either. I like COlin MOchrie, the balding guy...he's like so cute! he can't rap or make up lyrics on the way...but if he does, NOBODY is spared from intense laughter! My absolute favourite (or is of them..?) is 'Scenes from a Hat' where they have to do a very impromptu stand up comedy based on what the audience wanted.

Right..what else u wanna know about me? oh, yeah..that i have no boyfriend? bleurgh...not that it matters, really..hahaa...Some interesting facts? Hrm, I never had any boyfriend lah..really! If u think it's coz i'm choosy or wat..that's not true. As long as he is handsome enough to show off..has a slight muscular built, neat sense of fashion, my height or slightly taller onlie, preferably fair and speaks and writes good english and is also intelligent yet humorous with some spare for my dumbwittedness at times...who says, I am choosy?!!!

Aiyah...just that it's not convenient for me lah, really. I can be friends but I have to seriously consider if it's gonna go beyond that lah. But honestly, right now...guys prefer being just friends with me. Maybe I remind them of their non-existent sister or what..I dunno. And don't care.

My personality is so 'rojak' or mixed up. I sometimes wonder if I am alrite or not..heh. Yeah, I am quiet..k, more like shy and quiet...towards people lah, but if I open my big gap, people warm up to me quite quickly and I often went against their negative points about me thinking that I'm some stuck up girl. Then we'd be good friends naturally. But it's really coz I have a fear of facing and meeting new people. And I haven't even talked about guys...that one, confirmed clam up one! Until of coz..that initial phase has passed and I put my confirmed 'guarantee' flirting techniques to use..ha!

Hrm, I'm what people often categorise me as being 'too nice'. I guess, my history with people whether friends or otherwise...who made me feel like shit as I seriously think they got nothing better to do. And that's why I sorta vowed to myself not to make people feel like how I used to feel last time when I 'kena' bully until teruk teruk (bullied so badly). I felt so hurt...betrayed sometimes by my own best friends or good friends...just coz they tot they wanna move on with newer friends or they think I'm getting better marks than them. But they made it seemed like it was my fault...but believe it or not...I was not angry with them nor did i show my tantrums twds them whenever I tot they were being so unreasonable. Often, they got a taste of their own medicine..and they felt so bad about hurting me that they jz couldn't talk or see eye to eye with me anymore. I wouldn't have known that if not for my other good pals, who were friends with them too and told me the reasons why they tried to avoid me even though they felt bad.

At the very least, I'd appreciate a 'sorry' gesture or what..but really, zilch. Zero. Instead, they continued to ignore they were too proud for their own good and I could testify to that..coz even after a few years, they acted as if they didn't know me. Even when we passed by each other outside. Cruel right? And yet, before this, I often tried to apologise to them like water..even though I had no idea what I did..but later found out they were jealous of me getting better marks than them or they just wanted to ditch me. I guess that's why I'd hate to make people feel as awful as me..coz it's not a nice feeling. REally... interests. Writing my blog, obviously. I write nonsensical stuffs lah but I am not here to impress anyone. It's a way of sorting out my thoughts...And for the longest time, I stopped doing graphic arts using photoshop (which by the way is my fav software)..which I tot of making again lah. Maybe post on my blog or what..(right..maybe in the next eternity). Sometimes I like to make fashion accessories..not necessarily wear them. Gawd that reminds me of the impending website! Argh! SHOuldn't have written about that. Other stuffs include reading up on pc troubleshooting..and web designing which I pick up online or in books. More like online lah..coz it's free anyway. I like to also surf net and read up reviews on CSI:Miami episodes. Gosh..and play the Sims and u don't know. BY the way..I just got SIms2: Nightlife expansion pack. EEkk! Pls shoot me!

Wah so boring interests..k, my fashion sense? I like solid coloured tops..but no yellow or sunny bright orange, pls. And I like either long or three quarter long sleeves tops and jeans skirts, though I onlie have like a pair of them. NOt really a jeans person coz it makes my lower part look fat..but if I really feel like wearing it, then I'd slip one on. I like knee length skirts in denim materials..just that..coz of my skin infection on my feet and ankles..I grew used to wearing long plain skirt but that's about to change soon..keke..Oh, sometimes, I like to wear tops with some singular wordings or characters on it..anything lah, as long as it doesn't look gawdy or 'auntie' like and the sleeves is pretty long.

Fashion accessories include...duh...SHOES and BAGS! I love them that I am more grown up, my taste is more 'exclusive'. Like I don't mean I wear onlie Guccie or LV bags..I meant more like bags not just bought for the purpose of having a bag onlie lah. Basically, bags and shoes that are simplistic, yet still nice looking and most importantly, complements me. If it's not my taste, I don't care if it's the world's most popular shoes or what.

Make up is SO my favourite even though I don't quite wear it! I normally look for Maybelline since it's quite cheap lah but not that cheap it can ruin my skin. I like the smoky look effect, which I sometimes achieve without knowing when I rub my itchy eyes with my itchy fingers, and my waterproof mascara-ed eyeslashes, smudge the bottom and top part of my eyes a little especially if they're too drying. Right now, I dunno why I am into shimmery eye shadows..but i still like lining my eyes in a smoky eye shadow colour. Not a lipstick fan..but right now, I am on a hunt to get a MAC lipstick lookalike in pure matt brown. Gorgeous.

Fuwah...I wrote so many stuffs i forget what time is it. NExt up! My imaginary birthday list! Woohoo!

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