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Making Hard & Unconventional Decisions

What happens when you have to make unpopular decisions, that many people will disagree but you felt like it's the best decision for you. Often, you will come across such crossroads and then you have to weigh against what your heart desires and what other people think.

Many successful entrepreneurs or individuals have made unpopular decisions even under the tightest circumstances that they are under. When they think that this is the end, they can't go further than this, but with unwavering support, grit and determination, the impossible can turn into a possible.

I believe there are roadblocks in every pathway we choose. I never thought I would continue my studies but I did and even though my last result was dismal, I don't want to make it like it's the end. It may not be a degree but I'm hoping that with this diploma, I may be in better places that will eventually make me realize my dream of having a degree, no matter what age I am. There are those who quit their jobs…

My Second Malacca Trip (06 to 07 June 2014)

I had the chance to visit Malacca again and this time, I actually got to get down and see for myself the famous 'red' landmarks and even visited the Peranakan Museum owned by a wealthy Peranakan family. Well, it was also my first company trip where I actually had to pay half of the amount which is bummer for me but it's er..reasonably priced..just treat it as a mini holiday. I have to work harder now just to recoup back the money, haha. But yes, you will probably argue that the experience of learning and being immersed in the culture from another country is priceless.

There are some things that I, unfortunately, can't eat like their famous bowl of Chendol which my VP raved about because they were simply good and most importantly, authentic with its 'gula melaka' goodness. So much so, they ate it for the second time, thanks to him...when we went back to the Jongker street at night, to experience the night market, and boy was it SUPER THE CROWDED. It's amazin…

Depressing Marks & A Wake Up Call

What if life gives you a wake up call making you think harder and reflect on what you have been doing so far. Just when you thought you have everything under control and then wham! You hit a brick wall.

That is what's going with me right now, when I got the results of my last paper. I couldn't even bear to write the name of the subject here coz it's that depressing. Eurgh. I guess I was looking at the questions from a different angle and failed to answer them point blank with theories that will give me the marks for the key points.

I don't know why I looked at that angle. I guess I was used to such questions asking in such manner, though that was years and years back. 

But the underlying problem is also because I guess I didn't put too much effort into them. I don't have the quick understanding of most people in the class. That is why I MUST spend more time with the books and understanding and grasping their concepts so that I can so called sail through the questi…

My Brother Turned 19!!

Somebody turned 19 recently last month! Time has passed by so fat. I remembered how fat and chubby he was when he was a baby that carrying him wasn't my favourite because he was so heavy. However, I loved playing with him, hearing him chuckle was one of my favourites (besides turning him over).

But now this boy is almost at the end of his teenage hood. So far, I appreciate his presence, his sometimes emo-ness like any typical teenager, his warmth with his friends and the people he meet, unlike the rather cold and quiet me, and he is adventurous in his own ways, as long as they don't involve high risks, haha.

So far ( far), he has been a good boy, good in saving his money instead of carelessly spending his money away, and he's really fuss free but like any other teenagers his age, he does have his fussy moments with food, in particular our own traditional food. Oh, and chilli sauce. He just hates it so much. 

I wish I could provide more for this boy because being a sol…

Sumptuous Meal at Bali Thai Singapore

(note: this is not a sponsored post)

I had this meal over at Bali Thai in mid April and I tell ya, the food was soo good. My only grouch is that I ordered satay sauce with the phad thai but it was a tad too little. From their restaurant name, you know that they serve Bali and Thai food. What a great concoction of Asian dishes!

The best thing is that you can actually create your own noodle dish. Not literally in the kitchen but rather pick and choose what you would like, from the noodle type and the gravy.

Another winner is their Satay and if you're in a group, you can buy their Combi Bakar (Mixed BBQ Platter) which you can share. I do find their tom yam broth too spicy though. But then again, maybe it's just my taste bud although I can endure spicy food. 

The price wise, I would say that it's mid-range so if you're planning to share the total price or to celebrate a special function, you may consider this place as your next food destination.

Find out more about them via the…

Promotion Ceremony - Another One for Me!

So happy, I got yet another promotion! Wow, and within a span of 2 years. Great feeling and totally unexpected after all the scoldings and reprimanding I have been getting concerning my work, hee. But the the bottom line is, if you are willing to work hard and show them that you have learnt your mistakes, be tactful when dealing with customers and have great team work with your colleagues, then it's all good. 

But if you want to make it further, you must also be willing to share ideas, make improvements to the current work process and teach others when they're in doubt. It's really no point being selfish because you must know that you're working for the organization and not for yourself.

I have no idea how much my pay will increase but hopefully, it will be quite a substantial one. It's not that I am greedy but to just be able to further support my family. I did check my CV under HR online but it's stated as a $50 increment?! I hope it's not that low of an in…

Delaying Things...& Bearing the Consequences

About two weeks ago, I had a mini breakdown. I literally cried because I was so disappointed with myself for not following up with something that I thought had little importance. Turned out that I didn't read the clause and end up, my brother's money was stuck in the account. All we had to do was to activate the new card given to us and unfortunately, we didn't and we end up having the two cards cancelled. The activation can be done at the branch itself but unfortunately, the card belonged to my father who is no longer around and my brother has been using the card. Naturally, they would ask for identification and then we couldn't produce it obviously and in the end, the card could not be activated and the money was stuck inside.

So I became so disappointed I cried when we left the bank because I felt like I was responsible. I did remind my brother about activating it but I should have known better that he would take his time too and eventually forget. The matter was onl…