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Back to Field

Been awhile since i last me, in the blogging world, if you have not updated that long, you are considered MIA. But guess what? Im back..and shagged. I have started my field work and the 'best' thing of it all is that almost a week, I had been going to the western side of singapore. So Im practically travelling from one end to another. Nevertheless, to me, it is still an experience despite having done this job for the last five years. Why? Coz I never got an assignment where Im required to travel to the west side, coming from the east, concurrently for a few days. Despite the distance, it helps having a partner that you can work with and it seems that next month, I will be partnering here again..yay!

It was tiring and somehow, it served as an antidote to my semi-imsomnia. How do I know this? Coz I fell asleep on the couch a few times. And I didnt even know I was asleep until my mum or my brother woke me up to obviously tell me to sleep on my mattress like about 1 …

Rest in Peace Heath Ledger

So sad...the passing of Hollywood actor Heath Ledger. He was so young having died at the age of 28 only with reason still undertermined though largely speculated that it could be due to substance abuse because of the pills strewn all over him when his body was found.

I was just looking at the chinese newspaper when I was queueing up at cold storage and was wondering why the heck they put movie stills from Brokeback Mountain on the cover. And then as I was surfing on the net and going through a popular gossips site, I saw his name and the title didnt have a nice ring to it and indirectly implying something along the line of a not-so-good thing. I was gawd. Dont tell he died!

And unfortunately, that was the case. Heath Ledger was found dead on Tuesday 22nd January 2008 in his New York apartment. Now I dont exactly follow his work but I did watch Brokeback Mountain which I would say was his best performance. Okay if you're thinking that I watched it because I was curious …

Between Orientation and Sleep Disorder


I was late for work. My first day at work at a new company. Hooray to me. But lucky it was the orientation programme today and it was supposed to start at 9 am. We had to come earlier at 8.30 to register which basically, to my pre knowledge, was just signing the attendance. Well, I arrived at 8.50am. Tomorrow there will be a briefing only pertaining to my department so I'd better get my butt down there on time which means...*gulp*...waking up a little bit earlier just so that I dont have to wait until some time for my brother to use first. Now I have a problem with sleeping. Funny I should have that since every bone in me is a lazy bone but my timing has gone a little nutty.

I can sleep with little prob in the earlier part of the night but I will wake up quite fast like as if Im taking a quick nap in the day. It's just that when it comes to the actual sleeping, which is usually, past 12 or 1, that is when problem starts. I have great difficulty falling asleep sometimes sp…

Start of a New Work


so last Sunday I was saying that I anticipated a fantastico week. Actually, at the back of my mind, I was thinking...who the heck am I kidding. I STILL have not cleared the paper bills and other letters even though there are not a lot to be cleared. But Im just so freaking lazy to do that. I also have not cleared my brother's past textbooks and assessment books to make way for his newer textbooks so he would give just a bit more space on his study table. Seriously, I dont think I would have a prob with the latter but I think the no 1 reason why I just hate to clear those paper bills and letters is the fact that I just cringe at seeing the figures. Even though I had already settled most of them in the past and only had to keep the latest ones, it still is a major chore looking through them. I dont even wanna open some of the letters that are unopened because some people are so free to send so many correspondence letters pertaining to the same thing.

Anyway, a task is a task an…

Stop and Stare

No...some cute guy has not decided to stop and stare at me. Probably just my angry reflection telling me to dream on.

Anyway, I think one republic is a great band and deserves to be a no 1 artist even without Timbaland's touch..although it takes some time to get used to them as a band in itself. Let me, give them some credit by letting you listen to their current single playing on the airwaves right now.

I have problems embedding a music player so be nice to me now...and just download from the link, eh?

One Republic - Stop and Stare

Make Me A Supermodel US Version

Entertainment news update - Ronnie is safe again and he's going to the next round! But meanwhile, for your viewing pleasure...........

Post Interview

Im supposed to blog about yesterday's event..yes..THE INTERVIEW..with MOE..but sorta got a bit..uhm..lazy doing it coz i hate recapping. Ironic since one of the things that I like to do is reading episode recaps. Anyway, I shall try to make it short and sweetish. It went well...I got tired for a bit answering their questions..and apparently, what i noticed was that it was supposed to be over and done already with their interview but somehow continued a bit and they were like asking one another..'any more questions?' and then..the last question...would not happen to be the last question. So there was this time extension of sorts like when you go to an arcade and playing the daytona. I even caught myself catch a fleeting glance of the door.

But, that could be a good thing coz maybe they took an interest in me and wanted to test me further to see if I would eventually break down and cry and admit that I had been lying about being 'committed'..'adaptable'…

Geek Speaks on Thursday 17/01/08

Hello fellow popizens!! Introducing a new sub segment and it will be featured at the sidebar if you need to follow up with the articles under Geek Speaks. It will be on every Thursday.

This is the first issue and since yesterday, I was pretty busy, I could only come up with this. But, good enough for a start!

Taken from IN newsletter Monday 14/01/08

How do you protect your computer from viruses, worms and other security threats? Here's our survival guide


Malware is malicious software - programs designed to damage or interfere with your computer. It comes in different forms, the most common being viruses, worms, Trojan hourse and spyware.

Viruses attach themselves to programs or files. When you launch these, the virus is activated. It spreads when you send the infected file to someone else, or through emails the virus sends to your contacts.

A worm is similar, except it spreads on its own without needing to attach to a program or file.

Trojan horses are files that seem ha…

Missed Working Life

I feel so lost. I am so used to being a workaholic with maximum of 5 mcs a year (except in 2005 where I had two weeks due to chicken pox) and struggling to take leaves coz I could hardly find an opportunity to do and a quick vacation is out of the question. I think it is the disadvantage of working out field most of the times and the hassle of finding replacements puts me off even though I dont have to do the sourcing but I pity those that had to do the replacement. Im not your average nice girl for nothing.

SO basically, I miss working. Either that or I think I have been under my mum's slavery from morning til late evening and it's getting a bit mundane. Sure, we have our moments where me and my mum, while my brother is away in school, we will go out on a food hunt. Basically, places that my mum saw on tv and wanted to try out. Unfortunately, it wasnt quite a food adventure though it was quite fun travelling. You know what, dont believe a hundred per cent what these food revi…

The Overbearing Sister

Haiz...Im starting to tutor my brother already and him being a lazybugger, and a wisecracking one who knows how to twist the story and make ME the guilty party, trust me it is not an easy job.

Im not exactly the typical tutor who sit beside the kid coz my brother thinks it is a hindrance to him doing work and I would rather sit infront of the pc than seeing him doing his homework. But of course, he is free to ask me anything..right before I tried to brush him away with a couple of remarks like...'NOW WHAT?!', 'THIS ONE ALSO YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO DO?'...and my infamous loud..'tsk...'

But Im not all that bad. Well, almost. I do try to help him even though I hate solving maths problems that require me to think hard and all the problems tend to lean that way. But I try my best, grudgingly, and if it is a simpler brother will often go like..'oh yah! NOw I remember!' to tell me that heck, he knows it all along but it's stuck behind his cluttered no…

Fantastico Upcoming Week

Like my new blog layout? Actually, I kinda have mixed feelings about it and would prefer to use the previous one but I thought, a refreshing change would not go wrong. Okay, so at least I accomplished one part of what I planned to do earlier. That's a change considering Im the world's biggest procrastinator. Surprisingly, when I just go ahead and dive into what I had set to do, surprisingly I would be doing it whole heartedly unless it's cleaning of the room coz I can be so gawd damn lazy especially if there is a bit too much to handle. I get overwhelmed easily.

So yah, I was saying about me getting all worried about my weight gain which I err..refused to take my weight for the last one month plus or so coz of all the eating especially when you are stuck in the office and then later at home. I do have my breakdown moments and all those prep talk about 'weight is just a number'...'at least I can still fit my jeans at a certain size..which I had never tried before…

Ronnie in Pink

Premiere episode of Make Me a Supermodel!!

Pre Employment Checkup

A quick update..about whats going on in my life right now. Well, today I had my medical check up or pre-employment medical check up and honestly, it was generally okay but I dont enjoy being checked up. Same person who hates doctors here. Let's just call it as a childhood trauma thing where I often fell ill almost every week. But I was in good company and had quite a laugh with some of my colleagues..which happened to be..da best. I scheduled it on the same day as theirs so it was not sheer coincidence. Uhm, plus, I did not want to have the shock of my life when I took my weight coz it had been quite an eat fest the past few weeks. I know I dont expect miracles and to see my weight drop drastically given the amount of food I eat and the lesser time I spent working out due to leaving HPB and then stripped of my gym use as well but the past few days saw me making up for it.

I actually visited a public gym twice this week and then trying to cut down what I ate the past few da…

Ronnie Ronnie

While Mariah is a fashionista..Im a televisionista! It's a cover up for tv geek. Anyway, shame shame..that the video I posted earlier where Ronnie was like talking for five minutes about himself as an aspiring supermodel, didnt work. But since the show had officially started, I can finally get a close up pic of himself..hehe..

I know I posted on him earlier but like a bit far lah...I seriously like his eyes!! Thats it! Rahayu's mission of the year is to only get to know guys with such dreamy eyes. I watched screen caps..though very little of it..and thought he looked way younger than this shot.

Too bad he has 'someone' already back in his hometown. WHo cares. Seems that he's a favourite among women..and apparently, gay men too...from the blogs that I read while googling for his pics even before the show officially started except for a teaser on how they eventually chose the 14 finalists. All of them anticipitating for the real show to start on Jan 10 where they get …

Touching Base sure runs like water. And before you think Im gonna write another 'I've lost my head..' post about me being super careless, I would say that well...I think Im still in an 'okay' position or taking a neutral stand on how things are right now. In other words, I am quite done with shopping and in mere days, it can be quite shocking to see how all the figures add up to be..well..quite big. But nevertheless, the most comforting thought that I can make do right now is that the total amount me and my mum spent over the past few days after getting some payout, has not exceeded the balance that I have right now which is good. Though still quite a shocking figure as to how much we spent in mere days, we get to buy the stuffs we can only dream a pair of Levi's jeans or a GAP shirt..and in my mum's have that satin fabric..or the Bonia bag.

Despite that whirlwind romance with money, reality sets in and I start getting paranoid. To me, it&…

CSI Miami Caruso One Liners

A happy 51st birthday to David Caruso! I absolutely idolise him..and despite the jokes about his one liners (and sunglasses) in the show, he's still my number one hero! woohoo!!

Say Hello to Ronnie

Ronnie, one of the 14 contestants on Make me a Supermodel which made its first debut on the selection round.

Vote for Ronnie! If you're in America, that is.

Find more videos like this on

Unconventional Beauty?

Something new. I do wanna let you know about some things that happen..when I get the hair out of my face..hee. What does that mean? When my unruly hair doesnt dominate my face. I dont consider myself as pretty..coz Im hopeless at maintaining a beauty regime so I dont have a face so flawless you can make a drawing board out of it. Or a mirror. Plus when I have acne or pimples..the scars take yonks to recover. BUT! When Im feeling happy, my face just flush up with redness and enthusiasm coz I get to be away from problems even for awhile. It kinda makes me feel and look youthful.

Last year..which was mere days ago, I experimented with growing out my hair. It wasnt something that I foresee as something permanent but eveyr year, I kinda do something 'different' towards my image and if people notice it, good..if they dont, they're probably blind. It was an experience alright..and I had lotsa difficulties maintaining it..but if my hair was well behaved, I thought I was going to h…

Hanafi's First Day

My brother just started his sec one education in a new secondary school and me and my mum went with him for the morning assembly at the school hall. Well, it took me back to the days when I used to look at the guys..particularly those in long pants..when I was in school and how tough it had been for me to perform well in my studies. But Secondary school life taught me great life lessons and made me more responsible in my actions as I became less dreamy..and more..reality based. I didnt change 100% like seriously become more focused but at least there's a bit of improvement. I got to know the different kinds of friends and realised that not all of them are in this friendship thing as some purposely got themselves attached to certain people because they are the smarter lot. How I know this? Coz I lost a friend through this and it was hard to get by these pesky people because they often would crowd around my friend who is actually pretty smart also the class monitor. In the end, she …

Sentosa Trip

Me and my buddies had planned for a gift exchange thing cum picnic at Sentosa but little did I expect that I would be enjoying some of the best..and not forgetting..expensive...attractions at no cost! All thanks to Mariah and Nuts for her perseverance in queueing up with a different alias. Well, whatever it takes to be tourists on a budget! Hehe..

I would say, was a great..sunny..exciting..experience though the tourists got on my nerves especially those on tour groups. Yah..pfft..priviledged my ass. But there were nice eyecandies..but freakin asian girls with nice body but little face value...haha..

I liked the 'simulating' parts like the 4D experiences in the cinemax and uhm...despite lining up for almost an hour, I can only conclude that I watched a..err..Log show?..We got to ride in this roller coaster like chair, strapped...and the chair would swivel like crazy like some bumpy car ride as we pretend to be logs travelling down tunnels a…

Last Day at HPB

As you know..I have left my company officially on Dec 31st but not without some photo the gym, office and with my beloved colleagues. I had picked a selected few so enjoy the pics from my personal phone. There will be another batch of photos taken by a colleague of mine who is into professional photo taking so there are more to come.

The office interior

One final take

The whole gang

returned..I hardly wear it anyway. Too heavy for my neck..Hee

Memories of the gym..

I shall miss you GYMBO!!

Lunch at Vivocity Banquet

Working at HPB has been a huge part of my adult life and will be carried forward as memories in years to come..*sobs*

Lookback in 2007 pt 2

Wah...tiring recapping all this crap. Anyhoo, was saying about my mum but I think it was a good thing in a way now that my mum knows about it, I dont have to pretend that we have this much of money anymore and she did help in her own ways to make things a bit bearable.

But still, it was not good enough. In October, I found myself doing the hardest thing ever which was selling things close to my heart. But when you're struggling, and it's not just affecting you, I guess you just have to swallow the pill and make things better. In the midst of my struggle, I also learn that I am capable of being strong when the situation calls for it and somehow, it also makes me a better person and sees life in a different way.

Of course, I still continued to struggle through even after receiving my pay after 5 long freaking weeks of pure torture! But I did not find myself having to sell my things away though I had come close to it. God is great and He helped me and He opened up some people'…