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Sweets for My Sweet Tooth & One KM Mall

I'm combining two posts in one, pretty much like killing two birds with one stone, except that I won't enjoy doing that.

I don't know about you people and I know that the rate of Diabetes patients among the Muslim community is on a rise and I've taken steps to ensure that I don't go that path because I've a family history of it.

While I've given up on coconut rich dishes (yes, including the popular Nasi Lemak which is one of Singapore's national dishes and well loved by all races in Singapore coz somehow we can relate over food easier than other things) but I can never completely give up on feeding my soul with sweet SWEET things. 

The only drawback is that, to avoid joining the stats, I've cut down on it drastically. For example, just to munch on the red velvet doughnut from Krispy Kreme, I have to wait for about two months to be able to sink my teeth into it. Even then, it's being shared with my brother along with  other just as tasty..and er..s…

ArtScience Museum - Dream About Things That Never Were


This post is seriously overdue and I feel rather bad about it that I hadn't actually spend my time sitting down and blogging this out when I actually can. But from now onwards, I am determined to make it a point to do things right to give myself a peace of mind that everything will be in order; everything as in financially, in education, religion and etc if I bother to actually do something about it instead of worrying how each day is going to be.

It's not going to be an easy journey but I find that each step I take, no matter how small, is crucial to the life I have envisioned.

So this post is more than just a post. It is a post where I've taken those steps.

More than a month ago, on Deepavali, the ArtScience Museum held a free entry to their museum and my brother knowing that I thrive on free visits like these, we made plans to go there. But we actually rushed down (like we always do) and managed to get in.

It was interesting to see how art comes to live through digital m…

Just Keep Moving

Just as I thought I had risen from my problems, I faced another similar setback and now, while I'm still sad about my current situation, I want to take it upon myself that I should do whatever it takes within my control, to make things better. This is because I realized that this is the only way to go if I ever want to get out of undesirable situations and as long as I do something, work at it, I'll get to reap the rewards in small doses.

When I look around me, I can't help but think how carefree their life is as they go about their own daily life. But if I were to take away the filter, back home they may have problems of their own and every single day poses a challenge to them. I choose to continue to pray to God to help me along as I go through the obstacles that I face in life, to give me the strength so that I am able to continue to be focused on what I want to achieve to make things better for me and my family.

How we choose to add value to our life depends on the meani…

Studying Resumed for Module 3. The Trials & Tribulation.

I've resumed studies just three weeks ago, and I'm happy to be going to school, sleeping during some parts of lecture (heh..) and writing furiously the model answers to one of the tutorials. Oh, and not forgetting number crunching for the accounting lecture and tutorial. I admit it's tough for me because I've a full time job which I quickly have to rush from to attend the classes and then be home at 11 plus after doing some grocering shopping for mum. Then I have to wake up one and a half hour to two hours earlier to fulfill my orders for my online shop and have to continue parts of it at work, without people noticing, especially my boss. 

But other people are also going through difficulties and they've come to this close giving up when they face with personal and family problems. For one of the students, she hasn't been coming to class for the last module, in the last two months of school including the presentation itself. Apparently the tutor called her and sh…

Being Giving Even When You're Down & Out

 I've been talking about being in a difficult position in my last few posts but determined to get back on track. I take this opportunity of a new month to continue to be productive. and hoping things will get better.
But in the moment of hardship like this, it's not an excuse to stop helping people and being kind to others just because we think we ourselves need help. God bless kind people with abundance and even if that abundance is not of luxury standards, it is a means for us to continue to live and more importantly, be happy and healthy for ourselves and for our loved ones.

You've probably seen this video before but it wouldn't hurt to watch it again below. It shows you how mean people can be to other people with a simple request. But a homeless man who is going through a rough time and would probably hog the free pizza box all by himself because he can't afford the pizza, WILLINGLY shared it without any hesitation.

His kindness was paid in kind and he cried tears…