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How Time Flies..Happy Birthday to My Brother who is 21!

I watched on Instagram how grand a 21st birthday is, with special birthday set up with friends and family celebrating this special occasion together as he or she leaves the teenage angst behind and step forward to the treacherous life ahead called...adulthood. Lol, I made it seem like it's the worst thing to happen but just as we learn and grow in every stage of our life, basically I think the most challenging is being in your twenties. It's full of hope, love and promises and on the other spectrum, disappointments, despair and well, heaps of bills. We start to question where we stand and where do we go from here.
But we all have to grow up and from our twenties, we learn a heck lot that when we enter our thirties (ahem..) we mellowed down a bit as we start to settle in. However, we question life even more like for many of us, the twenties have been a roller coaster ride and now we have left the ride and we think, what now. We felt that we shouldn't be wasting our life any …

Learning a Costly Lesson

This week isn't a good week for me. Point in case, I'm aching all over from fever and cold. On a weekend. On a public holiday. Early this week, I took a tumble when I tried to jump over to avoid the ankle deep of water when there was a safer way to go as prompted by my other colleague. I was taking an umbrella shelter from a colleague who couldn't stop yapping and I dodo followed her jump. The next thing I fell almost flat on my face when my sandal got caught in the mud except that I used both my arms to break the fall and hence protect my face from further damage. I escaped with very minor scratches on my palm but the arms ached like hell the next two days. 

Then mid week, I could not use my atm card at all even to withdraw money and the next day, same thing happened again until I had to call the number on the card because I felt something was not right. My aching suspicion was correct that my account was frozen except that I didn't know why until after I called and th…

Graduation Ceremony at Nanyang Poly..and Where Should I Go From Here

Last Monday, I graduated. I remembered I kept toying over wanting to continue my education but couldn't get around it because of the high school fees until I went to a course a few years back and I got more encouraged about how this lady I met was pursuing her further education. And the fees that she mentioned seemed like a fair amount to pay being under $1000. I just got more and more interested when I did my research and then I would also be able to get financial assistance through bursary disbursements. Of course I was nervous at the same time because I also had to fork out my own money but I was determined to pursue this diploma course so I tried my best to finance them using a combination of my savings, bursary payout, salary and bonus.

Never once did I think about wanting to drop this course half way. Of course at one point, I was exasperated at the amount of studying I had to do plus projects and tests. Some more I'm not one of those book smart people who can grasp thing…

Setting Yourself for a Better Day than Yesterday & Marriage is not for Everyone

We should count our blessings that we have another day to make it better than it is yesterday. Rather than making things predictable and routined, we ought to actually do things that are useful and bring us closer to the purpose in life besides just being able to live and breathe another day.

I read an article about how the government took note that while the fertility rate increases, the number of singles have increased as well. In other words, people not getting married. I'm one of those, hehe. I've never really set out to looking for opportunities and while it's better to be proactive rather than just waiting for it to happen, if your heart isn't really 'in', some things just take a little bit longer to happen you know. But I know for the longest time ever, in other words since I was much younger, that a married life isn't for everyone. Just based on the statistics itself, while the fertility rate increases, divorce rate has also increased. It's not t…

Graduation Ceremony at Nanyang Poly for My Brother

A week ago, my brother officially graduated from his school Nanyang Polytechnic when he received his diploma. It was a very proud moment for him and the family and no matter how much he tried to shake off from the fact that he failed his O level back then in 2012, I couldn't help but think about  how he got turned down by various polytechnics as he didn't score well enough to even enter the courses with the lowest cut off points. The past shapes your present and future self for better or for worse.
However, in despair moments like this, we either give up, choose the easier route or we brush ourselves and then give it another go, even if it means staying back for a year and making things right. I am glad he followed my plan but I think the real winner was how he didn't let circumstances pull him down, worked even harder and made sacrifices so that he can get better results. 

I didn't care much about how we were going to pay for the course fees because I heard some people …

Bonding Over Water Play & The Innocence of A Child

There were times where I felt like I wish I can go back and relive the past where I don't get bogged down with adult problems although funny thing is, back then I also wished I would grow up quickly and enjoy the perks of being an adult. Come to think of it, there's no in between, haha. 

But despite the harsh realities of life sometimes, there's also kindness and hope as long as we keep our chins up and work hard towards a better future, rather than wishing for things to happen or fall from the sky. In other words, simply leaving everything to fate. Then we're merely wasting our time on earth rather than living and breathing each single day to be better than yesterday and to make it outstanding, rather than boring and unpredictable.

So when I see young kids, I feel like they have so much for them in the future and how we often pressurize them to do things to go further in life despite their young age. I believe they should also be given opportunities to enjoy their child…

Glimpses into Our Imaginary Future & Love Life

I had a meet up with my two other friends after a seemingly long time that we three got together including the little boy of one of my friends. It was a catch up session and also play time for the little one who was having the most fun with the waterplay on the rooftop of a shopping centre. While we adults were just basking away in a corner of the playground having a little pot luck and how apt that we were having our lunch underneath a sign that said no food and drinks, heh. 

My friend was her usual chirpy self snapchatting away including one close encounter with an overhead bucket with no tellling of when the water would pour down in a gush. I escaped unharmed but she was so damn close having so narrowly escaped which she immediately had to put on snapchat, haha! 

Her snapchats proved useful though when I headed home later in the afternoon and showed my mum several of her 10 second videos on the little tot and how he had so much fun playing with the fountains of water and how he put o…

Making My Mum Happy is More Priceless Than Money Itself

I was very upset last week and so was my mum. I was still upset the next day and even though a few times I tried to comfort myself by saying that hey, at least it's not as if I'm broke now after buying her the $60 over shoes. I still have money that can still last me up to payday. It's just that I was upset because I wasn't supposed to spend that much again after I gave her some money to buy fabric to make new clothes for Hari Raya. Oh, I also spent $140 repairing the kitchen pipe. Oh where's they crying emoji when you need it?!!

So I was complaining about what happened the day before. Funny thing, we hardly talked during work but after work, we always seem to share our life stories together. She's years older than me and after hearing me out, she said things that struck me. Anyway, she was telling me that I was lucky because I still have a mum to buy things for, unlike her. She wants to buy her gifts but she no longer can't because her mum is no longer arou…